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Hacking Your ADHD

Author: William Curb

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ADHD can be a struggle, but it doesn't always have to be. Every Monday, join William Curb, as he explores ways that you can work with your ADHD brain to do more of the things you want to do. If you have ADHD or someone in your life does and you want to get organized, get focused and get motivated then this podcast is for you. Part of the ADHD reWired Podcast Network.

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Hey Team!This episode we’re doing something a little bit different, I’m going to be sharing an episode from another podcast that I think you’ll enjoy.It’s called ADHD Aha!, hosted by Laura Key. It features candid stories from people who share the moment when it clicked—their ADHD Aha moment—when everything started to make sense—that they, or someone they know, has ADHD.I recently checked out a few episodes like the one with Caren Magill where she shares her story of going from dropping out of...
One of the questions that I’ve been getting a bit more frequently recently is just trying to understand where to get started with ADHD - and I think this is a question that a lot of us have because there is just so much out there on ADHD and it’s hard to know where even to begin thinking about what you might want to be doing.In today’s episode, we’re going to be exploring this idea by first looking at some of the areas that ADHD entails, how that knowledge can boost your ability to manage you...
Hey team!In today’s episode we’re joined by Dusty Chipura, a passionate advocate and ADHD Coach, to explore the nuanced world of ADHD and pregnancy. With her personal and professional experience we will be looking into the challenges and questions that often come up with this subject.There is a huge gap in what we know about ADHD and pregnancy and it can be hard to find good information. Dusty is an outstanding coach and a font of knowledge in this area. Even if you aren’t pregnant or plannin...
Hey Team!Accountability is one of the best ways to help you work through those things on your to do list that you just don’t want to do. But finding accountability isn’t always easy. In my conversation today, I’m talking with Joshua Greene, co-founder of the co-working app Groove.In our conversation today we’ll be talking of course about how Groove works - and specifically what sets it apart from many of the other co-working and accountability apps. We talk about following our energy flow, es...
Hey team, this week we’re talking about our weeks and how we can get more out of them with a weekly review. The idea behind a weekly review is to look back on how things went and use that to help us figure out how we want our next week to go.In this episode, we’re going to go over the benefits of performing a weekly review, look at some of the ways to make doing it easier, and then get into the nitty-gritty of how to actually perform it.Find the full show notes at ...
Sleep Tools - Part 1

