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We create guided sleep meditations that help people relax and fall asleep fast. Tracks To Relax is the perfect way to calm you mind and body at bedtime. So get nice and comfortable in a place where you can enjoy a wonderful sleep, slip on your headphones and relax completely as you listen to one of our soothing sleep meditations.
22 Episodes
In the middle of this pandemic storm we want to help you feel empowered and hopeful for a bright future. This daytime version of  our "Riding out the storm" meditation will help you relax and relieve stress while you enjoy a Nap. At the end of the session you will be awakened so you can enjoy the rest of your day or evening.  For the night time version and over 140 other guided sleep meditations, join our online family at   
When you need a boost of self worth, self esteem and self confidence, this guided sleep meditation can help.  Not only will you be relaxing completely and falling asleep, you'll also feel more empowered and ready to handle whatever comes your way. Join our online family and get access to up to 140+ premium sleep meditations at 
Get comfortable in a place where you can enjoy a great night's sleep. This guided sleep meditation will help you relax quickly as you visualize a ball of healing energy that has the ability to restore, replenish and revitalize you at the deepest levels.  Join our online family by subscribing to our Premium Podcast on Patreon!  Visit for all the details!
This guided sleep meditation can help you relax at bedtime so you can fall asleep more easily during these challenging times. Enjoy a visual countdown from 5 to 1 as every muscle in your body relaxes completely and you drift off to sleep at your own time and pace.  If you enjoy these podcasts and would like to listen to up to 140 premium sessions, please visit and consider joining our online family on Patreon!  With you support we can continue to create these wonderful sleep meditations for you!
Imagine yourself on a beautiful beach. The sound of the surf fills the air as wave after wave of relaxation and comfort lull you into a wonderful sleep.  You're never alone with Tracks To Relax, we will always be here for you in these challenging times to help you relax. Background music for this episode "Music For Manatees" by Kevin MacLeod is provided under creative commons license by  
This soothing affirmations session may help you break through limiting beliefs that are holding you back or preventing you receiving everything the universe has to offer. Drift off to sleep at any time and listen again and again whenever you want to re-enforce that you deserve whatever it is you dream of.   Would you like to support this podcast? Visit and become a Patron and get access to our sleep meditation collection!
This session is unique in that it provides the opportunity to either awaken at the end, or fall asleep. This means that you can use this session during the day as a stress reliever or in the evening to fall asleep with the gentle fade out of the background sounds. Imagine yourself sitting on a bench in a beautiful park. Notice all the sounds you can hear and how green everything is. The warm sunshine fills the park as a group of people, just over there are doing Tai Chi.  As you watch them slowly moving as they do their traditional forms, the sound of the small stream and the singing birds allow you to relax deeply and let go of stress.
Leave your problems, worries and challenges at the door and step inside where you can relax deeply and drift off into a wonderful sleep.  We all need to take a break from the burdens in life and this sleep meditation podcast can help you do that while helping you to relax so deeply that at some point (you might not remember when), you'll drift off into a wonderful night's sleep.
Imagine relaxing more and more deeply as you take each step towards complete serenity. This guided sleep meditation will help you relax at bedtime so you can fall asleep easily and stay asleep longer, allowing you to get the rest you need. Become a premium subscriber and get access to 120+ guided sleep meditations and new sessions each month!  Visit for details and instant access!
Rejuvenate Nap Meditation

