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Arming you with the tools and stories to help you thrive and survive the cyberpunk dystopia.
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Drugs are a gateway to Bitcoin, Tor, and podcasting in Latin America The host of the popular podcast “What Bitcoin Did”, Peter McCormack, shares his story of using the darknet marketplace the Silk Road to buy cocaine. And later on a different marketplace bought medication in a last ditch effort to save his mom from […]
Immigration, globalism, neoliberal economics, and war gutted the middle and working class.
3D gun printing is hard work, and our guest today is one of the hardest working gun printers. Incarbonite has built or tested just about every 3D printed gun and part that the Deterrence Dispensed team has produced since its inception. In this episode we discuss Incarbonite's experience, starting from building DIY guns at home as a kid to today's most recent and cutting edge 3D printed creations.
Financial censorship is a powerful new tool to suppress free speech by threatening, and sometimes ruining, people's financial lives. While governments have varying restraints on censoring speech, private enterprises and outrage mobs do not. When two of these three groups work together to silence dissidents, individuals have few defenses. In this episode we speak with Preston Byrne, an attorney focused on cryptocurrency and tech, who has written and spoken on this trinity of financial censorship.
In an age of risk aversion and talkers, JStark1809 stands out as a man taking big risks, working tirelessly to build a gun that can be made at home, almost anywhere in the world, regardless of gun control laws. He calls it the FGC-9. Can you guess what those three letters stand for? JStark is a modern European in an American Revolutionary War general's body.
If criminals threaten your life to steal your bitcoin, what's your plan to defend yourself? In this episode we speak with Coinsure, a Python programmer and former police officer, who at one time guarded the Prime Minister of New Zealand. Coinsure gives us a primer on physical security in bitcoin.
Giving bitcoin with a tandem of strategy of education + timelocks increases the chance of successful investing and adoption. This episode features Cory Klippsten, the Founder of GiveBitcoin, a company that allows you to "Buy Bitcoin for friends and family, timelock it, and we’ll teach ’em what they need to know".
Sound money is necessary but insufficient to create prosperity Do Austrian Economics principles apply to bitcoin as it functions today? And if so, how do those principles enable bitcoin to help poor people? What other factors besides sound money are necessary to create prosperity? In this episode, Ragnar debates these questions with Stephan Livera, a […]
The poorest people can’t invest in bitcoin. They don't have enough money to pay rent or buy food. How are they going to sit on $50 for four years? And this isn't just in 3rd world countries. This is in Western countries. In fact, a lot of people in Western countries.
Today’s guest is Jeff Kelman, who is writing his master’s thesis at Gratz College on the role of guns in the holocaust and other genocides. We delve into the strongest argument for the right to bear arms and the undeniable evil of the state using asymmetric armament to slaughter millions of civilians. There’s a saying, "Those who forget history are condemned to repeat it. Jeff’s scholarship provides the historical facts and rigorous analysis to remember the past to prevent future genocides.
essica Solce is the Director, Producer, and Co-Editor of No Control, a highly acclaimed documentary about Cody Wilson and Defense Distributed's efforts to unleash 3D printed guns upon the world. In this episode we discuss the film and connect to the present state of 3D printed guns and the various hydras that have spawned from the government clampdown on Defense Distributed.
There are risk takers, and then there's Jake Hanrahan. He immerses himself in the most dangerous corners of the world as the founder of Popular Front - an independent, member funded conflict journalism collective. In this episode, Jake shares his extensive experience covering irregular warfare. We discuss hard hitting topics including: the dangers and strengths of tribes and religions, tactics guerrilla fighters have to fight off superior forces, gun ownership in Europe, the true causes of school shootings, how the demise of families and society lead to violence, and the fallout of technology and "cancel culture".
Do you want to unknowingly break gun laws with 3D printed firearms? Do you want to make it easy for lawyers or angry ex-spouses to seize your bitcoin? If not, listen to this episode, where continue our conversation with BitcoinGun Lawyer.
7: BitcoinGun Lawyer Part I

7: BitcoinGun Lawyer Part I


This episode might keep you out of jail. Know the law, so that you don't break it, but also, so you can use the law to fully exercise your right to defend your life, liberty, and property.
We will obsolete regimes of control with technology. Today’s guest is the Nicola Tesla of ammunition. Austin Jones is the Cofounder and Chief Engineer at the non-profit research organization Atlas Arms. Their first concept in development is the Dagny Dagger project – a new type of legally-unrestricted handgun ammunition which in 9mm Luger is able to penetrate […]
3D printing makes it cheaper and easier to make your own gun.
BTCPay Server is a freedom tool to accept bitcoin payments.
Both guns and bitcoin are self-defense, one is physical, one is economic.
Don't respect the system that doesn't respect you
For this inaugural episode we introduce ourselves, discuss our philosophy, the topics we will cover, and the types of guests we’ll feature, and our future plans for GNB.
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