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Habits and Hustle helps share the stories, habits, and rituals of people's journeys on living fulfilled lives. Host Jennifer Cohen interviews thought leaders, entrepreneurs, and overall extraordinary people who share their insight and open up about the normally hidden aspects that have made a difference in their success.

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Do you believe that you have to “follow your passion” to be successful? In this solo episode of the Habits and Hustle podcast, I debunk the widely held belief that pursuing your passion leads to success. I’m sharing how to redefine your path to achievement and how overlooked paths have the potential to provide financial stability but also the freedom to pursue passions. What we discuss: 00:10 - The truth about following your passion 01:06 - Why is it crucial to concentrate on your strengths? 02:34 - Why following what you love may not be enough 05:18 - Why turning your passion into your career isn’t always a good idea 07:34 - Do what you’re good at Thank you to our sponsor: Ketone IQ (HVMN): You can save 30% off your first subscription order of Ketone-IQ at   Find more from Jen: Website: Instagram: @therealjencohen Books: Speaking: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
In this episode of Habits and Hustle, I chat with Colleen Cutcliffe who gives us a step-by-step guide on all things gut health – understanding why optimization is key, why it’s growing in popularity, how your gut is controlling you, and exactly what you should do to reclaim your gut microbiome. We also dive into how the gut is linked to your metabolism, the popular trend of glucose control and why we should be concerned about our glucose levels, and why an increasing number of people are seeking natural alternatives to metformin. Colleen Cutcliffe is the CEO and Co-Founder of Pendulum Therapeutics. Colleen has over 20 years of experience managing and leading teams in biotech, pharma, and academia. Before starting Pendulum Therapeutics, Colleen served as the Senior Manager of Biology at Pacific Biosciences, which is where she met her two co-founders. Prior to that, Colleen was a Scientist at Elan Pharmaceuticals. Colleen completed her postdoctoral research at Northwestern’s Children’s Memorial Hospital, received her Ph.D. in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from Johns Hopkins University and received her B.A. in Biochemistry from Wellesley College. Use code “JENCOHEN” for 20% off of your first bottle of membership at What we discuss: (0:09:01) - Akkermansia's Role in Gut Health (0:17:41) - GLP-1 and Akkermansia in Metabolism (0:31:36) - Longevity Drugs and Glucose Control (0:35:01) - Glucose Control and Metabolic Supplement Benefits (0:45:16) - Gut Health Benefits and Quality Control (0:57:15) - Understanding Acromantia and Its Benefits Thank you to our sponsors: Pendulum: Head over to and use code JENCOHEN for 20% off. Therasage: Head over to and use code Be Bold for 15% off Ketone IQ (HVMN): You can save 30% off your first subscription order of Ketone-IQ at Find more from Jen:  Website: Instagram: @therealjencohen  Books: Speaking: Learn more from Colleen Cutcliffe: Website: Instagram: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
In this solo episode of the Habits and Hustle podcast, Shanni asks me questions from the deck of discussion which is 52 questions to spark, motivate, and ignite your passions. We discuss business dilemmas, from managing poor product reviews to handling controversial situations and resolving profit share disputes, this episode is packed with actionable tips for every business owner and entrepreneur. What we discuss: 00:33 - What to do if your product is selling well but getting bad reviews 03:41 - How to handle controversial situations 07:09 - What my Ted Talk would be 09:25 - Resolving Profit Share Disputes Without Contract 15:04 - Volume business vs. economic business Thank you to our sponsor: Ketone IQ (HVMN): You can save 30% off your first subscription order of Ketone-IQ at   Find more from Jen: Website: Instagram: @therealjencohen Books: Speaking: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Sometimes we all wonder, what is it like to be under the permanent scrutiny of millions of judgmental eyes, while living in a reality TV microcosm? This week’s guest on the Habits & Hustle podcast, Heather Dubrow, answers that question. The Real Housewife uncovers the depth and complexity of life under the spotlight and her experience on reality TV – including how show edits can drastically influence viewers' perception of you, her apprehensions about joining a reality TV show, and the impact it had on her acting career. Heather also dives into the not-so glamorous side of fame in the reality TV sphere as she opens up about facing jealousy, competition, and the evolution of her public persona. She shares insights into how our environment affects our personalities, and what she envisions for her life post-reunion. We also