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Join our guest preacher, Pastor Dale Erickson, as he leads our worship this week. The sermon is centered around Father's Day.
Join our guest preacher, Ruth Schmidt, as she continues our sermon series on Acts. Her sermon will be on - Conflicts are part of life and something to be managed rather than avoided. God inspired the apostles to multiply and improve their ministry of Word and Sacrament by recruiting and training leaders for Word and Service. 
Addressing Christian Hoarders- Generosity-an essential part of discipleship. Belonging in community—Ananias and Saphira lying about their generosity—what happens when common life is ruptured by dishonest people?
Second Sermon on our series We Shall be my Witnesses.
Upon experiencing the ascension of Jesus, the disciples stare off into space until they are reminded that Jesus will be revealed among them and through them now.
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