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How hackers start their afternoons. The weekly tech podcast brought to you by Hacker Noon.
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Natasha Nel interviews 6x Noonie Nominee*, Contributor, and Prolific Maker, Zoe Chew, to talk Product, Tech, Startups, and Marketing.   *PUBLIC NOMS CLOSE AT NOON ON WED, 12 AUG: Last chance to get your best in tech (or yourself) nominated for some well-deserved industry recognition this year! Choose from over 200+ Tech Industry Awards and Add Your Last-Minute Noonies Nominations at NOONIES.TECH today    THINGS COVERED IN THIS CONVERSATION: How to transition from a marketing career to product building and consulting How to come up with good ideas for great products  How to build and launch products in 24 hours The value of keeping things simple How to keep yourself accountable to your goals and stop procrastinating Strategies for success as a solo founder Zoe’s 3-level approach to branding and marketing yourself as a tech professional / introvert How to stay productive and motivated working remotely And so much more! Read Keep up with Zoe Chew
Utsav Jaiswal hosts Diwaker Gupta, Head of Engineering at Blockstack, Aaron Blankstein, Engineer at Blockstack, Maurice Herlihy, Engineer and Advisor at Algorand and Alberto Cuesta Canada, Lead Blockchain Instructor at BeyondSkills and a Hacker Noon contributor to talk everything about Clarity, a new smart contracting language. Hacker Noon’s best contributing writers discuss the need of new programming language by Blockstack and Algorand, how feasible it will be, what improvements and adjustments of Clarity to the existing ecosystem and more.    Continue reading about blockstack, programming, decentralization and smart contracts on Hacker Noon.   Check our annual Noonies Awards nominees Nominations are now open until August 13th.   Also, check out Hacker Noon via the NOONIFICATION, Giphy (ahem Facebook and/or Instagram), Twitter, or just get a technology story published today and check our sponsorship options.  
Join Hacker Noon’s Managing Editor, Natasha Nel, for a quick briefing on this year’s biggest, greenest and most independent tech industry awards: Hacker Noon’s prestigious #Noonies.  . The 2020 #Noonies are made possible by Amplify Brokerage, the world’s first global zero trading fee cryptocurrency trading platform. GET STARTED:  . The original Noonies was conceptualized in early 2019, mostly as a ploy to distract our community from how many things were wrong with the site when we first moved off Medium in July of that same year. It turned into something bigger than we at Hacker Noon could’ve ever imagined. .This year, we’ve 10x’d the thing (sorry - touchy phrase in tech these days, I know) and the New Noonies includes two new award categories, and over 100 new award titles. In this quick listen, Natasha runs you through this year’s Noonies selection process; a few of her favourite awards, and how nominations and voting will work this year. Enjoy! Nominate your best people and products in tech today:!
Mahbod Moghadam, a Co-Founder of Rap Genius, a founding member of Everipedia, a Yale and Stanford alumni, joins Utsav Jaiswal on the Hacker Noon podcast to discuss the need for more black leadership and why the CEO of biggest black-culture American website needs to be black. Mahbod shares how his passion for music and education in high school influenced his future career. He shares how Genius started off as Rap Exegesis as an overnight project and grew to become the hip-hop torch-bearer it is today, worldwide. They also discuss the need for black leadership, racism in the tech industry, and the role of cryptocurrency in reducing inequalities in societies.  Mahbod ends with his opinion on Kanye West's decision to run for the president of the United States and a promise to campaign for Ye. Continue reading about leadership, black culture, tech stories, and startups on Hacker Noon. Also check Mahbod’s latest stories on Hacker Noon: The CEO of my company, Genius, must be Black GENIUS V. GOOGLE: The Founder of Genius’ 100% Unbiased Take and Perspectives   Check out Hacker Noon via the NOONIFICATION, Giphy (ahem Facebook and/or Instagram), Twitter, or just get a technology story published today and check our sponsorship options.
Linh Dao Smooke discusses Entrepreneurship, running Hacker Noon, and the importance of education with Henry Le of Vietnam Tech Society. Linh shares how her opportunity to study abroad in India at age 17 has shaped the course of her life forever. Grateful for her scholarships to schools in India and the US, Linh has been creating opportunities for students and young professionals through her various initiatives in education, such as the creation of the Creative Kid Project.  Linh discusses Hacker Noon's business model, how the company interacts with its community of writers and readers, operations processes and the next big steps Hacker Noon is taking to build a better Internet. Linh also shares insights of Hacker Noon break up with Medium and highlights the values of no paywall and free Internet on which Hacker Noon philosophy is built.  Continue reading about education, leadership, tech stories, and business lessons on Hacker Noon. Also, keep up Hacker Noon via the NOONIFICATION, Giphy (ahem Facebook and/or Instagram), Twitter, the Tech Stories Chrome plugin, or just get a technology story published today. P.S. We also are accepting new sponsors.
