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Author: Dusty Hegge

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Grow Well is a houseplant meets personal growth podcast. My name is Dusty Hegge and I can't help but see the parallels between plant growth and human growth and I KNOW that's by God's design. Join me each week and we'll chat about both! My goal is to challenge you to think deeper, have fun, teach you how to keep your houseplants alive, and laugh a whole lot. Let's grow well!


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Gina Bendetto, owner and founder of Veyali - a luxurious, botanical fragrance brand with high-quality perfumes, room and linen sprays. She owns her own design company of 14 years, is a powerhouse businesswoman, and has extensive training in the art or composing botanical. In this episode, she shares with us why synthetic fragrances are dangerous, how to take steps forward to improve your air quality, her passion behind botanicals, and tangibly how we can clean up air quality in our homes with botanical fragrances.Show notes:
We chat depression and anxiety and Brittany's system to filter out lies and cling to God's truth.Show notes:
Food? Houseplants? Cocktails? What's not to love!? Fun conversation topics aside Sarah Hauser and I get real deep real fast. Sarah is a wife, mother,  and food blogger and she has so much to teach us. She shares her heart for feeding the poor and how she has wrestled through her abundance of food while so much of the world has little to none. She challenged me in ways that felt uncomfortable and so very necessary. Truly, this conversation is so very dear to my heart and I am certain you'll be inspired and challenged by her words as well.Show notes: 
Does your houseplant have yellowing leaves? Brown tips? Is it dropping leaves? Or do you see those annoying little black flies EVERYWHERE? Today I am give you three simple steps to identify and diagnose houseplant problems.Houseplant care is such a rewarding hobby but it takes patience, trial and error, and I know God has so much to teach us through this process! Houseplant problems can make us feel defeated and frustrated with our plants and feel like just the worst plant person. But let me stop you right there and remind you that houseplant care should be FUN! So take a step back, give yourself (and your plant) some grace, and be intentional about learning about plants and MAN I am so certain you will enjoy this process so much more!For complete show notes: along on Instagram: MENTIONEDHouseplant quiz: Planty Course Waitlist: Fighting houseplant pests 101: Fighting fungus gnats: Photosynthesis for the houseplant gardener: sure you click "subscribe" in your favorite podcast player and please leave me a review on iTunes - I am SO grateful you are here!
Today's episode is one I have been SO excited to share with you! I have Phylicia Masonheimer on and I am not gonna lie, I felt a little star struck getting to interview her! She is a an author, blogger and speaker teaching women how to discern what is true, discuss the deep stuff, and live out God’s purpose for their lives. She is most well known for breaking theology and church history into understandable, practical pieces for the everyday girl. In addition to bible teaching and writing, she also runs a multi-faceted business selling productivity e-courses, coaching, and essential oils, and is currently in school to be an aromatherapist.It's