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Green Dream Podcast with Molly Basler
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Green Dream Podcast with Molly Basler

Author: Molly Basler

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Green Dream with Molly Basler is a campaign to educate people on the Climate Crisis and inspire them to move into the Green Dream Future. Each episode will focus on the Climate Emergency locally and globally.
Produced by Heard Not Seen Media, Inc.
8 Episodes
Round-table participants Michael Zelniker on LinkedIn, on Twitter Mayela Manasjan on LinkedIn, on Twitter, on Tiny Climate Podcast Jill MacIntyre Witt on LinkedIn, on TEDx (YouTube), and Fought Big Coal in Her Backyard  
A Guided Meditation led by Mayela Manasjan of the Tiny Climate Challenge podcast. "I offer this guided meditation as a practice for awakening to both the crisis and the great potential for transformation." Sir Jewel.
Links mentioned in this episode Keeling Curve The Green Dream with Molly Basler Tiny Climate Challenge
The New York Times: Black Environmentalists Talk about Climate and Anti-Racism  
Links mentioned in the epside Peter Kalmus' Book -  Being the Change: Live Well and Spark a Climate Revolution  Peter Kalmus - SoCal Connected Michael Moore Presents: Planet of the Humans
Links mentioned in this episode Documentary: Earthlings Amy Jean Davis: Half Naked Vegan
Jane Velez Mitchell, of Jane Unchained News Network, one of the great animal activists of our time, joins me to talk about one of the leading causes of our climate emergency, factory farming. Factory farming pollutes the air, requires deforestation, creates irreversible land and water degradation, causes erosion and habitat extinction, and has animal sacrifice and torture as the bedrock of its operations.
Links mentioned in this episode CADEM: California Democratic Party Our platform, Energy, and Environment: CADEM IPCC: International Panel on Climate Change Land is a Critical Resource: IPCC Report
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