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Author: Karen Pulver

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"You had the power all along my dear."- Glinda the Good Witch

We are all valuable and have abundant potential. However, there are roadblocks everywhere that bombard us and convince us otherwise. This potential in the core of our being is our inner goddess. Once we can tap into the goddess within us - along with faith, courage, and support from others - we can do wonders.

Welcome to Grateful Goddesses with Karen Pulver. Join Karen on this journey of self-care and self-discovery to unleash your inner goddesses. Take a leap of faith and expand your comfort zones to explore various topics on your life journey. Be vulnerable, be real, and get empowered as you realize your highest potential as a Grateful Goddess.

Karen and her Goddesses are on a path of discovery, and are searching for self-awareness and enrichment of their lives to reach their purpose. Karen is a mother, a wife, a daughter, a sister, a teacher, a friend, and a cancer survivor. She has her own fears and challenges, but she is a doer who loves bringing people together and pushing them to explore things.

She is a Grateful Goddess who is on a journey of discovery and enlightenment, but she is not alone on this ever-evolving journey. She has been lucky to have been joined by like-minded women, all of which are synergistically sharing a spiritual purpose of realizing their potential. Each has a Grateful Goddess within that wants to be nurtured and listened to and, ultimately, shared with the world.

On the Grateful Goddesses podcast, you'll hear about women who are trying out new things that they've never done before, exploring things maybe that they've taste-tested but haven't really dove in. Women who are reaching beyond their box and experimenting with new things, supporting and empowering each other through these experiences! Join the conversation about gratitude, self-care, meditation, self-defense, nutrition, fitness, health, dreams, and bevy of soulful, compelling topics.

Every woman has an inner goddess that needs to be unleashed – an inner self that wants to try things and get past the fear and the roadblocks. The Grateful Goddesses Podcast is your opportunity for you to gain knowledge about yourself from what other women are doing to expand themselves. Be a part of this gathering of women for spiritual enrichment and friendship around various interesting topics and activities. Join Grateful Goddesses with Karen Pulver today!

69 Episodes
In a world plagued by the resurgence of antisemitism, the fight against hatred and prejudice has become more crucial than ever. From the darkest days of the Holocaust to the recent tragic events in Israel, the Jewish community continues to face a wave of discrimination and violence. The diaspora, scattered across the globe, is witnessing a disturbing surge in antisemitic incidents, from protests and disturbances to bomb threats and isolated hate crimes. Social media platforms are being used to spread propaganda and fuel the flames of hatred. Amidst this chaos, a new initiative has emerged to combat antisemitism and promote unity. Join me as I sit down with Samantha Ettus, a renowned author and public speaker, who has shifted her focus to speak out against antisemitism. Through her initiative, NEWVOICES 2024, celebrities and influencers are encouraged to use their platforms to denounce antisemitism and stand in solidarity with the Jewish community. The message is simple: "I speak out against antisemitism." Despite the challenges and risks involved, Samantha's campaign has gained momentum, inspiring others to raise their voices against hatred and bigotry. By speaking out, individuals can make a difference and create a ripple effect of change. It is not about taking sides in a political conflict, but about taking a stand against injustice and discrimination. As Samantha travels the world, empowering others to unleash their inner activist, the movement continues to grow.Join us as we explore the power of raising your voice, standing up against antisemitism, and creating a more inclusive and compassionate world for all.Love the show? Subscribe, rate, review, and share!
