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The Google Teacher Tribe Podcast is a weekly podcast designed to give K-12 educators practical ideas for using G Suite and other Google tools hosted by Matt Miller (Ditch That Textbook) and Kasey Bell (Shakeup Learning).
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Tips from the Tribe - GTT056
Google News and Updates Google Drive UI updates Export all your G Suite data in one step Convert Classic Google Site to New Google Sites Google Science Fair 2018: Resources for educators to get ideas flowing Featured Content To close out our second year of doing the podcast we've assembled some of the best submissions sent in by you! Matt and Kasey have concluded their second season of the Google Teacher Tribe Podcast and while they look forward to all the different events they have planned for the summer they have also looked forward to this episode because you are sharing the tip and tricks. Resources Wakelet for content curation MATT Janice Kato (Saginaw, Michigan) - Using Google Sites for digital portfolios, hack for getting more font options using Google Drawings Stella Pollard - Google Sites for interactive journal Chad Goldman - Gamification (EduRpg for badges/points) Caleb Pahl- 6th grade websites ( KASEY Heather Esposito - Video feedback for writing using Loom MATT Robin Seneta - Wanted to share my daily agenda board.  Everyday my students can review this link to their daily work-with all the links they need. This is a mix of your "package your digital assignments: idea and your swiss army knife slide deck. #gttribe Annette Hawkins (Goldsboro, NC) On The Blogs Matt - GimKit: Like Kahoot with power-ups (via Ditch That Textbook podcast) Kasey - How to Plan an Awesome Book Study [shortcode-variables slug="signature"] Google Certification Courses Open May 28th! Online Google Boot Camps–BUT BETTER! All 3 Courses Will Open on May 28th! Mark your calendars! These courses (Level 1, Level 2, and Trainer) will open for limited enrollment on May 28, 2018, and will close on June 10, 2018. (It will not open again until November!) Just in time for some summer learning!!! What’s Included in the Google Certification Courses? Google Certified Educator Level 1 Everything you need to know to pass the exam and become a Google Certified Educator Level 1! 40+ Video Lessons (hands-on learning with Kasey Bell) 20+ PDF Downloadable Study Material Lesson Checks Private Community & Study Group Testing Tips Level 1 Challenges (testing scenarios) and much more! Learn more and see the course curriculum Google Certified Educator Level 2 Everything you need to know to pass the exam and become a Google Certified Educator Level 2! 40+ Video Lessons (hands-on learning with Kasey Bell) 20+ PDF Downloadable Study Material Lesson Checks Private Community & Study Group Testing Tips Level 2 Challenges (testing scenarios) and much more! Learn more and see the course curriculum Google Certified Trainer All You Need to Know to Prepare for the Trainer Skills Assessment and Application! Becoming a Google Certified Trainer was one of the best decisions I ever made, and it transformed my learning and my career! This self-paced, e-course includes EVERYTHING you need to know to pass the Trainer Skills Assessment AND complete the application requirements, including: 30+ Video Lessons (including the archive) Private Google+ Community The Ultimate Google Certified Trainer Planner and Check List Pro Trainer Tips How to Market Yourself as a Trainer Application Tips and much more! Learn more and see the course curriculum Pricing & Bundles Below are the prices for individual licenses for each course. Google Certified Educator Academy Level 1: $299 Google Certified Educator Academy Level 2: $299 Google Certified Trainer Course: $299 But Wait…There’s More! Opening all of these courses at once also gives you another advantage–bundling! If you want to purchase multiple courses at once, you can save BIG TIME! I’m also introducing some new bulk licensing options, so you can find more affordable ways to meet the needs of your campus or district. These details can be found on the home page for each course (Level 1, Level 2, and Trainer), just click on “Pricing Information.” Here’s how it works: Level 1 & Level 2 Bundle: $449 (Save $149) Level 2 & Trainer Bundle: $449 (Save $149) Level 1, Level 2, and Trainer Bundle: $599 (Save $298) Payment plans available PO’s are accepted
Learning in Tandem with Swiss Army Knives (And Google) - GTT055
