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Marketing industry leaders talk about the future of sales & marketing. We have great conversations with marketing experts about B2B trends of B2B strategies. Get the most out of their knowledge.
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The Agency

The Agency


When developing PPC campaigns, optimisation is crucial to obtain the desired results.That's why in this video pill, we have an enriching conversation with Justin Cook, President of Marketing at the 9thCO. He provides critical insights about optimisations in B2B lead generation campaigns for 2022.We talk about the following points:PPC prospective 2022 vs 2021.Relevant platforms to generate qualified leads in 2022.Optimisation insights and frequency recommended.
PR agencies must consider the critical factors to manage B2B companies. In this video pill, we have an enriching conversation with Jared Shapiro, Managing Member of The Tag Experience. He provides crucial insights about what PR managers must not forget in 2022.We talk about the following points:Public Relations strategies in 2022.Key communication activities for B2B businesses. Online vs on-site events.
Managers and directors of marketing agencies must focus efforts on team management by developing a great culture and keeping the team motivated.We have an enriching conversation with Jordan Ross, Founder & CEO of 8 Figure Agency. He provides crucial tips to build an exceptional team. We talk about the following points:Critical factors and common mistakes with team management.Motivation in the team.The relevance of having a vision.
B2B also decides emotionally, but we're still rational when building campaigns. That's why creative has a crucial rule here.We have a great conversation with Hunter Johnson, the CEO of Xpedition, a creative agency. He'll talk about the following points:B2B linking with the entertainment world.Building creatives from the top to the bottom of the funnel.B2B emotional creative.
Companies commonly allow marketing and sales teams to work separately with different KPIs. We have a great conversation with Dacia Coffey, the CEO of The Marketing Blender. She'll explain to us some crucial recommendations to consider when aligning sales and marketing.You will obtain key information about:Sales and marketing KPIs.Crucial mistakes to avoid.Tips when aligning sales and marketing.
In B2B lead gen campaigns, sometimes we tend to focus only on getting new leads instead of thinking about what we will do once we generate them. That's why in this video pill, Adrian Falk gives us helpful insights about the lead generation follow-up plan. He's the Director and Founder of Believe Advertising & PR, an integrated agency that works with leading national and international brands.You will obtain critical information about:Why the lead generation follow-up plan.The lead gen follow-up workflow.Tips when a lead is contacted by email and phone.
Need to launch remarkable B2B paid campaigns? Gabriel Colombo, CEO of Traktor Digital Traction and Co-Founder of Growth Rocket CWB, explains the definitive B2B paid media trends for the next few years. It's time to boost your demand generation platform!You will learn about:The relevance of branding campaigns.Future key creatives.The new broad targeting.
There're some thoughts about the B2B lead generation trends for the next 5 years. In this podcast we speak with David Hall, Co-Founder of GeniusVets, Founder of theSEOeffect and named as “Top 100 Marketing & Advertising Influencer” for 2021 by MARsumfrom. He shares helpful insights that can help you boosting your B2B marketing strategies. You will obtain B2B lead generation trends for the next 5 years about:B2B targeting.SEO to generate B2B audience engagementGeofencing.
Hablamos con Phillippe sobre la estrecha colaboración de la agencia Gotoclient con Norton Life Lock a lo largo de los últimos años. Philippe nos cuenta cómo hemos trabajado duro para adaptarnos a los distintos mercados en la realización de los proyectos.
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