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Author: Ethan Klein

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The official podcast of comedians Ethan & Hila Klein of h3h3productions.
287 Episodes
On this episode of Frenemies is the Drama Apocalypse of both David and James! It's coming tumbling down for these two as more and more evidence keeps popping up. Also Ethan and Trish debate if Ethan is fat-phobic, and the crew surprises Trisha with a special treat!
On this episode of H3 After Dark the gang talk about some resurfaced damning audio from David's podcast about the Seth situation, Zack Snyder's terrible Justice League movie, the worlds worst teacher yelling at a deaf student on zoom, Sia's cringetastic new movie "Music" and a whole lot more! Trisha with the shirt Video of the deaf student incident 
On this episode of the H3 Podcast IT'S FASHION WEEK... or day, or whatever. Ian takes us on a journey through the world of high fashion concept pieces, and the crew goes ahead and presents their own high fashion pitch for Teddy Fresh! High Fashion Imgur Album H3 Fashion Show
On this episode of Frenemies Ethan & Trisha discuss her Adam Sandler obsession, Ethan's diet, Bryce Hall being douche of the month- and Ethan & Trisha do a fitness challenge with a surprise twist!
H3 After Dark #24

H3 After Dark #24


On this episode of H3 After Dark is no drama mama- we're kickin it old school with a bunch of hot goofs and stellar gaffs. Also Ethan shares his latest diet, we talk to a fan living through the deep freeze in Texas, and a whole lot more!   Texas residents tik tok compilation Actual picture of Dua Lipa Sam Pepper back to le epic fake pranks about Justin Bieber Worst gymnast of all time Running start fail in gym A nature way to wash your hands (Graphic) Dude showers in animal Pee Slurpe tiktok that Ethan was looking for last week Carrom King on tiktok Dude kicks guy in the nuts and his heart starts racing  Lady Gaga Swine SXSW Festival Doritos Boldstage
On this episode of The H3 Podcast the gang discuss Ethan's Nutrisystem diet, get an update on #FreeBritney, discuss the hottest old movie stars, and Ian gets swindled out of half a million dollars of Ethan's money for some "Pokemon cards"! Jack Nicholson eating
On this episode of Frenemies Ethan & Trisha go over some unearthed footage that basically proves Trisha was right about David and Jason all along! They also give their thoughts on Gay Burger, Trisha's upcoming magazine feature, and a whole lot more!
On this episode of H3 After Dark AB atones for his sins, Seth from the Vlog Squad calls in to give his perspective on the controversy, and we share the thrilling conclusion of the Gorilla Glue girl's hair saga! Also more from Joe Biden guy aka Mohammed Rajab Wali! Return of the "Joeeeeee Biden guy" Wali p ok 24/7 everyday Bad Boy Trump  Wake Up 9/11(Dan's Favorite) hee-haw 
On this episode of the H3 Podcast AB debates with Ethan & Hila over the honor of David Dobrik, little Benny Shapiro calls in to share his thoughts on Cardi B's new music video, we discuss the FREE BRITNEY doc, and a whole lot more!
On this episode of Frenemies the spouses are here for a special Valentine's day episode where we play the Newlywed game! Will the young love of Trisha and Moses prevail? Or will the 14 years of Ethan and Hila win out in the end?
On this episode of H3 After Dark we take a look at some wild ass videos from TikTok, get a call in from former Vlog Squad-er BigNik, China's new COVID test, a new mobility video, and a whole lot more!
On this episode of the H3 Podcast we talk about the phenomenon of Vtubers, and have a call in from one of the most interesting vtubers who is currently blowing up: CodeMiko! Also we follow up on Logan Paul getting stomped out, examine the most embarrassing tweet of all time, and a whole lot more!
On this edition of FRENEMIES Ethan & Trisha dive into the depths of her days with the vlog squad and relationship with Jason. Watch as Ethan discovers depths of cringe he didn't yet know existed. Also Ethan & Trisha have a bake off!
On this episode of H3 After Dark the foot soldiers of the H3 army go to WAR!!! We take a trip down memory lane and see who the real scum of the internet is... We also have plenty of goofs and gaffs along the way- something is about to BUST!
On this episode of the H3 Podcast we talk about Corpse Husband's breathing, insane twitch streamers, Joe Rogan being a tiny little joker man, Ethan finds out about AB's livestreaming career, and a whole lot more!
On this episode of Frenemies Ethan & Trish have a battle of wits as we finally get to our pop culture trivia competition (with grilled cheese, of course). We also talk a bit about Shane & Rylan's snakeishness, and Trisha's new music video!
On this episode of H3 After Dark the gang discuss Shane's continued fall from grace, Q-Anon people losing their mind's over Biden's inauguration, Zach's phobia of CCR, Soho Karen, DJ Khaled and Fat Joe's OnlyFans, and a whole lot more!
On this episode we take a much closer look at a frequent meme on the podcast- the televangelist king himself Kenneth Copeland. Join us as we take a look at what runs beneath everything Kenneth does (spoiler alert: it's money).
On this episode of Frenemies Ethan & Trisha debrief over the huge drama last week w/ Jeffree Star and his goons over a big bowl of tater tots. Also things get a little heated over pop culture trivia!
On this episode of the H3 Podcast Ethan & Hila cover the Tony Lopez & CallMeCarson situations and the wider issue of YouTubers using their fame to exploit fans. Also we get a couple of call ins from NYC Mayor candidate Andrew Yang & our old friend ShoeNice. Finally we pay tribute to the fallen- Trump's deleted twitter account.
Comments (680)

