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Grimms' Fairy Tales by Jacob & Wilhelm Grimm

Grimms' Fairy Tales by Jacob & Wilhelm Grimm

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Talking animals, wicked stepmothers, valiant tailors, cruel witches! Sixty-two stories that feature familiar figures like Hansel and Gretel, Rapunzel, Rumplestiltskin, The Twelve Dancing Princesses and Snow-White and Rose Red as well as lesser-known characters like The White Snake, Sweetheart Roland and Clever Elsie are contained in this volume of Grimms' Fairy Tales by Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm.

The original volume published in 1812 contained more than 85 tales and this number kept increasing till it got to the seventh edition which contained more than two hundred stories. Initially the authors meant the collection to be read not just by children, but also adults and was meant to be a compilation of folk-tales that had been passed down orally for generations. The first edition was packed with scholarly foot-notes and interesting information about the cultural connotations of each story. Later, the authors were persuaded to change the format and make it suitable for children.

However, many of these stories were found by publishers to be far too gruesome for young readers. Objectionable passages and scenes of violence were removed and replaced with less fearsome ones. The scholarly foot notes were completely eliminated, making the book just a collection of fairy tales that a child might enjoy. The present collection contains some of the most famous and well loved fairy tales that generations of children have enjoyed. The universal themes of fairy tales which include the triumph of good over evil, courage, common-sense, humility, love, the downfall of pride, greed, envy and laziness all find voice in the characters of Grimms' Fairy Tales.

Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm were two brothers born in Frankfurt in the old German kingdom of Hesse. They studied law, but were passionately interested in folklore. Jacob was also a philologist studying language. Though Wilhelm's ill-health made traveling difficult, they toured Germany and neighboring European countries in the 18th century documenting folk tales commonly recounted by word of mouth in small villages and communities. Their interest in preserving these historical examples of native wisdom and culture has made it possible for modern readers to enjoy these age old stories that were told and retold by countless grandparents to generations of grandchildren. Most of the stories retain the lyrical qualities of oral tradition and are meant to be read aloud, creating a magical world for children.

This treasure trove of stories has become an essential part of the bed-time ritual of story-telling for both parents and children all over the world.
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ashkan jahanbakhsh


Nov 10th

Camal Muradov

how can I download all the episodes?

Oct 14th

Smallstar Smich

l like it

Aug 13th

Lucille Frost

loving it so far never had pod cast before it's quite interesting

Jul 27th

kevin shelton

Is that deckard Cain from the diablo games?

Jul 19th



Jul 18th


I love it

Jul 18th

Seth Fountain

Any chance of reading "The Two Brothers" (sometimes referred to as, "The Twin Brothers")? It's aways been one of my favorites.

Jul 16th

Franklin valdez

how I can read the letter?

Jul 13th

Damayia Manley

love this and it's free

Jul 4th

Leonardo Díaz

I love it too help me to learn more listening english.

Apr 21st


this its amazing and it's free i love this

Apr 20th

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what time is it

Apr 17th


Abdullah Gul Time to party! Mabruk Lahid

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Mar 28th

Wes Woodward

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Feb 13th

Dan Martin

Lupe Magana Joel Olstein should be avoided at ALL cost! He will lead you to the gates of hell. So will Rick Warren.

Feb 13th

Jaymes Moynihan

I know the grimms fairy tales have gone down in History as classic literature, but some of these stories seem very pointless and without any moral to them or explanation. stories like the 12 dancing princesses makes little sense, and just kinda ends lol. it's easy knowing why some of these story's have been largely forgotten , and why others have remained classics

Feb 11th

Jazmyne Durazo

Jaymes Moynihan Haha, listening to the Golden Bird made me crazy, listen to the damn fox!

Jun 24th

Beth Case

Jaymes Moynihan The original fairy tales didn't have a moral lesson. the Victorians added that.

Jun 2nd

Anuj Raj

Anuj Raj

Jan 29th

Susan Spengler

Good narration. I could pay attention to the stories without being distracted by the narrators voice, pro nunciation of the words, or the way he stressed the right words to make it sound natural.

Jan 23rd
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