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On May 2nd I reached a new decade of my life.  I turned 70! And I am excited to explore this new chapter in my life.  I invite you to learn how to age gracefully.Website: reggieweber.comFacebook:  reggieweberInstagram: reggie.retreats#coachreggie #aginggracefully #wisdom&freedom
I LOVE NATURE AND ESPECIALLY THE TREES!  Trees are essential to life on Earth!  We need trees to breathe, to purify our soil, cycling our water systems, good for our health - both physically and mentally, crucial for wildlife, combat noise pollution and climate change and much more.  I hope you enjoy the reading, The Trees & ME.Website:  reggieweber.comFacebook:  reggieweberInstagram:  reggie.retreats#coachreggie #savethetrees #plantatree #healthywomenhealthyearth 
It is Earth Day and the beginning of Earth Day Weekend.   It is also  Spring cleaning time for many of us.  But are our cleaning products cleaning our homes or making us sick?  The chemicals from our cleaning products our  toxic chemicals.  They are harming us, our home, Mother Earth, the air we breathe, our waterways and the list goes on.  They are destroying our planet and our future lives!  Listen and learn how we as a society can educate ourselves to remove these toxins from the environment.  Website:  reggieweber.comFacebook:  reggieweberInstagram:  reggie.retreats#earthday #healthywomenhealthyearth #coachreggie 
We strive to be healthy, right!  Today's discussion is about the pros and cons of making Standard Time permanent or Daylight Savings Time permanent.  But which is better?   Please listen and then contact your congressional representatives  for what I believe the vote should be vote NO!  I hope you agree for the health of Ourselves, the health of the Nation and the health of the World.Email:  gwreggie2@gmail.comWebsite:  reggieweber.comInstagram:  reggie.retreatsFacebook:  reggieweber#coachreggie #standardtime #healthywomenhealthyearth
Spring is considered the time of Nature's Birthing Season.  Are you feeling inspired or have some increased energy?  I love Spring as everything seems to becoming alive outside, but this includes ourselves also.   So get out your journals, get outside and decide how you want grow and what you want to bloom in your life!  Email:  gwreggie2@gmail.comWebsite:  reggieweber.comInstagram:  reggie.retreatsFacebook:  reggieweber#coachreggie #bloomyourself   #cleanseyourliver  #healthywomenhealthyearth
What do poems, quotes, or essays do for you?  These writings are a form of art and are creative.  Human feelings are also expressed in the types of writings.  For now, I find my expression of feelings in writing in my journal.  Yes, journalling is also a form of art and creativity and it also tells a story.  So as Martin Luther stated "If you want to change the world, pick up your pen and write".  Email:  gwreggie2@gmail.comWebsite:   reggieweber.comInstagram:  reggie.retreatsFacebook:  reggieweber#coachreggie #healthywomenhealthyearth #startwriting
What is curiosity and is it important?  As a child and as a grown-up today, I am always asking questions about how the world and life works.  But when I was younger my dad always said "just do what I tell you. "  That didn't sit well with me and now I have realized that my younger years were not fulfilled.  I am curious about something everyday.  Even the podcasts that I do are usually done on a subject matter that I am curious about.  It is that "feel good" emotion.  I hope you have much curiosity in your life!Email:  gwreggie2@gmail.comWebsite:  reggieweber.comInstagram:  reggie.retreatsFacebook:  reggieweber#coachreggie #healthywomenhealthyearth #becurious
Have taken time to rest this winter?  As I have said before the Winter Season is a time of rest and going within.  Will the Winter Season awaken something in you?Email:   gwreggie2@gmail.comWebsite:  reggieweber.comInstagram:  reggie.retreatsFacebook:  reggieweber#coachreggie #healthywomenhealthyearth #restfulawakening



When journalling the other day, I had many thoughts about "Why the Pandemic?"  Maybe pandemics happen as a shift in our world to clean up the mess we have created on Earth.  Here is a great poem I recited in the podcast that may help cope with the pandemic  from Amber "V" Moonstone.The Flow of Life's EnergyWorking with the flow of Life's energy and not clinging to our old ways, serves as a vessel to being aware that there is an energy larger than ourselves.  It means that we are open to many ways of enjoying our life's journey.  It may mean changing our destination, for the moment but always remembering our goals. Letting fear get in the way causes us to cling to the old ways that aren't working, hindering growth and positive energy flow.  Find your energy flow, let yourself go without fear, do not resist change.  Be open to what life has to offer.  Let the current take you, be confident that the Universe will provide.  Breathe in positive energy, and go with the flow of your Life's energy!!! Email:  gwreggie2@gmail.comWebsite:  reggieweber.comInstagram:  reggie.retreatsFacebook:  reggieweber#coachreggie #healthywomenhealthyearth #greenwomen #bepositive
What is Hope?  What is Active Hope?  What is the energy in all of this?  What we feel, think, speak and hope are all transformed into energy and put into world.  What is your HOPE for 2022?Email:  gwreggie2@gmail.comWebsite:  reggieweber.comInstagram:  reggie.retreatsFacebook:  reggieweber#coachreggie #healthywomenhealthyearth #greenwomen #HOPEforourworld
