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Hey girl! Welcome to the Grace Over Perfection Podcast with Alison Simmons where we talk about how to find freedom in letting go of control and perfection by applying the word of God to our lives daily. And while that might sound like it should be pretty easy, actually doing it can get really messy. But I believe you can find purpose and fulfillment right where you are. Let’s get started.
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If you have been married more than 5 minutes and have not criticized your husband OR questioned his plans (either out loud OR in your head), then you deserve a trophy!But for those of you who are guilty of this ugly little habit, let’s talk about why you need to break it along with specific actions you can take to live out Hebrews 10:24-25 in your marriage and stir up your husband to love and good works and encourage him all the more as you see the Day drawing near.For full show notes, visit
I admit I don’t mince words. I say what I mean and mean what I say. I was embarrassed when a USMC Commanding Officer had seen my cut and dry directness as an asset. I was defensive when a woman from my church saw it as a pretty major personality flaw. And I felt exposed when the Holy Spirit began to convict me about how I was using this "personality superpower."You may not be direct, but do you have a personality trait that has ever left you feeling embarrassed, defensive, or exposed?If this is how God made you, do you really have any control over it? Can you just look at the person standing across from you and say, “Sorry, this is just who I am.”  For full show notes, visit
The fact is that the closer you are to someone, the higher the risk of experiencing brokenness in your relationship.Have you ever been in a close relationship that has experienced some serious friction? I am not talking about the irritation that comes from spending too much time together. No, what I am talking about is the kind of conflict that cuts you deep because you think the other person would never consider hurting you in that way.How do you navigate a friendship or any, relationship for that matter, through a big storm? We can’t just cut ties every time things go south, right? So what should we do?For full show notes, visit
Loving our kids well is one of the hardest things for a mom to do consistently.In the day to day grind of cleaning up messes, tidying up toys, washing clothes, cooking meals, and focusing on a thousand other tasks that are all part of caring for them, is it really all that surprising that we have trouble LOVING them? Moms easily get caught up in the task of mothering. The natural extension of that is to focus on the behavior of our children. We then react to their behavior with our attitude (be it good or bad). And then respond with a love that depends on that attitude at the moment.For full show notes, visit
“Just give me the rules! When do I HAVE to submit to my husband and when can I just ignore him because he is being a butthead?”So after listening to Ep 7 - Submit to my husband? Are you crazy? you should have a basic understanding of what biblical submission IS and why we should live it out in our marriages. But how do we wives know if we are getting it right?What does submission look like in reality?For full show notes, visit
SUBMISSIONOh, the power that these 10 letters wield is amazing! Men and women have misunderstood them and abused them so often that we flinch whenever we hear them. Submission has become a term associated with domination. A wife who “submits” to her husband is considered to have a weak, and even pathetic, character. A husband who calls for his wife to submit to him is considered a tyrant looking to suppress and control.And there was a time, just a few years ago, I would have agreed with this view. I guarantee that I am not alone among Christian women who struggle with this. But, as with any challenging concept, context is EVERYthing! For full show notes, visit
I knew who Jesus was, and, if you had asked me if I believed what the Bible said about Him, I would have said yes, but despite claiming to be Christian all my life, I didn’t actually bring Jesus into my life. He stayed where He belonged, inside the four walls of the church building. I mean, I knew the difference between right and wrong. I didn’t steal, kill or break the law. I wasn’t perfect, but I was a good person and that was good enough for me.  One October morning I sat in the pew listening to the preacher talk about sin and the consequences of it being eternal suffering in Hell. I remember thinking, "my soon-to-be ex-husband needs to hear this." And then it happened. God pulled back the veil and I heard Him say, “This message isn’t for him, it’s for you.”For full show notes, visit
Just because sanctification is something we each go through personally, it doesn’t mean we have to go through it alone.Are you in a relationship with another Christian woman with who you can be honest about your spiritual life?Not someone who will judge you for your sin struggles. Not someone who tells you that your sin isn’t that big of a deal and to not worry about it. But someone who cheers for you when you have had a breakthrough and who lifts you up when you have a breakdown.Because that, my friend, is real accountability and it definitely DOESN'T suck!For full show notes, visit
Sanctification isn’t just about setting boundaries or safeguards around sin. It isn’t just about not drinking, cursing, or yelling. You can’t just dress modestly, and avoid watching Rated R movies or listening to mainstream music. It’s not enough to just show up to service and Sunday school once a week or join a small group.Sanctification is not simply controlling your behavior so you look holy, it is about God changing your heart so that you become holy. And the truth is: Sanctification is inconvenient.Sanctification is painful.Sanctification SUCKS.For full show notes, visit
Seriously, Lord? THIS is what you want me to do with my life? I mean, I have skills, talents, and energy. Is this what I am supposed to be doing with my life? Really, is there nothing more?!Is there an area of your life where you wonder why God gave you talents or passion and then orchestrated a life for you where you are not able to use it?Are you frustrated? Resentful? Do you ever think that maybe is God is keeping something from you or holding you back?There are so many situations that all have their own unique twist and can leave you feeling like, despite all that you have, you are really missing out on your “best life” because of what you don’t have.And you fall into the temptation of being discontent.For full show notes, visit
The house was a mess. Toys, shoes, backpacks – they were EVERYwhere and I was SO angry about it. My house was beyond disorganized and I just couldn’t take another minute of it! I ripped through the front room, scooping up my kids’ stuff and launching it out the front door into the yard. It was not my most stellar parenting moment.The real kicker is that I KNEW I was overreacting. Yes, my darling children had been lazy about tidying up their belongings, but did it warrant this kind of reaction? Probably not, but once I started, I could not figure out HOW TO STOP OVERREACTING!Can you relate?For full show notes, go to 
Have you ever heard of the Proverbs 31 Woman? Who is she and why is she so desirable? This chapter of the Bible describes her as “A woman of noble character who is far more precious than jewels.” She is wise, compassionate, business savvy, and motivated. Her husband and children praise her. Vs 31:29 says, “Many women have done excellently, but you surpass them all.”Uhmmm...sign me up, please!!I would love to say this was a time of amazing spiritual growth where I dug into God's Word and asked Him to reveal to me what it meant to be a Godly wife and mother, but... For full show notes, go to
I have this great t-shirt that always gets laughs whenever I wear it. It says, "Losing My Mind One Kid at Kid at a Time." When people find out I have 5 kids, their eyes get real big and they start nodding like they completely understand why I have lost my mind. Like I have a “good excuse” to be a basketcase of a mother.Here’s the thing, they had no idea what I was really dealing with. My anger was not funny. And then it happened, the day that I decided to have it out with God.For full show notes, go to
Hey girl! Welcome to the Grace Over Perfection Podcast with Alison Simmons where we talk about how to find freedom in letting go of control and perfection by applying the word of God to our lives daily. And while that might sound like it should be pretty easy, actually doing it can get really messy. But I believe you can find purpose and fulfillment right where you are. Let’s get started. 
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