touch upon maintaining relationships amidst the drama, her thoughts on body image, and the rumors of her husband's infidelity. Heather Paige Dubrow is an American actress and television personality. She is best known as a cast member of the Bravo reality television series The Real Housewives of Orange County, starring in seven seasons since her introduction in 2012. What we discuss:  (0:00:01) - Evolution of a Housewife (0:13:21) - Discussing Reality TV and Authenticity (0:16:37) - Real Housewives and Family Conversations (0:22:11) - Power of Celebrity Influence (0:30:18) - Understanding Female Competition and Empowerment (0:41:59) - Body Image and Personal Habits (0:50:32) - Reunion Prep and Future Acting Opportunities (0:53:46) - Reality TV Drama and Maintaining Relationships (1:06:36) - Heather Dubrow's Podcast and Website Thank you to our sponsors:  Pendulum: Head over to and use code JENCOHEN for 20% off. TruNiagen: Head over to and use code HUSTLE20 to get $20 off any purchase over $100. Ritual: Visit to start Ritual or add Synbiotic+ to your subscription today. Find more from Heather: Website: Instagram: Find more from Jen:  Website: Instagram: @therealjencohen  Books: Speaking: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
No one is going to be a better advocate for making your goals and dreams come true than you. In this solo episode of the Habits and Hustle podcast, I discuss the importance of executing ideas and making things happen. I share how you can create opportunities by taking small steps, and that it's possible to design the life you want by taking action. What I discuss: 02:40 - The Importance of Idea Execution 09:26 - How to Execute Your Ideas 13:49 - Taking Action and Making Things Happen Thank you to our sponsor: Therasage: Head over to and use code Be Bold for 15% off. Find more from Jen: Website: Instagram: @therealjencohen Books: Speaking: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
In this episode of Habits and Hustle, I chat with the legendary Chevy Chase about the comedy industry’s best kept secrets. From jazz piano to drumming, we dive into his hidden talents and his first big break in comedy - setting the stage for a life filled with laughter and unforgettable moments.  Moving from comedy gold to silver screen gems, we lift the veil on Chevy’s versatile acting journey. Celebrated for his quick comedic timing, Tony shares his favorite characters, his comedy influences, and the strategic choices he made throughout his career. Get ready for some exclusive insights into some truly classic cult films. Chevy Chase is a comedian, actor, and writer. From being a key cast member on the first season of “Saturday Night Live” to having his late-night talk show in 1993, this actor has given people a run for their money. Chase has a career that spans over five decades. He’s been in 101 films and television shows, written 14 productions, and produced a T.V. show and a documentary.  What we discuss: 02:36: Was Chevy always funny? 11:29: How did Chevy come up with the idea of his show? 22:38: Why did Chevy leave Saturday Night Live? 26:41: What movies is Chevy really known for? 31:05: How would the writing work? 33:25: How did Chevy pick his roles? 44:47: Did Chevy ever regret turning down a role? 55:50: What are the coolest things Chevy has got himself involved in? 01:08:20: What is Chevy’s morning routine like? 01:11:24: Does Chevy have any hobbies? 01:12:33: What is Chevy working on now? 01:13:32: Where did Chevy get his nickname? Key takeaways: When you have a natural talent in an artistic field, it’s easy to fall into the mold that executives may want you to morph yourself to fit into. However, the reason why people in the creative field are successful is because of their unique abilities. Thus, it’s important to adopt a “ I don’t give a sh*t” attitude and express yourself in the way that is natural to you and which you are known for. People tend to have a certain affinity towards specific types of arts such as paintings or music, but snub people who watch too much TV. What people with this attitude fail to realize is that watching TV is how you can admire and appreciate the work of the actors, directors, and writers that poured their hearts into bringing this piece of art to life for their spectators. Thus, you shouldn’t feel guilty about sitting down to watch TV if it’s to enjoy a good movie or TV show - it’s simply another form of art to appreciate.  Thank you to our sponsors: Ketone IQ (HVMN): You can save 30% off your first subscription order of Ketone-IQ at Therasage: Head over to and use code Be Bold for 15% off Learn more from Chevy: Website: Instagram: My links: Website: Instagram: @therealjencohen  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