Diane Louise

why do they talk faster on here than u tube

Mar 4th

Heather YyY

I agree with pretty much everything that is being said EXCEPT when they say it all falls on David. David is VERY wrong in the situation but you can’t forget that Jason is a grown ass perverted man with questionable actions. Also, the female involved could have protested to what was done too. The whole situation is terrible. They all should be held accountable.

Feb 20th

Heather YyY

They need to do more research on covid and other countries and how they are overcoming it/dealing with it. Clearly they haven’t.

Feb 20th

Dakota Harris

"straight guys who's getting rich makin gay porn" i heard a rumor that 69 rainbow head dude, got his start that way. if its not true,I'd still tell people that's what i heard😅

Feb 12th


this curse is the dumbest sh*t I've ever heard, its annoying

Jan 27th

Chantel Burke

The way that y’all gas lit Trisha is so fucking disgusting.

Jan 24th
Reply (1)

Richard Gary

sick of Trisha, god damn every podcast is about her now

Dec 28th

Cody Actually

Did Trish say "intimate fasting"? I dont hate her, but the valley talk is one of the most annoying things that has became popular in my lifetime.. I hate it

Dec 12th

Jonas Grumbie

this is the first time I've tried an episode, and wow Trisha sounds like a "fun" person.

Dec 11th

mimi 37

Cancel trisha!

Dec 11th

Mike Bruno

holy shit she needs to talk slower sounds like a pre teen losing her mind

Dec 9th

Jared Braeger

worst ever episode... jesus

Dec 8th
Reply (1)

Cody Actually

..and I was excited a regular H3 was back ...but we got this

Dec 4th

Oliver Hurrmouth

by far the most disgusting sounding podcast ever....

Nov 18th


its just funny how everyone is bashing trump supporters for claiming that there has been election interference but for the first three years of trumps election they said it was illegitimate because of trump/Russia collusion, everyone is blind to their political party. just call bs on both sides when you see it

Nov 7th

Nick Alameda

"you guys never have women on" yet Ethan literally spent 50k for a set up for a woman to be his cohost and has created a whole show around her. I feel like Trisha is the kind of person that when they dont get their way they just scream they are being mistreated.

Nov 4th

Abel Rojas

yo Trisha really making me unscribe.

Nov 3rd

Jorel Play

Well, H3's arguments are even dumber then the ones the Quartering made. And yes, black panther is a 5/10 movie.

Oct 27th


The host is sub-par.

Oct 25th

Gavin Caverly

this chick is the dumbest human out there

Oct 23rd
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