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A Spiritual Awakening is Happening All Over The Earth. The Oneness of God, The Bible, Dead Sea Scrolls, Nag Hammadi Scriptures, Spiritual Warfare, Theosophy, Kabbalah, Ancient History, Signs of the Times, Earth Changes, Real Science.
147 Episodes
Since the beginning of creation God made man after His image and His likeness, we are to be representative of Him in the earth, not following our feelings or emotion, but following Him n the Spirit.
Our midweek praise jam
The second lesson on the deep things of God in the earth, before the foundation of the world, hidden wisdom of God in mysteries, fruit of the Spirit, gifts of the Spirit, prayer language, being perfect in completion, and the reality of the Kingdom of God.
First in a study on the Pentecostal paradigm
The year 2012 was believed to be the of the world, but time has come and gone. Still with all the events happening all over the earth, people continue to believe this is the end of the world. Actually it’s the beginning of changes from one paradigm to another.
Let’s praise The Lord all over the earth.
This was a live praise and worship session held in my home early this evening. I had invited a few friends over for a Bible study and we started out in a time of worship. It latest almost 2 hours. It was powerful.
A time of deep and inspirational praise and worship session, with emphasis on the highest word that is expressed in our adoration of The Lord. “Hallelujah”
With music, songs of praise, and the written word, we will discuss how the anointing breaks the yokes that are in our lives. There are many yokes that needs to be destroyed; political, religious, psychological, the news media, and satanic-demonic forces.
Everything You Wanted to Know about Salvation but was Afraid to Ask
Back in 1993, Mother Angelica gave a message that is very prophetic even in these times we are living in.
Understanding the true holy Trinity that has been hidden from us, with an emphasis on the heavenly mother.
You wake up one day and find out you have been lied too. This is the hologram of deception.
Understanding God beyond our senses, feelings, and emotions.
Exposing lies that are taught in modern churches.
Join with this evening for another praise and worship sees in for our Lord. The Holy Spirit is moving in our midst.
Well praise the Lord, it’s another Wednesday evening. We are going to spend this evening in an hour of praise and worship to our savior and redeemer, Jesus Christ.
The creator uses His word to create everything. He uses the Light to explain His Word to us. The scriptures are written to His people in symbolic languages. Deciphering the scriptures is done by one who has been filled with the Hoy Spirit.
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