What makes a man truly 'alpha' and why is this trait irresistibly attractive to women?  In this solo episode of the Habits and Hustle podcast, I chat about attraction and gender roles in relationships. I shed light on the allure of the alpha male persona but also the fundamental aspects of attraction that society often glosses over. What I discuss: 2:30 - Attraction and Gender Dynamics 5:00 - Expectations in Dating 8:33 - Gender Roles in Relationships Find more from Jen: Website: Instagram: @therealjencohen Books: Speaking: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
In this episode of Habits and Hustle, I chat with Ben Nemtin, a man hailing from the small town of Victoria, Canada, to becoming the second-ranked motivational speaker on the Global Gurus list. You'll hear about his transformation into a motivational speaker, ignited by a life-altering summer job in Banff, Alberta. His tales from the trenches of mental health struggles to the thrill of playing basketball with the President offer a bucket-full of hope, inspiration, and actionable insights. This episode is filled with invaluable insights on the power of accountability, and how to take actionable steps towards achieving our goals. Ben shares how a simple act of writing down our goals can create accountability and motivate us to achieve them. He also sheds light on the psychology behind why people stay in jobs they dislike, and how companies can better foster mental well-being in their teams. We also explore the blurred boundaries between corporate jobs and entrepreneurship, and the power of inspiration and kindness in creating a ripple effect. Ben Nemtin is a #1 New York Times bestselling author, co-founder of The Buried Life movement and inspirational keynote speaker. He has delivered over 500 keynotes to brands and Fortune 500 companies around the globe. What we discuss: (0:09:04) - Rediscovering Purpose Through a Bucket List (0:18:15) - Taking Action and Building Accountability (0:27:58) - Mental Well-Being's Impact on Work (0:32:09) - Exploring Success, Entrepreneurship, and Authenticity (0:41:48) - The Ripple Effect and Inspiring Others (0:46:28) - Mental Health Struggles and Finding Inspiration (0:56:32) - Exercise, Gym Routines, TV Show Stunts (1:02:15) - Play Basketball With the President (1:05:29) - From Dream to Reality Thank you to our sponsors: Go to and get up to 35% off site-wide when you use the code “HUSTLE” Ketone IQ (HVMN): You can save 30% off your first subscription order of Ketone-IQ at Find more from Jen:  Website: Instagram: @therealjencohen  Books: Speaking: Learn more from Ben Nemtin Instagram: Bucket list journal: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Do you let the feeling of “not feeling like it” get in the way of your goals?    In this solo episode of the Habits and Hustle podcast, I chat about the importance of focusing on how you will feel in the future, after you do something that you know you should do, instead of focusing on how you feel in the moment. Whether it be working out or drinking, it’s important to think of how you feel now and how it may make you feel after you do the “thing”. What I discuss: 00:43: Where should you put your focus? 05:16: Why do people enjoy alcohol? 08:01: How should you think of what to focus on? Thank you to our sponsor: KETONE IQ: Go to and get 30% off your first subscription  Find more from Jen: Website: Instagram: @therealjencohen Books: Speaking: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Have you ever wondered what it would take to write a best-selling book? Imagine going from a phone call, to crafting an inspiring narrative, to becoming an acclaimed author. This exhilarating journey comes to life in our conversation with accomplished author and motivational speaker, Laura Gassner Otting. Laura shares her extraordinary evolution as an author, the importance of a book as a marker of legitimacy, and her unique perspective on public speaking. Laura also dives into sales techniques and the life-changing transition from working in an executive search firm to launching her own venture. Laura's emphasis on the significance of client trust and her candid admissions about the role it played in her success are truly enlightening. She also gives us an insight into her fight against self-doubt, and how her achievements served as stepping stones to fulfilling her potential. Laura has appeared regularly on Good Morning America and the TODAY Show, and her writing has been seen in Harvard Business Review, Forbes, HR Magazine. She is the Wall Street Journal bestselling author of three books, including Wonderhell: Why Success Doesn’t Feel Like It Should… and What to Do About It, Limitless: How to Ignore Everybody, Carve Your Own Path, and Live Your Best Life, and Mission-Drive: Moving from Profit to Purpose. Her books have been translated into five languages. What we discuss: (0:00:01) - Laura’s journey into literature and public speaking (0:05:29) - Sales techniques  (0:13:40) - Overcoming self-doubt to fulfill potential (0:25:46) - Influence of your social circle (0:30:02) - Embracing ambition and overcoming doubt (0:40:17) - Gaining strength through belief (0:45:34) - Success, networking and recognizing self-worth (0:52:09) - Emphasizing the importance of support Key Takeaways:  1. Self-doubt and fear can act as catalysts to success: Laura discusses how she navigated self-doubt and used it to fuel her ambition. Instead of letting self-doubt hinder her, she harnessed it as a driving force towards achieving her full potential. She also shares insights on how to manage fear, particularly in public speaking, viewing it as an invitation to adventure rather than a deterrent. 