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Good Heroin with Dave Ross

Author: Dave Ross

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Good Heroin is an intensely funny interview show from the mind of Dave Ross. It's an earnest discussion of mental health and a vibrant exploration of life and a dumb idiot comedian having fun being dumb. Dave talks to all kinds of people -- from musicians to comedians to psychologists to anyone -- about who they are and how they feel. They delve down to the root of their life or their anxieties or their victories or what ails them and then, together, they make fun of it.

39 Episodes
#39 Daniel Van Kirk

#39 Daniel Van Kirk


Dave talks to his good buddy Daniel Van Kirk about trying to be a positive force in comedy and the world.
#38 Brendan Kelly

#38 Brendan Kelly


Dave exclaims about sadness and the government for a bit and then talks to Brendan Kelly (of Lawrence Arms, Slapstick, The Falcon and more) about a night on tour in Germany with way, way, way too many chickens.
#37 Save Stories Books

#37 Save Stories Books


This episode is a tribute and telethon for Stories Books & Cafe. Dave gushes about Stories, his favorite place on earth, that's saved his life so many times, and where the live show Good Heroin has took place for five years until lockdown. He shares recordings from people who work at Stories, and plays recordings of shows that happened at Stories, and has a long conversation about Stories with his dear friend Laura Kerrigan. Featuring songs from Boy Deluxe and Crook, poetry from John Tottenham, and standup comedy from Steph Tolev and Kyle Ayers.
#36 Irene Walton

#36 Irene Walton


Dave talks to his good buddy Irene Walton in a new installment of Boring Opinions, in which Irene brings her fierce, lengthy and passionate opinions about grocery store pretzels. Also featuring standup clips from Irene Tu and Mike Carrozza.
#35 Steve Sladkowski

#35 Steve Sladkowski


Dave rants about the good ol' days of standup (six years ago) and talks to his good buddy Steve Sladkowski of the incredible punk band PUP about sheet and pillow etiquette in a brand new episode of Boring Opinions.
Dave does another episode of BORING OPINIONS with his buddy Caleb Synan, who has very strong opinions about types of hats. It seems, actually, as if he hates literally all hats. Keep this man away from hats!!! Also featuring standup clips from John Botelho, Solomon Georgio and The Puterbaugh Sisters.
In another episode of BORING OPINIONS, Dave talks to Steph Tolev about her favorite ways in which buttons are placed on clothes. Dave is honestly astonished about Steph's insane button knowledge, and also the fact that she has to ice her face. Also featuring standup clips from Curtis Cook, Stuart Thompson and Alex Hooper. Support the show (
Dave has a great conversation with his friend Curt Neill about comedy, LA and mental health. They've both realized the toxicity of pursuing entertainment and are slowly figuring out what to do. (Curt's a little further a long than Dave.) They also talked about Curt's movie! Which you can preorder here. Also featuring standup clips from Ismael Loutfi, Eliza Skinner and Nick Skardarasy. Support the show (
Dave talks to his good friend Mandee Johnson about the state of comedy in Los Angeles now and in THE PAST. Also featuring episode 2 of Matt's Mugs with Matt Ingebretson, and standup clips from Janelle James, Jake Silberman and Jak Knight. Support the show (
In another installment of Boring Opinions, Dave talks to his good buddy Simon Gibson about his fervent and extreme thoughts on pillows. Also featuring standup from Emma Arnold and a song from Karen Kilgariff. Support the show (
Dave invites his friend Bridger Winegar into the studio (Bridger's backyard) for the first installment of a new segment called BORING OPINIONS. It's not boring!!!!! Also featuring standup clips from Chris Estrada and Megan Gailey. Support the show (
Dave (Ross) riffs with his good friend Dave (Waite) about taking it easy as a comedian and making it through quarantine. Also featuring a standup clip from Vanessa Gonzalez, and the very first installment of Matt's Mugs with Matt Ingebretson. Support the show (
Dave and Chris get sexual. Really! They don't have sex, but they talk about sex. In a sexual way!!! Also featuring standup clips from Jamel Johnson, Ran Barnaclo and Hannah Einbinder. Support the show (
Dave and Chris get so so so so mad about the debate, and also say like 200 words wrong. Also featuring standup clips from Caitlin Gill and Tre Tutson. Support the show (
Dave meets his good friend Lindsay Adams in a weird park to talk trash about their mental illness. Also featuring standup clips from Kaseem Bentley and Myq Kaplan. Support the show (
Dave has is old friend Chris Charpentier in the studio (his bedroom) to talk trash about the fire department. (They love the fire department!!!) Also featuring standup clips from Rob Haze and Amy Silverberg. Support the show (
Dave and his good friend Eliza Skinner say a bunch of stuff that isn't true. And they know it!!! Also featuring standup clips from Brendan Cooney and Albert DeLeon. Support the show (
Dave records an episode of the show with Kyle Ayers while they are sitting in separate cars and constantly being interrupted by groceries. Lotta shit talk about groceries this episode. Also featuring standup clips from Lisa Curry and Troy Walker, and a call from Brad Wenzel. Support the show (
Dave hangs out with Matt Ingebretson (twice!) and plays comedy clips from Debra DiGiovanni and Zahid Dewji. Support the show (
This is Good Heroin. Dave fields a call from Hannah Einbinder and Alex Adeleman and plays some standup from Sammy Arechar and Kevin Camia before sitting in studio with Chris Charpentier and editing the living hell out of a standup track from Steph Tolev. Support the show (
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