We all create stories in our heads based on our perceptions of events we experience. These false narratives can stay with us throughout our lives and contribute to us attracting negative people or experiences that feel familiar to us. For example, if we are verbally abused growing up, we may attract an abusive mate when we are older, as this is a familiar experience even though it is not healthy for us. Hypnotherapy is the process of helping to shift the narrative and allow you to rid yourself of these negative self-sabotage behaviors or beliefs and, in turn, create healthier, positive ones.Listen to this episode as Karen, along with her fellow goddesses, discuss with Life Coaching Goddess Brooke Kekos the advantages of the process of hypnotherapy. Karen had the experience prior to the interview and has an opportunity to talk about it with Brooke. Hear how Karen was able to get deep into the negative story and begin a shift of consciousness. Hear how hypnosis is not a scary therapy but rather a soothing, helpful technique to use to help you see a more positive way to live your life free of bad behaviors and thoughts. Change your story and change your life for the better with RTT (Rapid Transformational Therapy, Hypnotherapy).Love the show? Subscribe, rate, review, and share!
Empaths and sensitive people have a good perception of what’s really going on in the world. They take in 100 times more information than the “normal person.” Join Karen in her conversation with Diana Hartley, an empath herself, as they converse about empaths and sensitive people. Diana’s mission is to “help highly sensitive people called heart people to bring to awareness their gifts of perception, kindness, and empathy.” Many empaths do not understand their abilities and may in fact be labeled as mentally ill or too sensitive when in fact they are extremely caring individuals who come from the heart. Karen has the opportunity to take a survey, which reveals that she is also a highly sensitive person and perhaps even empathic, which explains why she often absorbs people’s energy. Diana teaches empathic and highly sensitive people how to harness their gifts and use this strength to help others, which ultimately can help heal the world. Karen, in turn, comes to the realization that she needs to place boundaries on others and try to create a barrier so she is not always absorbing others energy and can create a healthy distance while also helping others. Learn that you can do this too, using the techniques that Diana shares.Love the show? Subscribe, rate, review, and share!
In this episode of the Grateful Goddesses podcast, host Karen Pulver shares her personal journey as a stroke survivor. Back in February 12, 2023, Karen experienced a life altering stroke that changed her perspective on life. In this inspiring episode, Karen interviews fellow stroke survivor Peter Krammer and stroke support coordinator Molly Pretet.During the conversation, Karen and Peter discuss their individual experiences with stroke and the challenges they have faced in moving forward. They shed light on the fact that stroke can be an invisible illness, emphasizing the importance of raising awareness about this condition. Both Karen and Peter share their out-of-body, spiritual like experiences following their strokes, which surprisingly had similarities. These experiences enabled them to find calmness and view life from a different perspective. The episode also offers practical suggestions for stroke survivors on what they can do now, focusing on the possibilities rather than the limitations caused by the stroke. The hope is that listeners and viewers will be inspired to listen to their bodies, give themselves grace and space to heal, and know there is always support available when needed. Tune in to this episode of the Grateful Goddesses podcast to gain insight, inspiration, and a renewed sense of hope in the face of adversity. To note, the images seen on this blog were done by Peter Krammer. These are his sketches after his stroke.
Since the bloody massacre on October 7, 2023, I have been paralyzed with fear and uncertainty about how to respond. Initially, I considered removing symbols of my Jewish identity and remaining silent on social media. However, I came across two courageous women who identify as accidental Israeli activists. Despite being busy moms and successful business owners, they immediately began posting their support for Israel without hesitation. They expressed their disbelief at the silence of others, including celebrities, and emphasized the importance of using our platforms to speak out against antisemitism and propaganda. The war in the Middle East has had devastating consequences for civilians on both sides, and Israel has been forced to defend itself since Hamas broke the cease-fire. Antisemitism has become rampant, with some colleges failing to stand up for Jewish student rights. Discovering these two women on Instagram inspired me to reach out and join their efforts to speak out against antisemitism. In this episode, we will learn how to engage in informed and civil conversations, stay informed ourselves, and stand up against hatred while praying for peace. On this 101st day of captivity for the hostages, I hope they will be released soon and that the world will experience peace. When people speak out, it becomes less intimidating for others to do the same. I hope this podcast episode inspires and empowers you to use your voice and engage in conversations. Even if we may not always agree, let us come together and pray for peace.