Bradley Kam, Co-Founder, and CRO at Unstoppable Domains, joins Utsav Jaiswal and Arthur Tkachenko on the Hacker Noon Podcast to discuss how decentralization enables censorship-resistant peer to peer communication. Bradley discusses how decentralized registries such as their (dot)crypto lives outside the DNS naming system and how it cannot be pulled down by vested interests. He also shares his opinion on decentralization and security. Bradley Kam’s speaks on the bylines of the launch of  Dchat, which allows users to encrypt and store messages without the involvement of third parties. Dchat integrates  cryptocurrency wallets and a peer-to-peer (P2P) storage network in order to securely store chat messages that are 100% controlled by users. Continue reading about blockchain, security, crypto and startups on Hacker Noon. Also, keep up Hacker Noon via the NOONIFICATION, Giphy (ahem Facebook and/or Instagram), Twitter, the Tech Stories Chrome plugin, or just get a technology story published today. P.S. We also are accepting new sponsors.  
John McAfee talks about making more money than God on the Hacker Noon podcast hosted by David Smooke. McAfee starts off with the impact of one's childhood and how it shapes perspectives. He shares his experiences as an entrepreneur and what it takes to become a multimillionaire. John McAfee also provides a take on the number one danger of the modern Internet and presents an opinion on the Black Lives Matter movement. McAfee shares anecdotes from his life, how he became the self proclaimed richest man in South Virginia before hitting 18; his recent escape from the United States, his first job at General Electric, where he learned programming and the importance of math in life. "I'm the best coder alive" "Don't schedule an interview with this guy again, he's too smart" - John McAfee  Continue reading about entrepreneurship, business, startup lessons, and privacy on Hacker Noon. Also, check out Hacker Noon via the NOONIFICATION, Giphy (ahem Facebook and/or Instagram), Twitter, or just get a technology story published today. 
Juan Benet, CEO at Protocol Labs, founder of IPFS and Filecoin, joins Utsav Jaiswal and Vaibhav Saini, a Hacker Noon contributing writer, on the Hacker Noon podcast to discuss everything Web 3.0. They talk about the lifespan of new applications and protocols, factors influencing the growth rate of application technologies, the history of cloud development,  the philosophy, and as well technology behind IPFS and benchmark of success for Filecoin. Juan also presents his opinion on why human rights ought to be digital and discusses the power dynamics of technology in the era of global connectivity.  Check related reads on Web 3.0 and IPFS from Hacker Noon contributing writer Vaibhav Saini. Understanding IPFS in Depth Series: A Beginner to Advanced Guide 10+ Resources Every IPFS Developer Should Know About Also check out Hacker Noon via the NOONIFICATION, Giphy (ahem Facebook and/or Instagram), Twitter, or just get a technology story published today. 
Adam Todd, Lead Developer and CEO of Digitex Futures Exchange, joins Utsav Jaiswal to share his journey in trading and discuss what it takes to build a cryptocurrency exchange.  They discuss cryptocurrency space in general, bitcoin, and the effort behind building cryptocurrency exchange from scratch. Adam shares the story of his trading experience which started when he was 19, and how it led him to build a zero-fee cryptocurrency exchange. Check related reads on Digitex, trading and cryptocurrency on Hacker Noon.  Also check out Hacker Noon via the NOONIFICATION, Giphy (ahem Facebook and/or Instagram), Twitter, or just get a technology story published today. 
Jennifer Hooper, the Producer at Code[ish] and Senior Director, Technical Product Marketing, Content, and Brand at Heroku, joins Utsav Jaiswal to share her insights to building a tech podcast. Code[ish] focuses on code, technology and the life of the developer.  They talk about the place for growth-hacks in technology podcasts, how to add value to the listeners', and the importance of naming your podcast in an SEO-friendly manner. Jennifer, shares her process of sticking to schedules despite millions of moving pieces involved, the challenges of recording from remote locations, and the role of the community in podcasting. Check related reads on podcasts, Heroku and the power of community on Hacker Noon.  Also check out Hacker Noon via the NOONIFICATION, Giphy (ahem Facebook and/or Instagram), Twitter, or just get a technology story published today. 
Natasha Nel, Managing Editor at Hacker Noon, has a meandering conversation with the addiction psychologist who lives in her house — in his non-professional capacity — about what might happening to Our Brains on Social Media, as we stand in solidarity with #BlackLivesMatter. Some related reads on Hacker Noon on social media, psychology and activism.  Also check out Hacker Noon via the NOONIFICATION, Giphy (ahem Facebook and/or Instagram), Twitter, or just get a technology story published today.
