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Author: Abby and Amy

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As women, we are constantly comparing ourselves to others. But your life isn't supposed to look like hers! Being your best self means standing firm in your decisions and always being willing to grow with a purpose. Amy and Abby get vulnerable and real with an honest look into the challenges and triumphs we all face. Every woman listening gets the opportunity to choose what life looks like for HERself.
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Tracy joins the podcast today. She is answering questions about individual stress, anxiety, and emotions as we all wade through the coronavirus epidemic. She walks through several positive strategies we can use to get out of our mind and into the present moment as much of our stress is anticipatory. With 40,000-50,000 thoughts a day, it is no wonder that we can feel overwhelmed. She teaches us strategies on how to bring self-compassion and awareness into our lives to help us. She also speaks to people that are in really tough situations: those that are pregnant, about to deliver a baby, and those that are on the front lines. We hope that you find this episode as helpful as we both did. It felt like an enormous hug, exactly when we needed it the most.Resources:Dr. Tracy’s WebsiteDr. Tracy’s Podcast: I’m Not Your ShrinkBe Connected MembershipLet’s connect!HERSELF INSTAGRAM: DR TRACY:: AMY: ABBY: SHOWNOTES:
We made a pivot this week. This episode won’t be on severity stats or the latest closure, but will be on how we are doing and coping with the news in the world today. It’s a tricky time for all of us and we hope our vulnerability and honesty about the struggle and pain helps you not feel so alone. As always, we will also leave our listeners with what is working and the tangible ideas you can implement today to propel you, your family, and the community forward. We even have a special guest entrance just after the 27:30 mark. This is the new reality for so many of us.At the end of the episode and for the first time ever, we are sharing a preview of our next month of content and the guests we will be having on the podcast to help us all get through this extremely challenging time. We will get through this together.Let’s connect!HERSELF INSTAGRAM: AMY: ABBY: SHOWNOTES:
“I have to stop forcing the old, and building the new.” How many times have you battled to keep our old life to end the day exhausted and unsuccessful? Sometimes we have to jump on a new train if we are heading the wrong direction, as difficult as that may be! Amy joins the podcast to tell her journey through the trenches that the role of a mom and step mom can take. Her truth is inspiring and allowed us to put ourselves in another woman’s shoes. The grit she has built through pivots in her career, the tests of postpartum depression and anxiety, struggles with blending families and her love of the Lord shine bright in today’s episode and throughout her life.Let’s connect!HERSELF INSTAGRAM: AMY BERNHARD: AMY: ABBY: SHOWNOTES:
Shannon Tripp is doing A LOT of things. She is a former pediatric ER nurse, she homeschools her 4 children, has a beautiful marriage with her husband Ryan, and recently launched a course to help caregivers feel confident in emergency situations. We ask her about her big move to Hawaii, about homeschooling, the emergency situations that every parent/caregiver should be prepared for, and more. Listen in on how this mama tackles all of this and shows up with her bright smile.Resources:Shannon Tripp Website and Course: discount code HERSELF at check out for 30% off now through the end of March! Let’s connect!HERSELF INSTAGRAM: SHANNON: AMY: ABBY: SHOWNOTES:
Mom guilt comes in all shapes and sizes, but one thing we can all agree on is that none of us are immune to its stresses. The pressure we put on ourselves as moms is HEAVY. But, how can we start to question mom guilt, wrestle it, and overcome it?Tears were shed during this episode as we dug deep into own mom guilt and talked about how we’ve faced it over the last 4 years. We’re RIGHT there with you if it is something you still face- as you’ll hear, we still face it too.Let’s connect!HERSELF INSTAGRAM: AMY: ABBY: SHOWNOTES:
The most tangible interview the HERself podcast has done to date! As we know, all moms are working moms whether they are in an office or at home surrounded by kids. Elicia Shepard gives tips SAHM, working moms, and women in general can do to improve their relationships with children, their spouses, and most importantly… themselves. The importance of community and asking for help are more prevalent in this role and season than most. You’ll be nodding your head in agreement with how this everyday woman has created a life of intention through easy to implement strategies and clear communication. If you have a pressing question, wait for our rapid fire round at the end and it may pop up!Resources:Busy Toddler: For Creative ActivitiesMotherhood is a Team Sport Podcast: EpisodeLet’s connect!HERSELF INSTAGRAM: ELICIA: AMY: ABBY: SHOWNOTES:
Molly Millwood joins the podcast today as our first author in our first ever book club. If you have read her incredible book To Have and To Hold: Motherhood, Marriage, and the Modern know how powerful her message is. We both consider this a must read book for every new mama as we found it to be a life changing book. It is both freeing and validating for women in the throes of one of life’s biggest transitions: motherhood.Special takeaways: Resentment for our partners are generally formed around unrealistic expectations The goal of being a “good enough” motherThe inequities between men and women when it comes to parenting are realGiving voice around fear, depletion, longing and hunger will win over passive aggressive communication every timeA man’s ability to accept influence from their partner is directly related to marital stabilitySeeking professional therapy should be normalized and we could all benefit from itResources:Molly’s book: To Have and to HoldMolly’s Website: www.MollyMillwood.comLet’s connect!HERSELF INSTAGRAM: MOLLY: AMY: ABBY: SHOWNOTES:
