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HAK Podcast is a weekly series where Slash CEO Andries De Vos speaks to brilliant minds in the venture building space to understand their challenges, insights and the impact of venture building on corporate innovation.In this episode the guest of Andries is Nick Martin, the CEO of Mission.Plus, a digital innovation studio that combines engineering, design agility, expertise and commercialization to deliver market ready tech products.Listen to the episode to deep dive into methodologies for prototyping and validating early stage ideas at a very low cost.Andries and Nick discuss with us:✔ The “Aha!” moment to start prototyping✔ Trends in prototyping✔ The rise of low-code toolsEpisode website 
Matas Danielevicius is the co-founder of Whatnot Startup Studio, a venture studio focused on building scalable and investable corporate ventures that originate from Thailand. Whatnot brings in experienced teams and founders to create and operate corporate ventures and provide support services like legal, HR, and Fundraising.About this episode:In this episode, we will discuss methodologies to de-risk the creation of a corporate venture, the role of entrepreneurs-in-residence, corporate sponsorship criteria and much more.Check out the transcript here.
Björn Lindfors is a partner in Antler Singapore. Björn works with a global team dedicated to developing the next generation of world-changing companies and creating a global pipeline for top talents to pursue a career in entrepreneurship and innovation.About this episode:In this episode, we will discuss the best methods for attracting talent, the future of venture building, and the essential skills of founders.More:
Valerian Fauvel is the co-founder of Jumanji Studio, a Singapore-based startup studio building solutions to accelerate the world’s transition towards a sustainable future.About this episode:In this episode, we will talk about the company’s philosophy, the challenges of the sustainability industry, the best business models around sustainability and how to grow a startup studio.More:
We continue our insightful conversation with Hugh Mason, the co-founder and CEO of JFDI, a Singapore-based accelerator that has built over 70 startups since 2012. About this episode:In this episode we will cover the problems of the VC market, current trends, methodologies of running an accelerator and much more. Stay tuned.More: 
Hugh Mason is the co-founder and CEO of JFDI, a Singapore-based  accelerator that has built over 70 startups since 2012. Hugh has a colorful background as serial entrepreneur, in the broadcast industry, software and technology, as well as investor and university lecturer. About this episode:In this episode we will cover Hugh’s experience of running JFDI, one of the pioneers of the accelerator model in Asia, and what he would do differently today if he were to start over again.More: 
Shaun Hon is the Director of Rainmaking corporate innovations venture studio. Rainmaking is a startup incubator that launches startups in partnership with large companies, builds them into a solid business and eventually exits them. It has 13 offices across 3 continents. Shaun has a diverse background both as a VC and as an engineer. Previously, he even designed electric vehicles. About this episode:In our discussion, we will cover how Rainmaking incubates new startups to corporate consortiums.More: 
Chia Jeng Yang is a Principal at Saison Capital. The latter is the arm of Credit Saison, one of Japan's largest consumer credit companies, investing in seed to series A companies across Southeast Asia and India.About this episode:The episode will cover the unbundling and rebundling of VCs and how the commoditization of capital is giving rise to venture builders.More:
Sebastian Mueller is the co-founder of MING Labs, a digital business builder with offices across three continents. They help companies with their digital transformation and occasionally build their own startups.What are the benefits of venture builder teams? What does the growth and scale of such teams look like? How to balance client consulting with venture building? Stay tuned to find the answers to these and many other questions in this episode.More:
Marko Oksanen is the CEO of Helsinki-based corporate venture builder called Coventures. Coventures is building game-changing ventures and corporations by combining corporate assets and know-how with the venture building of skilled entrepreneurs. Marko's experience ranges from co-building one of the most successful growth entrepreneurship movements in Finland to senior product management roles in high-growth ventures.About this episode:Along with other topics we will discuss how to productize Venture Building as a Service, what are the best ways to support entrepreneurs with their mental health, what entrepreneurs can learn about risk management from poker, and how to measure the entrepreneurial skills of the founders.More:
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