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Author: Ethan Klein

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The official podcast of comedians Ethan & Hila Klein of h3h3productions.

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On this fantastic Monday, we debate...did Ethan pass gas at a Denny's? We also discuss the R Kelly situation, Keemstar's latest hijinks, &...the H3 Podcast Movie?!
Today we're talkin' the Mario movie, Drake vs Michael Jackson, can Ethan throw a perfect pitch? And of course....BABY GENDER REVEAL!
Today is a tough episode of the H3 Podcast. It was a difficult decision to put this one out but...the show must go on.
We return after an unexpected break to play the hits - Kavanaugh, Keemstar, James Charles...the vibes are back baby! Jump right into it
After Dark 50! We debate on whether Dan should get a Mad Max Fury Road car, we filmed our own version of the Matrix trailer, took a look at the wild world of alpha coaching, the insanity of mobile game ads, and much more! Plug into The H3trix.
Today, we reveal some SPICY DMs from a certain individual that might shock you....We also do a review of Taco Bell's Chicken Sandwich Taco, is it cursed or delicious? And speaking of cursed, we play the Cursed Tik Tok Game. Let's just jump right into it!
Today we get a surprise caller regarding the latest D'Amelio scandal, dig into the shocking clickbait of the LaBrant Family, react to some Cut Channel cringe, and much much more!
Today we delve into the confusing mind of Toe Brogan, hash out the origin of the office fly problem, unveil a horrifying meat cake for Zach's anniversary, and give Ethan a haircut to commemorate the release of Drake's new album. Check it out!
Today we dig into the absolutely insane levels of clickbait by The Prince Family and the Ace Family, we psychoanalyze each other's fridges, the absurdly ridiculous Tik Tok "hot arrest" trend, and much much more!
Today we're talkin' the cinematic masterpiece known as He's All That, James Corden's nefarious street dancing that strikes fear in the heart of humankind, we react to the Cut classic "7 High Schoolers Decide Who Wins $1000" and one of the students surprise calls in!
Today we discuss Fortnite's massive Martin Luther King Jr blunder, milk crate crashes, the latest Kanye news, and of course....we reveal the winner of Mr Verified!
On today's episode, we decide who is the biggest clout fiend with MR VERIFIED! A competition of wit, style, and performance as the crew all vie to determine who deserves to receive the coveted blue checkmark on social media. You're not gonna want to miss this one! VOTE HERE:
Today, we bid goodbye to Families.
On this episode of Families Donna starts WW3 by getting into her first real internet drama. Then the family unwinds by doing some long overdue childhood bonding experiences!
AFTER DARK IS BACK AND ITS FRIDAY BABY WOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! The gang discuss the crew's adventures on Cameo, trolling on TikTok, take the Myers-Briggs test, and a whole lot more!
Trisha Paytas and Keemstar did a podcast together. Ethan ain't happy about it.
On this episode of Families Ethan pays his dues to the Donnarch- queen of the butterflies herself Donna. They also give some much needed advice to some viewers, and Gary is challenged to stab as many beach balls as he can to help Ethan work through his childhood Baseball trauma!
It's the battle of the ages...Trisha VS Keemstar. The world will never be the same.
I can't believe I'm revealing this...
Today tensions run high when Ethan's whole family comes to town for a game of FAMILIES FEUDS.
CommentsΒ (703)

Justin Jones

ethan has become insanely pathetic.....

Sep 4th


keemstar got this taken down on YouTube plus got them a strike so they can't upload for a week what a little bitch he his

Aug 13th



Jul 31st

Michael Reznor

used to listen to Ethan until I figured.out he was a giant libtard

Jul 14th

Michael Anthony

Another comedian who made their way being controversial and pulled the rug up behind them.

Jul 8th


great apology trisha! it seemed well made for Ethan.

Jul 3rd


Worst. Show. Ever. #notcomedy

Jun 23rd

Mindy Mindy

don't take her back!! she's gotta stop

Jun 17th


ETHAN PLEASE STOP EATING ON THE POD 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 I have to stop listening every time 😭😭😭😭😭😭

Jun 14th

Richard Gary

praise the lord, never liked Trisha and I'm glad ill finally stop seeing frenemies episodes in this list! what a good day.

Jun 8th
Reply (1)


I knew and I still cried listening to hila tell the news!! so exciting!! congrats guys!!!!

May 29th

Richard Gary

why are they always so triggered by Joe, the 3rd time I've seen them go off the rails for a 30 second clip.

May 24th

Zank Frappe

Yet another reason to hate Rogan.

May 22nd

Chris Lee

you've lost a long time listener. get out of LA dude

Apr 23rd

Christina Freeman

TRISH, stop fishing for something because Ethan doesn't want to wrestle. You're always reaching. JUST stop already.

Apr 14th

Bizarre Is The New Black.

what a scumbag

Apr 8th


I have honestly never thought Trisha was crazy. Trisha was always to me a woman on the edge who was courting a nervous breakdown by circumstances beyond her control. I have been her before. That she has used her platform and this very temporary condition as a means to expose others is admirable and left her vulnerable and unstable longer than she needed to be is even more so! appreciate her more people.

Apr 4th



Mar 25th

Nick Alameda

this is the first time I've heard Trisha speak at a normal pace. her voice sounds different and not as high

Mar 22nd

Dakota Harris

1.52.50 is the end of the pod. right?πŸ˜…

Mar 18th
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