Our husbands are back on this week’s episode and we go through some of our hardest challenges and conversations that we’ve experienced in our relationships to date. Skeletons come out of the closet and seasons of contention are brought to the forefront, this was not an easy episode to record. But, we think it’s important because we know others might be in their hard season right now. You are not alone. We’re hoping you might be able to pull a tip or two to help propel your relationship forward. Thanks to our guys for coming on and providing the male perspective again. Resources:The Five Love LanguagesLet’s connect!HERSELF INSTAGRAM: AMY: ABBY: SHOWNOTES:
Relationships take work. Period. And good relationships are worth putting the time and energy into. Progress over perfection is key to creating a relationship that two unique people can both enjoy but we all know that some advice is better than others. We give our honest thoughts on some of the common advice we have all heard and share what we’ve really found helpful.Abby’s TakeawaysJust because he does it differently, doesn’t make it wrongHis opinions matter tooAmy’s TakeawaysLearn how to argueRealize that you’re different people and lean into itWe will have our husbands back on next week to dig into these further and also give their take on growing in a relationship.Resources:Love UnendingLet’s connect!HERSELF INSTAGRAM: AMY: ABBY: SHOWNOTES:
As first time moms, we both struggled. BIG issues for us were the preconceived notions of what it was supposed to look like and comparing everything from how our body looked to how we nurtured our kids. Our culture looks at motherhood with rose colored glasses and idealizes the experience. Only when we’re willing to open up and get honest, can we support each other by affirming that some of motherhood is just REALLY hard. This is what the episode is made to do. Asking for help, self-care, and keeping your adult relationships front of mind are all ways to help in these isolating times. Some situations may need the care of a professional and we want to NORMALIZE that. We hope the words and experiences are supportive and validating for you in whatever motherhood season you’re in.References:American Pregnancy Association StatsThe Marriage LabBowling Green University Stats on Divorce Let’s connect!HERSELF INSTAGRAM: AMY: ABBY: SHOWNOTES:
“The only thing to do is move forward, that’s it, it really is that simple”. In this guest interview with Kate Lemere, we cover everything from fitness and nutrition to vaginal healing and baby blues. Kate’s take on common terms like “letting yourself go” and the question of “am I the only one going through this” is not only inspiring but extremely validating for women in every walk of life. Her message is clear, remove the urgency, the expectations, the extremes and we can tackle any goal that serves us. In a month where we many times turn to quick fixes and detoxes, simple habits and daily choices will win in the long run every time.References:The Four Percent BlogBarry’s Boot CampAtomic HabitsOrgan Prolapse and Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy Let’s connect!MEET KATE LEMERE: INSTAGRAM: AMY: ABBY: SHOWNOTES:
Teddy Roosevelt said it best: “comparison is the thief of joy”. We can instantly go from feeling great about our life to feeling mediocre if we start comparing. Often nothing has actually changed about your situation, you just went out and found that someone else’s Instagram life looks better. Comparison can lead to lust and envy and doesn’t lead to the contentment and gratefulness we’re seeking. There will always be shinier rings, bigger houses, clearer skin, and unique skills that other people are showcasing. But don’t think that she also doesn’t struggle. We all have the ability to filter and we all have the behind the scenes mess even if all we are showing is our center stage.So, let’s grow together. We open up about where we struggle with comparison and what has helped us along the way. References:Girl CodeRaising Good HumansLet’s connect!HERSELF INSTAGRAM: AMY: ABBY: SHOWNOTES:
Hindsight is 2020. If you could go back in time and tell your younger self 3 things what would they be?You don’t have to find your husband in collegeTo get through things, you have to stop avoiding and actually get through themNot everyone gets an opinion on your lifexo,  AmyThe plan for your life may changeEnjoy the journeyIt’s okay to ask for helpxo, AbbyLet’s connect!HERSELF INSTAGRAM: AMY: ABBY: SHOWNOTES:
Body image. It sure is a  j o u r n e y! Research shows that issues surrounding how a person views their body can go back to as early as age 4 and our parents and household can make a BIG impact. Most of us will struggle with our body confidence at one time or another, but there are ways to get to a more confident place. This week we dig in to where Abby still struggles from her former, fuller figure and how Amy has overcome many of the common habits and thoughts that seep into a person’s mind. Listen in, we’re sure you’ll be able to relate to one or both of us. Let’s connect!HERSELF INSTAGRAM: AMY: ABBY: SHOWNOTES:
In this episode we bring our husbands on to give real responses to the questions we all have as women. If you want tangible tips from husbands/dads who open up right from the start… grab your headphones! These two tell all on dividing household tasks, entering parenthood, and that 3-letter-bad-word we refer to as “nag” and how to ditch it for good.It was really important to us that our first guests would be our husbands, because they are a big part of our story. Drew and Colin have been in each of our lives for about a decade and have seen us through some of the best and worst of times. They will be frequent guests on the HERself Podcast so head on over to our Instagram link below and let us know what else you want to hear!Let’s connect!HERSELF INSTAGRAM: AMY: ABBY: SHOWNOTES:
Welcome to the HERself Podcast! Amy and Abby here and we are SO glad you have joined. In episode 1, we dive into a series of questions. Our responses will help you get to know us on a deeper level and also articulate just how open and honest these episodes will be. What is your greatest body insecurity? What debt do you have? What makes you feel sexy? Jot down your answers as we open up the real conversations that will help you get one step ahead of where you are now. Let’s connect!HERSELF INSTAGRAM: AMY: ABBY: SHOWNOTES:
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Courtney McAlpine

love this podcast so much. they give such real life, everyday, tangible tips and tricks for everything from being a women, being a wife and being a mother.

Feb 10th
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