What kind of human being do you want to be walking on this Earth? What is your moral compass and what are your humanitarian objectives in life? What have you been taught by your parents or have you learned along your life journey? Listen on this podcast to Film writer, and director Beth Lane as we open up the conversation about her upcoming Documentary “Would You Hide Me?” The story of Beth’s journey to discover and unpack the bravery and courage of Arther and Paula Schmitt, a couple who hid Beth’s mother and siblings during World War Two. The Documentary scheduled to be released in May 2022 tells the story through the lens of the Schmitt family who had the courage to hide Beth’s mother and siblings as well as another mother and daughter for two years at their farm at risk of being murdered themselves if found out. Our conversation with Beth will hopefully open your eyes to the examination for yourself of the question “would you hide me?” In times like these where revisionist history is occurring and many Holocaust survivors' stories are being put in the camp of archaic history. Beth brings to light how we can have these conversations of “what would you do” in a non-confrontational way and we can stay present and learn what made us act and believe the way we do. What were we taught and what do we teach our children.Love the show? Subscribe, rate, review, and share!
I am a broken arm, I am appendix removed, I am cancer…When you hear that, what do you think? Take a minute… Yes, I had a broken arm, my appendix removed, and cancer but they do not define who I am. So why do people who have mental health issues often say, “I am bipolar, I am schizophrenic, I am depressed?”There is a STIGMA associated with mental health issues.If you are someone who is suffering from any symptoms of mental health issues, or if you know someone who is, I am hoping that this episode of Grateful Goddesses will help you to release the stigma and see there is hope and positivity ahead! If you don’t have mental health issues or know anyone, I also feel this episode will help shift your mindset and see people more clearly for who they are and not the disease that unfortunately some people feel would define them.Our guest today is Gillian Stein. Her Grandfather in 1909 founded Henry’s camera, Canada’s leading camera chain. Gillian is the CEO and owner. She recently came out as the first Canadian CEO to share about her bipolar illness. It is her hope that others will more comfortable to “come out” and thus will get the help they need. In her words, “if we can’t share, (as a happy, successful, fulfilled family) how can we expect anyone else to share?”Love the show? Subscribe, rate, review, and share!
Who are you inspired by? What makes your heart beat faster and causes you to light a fire under your ass? For me, it is Peaches and that is not the juicy fruit. Peaches is an iconic rock star, and she is also my friend. We met back in seventh grade in Toronto and have kept in touch off and on ever since. I have followed her journey as she ignites her passion with her purpose and lives the life she has dreamed. Peaches, known as Merrill back in the day, have inspired me to be silly, laugh, and have fun. From dancing on her garage roof in garbage bags, musical comedy as Danny and Sandy in Grease, to dancing on stage in one of her shows wearing a long blonde wig, black booty shorts, and black bra, she continues to empower and amuse me. Listen to this podcast to learn from the ultimate teacher Peaches as she takes us through her journey from her past as my friend back in junior high where penny loafers and wispy bangs were "the thing" to today where extravagant costumes, engaging energetic shows where "fuck the pain away" is her motto.Love the show? Subscribe, rate, review, and share!
Everyone deserves to be happy. If you are unhappy with your job and you cannot change your job, how about finding something on the side that makes you happy so the joy can leak in? Once you have your foundation and you know what you want, from the joy you have found, you can add to it. Once you figure out what you want, you can make a plan and then turn it into reality. Our guest in this episode is the Goddess of goal planning, Debra Eckerling. Debra knows all about setting goals as she coaches individuals and businesses on finding your goal, setting up a plan, and sticking to it. Listen as Karen and the Goddesses talk with her about your guide to goal setting.Love the show? Subscribe, rate, review, and share!