2. Surrounding yourself with the right people is crucial: Laura emphasizes the importance of the people you surround yourself with in shaping your journey to success. She warns about the dangers of having the wrong people in your circle and stresses the need for a supportive network that encourages and sees your worth. 3. Embracing failure and understanding that it's a part of the journey: Laura shares her perspective on failure, seeing it not as a finale but as a fulcrum from which we learn and grow. She suggests making a list of your proudest achievements and acknowledging the failures and lessons along the way, as these experiences contribute to personal growth and reaching your next goal. Thank you to our sponsors:  Go to and use code 50hustle for 50% off plus free shipping! Go to and get up to 35% off site wide when you use the code “HUSTLE” Go to and use code HUSTLE to get an additional 30% off You can save 30% off your first subscription order of Ketone-IQ at Head over to and use code JENCOHEN for 20% off Head over to and use code Be Bold for 15% off. Head over to and use code HUSTLE15 for 15 % off your entire order. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Do you think that the Taylor Swift tour and Barbie movie happening in same time is a coincidence? In this solo episode of the Habits and Hustle podcast, I chat about the impact the Barbie movie and the Taylor Swift Eras tour is having on our economy as well as on our young women. These two pop culture moments are a perfect representation of the modern empowered women and mean a lot more than what it looks like on the surface for the young girls in this world. What I discuss: 01:28: How much money did Barbie make? 06:41: How did Taylor Swift’s tour stimulate the economy? 11:18: Did the Taylor Swift tickets prices make sense? Thank you to our sponsor: KETONE IQ: Go to and get 30% off your first subscription  Find more from Jen: Website: Instagram: @therealjencohen Books: Speaking: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
In this episode of Habits and Hustle, I chat with board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Rady Rahban about his journey and experiences in the ever-changing world of plastic surgery and beauty. From facelifts to chin enhancements, we dive into the shifting trends in beauty and plastic surgery, including the increasing desire for dramatic results from plastic surgery. Dr. Rahban shares his perspective on popular procedures such as the Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) and why he doesn't perform them. The conversation also touches on the profound impact of the pandemic and social media on aesthetics, including the rise in plastic surgery procedures due to the 'Zoom effect' and increased time at home. We explore the psychological impacts of social media and trauma on self-esteem and how it can influence perceptions of beauty and the decision to undergo plastic surgery. Lastly, we navigate the complex landscape of plastic surgery, emphasizing the importance of doing thorough research and checking credentials before choosing a surgeon. Dr. Rady Rahban is a world-renowned Board Certified Plastic and Reconstructive surgeon in Beverly Hills, CA. He is recognized nationally and internationally for his professional integrity and artistic sensibilities that distinguish his practice. Firmly committed to patient education, Dr. Rahban is a vocal critic of unlicensed practitioners and unnecessary surgical procedures, and provides patient education on his own popular podcast, “Plastic Surgery Uncensored”. He is known as the “go-to” doctor for his expertise in all types of plastic surgeries, including corrective procedures.  What we discuss: 0:03:24 - Dr. Rady Rahban’s expertise in all types of plastic surgeries 0:07:00 - The difference between a lower facelift, a regular facelift, and a neck lift 0:12:24 - The changing concepts of beauty over time 0:14:75 - Plastic surgery trends 0:18:38 - Brazilian Butt Lift concerns and risks 0:21:09 - The new wave of breast implant removal 0:25:20 - COVID’s “zoom effect” and social media’s impact on aesthetics 0:30:37 - The impact of photo and video filters 0:38:29 - How trauma, social media, and self-esteem impact each other 0:42:00 - How to make somebody look like a filtered version of themselves 0:47:13 - How to know if a plastic surgeon is good or bad 0:53:00 - Evaluating doctors and seeking referrals for procedures 1:00:01 - Educating patients on plastic surgery Thank you to our sponsors: Pendulum: Head over to and code JENCOHEN for 20% off Ketone IQ (HVMN): You can save 30% off your first subscription order of Ketone-IQ at Find more from Jen:  Website: Instagram: @therealjencohen  Books: Speaking: Learn more from Dr. Rady Rahban: Website: Instagram: Podcast: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
