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Graham Allen cares enough about America to defend its values, so each week in the “Dear America" podcast, he and his band of unapologetic patriots tackle culture and politics head-on. No topic is out of bounds.

Irreverent, unfiltered, and straight from the heart, Graham will always tell America what it needs to hear, not what it wants to hear — with some good laughs along the way.
166 Episodes
We're back, and we have tons to talk about! Did Joe Biden have the worst first month of any president, did Demi Lovato just say that unborn babies are in fact alive, and will Trump and Desantis run together for 2024?? Find out on today's episode, as Graham, Producer Jake and the team discuss what's happening right now. or 972-Patriot CODE: radio       See for privacy information.
A NBA team cancels the National Anthem, the senate decides that impeaching a private citizen is constitutional, and Biden aims for 1 day of in-person teaching a week (by day 100). So Join Graham and his team for today's episode! CODE: GRAHAM! See for privacy information.
Is Cracker Barrel racist?? Who should pastor's be listening to about church lockdowns?? Join Graham as he looks into these questions and other topics from this week. CODE: GRAHAM CODE: RADIO CODE: GRAHAM  See for privacy information.
Fauci flips back and forth about masks, shouting is discouraged at the biggest football game of the season, and AOC is still acting like AOC. So join Graham and his team as they share their thoughts on what's happening. CODE: GRAHAM CODE: GRAHAM! CODE: GRAHAM See for privacy information.
Someone wants Graham murdered, the left continues to show their hypocrisy, and BLM is nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize?? You don't want to miss this episode, as Graham and his team share their thoughts on what's happening. CODE: GRAHAM CODE: GRAHAM! See for privacy information.
The elites of Wall Street think they know what's best for us, AOC claims that a Republican senator wanted her murdered, and everyone be sure to invest in AMC stock today. Join Graham, Noah, and Zac as they tackle this week's crazy topics. CODE: GRAHAM! CODE: GRAHAM    See for privacy information.
Did Joe Biden really label himself as a dictator, is critical race theory happening right now, and did Kamala Harris really just say that?? Find out on today's episode as Graham, Jake, and Producer Zac keep you up to date on Biden's first week in office. CODE: GRAHAM CODE: GRAHAM! CODE: GRAHAM See for privacy information.
On today's episode we talk about how Joe Biden is killing thousands of jobs a day, our military was checked for party allegiance, and how the $15 minimum wage is going to wipe out the rest of our small businesses. So join Graham, Ellisa, and Jake for today's first episode in Joe Biden's America. CODE: GRAHAM CODE: GRAHAM CODE: GRAHAM See for privacy information.
Are more businesses about to close with the $15 minimum wage, is Biden's $1.9 trillion spending plan going to help America, and are conservatives influencers the left's next target?! Join Graham, Jake, and Ellisa as they break down this week's topics, so that you can be up to date on what's really happening. CODE: GRAHAM CODE: GRAHAM See for privacy information.
On today's episode we discuss how Trump has been impeached a second time and it only took a week, Twitter didn't like my tweet against child porn, and can conservatives finally stop bickering amongst ourselves. So join Graham, Jake, and Noah as they talk about this week's topics and help keep you informed about what's happening. CODE: GRAHAM! CODE: GRAHAM See for privacy information.
The purge of the conservative voice continues. Social media is targeting conservatives, web server takes down a pro-gun website, and Mag merchandise is no longer available on some web platforms. So join Graham, Jake, and Ellisa for today's important episode. CODE: GRAHAM See for privacy information.
From a bunker style recording studio I have a message for America. The audio AND the message is not pretty, but it needs to be heard by EVERYONE NOW!! See for privacy information.
January 6th, 2021 will go in the history books, but it wasn't for the reasons we thought. How did this happen and where will it lead our country? Join Graham and Jake as they take on the discussion about what happened on January 6th, 2021. CODE: GRAHAM See for privacy information.
America as we know it may be lost after tomorrow, just how accurate is the leaked Trump phone call, and can Vice President Pence take total control for a day?  So join Graham and Producer Jake on today's episode, as they tackle the topics for this historic week. See for privacy information.
On this episode, we do things a little different!  Listen to Graham's moving speech as he challenges youth at the Student Action Summit to say "make us!".  You do not want miss this special episode! CODE: GRAHAM See for privacy information.
Trump fights for the American people, only 6 senators actually care about you, and Christmas story isn't Rotten Tomatoes' top Christmas movie. Find out all the info, so join Graham and Noah for today's special Christmas episode! CODE: GRAHAM CODE: GRAHAM See for privacy information.
On this episode, Graham will shock you as he goes over the new covid relief package. Just wait till you see where all the money is going, but the government wants us to think that it's for the American people! CODE: GRAHAM CODE: GRAHAM See for privacy information.
Where has American been, and where is America heading??  These are questions that Graham answers on today's podcast along with Jake and Noah.  You don't want to miss this special episode! CODE: GRAHAM See for privacy information.
We found the United Airlines family from the viral video heard all around America and today have her as our guest!  And we also discuss how Bill Gates thinks he's now a doctor, and who really made the Covid vaccine possible. CODE: GRAHAM CODE: GRAHAM See for privacy information.
Men shouldn't play in women's sports, Governor Newsom decides that his businesses are more important than everyone else's, and of course, more about Hunter Biden. You don't want to miss this episode with Graham and Producer Jake! CODE: GRAHAM CODE: GRAHAM CODE: RADIO See for privacy information.
Comments (99)