Google News and Updates Now students can create their own VR tours Google VR Tour Creator Google Lens: real-time answers to questions about the world around you 13 ways you’re using AI in your daily life Lessons from Teachers of the Year (a YT playlist) SUBJECT: Write emails faster with Smart Compose in Gmail Featured Content Summer vacation is used by so many teachers around the world as a time to unwind, relax, and recover from the grind that is education. There so many ways that teachers like you continue to devote time to learning and growing professionally. Kasey's Courses The Dynamic Learning Workshop (companion course to the Shake Up Learning book) 18 Challenges for Teachers in 2018 The Google Certified Educator Academy Level 1 The Google Certified Educator Academy Level 2 Become a Google Certified Trainer All certification courses open May 28 and close on June 10! Matt's Course Tech to Learn free 3-video series and video course Resources TxGoo - The Texas Google Summit where WE are the keynote! 2018 Strobel Summit Join us at the 2018 CSTA Conference to learn about CS First and Machine Learning in the classroom Google is hosting several events at the 2018 Computer Science Teacher Association’s Conference on July 7-10 in Omaha, Nebraska. Join us for a hands-on session and workshops to introduce CS First and Machine Learning in the classroom. Register today for the opportunity to build skills at #CSTA2018. Edcam PS across the globe #ISTE18 Twitter hashtag + other conferences + and presenting together Google Teacher Tribe Mailbag Nanci Greene -- Your podcast is one of the few that I've listened to all of the episodes of. Thanks for all you do to help us educators grow in our craft. For the teacher who asked about creating animated GIFS, Tall Tweets ( might be an option. It allows you to easily create animated GIFS from Google Slides. How to Hide Text in Google Slides from Erin Flanagan On The Blogs Matt - 30+ ways to Ditch That Textbook: Ideas for teachers by teachers Kasey - Google Certified Educator Level 2 Challenge Tasks! [shortcode-variables slug="signature"]
Cross the Finish Line with G Suite - GTT054
Google News and Updates Test your knowledge of natural wonders in Google Earth It’s story time, and the Google Assistant has a tale for you Coding for Conservation Featured Content The end of the school year is coming in many places in the United States and around the world. As you navigate these sometimes difficult waters perhaps you can use some of the Google solutions we are sharing! Let us know in the comments. Change the Game Design Challenge from Google (Carlos Garza) Emoji Scavenger Hunt Create a Tic-Tac-Toe Learning Menu on a fun topic (Stephani Ann) Try the 4 C’s Learning Menu to take their c’s to the next level Sites for students with free time on their hands: (From 10 ways Google tools can make the end of the year rock) Quick, Draw! — In this game, you’re given an object/idea to draw and Google’s artificial intelligence tries to guess what you’re drawing. It’s a fun introduction to AI for students. AI Duet — “A piano that responds to you.” Google’s artificial intelligence uses tons of data to guess what it should play in response to what you play. Google Trends — Learn what other people are searching for all over the world. Google Earth Time Lapse — This shows what the world looks like as it changes over 20+ years. Watch the time lapse in motion. See the whole earth at once or zoom into your hometown! GeoGuessr — Use context clues to guess where you’ve been dropped in Google Maps. The closer the guess, the more points you earn! Just a Line -- Make simple drawings in AR, then share your creation with a short video. Student-created Google Forms quizzes: (From 10 ways Google tools can make the end of the year rock) By using Google Forms (Google’s survey tool), students can create their own quizzes. By turning on the quiz features in the settings gear, students can add immediate feedback for anyone who takes the quiz. This immediate feedback can be WAY more effective than comments written on student papers and passed back to them later. Plus, when students create the quizzes, they’re experiencing the content from a different perspective. 