Trump vs. The Internet

Trump vs. The Internet


What just happened to the internet!? Did our President just sign an executive order that forces social media platforms to be his personal mega phone? Hacker Noon CPO Dane Lyons and CEO David Smooke discuss the possible implications on 45's attempt to change internet law. Some sources discussed in this episode: Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act Trump's Tweet About Mail in Ballot Fraud Twitter's Fact Checking Page FCC's Official Statement on Feasibility of Executive Order ACLU with the Burn  Read more about Net Neutrality, Twitter, Censorship, Fact Checking, and the Internet on
Jim Huffman, CEO of GrowthHit, husband, father of two girls, and author of The Growth Marketer’s Playbook — which “was #1 on Amazon until Seth Godin launched his new book and then it was quickly not #1” — joins Natasha Nel on the Hacker Noon podcast to discuss, well, Friday the 13th of March, 2020. A day defined by Jim as ‘The Hardest Day of His Career’, it involved losing $400k in ARR, losing his family’s daycare, and testing positive for Covid-19. This is his comeback story - with actionable tips for how some startups can adapt and recover from pandemic conditions.  Couple notable links mentioned in the show:  FunnelTearDown The Five Cs for Leading in a Crisis Wanna be a guest on the Hacker Noon podcast? Email check out Hacker Noon via the NOONIFICATION, Giphy (ahem Facebook), Stories about tech podcasting, Twitter, or just get a technology story published today. 
Linh Dao Smooke and David Smooke discuss Joe Rogan's upcoming deal with Spotify and the potential implications for internet creators worldwide. Is this a turning point of the internet? Or just the next NBC licensing Friends and The Office to Netflix deal? ... Which was a pretty big deal for Netflix claim to the video streaming market share... Plus we discuss - all while walking in Colorado - how the pandemic has levelled the playing field for limiting production value. Things like Some Good News. If you can, might as well: MAKE SOMETHING TODAY.  Also check out Hacker Noon via the NOONIFICATION, Giphy (ahem Facebook), Stories about tech podcasting, Twitter, or just get a technology story published today. 
CEO of Open Orchard, Ex Head of Communications & Advocacy at Steemit Andrew Levine joins Utsav Jaiswal to discuss whither blockchain, what inspired Andrew and his team at Open Orchard to start their project on launching new Blockchain Koinos, the driving philosophy as well as the underlying technology. Andrew talks about the differences between Bitcoin, Ethereum, Hiveblocks and Koinos Blockchains, how the Koinos will enable developers build their own dApps faster. Community's questions asked via #HackerNoonKoinos, related to explaining Blockchain to those not in the know, how success and knowledge are not as intertwined, the role of open source community and technology stalwarts in the adoption of niche technologies, and why the best way to boost progress in the world is to make it easier for everyone to launch more powerful applications. Check related reads on Hacker Noon: Inside Tron's Steem Takeover Attempt and the Birth of the Hive Blockchain  
Washington Post NBA Reporter Ben Golliver joins David Smooke on the  Hacker Noon podcast to discuss Microsoft winning the NBA deal, what the Kawhi Leonard logo lawsuit means for the shoe industry, how the reporter’s tech stack has evolved over his career, what talents and traits lead to quality front office decision makers, the path from blogging to mainstream media, how the pandemic affected sports podcast advertising budgets, ways NBA players can make more money off the court, what it’s like to break Lebon James’ controversial China statements, the future of monetizing micro-content, the possibility of NBA players holding stock in their franchises, the emerging long tail seo of podcast listenership, and of course, how much fun it is to watch Zion hoop (“If LeBron is the athlete of Twitter, Zion is the NBA athlete of Instagram”). Also check out Ben’s G.O.A.T and Open Floor podcasts.  Some related reads on Hacker Noon: What the NBA Can Teach Us About Startups Esports: $1B teams? (NBA in the 1980s) Making Up the Best Team in NBA History More Tech Podcast Insights
Listen to the interview on iTunes or watch on YouTube.   In this episode Utsav Jaiswal interviews Arthur Brock and Eric Harris-Braun, Co-Founders of Holochain - an Open Source framework for building fully distributed, peer-to-peer applications.  They talk about Holochain’s mission and values, how it differs from Blockchains, and how to manage distributed teams.    “What we've been interested in is really how do we collectively shape currents, flows for a better world, for greater collective intelligence, for coordinating and collaborating better.”  - Arthur Brock   “Holochain is what we've come to after a very long time and a lot of intense efforts in understanding those (biological) patterns of how to create tools for distributed collective intelligence... And Holochain is our answer to being able to do that.” - Eric Harris-Braun   “It creates currencies that are not speculated. It creates currencies that are based on actual production. People, for a long time, have been wondering why we have all these currencies when the government can issue as much of it as they want, whenever they want.  It's funny, in the blockchain world, they call their currencies non-fiat and government currencies - fiat, but blockchain currencies are also actually fiat.  They are declared out of nowhere.  Whereas, if you do this other pattern of creating mutual credit currencies based on productive capacity, then you are actually creating something that represents actual value in the world and our economics can become based on value rather than speculation.” - Eric Harris-Braun   P.S. If you dig the new Hacker Noon Podcast, consider giving us a 5 star review on iTunes. Also check out today’s homepage.
