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A biweekly podcast by Rebecca Fay, Olivia Quinn and Tyler Smith about what they are playing, what is new in the world of video games, and how they are getting through the week.
39 Episodes
Hey! Are you in quarantine? Well, so are we! But it's all good, because Animal Crossing: New Horizons is here like a balm on our sorry souls. Join us as we talk about our first days on our new islands, our favorite (and least favorite) villagers, and how badly we want Brewster to drop by and serve us some hot coffee. Wash your hands and stay inside, and join us for another great episode!
Hello! It’s March and the world is on fire. Quarantine has us left with nothing to do but play video games. We talk about the Lovely Horror Games from Frictional Gaming, the return to Rapture with Bioshock, and what Death Stranding is.
The world might be falling apart, but the Greetings From crew is persisting! On this episode of the news recap, we talked about all of the postponements and cancellations of shows because of the Coronavirus. We talked about Horizon Zero Dawn coming to PC and a surprise announcement by GameStop.
This is a friendly content warning to let you know this episode of the Greetings From Podcast has explicit content that may not be suitable for some listeners. It's our Valentine's Day episode, and the gang is back together to talk about the video game characters they'd marry, murder, and spent a passionate night with. Your problematic faves are horny on main once again and remember, only YOU have the power to booty call Micolash.
Hello! It’s finally February and the gang have been playing a few games during this slow month. We talk about having 8 uncontrollable limbs from Octodad: Deadliest Catch, how gardening is therapy in Mutazione, and the trials of Bloodborne.
Good morning, afternoon, or evening, whenever and wherever you are. This is Olivia and thank you again for listening to the Greetings From podcast. In this episode of the Greetings From News Recap we discuss Atari’s foray into building hotels, how every game got delayed, Byleth’s introduction into Smash, and the latest PlayStation 5 rumors.
On this episode, we explore the mysterious realm of FIVE DIMENSIONS. The Greetings From gang is back at it again to explore the most burning questions you might have about your favorite video game creatures. Would Dead Hand make a nice charcuterie? What exactly IS the mouthfeel of a sentient piñata? How much Axe Body Spray is Garrus Vakarian wearing at all times? Stay a while as we explore the mysteries of video games, one sense at a time.
Happy New Year! In this first episode of the year, we talk about getting attached to characters in Darkest Dungeon, how difficult space can be in Outer Wilds, and dealing with grief in Kentucky Route Zero.
In this episode of the Greetings From News Recap, we review the largest video games news stories for the biggest news from 12/05/19 through 1/05/20. We talked about Netflix’s adaptation of The Witcher series, Redbox getting out of the video game rental business, Geoff Keighly’s The Game Awards, and the announcement of the Xbox Series X.
The Greetings From team is back again, celebrating the most prestigious awards in gaming today: The Posties! Join us for our second annual awards episode where we swap stories about the best games we played this year.
Hello! In this Greetings From Gaming Corner episode, we discuss three games you should consider playing. This week we talk about Pokemon: Sword and Shield, Outer Worlds, and Later Alligator.
In our first episode of the Greetings From News Recap, we cover the biggest news from 11/12/19 through 11/26/19. We talked about the Half-Life Alyx announcement, Google Stadia’s rough launch, and the announcements from Xbox’s conference, XO 19.
A short announcement about a few changes we are making to the future of the Greetings From podcast
Halloween 2019 may have passed us by, but we're always prepared to get horny on main for our favorite video game villains and monsters. Join us for the most evil MFK game ever played!
Control wins the 2019 award for most lore in a video game. In this episode, the Greetings From crew digs into these juicy dossiers and videos. Let's get lost in the weeds of this beautiful and deeply flawed game.
….Castle Town For My Enemies We are traveling to our favorite locations on this episode and we are either staying, vacationing, or sending our enemies. It’s the MFK version for Video Game Locations.
It’s everybody’s favorite and not at all controversial topic, mobile games! In this episode, we talk about our favorite terrible mobile games, as well as truly transcendent mobile game experiences.
We are more than half way through 2019 folks! That means it is time for us to check in on the games we’ve been playing and talk about our mid-year games of the year.
The Greetings From crew has got that Summertime Sadness, so we decided to revisit the games that are like a warm blanket on our soul. We also took some time to talk about our favorite runs from SGDQ 2019 and shame some folks who deserved it.
E3 is not dead… yet! In this episode, the Greetings From cast talks about our most anticipated games from the show, and we review what we got right from our prediction podcast. We also find time to play a few games and talk about beards.
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