6 end-of-the-year Google Classroom clean-up tips (via -- Return all student work Un-enroll students from old classes Archive old classes Remove old class calendars Move old class folders in Drive Remove old class files from “Shared with me” in Drive Google Teacher Tribe Mailbag Rasa Conklin (Federal Way, WA) -- I created a Google sites for my students to display/ publish their work. I was having each group add a page to the site I created. When YO and DB, who were working on their page all of a sudden were upset because all their work disappeared and DL and IO work appeared on their page and all the other pages. I have a funny feeling that this is due to something small that we did wrong, but I need help. Is there an easy tutorial, or website for step by step directions? Carly Black (Ohio) -- Hello, Thank you for the emoji extension tip. I was wondering if you knew a way to add GIFs just as easily? I've been thinking about letting students create literary analysis through a series of GIFs and emojis. The problem is finding the right tools to execute this well. Any suggestion would be appreciated. Matt Jacobson (Galesburg, IL) -- Hi Matt & Kasey! Just listened to E. 53 on the New Gmail. Kasey mentioned that her sidebar appeared quite cluttered with all of the labels and what-not that she uses. I use a lot of labels too, and still, have a lot of labels that used to be folders when our school switched over from Outlook to Gmail. An easy way to clean these up is to go to the Gear Icon, then click Settings, the click Show Only If Unread next to many of your folders. Then, they'll only appear on the left if there is a reply to something you have previously labeled. The trick is to label the message before you reply to it. This works really nifty with the new Snooze feature in the New Gmail. Messages you have Snoozed in the past show up as unread messages in your Inbox, so, if you label it and then Snooze it, that label should "light up" in the left sidebar with an unread message in it when you need to act upon it. On The Blogs Matt - 10 low-prep, high-return activities for class TOMORROW Kasey - A Hyperdoc Unit That Will Blow Your Mind [shortcode-variables slug="signature"]
A First Look at the NEW Gmail - GTT053
Google News and Updates Add custom links to the navigation bar in the new Google Sites New in Google Slides: linking in Docs, guides and rulers, and improved commenting Checkboxes in Google Sheets Get more control over chart data labels in Google Sheets Featured Content Stay composed: here’s a quick rundown of the new Gmail With new security and intelligent features, the new Gmail means business Improved security Confidential mode 2-step verification to open Block forwarding and printing can also make messages expire after a certain time Busy New tasks Improved functionality and you can SEE it! Calendar and Keep integration Hover Similar to Inbox by Gmail features How to get it Don’t feel left out b/c some of these features aren’t even available yet Cannot control size of sidebar Display density Settings looks mostly the same Expect add-ons to continue to grow Fancy splash page Default view: icons with G Suite files (under Settings > Display density) Snooze items until later (“someday”) AI suggested responses (like Inbox) Warnings for risky emails Google Teacher Tribe Mailbag Zach Ripley - Sheets add-ons (50), teacher question: middle school PE with data. Functions and formulas … import range function: master spreadsheet, one at a time: open student spreadsheet (only do once), copy key from URL, paste URL into import range function, master spreadsheet: import data from student sheet, real-time update (not copy paste) as students update. Sara Reed (Aledo, TX) -- Google Classroom: see time stamp when a student turns in an assignment or mark it as done? If not, how do you handle students that say they did it and it doesn’t reflect in Classroom? (Click on “done” from assignment>then click on the student’s name from the roster on the left>then click “see history”) Beth Cohen (Pennsylvania) -- HI Matt and Kasey! I love all the tips, tricks, and resources you share! Every year our Freshmen complete a unit on Academic Integrity. We have been using Moodle, which includes a self-grading quiz that lets students know whether they have achieved the minimum score and prompts them to review the resources and retake the quiz if they didn't pass. We will have GAFE instead of Moodle next year, so I want to reproduce the quiz in Forms, but I can't figure out how to set a minimum passing grade and notify the student whether he/she passed at the end. I could use branching and direct students back to the resources after every wrong response so that ultimately everyone ends up with a perfect score, but I'm hoping for a final pass or fail submission response. Hope you have some ideas! Thanks, Beth Ben Whitaker (Oswaldtwistle, Lancashire, UK) Sheets: In Excel, can lock down certain tabs so they can’t be edited in collab spreadsheet. Is there a way in Sheets? Add-on? Keep up great work! 3 Ways to Protect You Google Sheets Data On The Blogs Matt - 10 ways Google tools can make the end of the year rock Kasey - When the Lecture Ends, the Learning Begins from @Mo_Physics (Mike Mohammad)   [shortcode-variables slug="signature"]