The Winter Solstice is a time of Nature's rebirth.  What would like to rebirth in your life on the solstice?  The Winter Season is a time to hibernate, go within, rest and reflect on our lives in the past year.  How did your past year go?  What would you like to change in your life, bring in or get rid of?  Winter is a great time to claim your inner dreams and set your intentions!Wishing you all love, peace and the light of hope this Winter Solstice, the Holiday and into the next year.Email:  gwreggie2@gmail.comWebsite:  reggieweber.comInstagram:  reggie.retreatsFacebook:  reggieweber#coachreggie #healthywomenhealthyearth #greenwomen #peaceandlight
What does Christmas mean to you?  Do we really know the true meaning of Christmas anymore? Why is Christmas so important anyway?  There are so many different messages that I hope that you find a message that is meaningful for you on this episode of the Green Women Podcast.  Wishing you all  a Healthy, Happy Holiday Season from all the Green Women - Helene,, Tami, Diane, Christine, Terri,  Melisa, April,  Jo,  Sunder, and myself, Reggie.  Thank You for tuning in and listening to us share our stories for our love of Nature, Healthy Living,  Self-Care, the Environment, Social Justice, and Our LOVE of Mother Earth.  Email:  gwreggie2@gmail.comWebsite:  www.reggieweber.comInstagram:  reggie.retreatsFacebook:  GREEN WOMEN - education website                         & reggieweber
Do we need it or do we just want it?  That is the question.  We don't stop to think of how  our overconsumption is effecting our personal health, the health of the our society and the health of our planet.  All this overconsumption has gotten us stuck and by removing the "things" or "stuff" that is really not needed in our lives will free up space which in turns free yourself and your world. We then become a society of healing ourselves which in turns heals the planet.Website:  www.reggieweber.comInstagram:  reggie.retreatsFacebook:  reggieweber#coachreggie #healthyliving "green women" *healthyearthhealthywomen #take action #freeyourself
In about a month Christmas and other Festive Holidays will be upon us.  And what does that is the Holiday of giving which is good, but giving of what?  At this time of year there is a surge of plastics being purchased in the form of toys, household items, games and the lists goes on.  We need to change our thinking and behaviors to shop for more eco-friendly, sustainable, earth conscious products.  All this plastic is damaging for all inhabitants of the Earth as well as our waterways, the oceans, rivers, our soil, and Mother Earth herself.  Email:  gwreggie2@gmail.comWebsite:  www.reggieweber.comInstagram:  reggie.retreatsFacebook:  reggieweber*#coachreggie #greenwomen #healthywomenhealthyearth #sustainableliving
Did you know there is a health network (called) mycelium?  This network provides medicinal properties as well as many other functions in the life of the Earth but also in our lives as well.  This is where mushrooms come from and I will go over 6 varieties of mushrooms that are beneficial for the human body.  Remember, "Fungi are the interface organisms between life and death" by Paul Stamets.Email:  gwreggie2@gmail.comWebsite:  www.reggieweber.comInstagram:  reggie.retreatsFacebook:  reggieweber#coachreggie #greenwomen #healthywomenhealthyearth #naturehealing#fantasticfungi #entangledlife #mnmycologicalsociety 



In today's world so many of us are wounded.  How did we become such a wounded society?As a society we need to begin to heal our wounds.  Today I am giving my personal history of my wounds, which I have been working on healing from sometime.  I hope this gives you insights to heal your wounds. Email:  gwreggie2@gmail.comWebsite:  www.reggieweber.comInstagram:  reggie.retreatsFacebook:  reggieweber#coachreggie #greenwomen #healthywomenhealthyearth #change #naturehealing #lettinggo #thewoundedchild
We are a month into the Season of Autumn/Fall.  What does that mean for you?  Maybe harvesting your summer bounty,  a time of transition or letting go?   What do you need to be listening for in the Season of Autumn?Email:  gwreggie2@gmail.comWebsite:  www.reggieweber.comInstagram:  reggie.retreatsFacebook:  reggieweber#coachreggie #greenwomen #healthywomenhealthyearth #change #naturehealing #lettinggo
Are you a Green Woman? Maybe a Green Mama or Grandma?  We would love to invite  YOU to our tribe of HealthyWomenHealthyEarth?  This podcast will explain where and how to join the Green Women Monthly Group Zoom calls.  Below are the resources you can access to be part of the tribe!Green Women page is Here: The Green Women 2021/22 info page is:   www.reggieweber.comInstagram: reggie.retreatsFacebook: reggieweber#coachreggie #womenhealing #greenwomen #healthywomenhealthyearth #greenmama #childrenhealing #earthhealing #greenwomenmovement 
The Autumn season represents letting go, change and evolving.  So this episode relates to a sudden, unexpected, tragic death of one of our family members.  Listen for ways to cope with your grief during this season of change.  Website:  www.reggieweber.comInstagram:  reggie.retreatsFacebook:  reggieweber#greenwomen #healing #change #healthyliving  #letting go #coach reggie #healthywomanhealthyearth
Today I am going to explore more subjects on climate change.  This episode is about the film on YouTube "The Beast of Our Time: Climate Change & Grizzly Bears." and information about our declining permafrost regions.   Listen to find out how this is affecting our world.My website:  www.reggieweber.comInstagram:  reggie.retreatsFacebook:  reggieweber#climatecrisis #greenwomen #healthyliving #self-care #beinformed #takeaction#healthywomanhealthyearth #naturehealing 
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