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Author: Abby and Amy

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As women, we are constantly comparing ourselves to others. But your life isn't supposed to look like hers! Being your best self means standing firm in your decisions and always being willing to grow with a purpose. Amy and Abby get vulnerable and real with an honest look into the challenges and triumphs we all face. Every woman listening gets the opportunity to choose what life looks like for HERself.
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Mental health therapist Kate Borsato joins us on the podcast today. Mental health is SO important to both of us. Joining hands with another expert to talk about subjects like postpartum anxiety and the identity shift that motherhood brings IS SO IMPORTANT. These conversations need to happen and this podcast is the perfect platform for them.So in today's episode, you can expect vulnerability, honesty, and help navigating through your own motherhood challenges.All the while, this amazing expert will lead the way. Kate, you are a light in this world. Thank you SO much for what you do for mamas and thank you for having this conversation with us today.MEET KATELet’s connect!HERself PATREONHERSELF INSTAGRAMMEET AMY MEET ABBY
This ONE! Amy's lifelong friend Kelly Molnar joins us on the podcast today. We discussed what it was like having her first baby during a pandemic to how the transition back to work is going to her best tips for not losing herself in her new role.Kelly's transition into motherhood has been inspiring to watch and we're poised to have more everyday (yet extraordinary) women on HERself...because we know a lot of you can relate to the exact things that Kel is going through.MEET KELLYLet’s connect!HERself PATREONHERSELF INSTAGRAMMEET AMY MEET ABBY
50! 50 episodes in, can you believe it!? Whether this is your first episode or you have been listening from the start, thank you for being here!Today we reminisce on some of the top episodes to date and discuss lessons learned from many of our top guests. Listen to the end, we share some exciting new ways that we are taking this podcast to the next level!Let’s connect!HERself PATREONHERSELF INSTAGRAMMEET AMY MEET ABBY
Imagine this: you are married to or running a business with someone that operates completely differently from you. The way you think, your goals, your timelines, your pace of DIFFERENT. SO many of us can relate to this, yet this topic doesn't receive much attention.Today on the podcast, we talk about Type A and Type B personalities. Since Abby identifies and operates in alignment with type A personalities and Amy identifies and operates in alignment with type B personalities...and both are married to the opposite of their own, we had A LOT to talk about.We hope you leave this conversation understanding your people just a little bit better. Afterall, we all feel the best if we're able to be ourselves and each personality type has some pretty big benefits!Let’s connect!HERSELF INSTAGRAMMEET AMY MEET ABBY
Therapist Ashley Mariani helps us cover the complex issue of in-laws on the podcast today.As we head into this week's presidential election and with the holidays quickly approaching-- things with family can get hard. You are not alone if you have complex family situations.Ashley breaks down how to set healthy boundaries, how to deal with passive aggressive or aggressive aggressive family members, and other important topics.We hope that you'll tune in today and we're thinking about everyone as they navigate these tricky times.Let’s connect!MEET ASHLEYHERSELF INSTAGRAMMEET AMY MEET ABBY
Author of the book "How Not to Hate Your Husband After Kids" Jancee Dunn joins us on the podcast today. We discuss EVERYTHING that most couples fight about after kiddos along with giving tangible tips on how to improve your relationship.As Jancee pointed out- sometimes it is baby steps in the right direction. Whether you find yourselves constantly bickering, your sex life has taken a free fall, or you feel like more of the load is falling on you...there are expert strategies that can get the ball rolling in the right direction.We hope you'll tune in today! Jancee will make you laugh AND you'll walk away with a few fresh ideas for your partnership.Let’s connect!JANCEE'S WebsiteHERSELF INSTAGRAMMEET AMY MEET ABBY
Talking money can be...uncomfortable.But on this podcast, it's our goal to discuss the uncomfortable topics. We know this will ultimately lead to improving our lives. Money, is not going away.As women, we need to be in this conversation. We need to know what our financial picture looks like and have a plan for the future.If this title or subject makes your heart race or your palms sweaty, we've been there. And that's why we want to tackle this subject right alongside of you.Let’s connect!HERSELF INSTAGRAMMEET AMY MEET ABBYBetterHelp Counselling 10% Discount 
BIG LITTLE FEELINGS is on the podcast today. They are one of the MOST requested anytime we ask who YOU guys want to hear from.Deena is a child therapist who just had her first baby. Kristin is a mama of 2 toddlers. They offer PRACTICAL parenting tips while showing an honest peek into how hard parenting can be. Relatable and knowledgable, exactly the type of women we love.We pulled in SO many of your questions, so you are not going to want to miss this one. We cover everything from potty training to discipline to so much more. MEET BIGLITTLEFEELINGSLet’s connect!HERSELF INSTAGRAMMEET AMY MEET ABBY
For many of us, it's easiest to break promises to ourselves. We make sure everyone else's need are met and sometimes run right past our own in a hurry to make the world better for the people around us.But pouring from an empty cup doesn't serve anyone! So stop making the sacrifices that ultimately lead to feeling overwhelmed, tired and unfulfilled... you deserve better.Let’s connect!HERSELF INSTAGRAMMEET AMY MEET ABBYBetterHelp Counselling 10% Discount 
Excited for this one! Velera ( @apositiveid ) is a speaker, coach, and author of the new book “You Are Absolutely Worth It”.✨We spoke to her about SO many different topics, all of which have made this incredible woman into the motivational human that she is today. Today, she will help you to shift your mindset, build your confidence, and become exactly who you are made to be.Thanks Valera for adding such important messages into this world. We're excited to dig into your brand new book and honored to have you as a guest.Velera’s WebsiteWomen in the Workplace ArticleLet’s connect!MEET VeleraHERSELF INSTAGRAMMEET AMY MEET ABBY
In today's episode, we open up about areas in our marriages that are challenging right now. Just like SO many other couples out there, we're experiencing full seasons of parenthood. When the parenting demands are high, you might have little to no patience or love left for your partner.We're learning and growing right alongside all of you. Along with the challenges, we'll share how we're working on these things as well as some resources that might help.When our partnerships feel strong and supportive, things feel better for everyone in the household. So we hope that you'll listen in today and tell us what resonates with you. We cannot be the only ones losing patience with our partners :) Let’s connect!HERSELF INSTAGRAMMEET AMY MEET ABBYBetterHelp Counselling 10% Discount 
Dr. Aliza was a dream guest to have on the show. She brought us encouragement and education on some of the biggest areas we struggle with as women and mothers. Her expertise on how to raise a beautiful next generation is impressive and we hope you feel a weight lifted off your shoulders as you listen to her words.Raising Good Humans PodcastLet’s connect!MEET Dr. AlizaHERSELF INSTAGRAMMEET AMY MEET ABBY
Owen Williams Green joined our world on August 22. He is happy and healthy and defying the odds already! Today we dig deeper into the weeks leading up to his entrance, his birth story, and how the Green family is truly doing now that Owen is in their arms :). Let’s connect!HERSELF INSTAGRAMMEET AMY MEET ABBY
Amy is celebrating her birthday this weekend! Today we dive into a series of your questions to get to know our cohost and her biggest takeaways for the next chapter ahead. Thank you Amy for being an awesome cohost, business partner and friend and sharing all your wisdom with our community today and always. Make sure you stick around until the end to hear some surprise guests sharing their birthday wishes!!!Let’s connect!HERSELF INSTAGRAMMEET AMY MEET ABBYBetterHelp Counselling 10% Discount 
Dr. Fatima spills the beans with her dermatology expertise. No subject is off limits from her faith to the best practices in Botox and we were floored with what we learned from her responses. There were things we put into practice immediately and we will definitely be having her back on!Dr. Fatima’s WebsiteLet’s connect!MEET Dr. FatimaHERSELF INSTAGRAMMEET AMY MEET ABBY
37. Mom Confessions