What makes someone charismatic? In this solo episode of Habits and Hustle podcast, we chat about the different characteristic traits that one must have to be perceived as charismatic. We also discuss how important it is to have charisma in order to experience any sort of success in life. What I discuss: 00:12: What makes someone charismatic?  04:18: Is charisma necessary for success? Find more from Jen:  Website: Instagram: @therealjencohen  Books: Speaking: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
This episode of the Habits & Hustle podcast explores the fascinating journey of Chris Matthews, a.k.a the 'lethal shooter'. Despite not making it to the NBA, Chris's unrelenting passion for basketball led him to become one of the most sought-after shooting coaches globally. Rather than seeing it as a failure, he used it as a stepping stone to greater things. Chris's passion for basketball took him to places and provided him with opportunities he never thought possible. His story serves as a testament to the power of perseverance, consistent practice, and hard work. Chris Matthews, also known as “Lethal Shooter”, is the most sought-after shooting coach in the world. Chris has had the privilege of working with numerous NBA and WNBA athletes to perfect their shot. Prior to becoming a professional shooting coach, Lethal Shooter played basketball internationally in Canada, Russia, and China. Matthews has set countless shooting records throughout his career, which is how he got the nickname “Lethal Shooter”. Thank you to our sponsors:  Ketone IQ (HVMN): You can save 30% off your first subscription order of Ketone-IQ at Ritual: Visit for 20% off your order  Shopify: Go to to take your business to the next level Find more from Jen: Website: Instagram: @therealjencohen  Books: Speaking: Find more from Chris: Website: Instagram: @lethalshooter YouTube:  What we discuss:  (0:00:01) - Chris Matthews explains the importance of not letting failure define you and using your skills to create opportunities. (0:08:12) - Matthews discusses his rigorous training regime and the importance of hard work and consistent practice in improving performance. (0:13:23) - He shares advice about pursuing a career in the NBA, emphasizing the importance of patience, maintaining a balanced approach to achieving success, and learning from mistakes. (0:23:33) - Matthews talks about the role of trainers in professional basketball, the pressures that athletes face, and the importance of failure in the journey to success. (0:33:07) - He shares his experiences of training celebrities and the importance of hard work and consistency in achieving success. (0:39:15) - Matthews highlights the importance of shooting form, footwork, and overall physical conditioning in basketball. (0:48:46) - He talks about creating a personal brand, signing deals with major companies, and the importance of thinking outside the box to seize new opportunities. (0:59:26) - Matthews shares his journey in the entertainment industry and the importance of creating a motivational brand to help others discover their potential. (1:02:38) - He reflects on his success in both basketball and entertainment, highlighting the importance of having a voice and creating opportunities for others. (1:10:59) - Matthews discusses his platform and content, emphasizing the importance of hard work, consistency, and creating a personal brand. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Are you counting yourself out of success? In this solo episode of the Habits and Hustle podcast, I chat about how we may be getting in the way of our own success. Oftentimes, we look at other people and consider their success to be something only they can achieve. However, this is the wrong way to look at it. Instead, you should be asking yourself: why not me? What I discuss: 00:41: Are we getting in our own way? 02:21: Why do we do this to ourselves? 05:43: What do we need to understand about other people’s sucess Find more from Jen: Website: Instagram: @therealjencohen Books: Speaking: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
The Minority Mindset has nothing to do with the way you look. It’s the mindset of thinking differently than the majority of people. That’s the motto of the latest podcast guest on Habits & Hustle, Jaspreet Singh. In this episode, I dive into a deep conversation with this YouTube sensation on why he’s spreading the financial education we all wish we were taught in school. From his humble beginnings to his climb to financial freedom, Jasper sheds light on the nuances of consumer culture, the significance of saving and investing, and how investing in yourself can be a game changer. He opens up about his investment strategies across five different platforms and the necessity of understanding your investments for long term success. Our conversation also touches on the complexities of