How do we stay attuned with our inner wisdom to fully realize our vision and connect with the goddess within us? According to Linda Babulic, all you need is ZEST! Linda is a life coach, facilitator, speaker, and author of ZEST Your Life: A Taste of Inner Wisdom. In this episode, she joins Karen Pulver and Goddess Janice to define what zest is and how we can use it to get in touch with our inner goddess. As the creator of the 1:1 Influence Builder, Linda also shares the 5-step system that will help you stay on track and align with your goals and values. Listen in for an eye-opening talk on inner wisdom, happiness, and success as a goddess.Love the show? Subscribe, rate, review, and share!
Pain can be a struggle, but it can also lead the way to your passion and purpose. With the help of an energy healer, you can work internally with your emotions and spirit to heal pain in a much more meaningful way than conventional medicine can. Join Karen Pulver and her Goddesses as they chat with Mauren Riley to share powerful insights so you could tap into your Goddess of your higher self. How do you achieve a healthy mind, body and spirit? Maureen shares how to operate with your higher energy self, which is the key to embodying and reconnecting. If you are able to reconnect with yourself successfully, a lot of things will fall into place. Stick to the end to join the Goddesses on a guided meditation session, which starts at around 59:04 minute mark.Love the show? Subscribe, rate, review, and share!
We are all on a journey of self-discovery and part of that is making the most of the time we have with the people we love. Death and loss are a part of that journey and can reveal things we never knew about ourselves. Jason B. Rosenthal is an author, foundation board chair, public speaker, and lawyer. You may have heard of him as the subject of an essay written by his late wife, Amy Rosenthal, called You May Want To Marry My Husband. Today, he joins Karen Pulver and Goddesses Alyssa and Dena to share how he navigated through life after Amy’s passing and the lessons he conveyed in his book called My Wife Said You May Want to Marry Me. Listen in on this inspiring and beautiful discussion on love, loss, grief, and moving on.Love the show? Subscribe, rate, review, and share!
Have you ever made a family tree? Have you gone further and taken a 23andMe test to see more information about your ancestors? Wouldn't it be nice to know about how you came to be, who your ancestors are, and how you can learn from all they have gone through in life? Imagine being able to take a "spiritual 23andMe," where you could tap into your past and learn all about any past lessons and how you can use those to create the best life for today. Our guest DeeAnne Riendeau will explore past lives, accessing one's Akashic records to help individuals bring to the surface experiences that can help explain so many "why's" in our current life. See how the beauty of the records can be like having a life coach in your back pocket that you can access. These allow us for a deeper level of reflection so we can ultimately transform ourselves. DeeAnne teaches us about energetic boundaries to protect ourselves through intentions and shares a daily practice to help clear negative energy that doesn't serve us.Love the show? Subscribe, rate, review, and share!
We all have our subtle prejudices and our way of thinking that may be insulting to someone else. Wouldn't it be great if we could understand WHY we act and think the way we do for the greater good? This is the exact mission that Robert Kosch has. Karen Pulver and Goddesses talk to Bob about his past and his mistakes. He will take us through his journey of self-discovery from his 6 ½ years of jail time to experiencing "accidental anti-Semitism" to his current mission of spreading the "greater good." Bob believes that there are better ways to communicate and come together through all the chaos and mayhem we call life. Along with comedy and a good laugh, Bob teaches us that there is hope to move forward.Love the show? Subscribe, rate, review, and share!
If there were no limitations or restrictions placed on you, what would you do in your life? Would you take a risk in the music world, or would you stay comfortable where you are? How would you get yourself into the flow? Join in the conversation as artist HXLT shares with Karen Pulver and Goddesses about his ever-flowing career as a musician. In this episode, you’ll discover the ups and downs of the music world and how HXLT has managed to “keep swimming” forward. Friendships are essential to carry you through and support you in good times and bad. Tune in!Love the show? Subscribe, rate, review, and share!
