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Imagine using a spell book to conjure up an entity in your friend's basement, then not being sure how to send it back. Guest Lynn Woike talks about her transformative experience and how it began a journey that ultimately led to self-discovery.Join us in talking about paganism, goddesses, faeries, spells, and all things magic in this episode of Hack the Chat. 
Mary Ellen Walsh, canine behaviorist and founder of Think Like Your Dog - The Grateful Dog, LLC explains how to have a better relationship with your dog, what you need to know before bringing one home, common canine mistakes, and how not to, ahem, bark up the wrong tree when it comes to training your pooch.
Inappropriate scratching? Peeing outside the litterbox? Does your cat hold a grudge? Should Fluffy go outside? What to do when bringing a new cat home?All these questions and more answered on this episode of Hack the Chat where we talk to Rachel Geller, Ed. D, cat behaviorist, pet chaplain, and humane education specialist about all things feline-related.
The Wine O'Clock Episode

The Wine O'Clock Episode


Who drinks more wine - Americans or the French? Is wine from a box taboo? How do you choose a good wine? Should you ever drink White Zinfandel? Which is better, a younger or an older vintage? And what does "Reserve" mean anyway?Renée B. Allen, CSS, CSW, FWS, director of the Wine Institute in New England answers all these questions and more on the Wine O'Clock edition of Hack the Chat.Subscribe to our podcast on iTunes:
What do killer pine trees, aliens, Molly Ringwald and Hallmark Channel's Christmas at Pemberley Manor have in common? Synthetic Cinema International. This Connecticut-based production company got its start making 'awful' horror films, but has since found its sweet spot in the holiday film genre. Co-founder, Andrew Gernhard, and director, Colin Theys, dish on everything from the Netflix series Daredevil to behind the scenes making some of Hallmark Channel's most popular holiday movies.
Do holiday gatherings with family and friends make you feel like you're standing at the threshold of Hell? Don't worry, you aren't alone. While over-zealous Christmas songs declare it the 'most wonderful time of the year,' for many people it's just the opposite.Family drama, anxiety, divorce, loss, loneliness, politics and social pressure can make the holiday season anything but joyful.Therapists Dr. Gwen Kesten and Dr. Robin Grant Hall offer suggestions on how to manage difficult situations in this entertaining and informative podcast.
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