Sleep Tools - Part 1


Hey team!After last week’s episode on toolkits I got a request to do another episode like it but specifically on sleep tools.Now before I jump in on the episode I want to talk for a minute about why I typically haven’t been doing so many episodes on specific tools. What it comes down to is that often the specific tools aren’t what’s important - what tends to be more important are the strategies and reasons behind the tools.I kind of think of like if someone told me that they needed help fixin...
Hey team!We're chatting with Maddy De Gabriele, an Australian science communicator who's turned her personal journey with ADHD into a mission to help others. Through her Adult ADHD Starter Kit and corporate workshops, Maddy breaks down ADHD management into bite-sized, easily digestible pieces.In this episode we dive into specific tools that can become part of your everyday toolkit for managing your ADHD. We discuss timers, headphones, pillboxes, blankets and more in this episode. If you’ve be...
Hey team!This week we’re talking with the host of the ADHD Wise Squirrels podcast, Dave Delaney - as many of us Dave wears many hats — keynote speaker, author, and of course podcast host. Dave has actually been podcasting since 2005, although he only recently started up ADHD Wise Squirrels after his recent diagnosis. With that diagnosis, Dave has been on a mission to support others in the community and break down stereotypes that surround ADHD.In our conversation today we discuss everything f...
Hey Team!Today on the podcast, we're exploring the lighter side of living with ADHD, featuring the hilariously honest Ellie Hino. A stand-up comic who finds humor in the everyday, Ellie has featured for comics such as Maria Bamford, Laurie Kilmartin, and Atsuko Okatsuka. She recently released her debut album, Soft Bones.In our conversation today she brings her personal journey with ADHD into the spotlight, sharing stories and strategies that hit home for many of us. We discuss getting a diagn...
Hey team!This week we’re going to be discussing the challenges of managing ADHD within a relationship where both partners have ADHD and how that can lead to the amplification of symptoms and the struggle to maintain routines and tools.We’ll also be diving into the potential difficulties of managing ADHD later in life but also how we can lean into the strengths that we have already developed.This is another listener questions episode and if you’d like to potentially have your question answered...
Hey team!We’ve got another listener question today, this time from my friend Aggie: Hi, Will, Aggie here. Longtime listener, first time caller. To give listeners context, you and I did admin work together and accountability coaching groups. Then we actually got to meet in person at the Chad conference before COVID hit. I myself have a background as a special education teacher, uh, specializing in severe disabilities and autism specific programs. So behavior is one of my strong skil...
Hey team!This week I’m talking with Jamie Cutino, a licensed Occupational Therapist, TEDx Speaker, ADHD Coach and a fervent advocate for the ADHD community. In today's episode, Jamie shares her insightful and empowering journey from discovering their ADHD diagnosis to utilizing skills she learned as an occupational therapist to enhance daily life. Jamie has her own podcast, Outsmart ADHD, where she and her guests go over the latest research, share stories and look to provide you with actionab...
Hey Team!I’ve got an exciting interview today that I’ve been hoping to do for a while now.Dr. Roberto Olivardia is a clinical psychologist and a lecturer in the Department of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School. He specializes in the treatment of ADHD and within the field of ADHD, he further specializes in comorbid disorders, such as OCD, bipolar disorder, eating disorders, and body dysmorphic disorder.However, in true ADHD, fashion during our pre-interview chat we decided to switch the dire...
Hey Team!With us today is Mattia Maurée and we’re going to be diving into the experiences of living with both autism and ADHD, also known as AuDHD. I was recently on Mattia’s podcast, AuDHD Flourishing, to talk about subclinical autism (which I was diagnosed with in 2022) so if you want to hear more about that head on over to their show, links in the shownotes.In our conversation today, Mattia shared their story and the insights they've gained through their journey. Our conversation aimed to ...
In today’s episode, we have a listener question dealing with the root cause of ADHD and whether or not ADHD comes from trauma or it's something we're born with.I’m sure a lot of people have had similar thoughts on what the root cause of ADHD and sometimes it’s hard to find accurate information because so much of it can conflict.In today’s episode, we’re going to be looking into the issue of whether or not ADHD is an issue of genetics or if it is one of trauma - but I also want to be upfront a...
Hey team!No interview today - getting back to some monologue episodes - and completely off topic here, but I just have this negative connotation to the word monologue, like, in my head it sounds like it’s supposed to be something boring? Maybe that’s just me.In today’s episode we’re tackling the complex reality of ADHD management. Forget about finding a silver bullet; it's about piecing together a puzzle of habits, routines, and strategies that work for you. We’ll be exploring the mosaic of s...
Hey team!Welcome back to the second part of my conversation with Saman Kesh - In part one of the conversation we covered a lot of the ground around Saman’s ketamine treatment and how that influenced his ADHD.And just as a quick reminder, this is not a condemnation nor a defense against ketamine-based treatment, the conversation is simply about what his experience was. And if ketamine treatment is something that has piqued your interest, be sure that you are following up on that under proper m...
Hey Team!We’ve got a returning guest this week who was a real hit last time, Saman Kesh - Saman is an Iranian-American filmmaker who has worked with artists such as Basement Jaxx, Calvin Harris, Kygo, Placebo, !!! (pronounced Chk Chk Chk)Anyway, we’re not here to discuss any of that today, instead we’re going to be talking about his recent ketamine treatment. A while ago, Saman reached out to me asking if this was something that I’d like to cover on the show, and yeah, this is absolutely some...
Hey Team!This week we’re joined by Ying Deng, known as ADHD Asian Girl across social media. I was able to get to know Ying a bit at the recent International ADHD Conference and thought she’d be a great guest for the show. Meditation is something that I’ve wanted to discuss on the show for quite a while now, but it also isn’t something I’m super knowledgeable about so it was great to have a chance for this discussion.In our conversation today we get into what mindfulness and mediation actually...
Hey team!This week, we have the return of Skye Rapson of Unconventional Organization to discuss an innovative tool she developed, the Planning Funnel, which is designed to help us break down our goals into manageable steps.This was a really fun conversation, and the planning funnel looks awesome - now, as a note, the planning funnel is part of Unconventional Organisation’s ADHD Academy - but they do have a promotion going now that includes the Planning Funnel and 15% off your first month. So ...
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Ziba Hosseini

hi really impressive one.I cant find full show note Iget this message that URL is no correct or it may be moved or deleted

Feb 13th

Jamie Walker

i learned about my adhd from instagram. when Someone posted about doom boxes...

Oct 30th

madridista girl

this podcast is really helpful and relaxing to me. keep up the good work.

Oct 10th

Brittany Jock

you keep talking about a system for managing but what is a system? what are some examples of diff systems

Apr 4th


I absolutely love this podcast. As someone who wasn't diagnosed until 23 years old, I have really struggled all my life with ADHD. My weight was a big physical and mental issue. I struggled for so long to find any advice that felt helpful but this episode has taught me so much. I'm going to try some of these techniques and I have hope that for once I think they'll stick (-:

Nov 19th


This show has been life changing and I do my best not to overuse that phrase The strategies and apps suggested are and have been greatly helpful!

Aug 23rd

Papanmedy Ba

I was looking for the transcript for #129 but it is a dead end... Any help would be great!

May 21st


good stuff

Aug 9th

Courtney White

LOVE the longer episode! have always wished they were longer! hoping we have more like this in the future!

Jun 2nd

Tom Arnott

Shit América centric obviously It sucks you guys have to pay through the nose for health care but the most important issue with therapy is compatibility and this issue covered none of that

Jan 27th

Tom Arnott

Just this guy babbles a lot of shite I know ADHD people can be verbose but usually they manage to say something whilst doing it

Jan 27th

Jesse Chappell

I can't download the last two episodes. I have tried different podcasts players on Android and from a website. The Nudge and the most recent episode. I enjoy your podcast.

Jul 18th

Bartek K

Really should've checked the wording of the focusing question before hitting the record button ;p

Jan 30th

Courtney White

one of my favorite ADHD podcast :) 5 out of 5 stars for sure!!! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Nov 19th
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