Rejuvenate Nap Meditation


Enjoy a wonderful afternoon nap and awaken Rejuvenated with this powerful nap meditation.  Subscribe to our premium channel and get instant access to over 120 guided sleep meditations at
Christmas time is a wonderful time of year and we hope that this holiday themed sleep meditation will help put you in the Christmas spirit. This relaxing session includes a reading from "A Visit From St. Nicholas".  Enjoy the long play version of this sleep meditation any many others in our premium collection. To subscribe, simply visit
This guided sleep meditation is all about calming your anxiety and helping you to relax at times when you would have felt anxious.  During this session you'll learn a simple technique to help you relax and feel calm when you need to. Of course, you can fall asleep at any time during this session and you can listen to it as often as you'd like as doing so will make it even more effective.  Remember to check out our Premium Sleep Meditation Podcast at
Discover how easy it is to relax and calm your mind at bedtime with this soothing sleep meditation countdown from 10 to 1.  Notice how you relax more and more with each count as we work our way from your toes all the way to the top of your head, relaxing every muscle along the way.
When you want to relax quickly at bedtime, this guided meditation can help you let go of built up tension and calm you mind so you can fall asleep quickly.  Become a supporter of the Tracks To Relax Sleep Meditation Podcast for just $2 and get instant access to longer, more relaxing sleep meditations. Visit for all the details!
Take a journey way, way down into deep relaxation and comfort as a sense of safety and security builds within you.  A loving source of positive energy awaits you as you sit in the most comfortable chair you’ve ever sat in and drift off into a deep wonderful sleep. Support this podcast by becoming a Patron and get access to up to 125 guided sleep meditations instantly!  Browser episodes at
We could all use some positive affirmations from time to time to help us feel good especially when falling asleep. This guided sleep meditation will lift your spirits while helping you relax and calm your mind. It's the perfect paced meditation to help you relax completely and fall asleep. Browse over 115 guided sleep meditation episodes at
Like this guided sleep meditation? Please consider supporting Tracks To Relax - Visit and become a Patron! The Cavern of Peace, a place where you can relax completely and anything is possible. Unleash your inner strength and you ability to make the positive changes in your life you desire. 
Imagine yourself on a beautiful tropical beach. Take a walk and explore as you relax and drift off into a wonderful sleep to the sound of the ocean waves. Access over 100 guided sleep meditations by becoming a Patron or Premium Subscriber. Visit for details
Imagine yourself walking on a beautiful tropical beach.  The sun is just beginning to set and with each step you take, you relax more and more until you drift off into a wonderful sleep.  Enjoy the long version of this meditation and over 115 other sessions by becoming a Patron or premium subscriber! Get all the details at 
Sit by the lake and relax for awhile. As the loons pass by and the sound of the water lapping the shore help you to relax more and more. You may be surprised at just how relaxed you become as you drift off into a wonderful sleep.  Consider becoming a Patron and supporting this podcast! Visit for all the details!
Comments (95)

Amber Mary


May 16th

peach milkkk

🌃 thank you for allowing me to sleep in peace 🌃

May 13th

Brandy Zoch

stops my nightmares <3

Mar 31st

Authentictalks 2.0

I love sleep meditations!

Feb 4th

Tracy Haley

How do I stop a sleep meditation from going to the next one when you Don't want it to.

Dec 31st



Dec 12th
Reply (1)

Liz Twente


Nov 18th

Liz Twente


Nov 18th


I wonder why the hands shouldn't be touching 🤔

Nov 14th
Reply (1)


why is our we shouldn't have our hands touching? I enjoy this meditation very much, I don't sleep well because of a chronic pain condition, but since I started listening and practicing this exercise, I'm very often asleep before we reach step 2! thank you

Oct 29th

Rachel Cadwallader

my favourite😊

Sep 24th

Victoria Moreau

where did all the podcasts go?? I listened every night, now the selection is so slim! 😭

Sep 12th

Tracks To Relax

Good news from Tracks To Relax!! We're building our own recording studio in order to put out the content you love more often! Soon there will be a new podcast episode every 2 weeks!

Sep 4th

Erica Culbertson

A couple of the meditations I used to listen to have been removed. 😞 Not cool.

Aug 28th
Reply (3)

Jenny Wall

Out cold before the end every time!

Aug 20th
Reply (1)

Robin kauff

both my animals and I LOVE these and all 3 of us are out like a light by the end of them. my favorite though was the positive affirmations one but cant seem to find it anymore. i mean, i look forward to the number 8 also meaning infinity if turned sideways! :D thank you for these!

Aug 15th
Reply (1)

Марина У

sexy voice! very nice! thanks!

Aug 4th
Reply (1)

so ga

Saved me out of a very tight spot of sleep deprivation. Thx a zil.

Jul 12th
Reply (1)

Barbara Lattie


Jul 7th

Liz F

This one just gets me every time. I find it mildly funny that it's about a lighthouse but it puts me out like a light.

Jul 7th
Reply (1)
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