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Winning over talent in today’s job market takes a lot more than competitive salaries and flexible work options. Kristin Major, SVP of HR discusses how to align culture with team members' needs and values; and how to recruit and retain a diverse and talented workforce amidst ‘The Great Resignation.’
Successful machine learning models demand rigorous and consistent data management – a not so simple challenge. Distinguished technologist Rajesh Vijayarajan breaks down the do’s and don’ts of Machine Learning and data management, unpacking solutions to the many complex challenges that accompany machine learning.
Meet LUMI, a new sustainably designed three-layer supercomputer in Finland that’s the size of a tennis court and has an incredible 177 petabytes of storage. Pekka Manninen, Director of LUMI leadership computing facility joins us to unravel the power of one of the most competitive and green supercomputers in the world. Learn how LUMI and it’s unified analytics platform will help solve complex challenges from health and weather forecasting to self-driving vehicles and urban and rural planning.
Bobby Ford, Chief Security Officer at HPE, discusses the delicate art of balancing effective cybersecurity while pushing the boundaries of digital innovation.  There’s no one-size-fits-all approach, but there are do’s and don’ts – Bobby breaks it down with host Robert Christiansen. 
Companies today want all the capabilities of the public cloud but they want it everywhere -- on-prem, in the co-lo, at the edge.  Getting to a hybrid model, however, requires a roadmap to simplify the complexity. In this episode, Robert is joined by Alexey Gerasimov, a longtime friend and Vice President of HPE’s WorldWide Hybrid Cloud Practice. The two discuss HPE’s new edge-to-cloud Adoption Framework, the problems it helps solve for, and where businesses can start their own journey.
The world is hybrid, which creates massive complexity around the movement of data. Tune in as Matt Maccaux, HPE Field CTO, unravels the challenges facing industries today, and discusses how the just-announced HPE GreenLake for analytics brings cloud-native solutions to everywhere your data lives.
In this special episode, our host Robert Christiansen takes a turn as the guest, joining Amaze Media Labs co-founder Robert Tuchman on Entrepreneur Magazine’s “How Success Happens” podcast. Whether you’re new to “HPE Tech Talk” or a long-time listener, this is your chance to get to know Robert when the tables are turned. His passion for fly fishing, his advice for entrepreneurial thinkers navigating a multinational organization for the first time, his take on the merging of IT and AI, and much more are all part of this insightful episode. 
HPE Managing Director in Germany, Johannes Koch, joins to talk about Gaia-X, an ambitious project to federate data across Europe, and globally, to propel economic growth. Johannes and Robert delve into why HPE is investing in Gaia-X and the benefits from an advanced digital economy built on shared data & insights. 
In this special episode, hear HPE CEO Antonio Neri’s June 22, 2021, keynote address from HPE Discover, where he shares his vision for the decade ahead and unveils several industry-changing cloud solutions. GM’s CEO Mary Barra and FIS’s Chief Data Officer Bob Letgers join Antonio to explore the unprecedented tech innovation happening across automotive, finance, healthcare and much more.
HPE Tech Talk’s first-ever returning guest, Sunil James, joins to talk about Project Aurora, HPE’s innovative approach to security from edge to cloud with fidelity across hardware and software. Join us to go deep on the security landscape, challenges project Aurora is addressing, and learn about initial deployment in the new HPE GreenLake Lighthouse platform.   
Many Enterprises believe there are two choices: to either keep IT on premises the old way or go to the public cloud. There is a third way. In this episode, HPE’s Chris Eidler busts the myth by giving listeners a deep dive on how the just-announced HPE GreenLake Lighthouse cloud platform brings cloud-native IT to apps and data wherever they are. A first-of-its-kind hybrid cloud alternative. 
HPE made a bold pledge on Earth Day: to make key patents free & available to innovators to advance low-carbon technologies. HPE's John Frey, Chief Technologist for Sustainable Transformation, illuminates the importance of collective action in mitigating the climate crisis.
At The Walt Disney Studios StudioLAB, next generation technology is helping to advance the art of storytelling. On this episode, Erika Varis Doggett, Research Scientist at StudioLAB, breaks down experiments within AI and machine learning that can support creatives in the filmmaking process.
Tottenham Hotspur’s state-of-the-art stadium is a world-class experience for fans. With COVID-19 restrictions set to lift, the first football match with live fans is on the horizon.  We sat down with Sanjeev Katwa, CTO of Tottenham Hotspur FC, to talk about the path to reopen, and how technology & connectivity will help keep fans and players safe. 
Growing Up in Tech

Growing Up in Tech


In this episode, we welcome Emily Christiansen, a Master Candidate in Applied Data Science at USC—and our host's own daughter. Robert and Emily reflect on the impact of women in STEM, the important role men play as allies for equity, and how young women can navigate early careers in tech. 
5G: The New Frontier

5G: The New Frontier


5G has the power to open up untapped revenue streams for all enterprise customers, especially telecoms, and the key is deploying hardware infrastructure on not just the RAN but also the Core. Listen in as HPE’s Phil Mottram, SVP, Communications Technology Group talks about this new frontier of 5G and HPE's latest telecoms solutions. 
Software ecosystems. Ecosystem that fundamentally revolutionize high-performance computing and AI in hybrid cloud environments and forever altering the landscape for the better. Join us as we discuss. 
The “big data boom” and interconnects are rapidly accelerating the world of high-performance computing and AI. Want a glimpse into the future? Take a listen.
With such a rapid expansion of data, storage architectures can easily become a bottleneck in developing HPC solutions. Want to learn how to avoid disruptions and optimize for scale? Take a listen.
Coming soon, a new podcast from HPE: Tech Talk takes you straight to the source for an inside-out look at HPE news, insights and innovations. We’ll chat with the foremost change makers about the technologies that are impacting ecosystems, transforming industries and changing lives. Learn more at
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