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Growing Your Team Podcast with Jamie Van Cuyk
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Growing Your Team Podcast with Jamie Van Cuyk

Author: Jamie Van Cuyk

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The Growing Your Team Podcast with Jamie Van Cuyk empowers women business owners to expand their unique businesses by teaching them to master the hiring and team management process.

As a business owner, you want to confidently build a team that loves your business as much as you do. But the reality is that you’re unsure how to hire and lead a team, and you feel overwhelmed by the pressure of choosing the right hires to help support your growing business. Even worse, you might be tolerating a bad hire on your team because you fear trying and failing again.

The good news is that hiring and managing a team does not have to be a challenge; you just need to learn how to do it right.

The Growing Your Team Podcast teaches you how to become a confident leader who hires right every single time.
240 Episodes
Listen and learn to various tips on negotiating salaries with candidates. We uncover the dos and don'ts so you don't make common mistakes when hiring employees. 
Professional EOS® Implementer Melanie Bowman explains to business leaders various ways to determine that their team members are in the correct roles fit for them. 
Listen as we discuss the ways that business owners mistakenly set false expectations for their team members. Learn how to properly treat contractors vs employees so you can retain people better. 
Financial professional Melissa Leon evaluates the importance of financial literacy, both personally and professionally.
Listen and learn to the business owner’s guide to handling contractors vs employees. In this episode we explain how to treat these different roles and transition when necessary. 
Laura Bull highlights the three major elements that make up a brand so entrepreneurs can avoid the many mistakes she has seen in the field in order to create a team that uplifts the organization’s values. 
Ever get stuck interviewing a candidate who won’t stop talking? In this episode we discuss how to handle interviewees that find themselves in this predicament.
Kathy Svetina helps business owners deal with ongoing financial anxiety despite the achievements they may be having. She shares how to set yourself up for success by figuring out what type of support you actually need. 
Listen to the reasons why it’s so vital to be fully transparent with new team members you bring into your organization.   
Master of SEO practices Melissa Rose guides Growing Your Team listeners through the various tools to use when trying to bring on your ideal team member.
Listen as we discuss the goal of a job post and why trying to turn people away from the position you are seeking could be the answer to finding your dream team member.
Courtenay Shipley shares her expertise in the retirement plan industry to help business owners learn ways to supply affordable benefits to retain team members.  
Listen and learn as we analyze why bringing on a recruiter could be exactly what your small business needs in order to continue to grow.
Shelli Warren educates listeners on ways to retain their current top-level talent without needing to break the bank.
Listen in this episode as we explain why placing value on your dedicated employees is incredibly vital, especially so when their roles may be more overlooked than others. 
Abby Gallo invites business owners to know their numbers so they can feel confident about hiring team members. 
Listen as we identify the necessary tools to use when trying to find your perfect hire. Learn how to get out of your own way to pave the way for success in your business. 
Mike Michalowicz reviews his methodology and tactics in building that high-performing team that so many business owners strive to have. 
In this episode we shed light to a small businesses’ role in valuing their team members. Listen as different tools are shared that can allow your company to retain working parents.
Marcel Petitpas guides business owners through improving their profitability by providing his tactics on data tracking.