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Guiding Stars is a platform to support mothers in their maternal mental health journey. At Guiding Stars, we know raising our little ones can sometimes be as challenging as it is rewarding. We aim to support mothers in their journey of motherhood by providing enough resources to support their mental wellbeing.Through Guiding Stars Podcast we establish a healthy and honest dialog between experts and mothers.
13 Episodes
On the final episode of season 1, we had  an incredible interview with Amal Murad a mother and a coach who shares her own personal experience with us. Tune in to find out more and see on season 2!
When do we lose touch with our inner child? Be it from emotional maturity to other parts in our life, it can all trace back to us as children and how we dealt with our surroundings. Sara has worked with adults and children alike and in this episode discusses these changes each group goes through and how to bridge the gap! 
When our kids grow up, they become part of the community. So how do we ensure they're prepared to be part of society? To have a positive impact? To be honest about their feelings and simply good people? Tune in as Ola talks about Himma, which is a community that deals with youth and is simply a great initiative for our next generation to be a part of!
What is Holistic Therapy? How does it help with healing and providing you with better mental health and overall wellbeing? Tune in as Arpita Gupta shares her journey as a mother of twins and how she used Holistic Therapy to help her throughout, to a point she became an expert herself!
Mothers gather! In this episode, Samar shares her experience as the CEO of "She is Arab" and as a mother of 3 as she tackled her professional career and maintained a beautiful relationship with her children. 
Being a parent is not easy, sometimes it feels like a task, like you're suddenly thrown into a lot.. or that you're just not feeling it.. Well its only natural to experience these emotions! Listen as Kavita Srinivasan shares her journey and how she coped with her feelings about being a parent! 
Farah Hillou is a functional nutritionist. As an expert in her field, Farah discusses the importance of gut health, its importance in conceiving, during pregnancy, in postpartum and as well as for babies! Tune in to an insightful episode about how your gut can literally be telling you something!
What are some of the thoughts/feelings a first time mother experiences? How does it affect the personality of the mother? How to make sure that you're focused on yourself and your baby? It's a beautiful challenge, listen in to Alanoods interview as she reflects on her beautiful perspective of Motherhood. 
Experts help parents ensure great development of their children's life.  Listen in to this conversation with sleep expert Judy Clark as she explains the importance of sleep training and how it helps both parents and their kids to a better life.
How do you find strength when you're delivering a pre-term baby? Listen to this powerful story from Farah Hillou as she shares her journey and she found hope through her daughter. 
How difficult is it to be a first time mother delivering your baby during C-19? Listen to Fadine Chihan share the challenges she faced delivering a baby during Covid and how she coped with many moments afterwards.
Amina's parenting journey began with her twin girls! Listen to her story as she shares how she felt during pregnancy and after, as well as how she coped with the changes in her life. Amina is one of the Co-Founders of Guiding Stars. Find out more at
What is Guiding Stars? Who are its founders?Join us on this exciting journey as this new Podcast series explores all maternal mental health issues and aims to help mothers throughout their experiences.
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