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Growing Forward Together

Author: Kinita Schripsema

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Encouraging and empowering individuals to grow forward in their stories while helping them live into their best selves.
28 Episodes
Being an Overcomer

Being an Overcomer


I was interviewed on "How to Win at Everything".  All of us can “win” at what we do but the question is, “are we willing to address the challenges along the way with healthy approaches?” (aka. being an overcomer). 2In this interview you will hear what I learned through some extremely difficult situations in my life.  I share what worked, what didn’t work and how I choose to live my story in hopes to encourage you in yours.
Ever wondered if you should become a blogger? Maybe for personal or business reasons? Well then, you will love this conversation with a "Blogging Evangelist"! Rana's got great tips and tools to help you on your journey!!
The Indian culture is one of beauty, diversity, depth, and struggle. One of the many struggles amidst the beauty and depth is “singleness”. Listen in on a dialogue between two Indian women who experienced it differently!!
How does assimilation impact your story? Coming to America has been a process for many along with recognizing that assimilation impacts each one of us differently. In this interview, you will here a candid conversation about two such immigrants.
Passionate about Inclusion? Then you won't want to miss this interview between two friends who are from different Caste groups and yet share a deep love for reconciliation.
What does living authentically mean to you?  Who are you REALLY?  Why is it so easy to build a fake identity rather than live into our true selves?  These and other questions answered along with some tips so you too can #LiveYourStory.  
Gender equity and equality...why does it matter? Because YOU matter!! Join me as I dialogue with David Rowell on the subject. Learn to be an ally in the work of gender equity.
As I continue to meet amazing people in my line of work, I asked a fellow author and speaker, Paul Artale, to shed light on his journey as someone who has learned to use his physical disability as a strength.  Listen in and you might learn how to "keep the dialogue" going!
Moments to Memories

Moments to Memories


Do you struggle with being in the moment?  You are not alone!! Learn to make your moments count as they become memories that might feel out of your sight and reach!!
Realignment…what does that mean in your story?  How do you feel when things are out-of-sync or out of alignment?  What do you do? Feeling alone in this journey? Let's connect...I've got your back!!
Do unto others...or not?  An opportunity for you to consider how you can promote inclusion by the rules you follow.  
Do you see me?

Do you see me?


An interview of Tabitha Pope, Director of Disability from Nazarene University in Oklahoma City, OK.  Tabitha brings a unique perspective to the topic of intersectionality and agency as it relates to disability in our society.  She dives into the need for acceptance rather than tolerance!!
I am not black

I am not black


As a woman of colour, I choose to stand and kneel in solidarity with my black brothers and sisters.  Are you ready to step into action against racism (and other isms), inequality and inequity in your community and for the sake of others? Practical steps also found in my blog at
As a concious black male in America, Okey shares humbly and graciously the plight of black males along with tools that will help them not only survive but also thrive.  His story started in the Southeast side of Chicago, IL, USA and he now currently works on Capitol Hill, in the Washington, D.C., area for the U.S. Department of Health & Human Resources.
Discovering what being still might look like in your story and how you can achieve a deep calm and peace in your soul.
This pandemic has caused us to be relegated to our homes and not allowed us to commune physically with our faith communities. Encouragement and challenge to stay connected.
Setting the Table

Setting the Table


Feeling challenged to transition during this season?  Join me as I share how you can learn to make a difference in your story and someone else's!! To connect, go to
Lead Leader!!

Lead Leader!!


Empowering the leader in you!!
Team building in marriage
Deepening your marriage relationship.
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