Listen to the interview on iTunes or watch on YouTube. In this episode Linh Dao Smooke and Utsav Jaiswal interview Alex Tinsman, President at Foundation and NEM’s CTO Nate D’Amico.   They discuss cryptocurrency adoption, difference between NEM, a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency and blockchain platform, and Nem.IO Foundation, gender role in crypto tech spheres, blockchain decentralization, Nem’s operation mindset and the future of NEM.  Interview was recorded on January 18th, 2020.  “What's pretty interesting about the trajectory with the path for the NEM is that it was so forward thinking with the security features that it has always overcome and remained when all these other coins on platforms kind of went away. I think it has a bright future with technology. Platforms like NEM stick around because they are forward thinking with their features and their abilities.”  “I want to be a part of change and the only way to do so is to educate yourself. And the only way to educate yourself is to get dirty. To get dirty with the code, get dirty with the channels, understand. Get into the thick of it. And then it gets really exciting [blockchain and cryptocurrency) because it opens up the opportunity for anyone. Anyone, no matter what your skills set is, everyone has the same level of playing field.  So I don't really think of it as a female thing, I think of it as an empowering tool that anyone and everyone can be a part of. So to me it's not gender, it's a movement.” - Alex Tinsman “If someone on even local, city council level wanted to do a similar voting style that we are using for the NEM ecosystem, they could launch a private or public chain and it doesn't really matter as functionally of the network would be doing the same thing. They could launch a private chain or public chain and still make it auditable, so anyone could have a verifiable data that they would check and download. And then they could configure that network by just tuning a couple labs when they launch it to decide how the consensus works. So if you’re launching a six server node of private network for local city council loading and you’re gonna use it once and then archive it for historical verification purposes, and then every year stand up a new network - you could configure it in a very simplified way that gives you total control on how to protect the network.” - Nate D'Amico   P.S. If you dig the new Hacker Noon Podcast, consider giving us a 5 star review on iTunes.   Also check out today’s homepage.
Listen to the interview on iTunes, or Google Podcast, or watch on YouTube. In this episode David Smooke interviews Davis Nguyen, Founder of My Consulting Offer.  They discuss Davis's way into consulting, insights on social media marketing, and people’s motivations behind startups. “I spent my money on just online courses. So I bought the best courses on YouTube ads, Facebook ads, Twitter ads, LinkedIn ads. What people spend, I imagine on alcohol and travelling, I've just spent on online courses.” “ I know that maybe I am the person who gets us from zero to seven figures, which is there. But to go to eight figures and so forth in profit, that's either gonna by hiring a great team, training myself or just replacing myself eventually. Because I have no problem with that. It’s like how do we serve our customer base and how do we help people become better thinkers. And I'm biased because I work in management consulting, but I think that's one of the best training for anyone who wants to go down that road and they don't want to start a business, they are not like a side hustler or anything like that. And I want to make sure to continue that.” - Davis Nguyen     P.S. If you dig the new Hacker Noon Podcast, consider giving us a 5 star review on iTunes. Also check out today’s homepage.  
Listen to the interview on iTunes, or Google Podcast, or watch on YouTube. In this episode HackerHodl (Utsav) interviews Cardano co-Founder and IOHK CEO, Charles Hoskinson. They discuss Cardano as a blockchain and an enabler of functional Smart Contracts to drive scalable, secure, and fast transactions over the chain. Cardano just launched their Shelley update that is also an incentivized testnet. “The model for smart contracts is broken or people were sold this idea that your entire application lives on the Blockchain. The reality is it doesn't. It's a service oriented architecture. So if you're gonna have your own servers, you have clients, you have a server-client model, but there's certain parts of your business logic in your application that are too trusted. So you take them out.” “People forget the 19th century. America had hundreds of private money. All of them failed. So then after the first generation, people said, wow, this stuff is here to stay. We can decentralize trust, create a common source of truth amongst people. We can push money around. The problem with Bitcoin is that it is blind, deaf and dumb. It doesn't understand the world around it. You can't do smart transactions.”  — Charles Hoskinson   P.S. If you dig the new Hacker Noon Podcast, consider giving us a 5 star review on iTunes. Also check out this month’s top stories, cryptocurrency stories, and today’s homepage.
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