Everyone is afraid of something. Whether it is clowns or heights, fear is normal. But not so much for Valerie Clark. She does something that most women would be afraid to do. She's 17 years old, and she races trucks. That sport alone would make most men afraid because of accidents and whatnot. Join your host, Karen Pulver, and the Goddesses as they talk to Valerie about her passion for racing. Learn how Valerie works through the fear and anxiety of the sport. Discover the different sports she enrolled in before truck racing. And find out how it feels to be a woman in a male-dominant sport. Cope with fear with the help of Valerie today. Read how her assertiveness, good role models, and ability to lean into fear have enabled her to enjoy all she loves. Love the show? Subscribe, rate, review, and share!
Understanding that you are enough is not an easy feat. For most, it takes a lot of self-reflection and affirmation to truly discover your possibilities and embrace enoughness. This is the message Alison Robertson echoes in her work and what she strives to help others with. Alison is an experienced actress, coach, and author. Her debut book, Enoughness: The Simple Truth Of Embracing YOU, is included as a Forbes 7 Books to Help You Help Yourself and Forbes 20 Books to Inspire Your Happiest Life at Work. In this episode, she joins host Karen Pulver and featured goddesses Camille, Rachel, and Michelle to discuss how one can unravel to develop their confidence, set boundaries, and live in gratitude with enoughness. Alison also enlightens on gifts and passions and how knowing the difference can help you in that journey.Love the show? Subscribe, rate, review, and share!
When we take care of ourselves, we are better prepared to take care of others. The show’s guest today is Dr. Elizabeth Shaffer, an occupational therapist at Therapeutic Innovations International. Dr. Elizabeth talks with Karen Pulver and Goddesses about how parents can care for their special needs kids without overwhelming themselves. The key is to STOP: stop, take a breath, observe, and perceive. When we STOP, we can examine how we can deal with stressful situations in a more productive way while protecting our own mental and physical health.  Dr. Shaffer uses Western and Eastern medicine to look at things more holistically. Being able to let go, surrender, and more mindful of our actions will help us to be better parents while helping the children as well. Catch Dr. Shaffer in this episode as she expresses her love for creating tribes for people, like the Goddess Tribe, to connect, learn, and grow.Love the show? Subscribe, rate, review, and share!
How do we discover what it is that we are supposed to do in our lives? What is that one “thing?” We are all in this journey to explore and try out different things for our lives see if they resonate with us or can be added to help enhance our lives. But do you know that we actually already have this intuition inside of us, that is, to know what that “thing” is that we want in our lives? However, it can be difficult to differentiate intuition from fear or anxiety. You need to have a good understanding of your inner-self, your higher self. Learn how to radically listen to your intuition and gut feelings with your host, Karen Pulver, and her guest, Kim Chestney. Kim is the Founder of Intuition Lab. She is also the author of the book Radical Intuition. Catch Kim in this episode about how you can tap into your intuition Goddess and learn your power! Learn the steps that will propel you forward in life with the power of intuition.As Kim states, “There is a different kind of thinking that is more powerful than the way you have been taught to think for your whole life. When you discover it, you find the long-hidden keys to the kingdom. You discover that the power of this world does not come from world around you; real power comes from the world inside you.” You have the power all along.Love the show? Subscribe, rate, review, and share!
When we are feeling dirty, we take a shower. But what if the ones that need cleaning are on the inside of our bodies? Wouldn't it be good if we could just take a shower and flush it all out? Well, we actually can through detoxing. In this episode, Karen Pulver and the Goddesses sit down with Holistic Health Coach & Guide Melissa Deally to discuss the significance of looking at our body as a whole and start changing our bad eating habits. Most food plans are often not sustainable, and we beat ourselves up over feeling like we got off the wagon with food. Melissa's coaching, alongside a detox plan, is where you can get more empowered, leading you to more success and continued good habits. There are so many toxins that can get into our body which can cause the gut/brain connection to be foggy. Melissa will guide us through how to program our brains for success. So grab a really good smoothie and mindfully chew it (yes, chew, not gulp) as we sip and learn about health and wellness because we all deserve it!Love the show? Subscribe, rate, review, and share!
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