cryptocurrency, the impact of inflation, the pitfalls of buy now, pay later programs, and how to start a business and avoid scams. Jaspreet “The Minority Mindset” Singh is a serial entrepreneur and licensed attorney on a mission to spread financial education. His YouTube Channel has over one million subscribers. Although he didn’t receive any formal financial education – he’s on a mission to make financial education fun and accessible. Jaspreet is the Chief Executive Money Nerd at the Minority Mindset Companies and the host of the Minority Mindset YouTube Channel. What’s discussed:  (0:06:40) - Jaspreet’s YouTube journey and the impact of creating financial education content (0:18:20) - Jaspreet’s journey to becoming a financial entrepreneur (0:27:51) - Lessons learned from his first real estate investment at 19 years old (0:45:21) - Growing up in a traditional Indian household and the importance of understanding and utilizing savings and investing. (0:52:22) - Investment Strategies: Understanding the investments you make (1:00:07) - The differences between assets and investments (1:14:48) - The dangers of buy now, pay later programs  (1:31:50) - How to start a business and avoid being scammed Thank you to our sponsors:  Millionaire University: Find The Millionaire University on Apple, Spotify, or wherever you get your podcasts Masterclass: Get 15% off when you go to Find more from Jen:  Website: Instagram: @therealjencohen  Books: Speaking: Find more from Jaspreet:  Website: YouTube: Instagram: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
What makes an entrepreneur a real one? In this episode of the Habits and Hustle podcast, I chat with you about how it seems like everyone is calling themselves an entrepreneur. But what exactly makes someone an entrepreneur Vs a marketer, for example? And where exactly do we draw the line between an entrepreneur and a charlatan? I also talk about the amount of courses being sold from so-called experts on entrepreneurship whom don’t have any entrepreneurial experience themselves.  What I discuss: 01:47: Are all entrepreneurs really entrepreneurs?  04:31: What makes an entrepreneur a real one? 09:30: Are most online courses a scam? My links: Website: Instagram: @therealjencohen  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Is following your passion really the way to go if you want to become rich?  In this episode of Habits and Hustle, I chat with Professor Scott Galloway, our esteemed guest on this episode, who turned a major disappointment – being turned away from UCLA tryouts – into a driving force that sparked profound personal growth and transformation. A renowned author and motivational speaker, Tony shares tales of his struggles and successes, unearthing invaluable insights about commitment, finding your niche, and embracing personal evolution. Professor Galloway explains how success isn't merely about intelligence. It's a complex blend of risk-taking, aggression, sales skills, seizing opportunities, and living life to the fullest. He also explains how it's not all about personal journeys - we also navigate the broader societal landscape, examining the profound impact technology has on relationships, dating, and socialization, as well as the loneliness epidemic that’s silently wreaking havoc in our society. Scott Galloway is a Professor of Marketing at NYU Stern School of Business where he teaches Brand Strategy and Digital Marketing to MBA students and is the author of the Digital IQ Index ®, a global ranking of prestige brands' digital competence. In 2012, Professor Galloway was named "One of the World's 50 Best Business School Professors". What we discuss: (0:00:01) - Following Passion and Personal Growth (0:10:54) - The Correlation Between Intelligence and Success (0:15:12) - Moving to London and Life Experiences (0:26:50) - Evolution of Courses and Personal Reflections (0:31:16) - Technology's Impact on Human Relationships (0:44:04) - Challenges and Solutions for Young Men (0:51:10) - Technology's Impact on Relationships and Mental Health (1:03:36) - Social Media Impact, Fitness Importance (1:10:50) - Coping With Depression and Hollywood Frustrations (1:21:13) - Book Promotion and Appreciation Key takeaways: The truth about the common advice of “following your passion” is that the person giving you this advice is already rich. They also most likely made their billions in iron or smelting. Ideally, find something you like that has 90 plus percent employment rate, which things like acting, modeling, sports do not have. Then, commit to becoming great at it. So if you find something you're good at and you start making money at it, the passion will follow.  The correlation between intelligence and success exists, but it tops out. A person who's got a 120 IQ is much more likely to be successful than someone at 80. But above that, it flatlines. Plus, when you get really, really smart, it actually turns on you and that is because you become so thoughtful and see so many downsides to everything. One thing that entrepreneurs have is they’re too stupid to know we're going to fail.  