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Growing Forward Together

Author: Kinita Schripsema

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Feel like you have hit a wall in your journey? We are here to encourage and empower individuals to grow forward in their stories and help them live into their best selves while they embrace their cultural bent or internal cultural home.
42 Episodes
According to The Clifton Strengths Assessment, there are thirty-four strengths and themes that deeply affect our personal and professional lives. When we encourage each other to “live into your strengths” it is imperative to know what they are and how to manage them. A dialogue to help you on your journey!!
Adoption isn't for everyone, but when it is, there is much to learn and implement.  Practicing inclusion is a way to deepen that relationship in ways that might surprise you. 
The Enneagram is a great personality assessment tool to help us understand our personality and how we interact with others.  This is a 3-way dialogue with Enneagram 8's and how we thrive while often being misunderstood. 
Financial stress is one of the major stressors in our world today and during expected and unexpected transitions, it can be even more difficult.  Even though there were record lows of unemployment (in the USA) even before the pandemic, this pandemic has certainly impacted the financial health of many people across the globe.
In this final episode, we will explore a GLOBAL approach that impacts all of us around the world.
This is Part 3 in a four-part series on Models of Sustainability.  In this dialogue we will be talking about an international approach to providing sustainability to marginalized communities in Nagpur, India.
Food insecurity was lower in 2019 than in 2018.   Perhaps we are growing in the right direction but, in my opinion, there should not be any food insecurity in a country that has so many resources.  Today’s guest will help us understand why those food resources are not as accessible as they should be, what they are doing about and how you can join in the cause.
This is the first in a four-part series on Models of Sustainability.  Since models are impacted by the location they are in, I decided to embark on a four-part series on the subject.  These episodes will cover and address best practices in Local, National (USA), International and Global contexts.  So be sure to join us for the future posts that will explore those areas and reveal some common elements among them all.
Farewell 2020

Farewell 2020


A personal reflection as 2020 is coming to a end.   
Do you like to write, personally or professionally?  Maybe you just like to journal your thoughts and questions that you face in your life.  I journaled casually over the years and then eventually became a published author.  Writing has a way of teaching individuals structure, impact their identity, and celebrate their uniqueness.
Collaboration over competition is always a successful approach! Join me in this conversation with a fellow coach and the host of "How to Win at Everything" on how we encourage, equip and empower others to live into their best selves!!
In honour of Native American heritage month, I have the opportunity (and so do you) to celebrate a great Sovereign Nation here in the USA.  Listen in and see how you too might be inspired for inclusion and action!!
How to make a dream come true? Take one step at a time.  A conversation with an entrepreneur who continues to produce great things as he stays the course and overcomes obstacles of racial bias, microaggressions and job-seeking stress along the way.  
Being an Overcomer

Being an Overcomer


I was interviewed on "How to Win at Everything".  All of us can “win” at what we do but the question is, “are we willing to address the challenges along the way with healthy approaches?” (aka. being an overcomer). 2In this interview you will hear what I learned through some extremely difficult situations in my life.  I share what worked, what didn’t work and how I choose to live my story in hopes to encourage you in yours.
Ever wondered if you should become a blogger? Maybe for personal or business reasons? Well then, you will love this conversation with a "Blogging Evangelist"! Rana's got great tips and tools to help you on your journey!!
Inclusive leadership is best lived out as a lifestyle and not just remain a good idea!! Many people talk about it and very few actually live it out. Check out this interview with a colleague and friend in the industry of DE&I.
The Indian culture is one of beauty, diversity, depth, and struggle. One of the many struggles amidst the beauty and depth is “singleness”. Listen in on a dialogue between two Indian women who experienced it differently!!
How does assimilation impact your story? Coming to America has been a process for many along with recognizing that assimilation impacts each one of us differently. In this interview, you will here a candid conversation about two such immigrants.
Passionate about Inclusion? Then you won't want to miss this interview between two friends who are from different Caste groups and yet share a deep love for reconciliation.
What does living authentically mean to you?  Who are you REALLY?  Why is it so easy to build a fake identity rather than live into our true selves?  These and other questions answered along with some tips so you too can #LiveYourStory.  
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