Katelyn Robinson

What kind of babies do y'all have around there??? Kid Rock is the best!!!!!

Feb 5th

Judith Young

HOW can we help? We're blocked. My best idea is get off of FB, IG, Twitter etc. Hit them where it hurts. GET OFF OF SOCIAL MEDIQ

Jan 11th

Evelyn Marie Martin

what they are doing is fully wrong. we need fight back and let them hear our voices that we won't sit down and take it

Jan 9th

L Branson

100% agree. I feel the same way after the events of January 6, 2021.

Jan 7th

L Branson

I enjoy this podcast quite a bit.

Jan 5th


lol re play?

Dec 31st

Scott Speidel

That clip was nj governor Murphy

Nov 24th

Andrew Daggett

that was Paul Harvey from 1965 Graham

Nov 9th

Terri Baker

Graham! NO! Your map is not showing a divided country! It is showing a stolen election! It's showing Californians fleeing their Democratic disgusted state ONLY to bring their disgusted state with them (Nevada, Arizona)! Most Democrats refuse to research and instead constantly feed on "Orange man bad!" from their "fake news"! Until we are able to fully take control of our government and schools we're doomed to fail and fall as a country.

Nov 6th

thestuff idonw

you are correct... you got to bust that a**, kids gotta know there is cost for actions, good or bad. heard you say once before... if your kids never tell you they hate you.. you have felled as a parent. keep it real dude... good job

Aug 12th

Nicki Heiner

yes, send kids back to school!!! they need the interaction, activities and schooling that you can't get from a screen.

Jul 16th

Amie Parks Anderson

I am listening today and wanted to comment about the Black Militia in Stone Mountain. Jake said something to the effect of "it's not a lot to worry about" but I humbly disagree. The part of the video that frightens me more is after he asks about reparations. As the group walks away from the car you can hear one of them say "get out of here with your white denial before you lose your life". If I as a white conservative college educated professional woman disagrees with him my life is in danger? How is this ok?

Jul 7th

Samantha Evans

You and your wife are my Favorite people to listen to! I work 10 hour shifts at work and I listen to you guys all day! thank you for not only keeping people educated but also making me laugh. My husband is in the military, was in the Marine corps then last year made the switch to national guard, from one military family to another thank you for your service. I also ordered your book and can't wait to read it!

Jun 17th

Brad DeShano

Catholics get christened....

May 25th

Molly Canaday

I'm gonna say I'm not a big Star Wars fan either. Like I'll watch them but only the last few. However, I am a huge Harry Potter fan and I'm gonna say that majority of Harry Potter fans are female. Also, look at how Ohio's governor is trying to mandate laws. He tryed to mandate everyone wearing masks then backtracked and said it wasnt mandatory. I did a ladies lock in at my church this weekend even though the "stay at home" is still in effect until May 29th. I'm fed up. I have been working this entire time and we weren't made to wear masks until this week. It's so backwards.

May 4th


Apr 30th

Brad DeShano

seriously? because the government forced them to close, so the government owes them compensation.

Apr 27th

Brad DeShano

love y'all, but you have zero business applying for these loans.

Apr 27th

Brooke Gunter

Watch supernatural! It amazing such a good show

Apr 17th
Reply (1)

Amber Ellis

graham your wife is adorable. such an innocent mind. I freaking love her.

Feb 13th
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