Amazing Add-Ons for Google Docs - GTT052
Google News and Updates Rolling Study Halls: turning bus time into learning time How the Dynamic Learning Project is building teacher confidence Smarter sharing of files with updated Google Drive Access checker Featured Content Kaizena (voice comments) ( Leave voice comments for students Discuss student work in an online hub Reuse commonly use comments Track and rate student progress Highlight tool Highlight a document in different colors Pull highlighted text from a document and sort in a table at the end of the document DocSecrets Hides and reveals text in a document Use a password to reveal hidden text WriQ WriQ is a new Add-on from Texthelp that helps teachers score and keep track of students’ spelling, punctuation and grammar errors so you can focus on the things computers can’t score. WriQ auto-scores your students’ docs and tracks the following measures over time: Time spent writing Text Maturity Spelling error rate Grammar error rate Punctuation error rate Percentage error free Correct Word Sequences score The teacher dashboard gives you a clear graphical view of your students’ writing activity, and let’s you track their progress over time. Video overview Read&Write for Google Chrome Technically a Chrome extension but can use in Docs (and web) Read&Write offers a range of powerful support tools to help you gain confidence with reading, writing, studying and research, including: Text-to-speech to hear words, passages, or whole documents read aloud with easy-to-follow dual color highlighting Text and picture dictionaries to see the meaning of words explained With speech-to-text, dictate words to assist with writing, proofreading & studying Word prediction offers suggestions for the current or next word as you type Collect highlights from the text in documents or the web for summarizing and research Create and listen to voice notes directly inside of Google Docs Simplify and summarize text on web pages to remove ads and other copy that can be distracting FREE for teachers Easy Bib Add-On The Bibliography Creator by EasyBib allows you to easily create a bibliography for your research paper. Automatically cite books, journal articles, and websites just by entering in the titles or URLs. Format citations in MLA, APA, Chicago, Harvard, and over 7K other styles. When you're finished creating your bibliography, click Generate Bibliography and we'll alphabetize your citations and add them to the end of your paper. BONUS: Equatio (chrome extension) Easily create mathematical equations, formulas, and quizzes. Intuitively type or handwrite, with no tricky math code to learn. Google Teacher Tribe Mailbag Renee Johnson (Oakhurst, CA) - ctrl+z - to add to another location in Drive … Add student work samples to PD folder for teacher training. Craig Klement (Garland, TX) - Same three questions on student forms: First name, last name, class period (drop down) … Spreadsheet: right click on awesome box, sort range (by class period, then by last name) Differentiate forms: three dots, section based on answer (if correct: to next question, if incorrect: YT vid, article, picture, do over or similar question) How to Differentiate Questions in Google Forms On The Blogs Matt - Creating a low-cost, printed school yearbook with Google Slides Kasey - Teachers Deserve #Respect [shortcode-variables slug="signature"]
Dynamic Learning in the Classroom - GTT051
Google News and Updates () Add a custom favicon in the new Google Sites Google Maps learns 39 new languages Making it easier to find and share GIFs with Google Chromebook tablets for versatile learning Featured Content () Examples with G Suite:  Student-Created Learning Goals with Google Keep Student-Created Vision Boards with Google Slides Using G Suite for Discussion Google Classroom Discussion Google Groups Discussion Blogger Blog with Comments Interactive Google Slide Deck Google Forms Survey Using G Suite to go BEYOND the Tools Create an eBook with Google Slides Stop Motion with Google Slides 10+ Things You Didn’t Know Google Slides Could Do Pixel art in Google Sheets Using G Suite for Student Choice Create Interactive Learning Menus with G Suite