37. Mom Confessions


As Abby welcomes her third baby into the world, we take a deeper look into the last 4 or 5 years of our own motherhood journeys. What we learned, where we grew and our biggest confessions during this time. It is such a special season but also one that comes with a lot of highs and lows that we wish we would have known from the start.So tell us, what are your biggest mom confessions that you have learned in parenthood?Let’s connect!MEET Dr. FatimaHERSELF INSTAGRAMMEET AMY MEET ABBYBetterHelp Counselling 10% Discount 
Thought work. It can be the secret to life if you learn to master it. Today Kara Loewentheil joins the podcast to help us retrain our brains around our most common thoughts, feelings, and actions. She has degrees from both Harvard and Yale and also a Master Coach certification which shines bright in her interview. Kara’s WebsiteLet’s connect!MEET KARAHERSELF INSTAGRAMMEET AMY MEET ABBY
I’m sorry, BUT. How many times have those words come out of your mouth? Today we dive into the correct way to apologize and where we can make small changes to lead to a big impact.Let’s connect!HERSELF INSTAGRAMMEET AMY MEET ABBYBetterHelp Counselling 10% Discount 
Shame. Guilt. Secretive thoughts. As women, many of us have insecurities and are lacking freedom in regards to food and body-image. With only 10% of those with an eating disorder actually getting help for their issues, research shows that there are many people who struggle for years and decades with intrusive thoughts and destructive habits. It can be a fine line between being healthy and having it take over your life, mind and time and Melainie Rogers speaks to all of this in her role as an eating disorder specialist.Resources:Episode 2 on Body ImageWebsite for Melainie’s resources and to book a free 20 minute discovery callLet’s connect!BALANCEDTX INSTAGRAMHERSELF INSTAGRAMMEET AMY MEET ABBY
The husbands are back on! This time, we get a little conversational and also a little tactical covering all the topics you have asked about. We go further into the fatherhood conversation, marriage behind the scenes, and life in general to get the answers from a guy’s perspective. This is a great one to listen to with your partner.Let’s connect!HERSELF INSTAGRAMMEET AMY MEET ABBYBetterHelp Counselling 10% Discount 
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Marisa Stewart

this episode is legit everything I needed today. thank you

Oct 26th

Courtney McAlpine

love this podcast so much. they give such real life, everyday, tangible tips and tricks for everything from being a women, being a wife and being a mother.

Feb 10th
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