safe to say she has a thing or to to teach us today about growing WELL!All show notes here: Phylicia Masonheimer:https://PhyliciaMasonheimer.comEpisode break down: (11 min) How and where to start studying scripture well (13 min) Phylicia's struggle with physical and emotional intimacy (19 min) How to find a mentor & counseling  (29 min) How to prioritize quiet time  (31 min) Tools to study scripture WELL  (34 min) How organizing your home will help you draw closer to God  (37 min) How to know what to work on next & faith in business (45 min) Houseplant questions - 3 easy care houseplants ** PLEASE take a moment to leave an iTunes review! I am so deeply grateful for every single one and they go a long way to helping this show GROW. Make sure you click subscribe so you don't miss all the planty goodness coming your way! **
Today we are talking photosynthesis! Photosynthesis is the process by which houseplants create their own food. Which is pretty incredible, right!? Outdoors, in their native habitat, they grow in such a way that they can utilize the resources around them to actually feed themselves! Indoors WE are responsible for facilitating a plant in doing this well.There are three MAIN elements responsible for photosynthesis. Carbon dioxide, water, and light. All three so important and all three very misunderstood by most houseplant collectors. We’re gonna break down each element a little deeper unpacking WHY the plant needs it, how the plant collects it, and what we can do as houseplant collectors to facilitate the plant in doing so. Then we’ll dive into some personal application we can learn from studying, science, and what God has to teach us today through the science of how plants grow.It’s gonna be a good one!** PLEASE take a moment to leave an iTunes review! I am so deeply grateful for every single one. Make sure you subscribe to the show so you don't miss all the planty goodness coming your way! **Links Mentioned:Houseplant Quiz Planty Waitlist episode with Darryl Cheng from Houseplant Journal episode part 1
Depression feels a lot like you’re doing life underwater when everyone else is on land. It is hard to breathe down here, my mind feels so weak, and it’s far to easy to believe lies that would otherwise feel ridiculous. This is a battle I have been fighting for years and in the last few years I have come to terms with this and FINALLY took the steps to get diagnosed and begin healing from depression and severe anxiety. I am not a doctor and STRONGLY recommend that you seek medical advice in this topic. My goal for you in hearing this episode is to hear my own growth journey, see the things that I am doing (some of which are VERY simple with a BIG impact) to pursue growing WELL in a hard season of depression and severe anxiety.I am finally “coming up for air” so to speak and I am seeing some beautiful healing come after years of hurting. I am deeply, deeply grateful. I feel safe and happy and very comfortable in sharing these harder topics right now. So PLEASE ask me questions if you have any via email at dusty@revivenursery.comLINKS MENTIONED:Follow Dusty Hegge on Instagram Phylicia Masonheimer on Instagram Like Him - 10 Ways God is different from us (and why that’s a good things) by Jen Wilkins motherhood by Gloria Furman Talks About This (Podcast by Elise and Scott Grice) Training - FREE Bible Collegehttp://biblicaltraining.orgFor more complete show notes head to:
027. Fungus gnats