Give Students Choice in Google Classroom Assignments Build Choice into Hyperdocs Do This, Not That [infographic] Kasey’s Dynamic Learning with G Suite Presentation SUBMIT LESSONS!!! Buy the Book: Shake Up Learning Google Teacher Tribe Mailbag () Melissa Widrick recently commented on a previous episode's post: Keyboard shortcuts: Use CTRL+D in google slides to duplicate objects or word art. I love using word art over the text box, because you can adjust the size quickly, and if you use CTRL +D to copy it, you don't have to change the color and the font every time. Thank you to Monica Spillman and Laura Steinbrink for your recent Apple Podcasts Ratings and Reviews! On The Blogs () Matt - Shukes and Giff Podcast Kasey - 20 Tech Tips for Teachers [shortcode-variables slug="signature"]
Google Sheets Add-Ons - GTT050
Google News and Updates Want to Change The Game? Design one with Google Play Change the Game Challenge A smarter search for files on your phone with Files Go OK Go makes some noise in the classroom Just a Line app ( Featured Content Sheets Add-Ons What are add-ons? Add-ons run inside Google Sheets, Docs, Slides, and Forms, but they're built by developers like you and tie into over a dozen Google services without even spinning up a server. Add-ons are built with Apps Script, a server-side JavaScript platform that requires zero setup. Where to find them in Sheets? Connection to forms Google Sheets and Google Forms work hand-in-hand. The data collected from your form is placed in a Sheet where you can then manipulate results, perform additional calculations, and even create mailmerges using any number of add-ons. Resources Autocrat Remove duplicates Super Quiz Flubaroo Flippity Doctopus Google Teacher Tribe Mailbag #GTTribe One of my favorite ways to use #Google #Forms is to use the add on Form Recycler. We encourage Ts to use it to create test banks as they can pull ?s they have used before. Also saves on clicks! @ShakeUpLearning @jmattmiller — Lindsay Foster (@BSGSCSFoster) March 28, 2018 Bailee Sandsmark (email), a 6th-grade middle school PE teacher asks, " I’d like to send out a Sheets template to all 250 of my students for them to individually track their fitness testing data, but then I would like to have an efficient way for them to share that info with me so that I can see all of my students' data in one sheet. Having to access 250 different sheets makes my head spin. Currently, my students track this data on a piece of paper, but it would be great for them to have a digital copy that can travel with them all three years of middle school so they can truly track their growth and so that their 7th and 8th grade PE teachers can see the data as well. I’m hoping you might be able to point me in the right direction of an extension that would do the trick." Check out the Alice Keeler Template Tab! On The Blogs Matt - 11 tips for creating stop motion in Google Slides by Jake Miller (Episode 33 Guest) Kasey - The Nutritional Value of Learning [shortcode-variables slug="signature"]
Doing more with Google Forms - GTT049
Google News and Updates “Pup View” from the home of Japan’s adorable Akita dogs EDU in 90: Apps that work with Google Classroom 50 Awesome Apps That Integrate with Google Classroom Featured Content Forms Add-Ons What are add-ons? Where to find them in Forms? Difference between add-ons for Forms vs. Sheets Recommended Add-Ons for Forms (We will cover Sheets in another episode!) Form Publisher Choice Eliminator 2 Certify ‘Em CheckItOut Google Teacher Tribe Mailbag Sean Fahey (via Speakpipe) - Insert a Video into a Google Doc Becca Pierce, NC - First of all, I love your show! I listened to my first show last night and it was so informative! I will definitely be going back to listen to more! Thank you so much for all you do! My question: I recently have been looking into Hyperdocs. I went on the website and saved some of the already created ones to my Drive. One of them is a Google Doc. As the student scrolls down, he can click on these fraction problems. It brings up a smaller screen with a Google Drawings that can be edited. The student draws on some fractions and types answers. I love it! But I can't seem to recreate this concept. How do you put the editable version of a Google Drawing into a Google Doc (or slide)? Thank you! On The Blogs Matt - Students Learn More When THEY Do The Work (Catlin Tucker) Kasey - The Shake Up Learning book comes out THIS WEEK! - April 4, 2018 [shortcode-variables slug="signature"]
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