To learn more about Professor Scott: Website: Instagram: My links: Website: Instagram: @therealjencohen  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Parents, this question is for you: do you really feel rested after a family trip? In this solo episode of Habits and Hustle, I chat with you about the difference between a family trip and a vacation. While society may like to make you believe that these family trips are necessary for building family memories, they’re not the trips that will allow you to come back to reality feeling fully rested. I also talk about how you can actually plan a relaxing vacation and whether or not your kids can be a part of it.  What I discuss: 02:02: Is it possible to have a relaxing trip? 03:11: Can you relax on a family trip? 05:18: How can you shift from trip to vacation? 09:26: Is being on a trip with children traumatizing as a child-less person? My links: Website: Instagram: @therealjencohen  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Are you waiting for the “perfect moment” to launch your business? In this episode of Habits and Hustle, I chat with Mari Llewellyn. Mari’s inspiring story of self-healing takes center stage as she shares how she went from a low point of depression, gaining 60 pounds, and struggling with borderline personality disorder to losing 100 pounds and becoming a successful entrepreneur. She also discusses her journey to mental health recovery, shedding light on the importance of therapy and taking control of one's life. As we continue the conversation, Mari recounts her transformation from being an overweight and insecure individual to a confident, successful entrepreneur in the fitness industry. She emphasizes the significance of hard work, taking small steps, and staying authentic in your journey.  Wrapping up our chat, Mari details her daily routine, her brand’s growth through social media hiring, and her efforts in reaching out to influencers to align with her brand. She also talks about how her product ended up on the shelves of major retailers like Walmart and Target and shares her plans for the future.  Mari Llewellyn is the founder of Bloom Nutrition and creator of the fitness app, Slay. In her weight-loss journey, she lost over 100 lbs. Throughout this weight-loss and self-love process, she fell in love with fitness and nutrition and was inspired to help others do the same. What we discuss: (0:00:01) - From Depression to Fitness Success (0:11:20) - Weight Loss and Fitness Transformation Journey (0:16:31) - Minimum Wage to Fitness App Success (0:28:33) - Building a Brand and Overcoming Challenges (0:32:22) - Building a Successful Specialized Business (0:41:48) - Brand Growth With Social Media Hiring (0:53:42) - Influencer Outreach and Company Growth (1:05:03) - Daily Routine and Work Responsibilities (1:08:15) - Spokesperson Role and Evening Routine (1:11:14) - Where to Find Mari’s Products Key takeaways: Whether it be fitness, health, or business, people are constantly looking for shortcuts or hacks to attain their goals faster. However, there are no such things as hacks and shortcuts when it comes to success. Your only option is to do the hard work and it’s truly the only thing that works. So many people in business wait for the perfect moment or until they have permission from someone. However, if you actually want to succeed, you need to pull the trigger and just launch it. You will learn a lot more from getting started than you ever will from trying to perfect a product or service. When it comes to marketing a brand on social media through influencer marketing, it’s best to give the creatives you hire the opportunity to be creative. The truth is that content creators know their audience better than you ever will and have the secret formula to pushing your product to their audience profile. By restricting their creativity, the content which introduces your products may fall flat and not obtain the results you were hoping for given that it may not resonate with their audience.  To learn more about Mari: Instagram: Website: and Podcast: My links: Website: Instagram: @therealjencohen  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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Sounds like an intriguing discussion on modern dating dynamics and the impact of social media! The question about whether someone's interest wanes if they stop watching your stories is relatable with site, and I'm curious to hear the insights shared in the episode. Navigating relationships in the digital age brings a whole new set of challenges, and the topics of curating feeds, muting accounts, and their effects on our interactions are definitely worth exploring. Looking forward to gaining some valuable perspectives from this episode! 📱💬

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we Iranian are fighting for a normal life but the regime is killing my people,I'd be thankful if you be our voice

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