027. Fungus gnats


How to get rid of fungus gnats in your houseplants. If I am honest they are more annoying more than anything, but eventually they will cause your sweet lil' houseplant harm. The adult flies actually aren't the issue - the larva are! In today's quick episode I'll cover how to eradicate fungus gnats (also called fungus flies) and make your houseplants oh so happy!Show notes and all products recommended:
Houseplant pests suck. But guess what! You CAN get ride of (most) of them if you are willing, determined, and have the right information.Today I want to give you 6 simple steps to begin that buggy-fight no matter the houseplant pest! These rules are good to implement and understand BEFORE you get a problem so you can come to the pest battle READY TO FIGHT!SHOW NOTES PLANTY COURSE
Bringing a new houseplant home is exciting! But then what?It was just pulled from near PERFECT growing conditions and is now in your home. Where the conditions aren’t always very ideal - but don’t worry!In today’s episode, my goal is to leave you with 3 actionable steps to help you transition your houseplant to your home well. This isn’t an episode on picking out the right plant for your home, (which is a very important step!) I have even made you a fun, free houseplant quiz to help you pick out the right houseplant for your home!SHOW NOTES YOUR PERFECT HOUSEPLANT Planty Houseplant Course @dustyhegge
A quick tip on how to get a more even growth and a much more beautiful houseplants!Get the course:
For all links mentioned head to
Coffee? Plants? This episodes is full of both and it's basically my DREAM episode! Brice Sturmer, founder and co-owner of Velodrome Coffee Company, shares his expertise on the coffee industry and how he is approaching ethically made coffee. Plus, we chat fungus gnats, what happens to coffee from seed to your morning brew, and we even cover how to grow a coffee tree in your home. This episode was such fun and I hope you enjoy every single second! ... with a cuppa coffee in hand.GET PLANTY: HOUSEPLANT FOUNDATIONS waitlist - - Coffee -
Are you ready to become a crazy plant person - or at least keep your houseplants alive!? Well, guess what, It's not as hard as you think IF you keep this in mind: I have found there to be three main qualities in a person who seems to have a “natural” green thumb. And guess what, they are qualities that a) you can adapt TODAY and b) are why I consider plant care to be such a personal growth process!SHOW NOTES: PLANTY: HOUSEPLANT FOUNDATIONS COURSE WAITLIST:
This episode is a part two of sorts in response to my failure episode 017. Today I am sharing the ways I am changing in response to a year filled with failure. Some mindset stuff but mostly very tangible and practical boundaries I am placing on all of 2019 to prevent failure, to steward my mental health well, and to better serve my own family and to serve YOU well.This is a real, raw, and vulnerable episode - so go easy on me. Please remember that I am not an expert, I am just a girl ready to share the hard stuff even when it's uncomfortable. I pray that you too can grow well from the lessons I have learned in the last few years.Show notes:
(Alternate title: Stop letting failure OWN you!) // Saying there is no such thing as failure is like saying there is no such thing as a stupid question. We ALL know there really are stupid questions and we ALL know failure is real - and that it’s something we will face in our lives time and time again.Today I am laying out my biggest failures AND successes for 2018 - a little late to the party of reviewing last year but I think I needed some space between myself and 2018 to really understand what went down.SHOW NOTES: Quiz: Get Planty Podcast:
How do I water succulents? What is a succulent botanically speaking? How much sunlight do succulents need? This episode answers ALL those questions and so much more!Cait Kholsa is founder of Botany Box a succulent subscription box with a love for succulents and a down-to-earth personality. We chat about succulent care 101, what she has learned through starting her Botany Box, and we even chat about botanical skin care we are loving. It's a fun conversation and I am sure you'll enjoy it and learn so much!SHOW NOTES: the Get Planty Podcast:
Adventuring, getting outdoors, and traveling doesn’t have to be complicated. Just getting outside for a short walk each day can do wonders for our health and remind us of the beauty found within growing well. Deanna Jensen sheds some light on how we can get outdoors more (why it even matters) and how she is pursuing personal growth even when work seems to keep piling up.Show notes:
048. PlantyISH: Marriage

048. PlantyISH: Marriage


A little bit about plants, a lot about life and marriage. We fully expect all your marriages to be perfect after hearing this episode.LINKS MENTIONED:Velodrome Coffee: http://www.velodromecoffeecompany.comVelodrome Coffee Subscription (there is a gift option!):>>>> Show notes:
Healing from trauma and pain isn't all that different from growing. The two go hand in hand. Even when we feel as though we are taking three steps backward as we are forced to slow down while we grieve, God is preparing the soil of our hearts for something incredible.Today one of my Get Planty students, Hannah Underwood, joins me for such a heartfelt and genuine conversation about this very topic. The story of how this episode came to be is a good one in and of itself! Hannah has undergone some serious heartbreak and trauma in the last year and at the very same time experienced some of the most joyful happiness in her life. That's the funny thing about healing and growth, it rarely happens in the way we expect it to.Though this is a serious topic, we laugh and have such fun! Hannah is truly a light and it's such a joy to know her and learn from her. I am confident you're going to leave this conversation feeling encouraged and inspired.Hannah also shares about her experience taking Get Planty Course and it was such a gift to hear her thoughts and takeaways.Get Planty is open for enrollment right now!Enroll: you are listening to this episode after the cart is closed you can join the waitlist for when it reopens in spring 2020.)FULL SHOW NOTES:
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Tabatha Holtz

Please keep your invisible sky wizard to yourself, no one wants to hear your preachy sermons on a houseplant podcast.

Jan 10th

philip j Doran

I've been looking for a good plant podcast, this is not it. too pushy on the patrion sale- i appreciate she wants to get paid, but theres a more tasteful way to go about it. also, she says the word "like" too much.

Dec 17th
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