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Author: Ramli John

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Level up your growth marketing chops from today's top marketing leaders. If you're looking for a show just about growth hacks and silver bullets, this show is not for you. This is an insider look at the growth process and engine of today's top growth marketers. New show every Thursday at 6:00 am ET. Subscribe now so you don't miss an episode!

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44 Episodes
Is it worth investing in SEO in 2019 when it's getting harder to rank for keywords? According to Kevin Indig, VP of SEO at G2, you need to forget about blogs and drive organic traffic with his secret SEO strategy, he dubbed "microsite 2.0". Kevin has worked for companies such as eBay, Pinterest, Atlassian, and G2 acquire more than +100M users using SEO. In this episode, we talk about something Kevin dubs as "microsite 2.0" strategy that doubled the organic traffic from 4M to 8M at Atlassian. We also talk about a link building strategy that Kevin called "account-based link building." Finally, we talk about big shifts in SEO in 2020 and beyond. For the show notes, key takeaways, tweetable quotes and other valuable resources, go to
Hiring marketers can be a hit or miss. Building a high-performing marketing team from 1 to 35 employees that scales a SaaS company's annual recurring revenue from $1M to $15.6M in 5 years with no major funding is even harder! That's what Georginia (aka as Gia) Laudi, the former VP of Marketing at Unbounce (2012-2017), did exactly. As an early employee, she built a team which surpassed targets and more than doubled acquisition in its 2nd year. For the show notes, key takeaways, tweetable quotes and other valuable resources, go to
The #1 killer of growth for SaaS company is churn. For a SaaS business of almost any scale, the valuation impact of better retention is in the tens of millions over time. The problem is that only 44% of companies focus more closely on acquisition, while only 18% cited retention as a higher concern (source). In this episode, we have Kristen DeCosta, Growth Lead at Kristen shares some proven and simple strategies to reduce SaaS churn that kill growth.
How did YC-backed startup BxBlue, which is based out of Brazil, get their first customer using SEO within a month? In this episode, I chat with Roberto Braga, CMO of BxBlue, on an in-depth look of their SEO strategy, his experience and biggest learnings with being part of Y-Combinator and the challenges of growing a startup in Brazil. For show notes from this episodes, my key takeaways and other goodies, go to
April Dunford, market positioning expert and author of the just released book Obviously Awesome, shares why for most lead gen, customer acquisition or sales problem, it's really a market positioning problem. They don’t really know the value their product is giving to the right target audience. April goes through her methodology in helping companies from startups to 40 billion dollar company just do that. For the show notes, tweetable quotes from April (there are so many!) and other goodies, go to
From professional poker player to SEO and Paid Acquisition Manager at Drift, Bill King shares how the skills he learned in data, strategy and game theory as a poker player helped him become the marketer he is today. Prior to Drift, he was the Senior Growth Marketing Manager at AvidXchange, Senior Inbound Marketing Professional at Hubspot. For the show notes, tweetable quotes from Bill and other goodies, go to
For freemium and free trial SaaS marketers and owners, one of the biggest struggles is converting more free or free trial users into paying users. Wes Bush, a product-led growth consultant and upcoming author of the book Product-Led Growth, shares his secrets to doing just that. Learn why product-qualified leads are so much more “qualified” than marketing-qualified leads, how to increase your freemium or free trial conversion and why are some big mistakes marketers make when implementing product-led growth. For this episode's show notes, tweetable quotes and goodies, go to
Joel Klettke, B2B SaaS copywriter extraordinaire and CRO consultant, shares with use his process for creating copy that multiplies conversion rates and sells. He’s done some amazing work, including doubling the conversion rate of Hubspot. As a sign of how funny and great Joel’s copy is, check out his twitter bio - Pray for your competitors: after you hire me, they’ll need it. For the show notes, tweetable quotes from Joel and more, go to
Talia Wolf, a conversion optimization expert, who pioneered the emotional targeting methodology, shares with us how she's able to increase her client's conversion rates by 10X or even 20X over and over again. It’s a methodology that taps into your customer’s most inner emotional needs and cater to them in your design. For the show notes, tweetable quotes from Talia and more, go to
Kristian Borghesan, Marketing Manager at Planswell and Co-Founder at Bruha, talks all about growing an event ticketing startup, why often the best growth marketers are entrepreneurial and 3 growth experiments that the Bruha team ran that resulted in the greatest lift. For the full show notes, tweetable quotes from Kristian and other goodies, go to
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