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Shoving the J into journalism, Hack covers current affairs, music, politics and culture with youth in mind. Get our half-hour radio program sent directly to you each weekday.
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In a rare interview, Prince Andrew spoke to the BBC about his relationship with convicted sex offender and billionaire Jeffrey Epstein. However, his interview has been dubbed a trainwreck and a PR nightmare. Plus, we chat to ABC reporter Bill Birtles about the Hong Kong protests, as police and protesters clashed at a university overnight. And Israel Folau is back in the news, this time for arguing the deadly east coast bushfires are a sign God is punishing Australia for allowing same-sex marriage and abortion.
The Friday shakeup with WA Young Nationals president Tay Alers and Junkee writer Ben Strum.
We talk to Kumanjay's family, plus politicians and former police about how these shootings occur.
Former NSW Fire & Rescue commissioner Greg Mullins explains the real causes of bushfires, and why climate change is making them worse. Plus, the protests in Hong Kong have taken an ugly turn, with reports the rule of law is on the "brink of collapse".
Emergency warnings are in place for 14 blazes burning around NSW today, as the state's fire services brace for worsening conditions over the next few days. We speak to our reporters on the ground across NSW and survivors of the bushfires who have lost their homes. And we bring you updates on fire warnings and what you can do to help.
The Indigenous community of Yuendumu have gathered to remember teenager Kumanjayi Walker, who was shot by police on Saturday night. His cousin Samara Fernandez-Brown speaks to us about his life and how their family are grieving.And with catastrophic fire warnings in place in NSW, we go to the ground in the areas worst affected by the blazes to hear community responses to the fires and what they want to government to do.
The Friday shakeup with Jenna Clarke, assistant editor of the The West Australian, and model and media personality Christian Wilkins.
The Coalition has unveiled a $1 billion package to help farmers affected by the drought. Here's how farmers reacted. Plus, an Adelaide woman whose house was raided by police for supplying cannabis oil has been spared a conviction. And should drug rehab ever involve religion? Hamish went to a rehab centre run by Hillsong. Then he got baptised.
Asylum seekers rejected by Australia could be resettled in Canada under a unique program that allows individuals to privately sponsor refugees. Plus, our national female soccer players have struck a deal to get the same as the men - setting a major precedent for women's sport. And how young is too young for police to strip search? It's been revealed children as young as 12 have been strip-searched by NSW Police.
Kiwi singer Lorde recently told her fans her pet dog had died and her grief would play a big part in her next album. If you've ever lost a pet, you might understand the grief that it brings. We speak to Dr David Foote, a veterinarian and grief counsellor, about bereaved pet owners. Plus, it's the race that stops the nation, but how did protesters impact the Melbourne Cup today?And the latest Australian research has found vaping may not be as safe as first thought.
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Steve Harrison

do more shows about drugs & gender, you hardly touch these topics.

Nov 14th

Finlay Bender

they should have gone bigger with the dad joke. get a guy called Phil and a girl called sophie, and get them to be the hosts of Australia inviting people over.

Nov 4th

Joel Slade

hey, stop cutting people off when they're talking, it sounds like you're more keen on cutting someone off than listening to them.

Jul 9th
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this is rubbish this whole gender rubbish

Jul 9th
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I'm not even gonna bother scanning through but not surprised that you didn't cover the Google scandal. JJJ is biased scum

Jun 26th


Deleting comments like cowards I see...

May 21st

Jesse Richards

Wollongong *

May 6th

Nuage Laboratoire


Apr 24th

Sonny Darvishzadeh

#trashtag Berlin is waiting for you

Mar 29th

Phuong Pham

3 3! 30!

Mar 23rd

Alicia Paige Sapiatzer

great podcast

Mar 20th

Alex Edwards


Dec 18th

Fake Name

12minutes missing :S

Jun 1st

Andrew Jones

No episodes for 2018 yet?

Jan 22nd
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