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Hacks on Tap with David Axelrod and Mike Murphy
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Hacks on Tap with David Axelrod and Mike Murphy

Author: David Axelrod

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Throughout the 2020 presidential campaign, battle-tested operatives will be sitting on bar stools along the trail, sharing war stories and unique, sometimes uproarious cuts on the latest developments. Hacks on Tap is your invitation to join two of the best. Campaign veterans Axelrod and Murphy will take listeners deep inside the top level of American politics. These seasoned pros have seen it all: the peaks and valleys, the pressure-cooker moments, the huge breaks and the horrible calamities no one saw coming. Who better to narrate this momentous race? So pull up a stool and join us!

21 Episodes
The fourth Democratic presidential debate is behind us and the hacks are here to break it all down. All eyes are on Liz Warren as she gets frontrunner treatment for the very first time: how did she fare? Buttigieg bites back: is this a turning point for the South Bend mayor? Biden becomes background: can his candidacy sustain steam?Amy brought her A-game: but is this too little, too late? What’s not working for Cory Booker? Plus, the hacks dive into what the latest FEC filings mean for each of the candidates....All this, and much more!
The Hacks are back from their jaunt to Austin and itching to dig into the latest. Hill Republicans and Democrats alike are in a tizzy over Trump’s call to pull troops out of Syria – but will the move resonate with his voting base? Meanwhile the impeachment inquiry has some congressional Republicans wondering if it's time to revolt and bolt. The great John Heilemann joins Axe and Murphy to share intel from the ground in Iowa and lets us in on who he thinks is the dark horse to watch. And finally, the Hacks dive into the mailbag and take listeners’ questions on whether David would trade Obama’s second term for Trump, whether or not Trump has lost Fox News, and impeachment’s potential impact on House and Senate races.
The Hacks reunite LIVE at the Texas Tribune Festival in Austin, TX. This time, they’re joined by super-hack Karl Rove — former Senior Advisor to President George W. Bush — to break down all the latest on the impeachment inquiry, alleged Trump transgressions, the 2020 race, and more.
From whistleblowers to whistlestops, Axe and Murphy are chewing over the latest call for impeachment, Rep. Joe Kennedy, and new polling out of Iowa. Mayor Pete Buttigieg joins the show from his Not-the-Straight-Talk-Express bus tour of Iowa to give his take on impeachment, what he hears from voters out on the trail, and what sets him apart from the other candidates. In the mailbag, the hacks are talking brokered conventions, young voters, and advice for New Hampshire Never-Trumpers.
The Hacks are back after a Democratic debate with no shortage of talking points: Castro put Biden on blast, Betsy from Oklahoma ditched the cap and gown, and Beto brought the passion on guns. Axe and Murphy also touch on the escalating tensions with Iran over the bombing of a Saudi oil refinery and the latest accusations against Justice Brett Kavanaugh. Senator Amy Klobuchar joins the show to talk about her role in the Kavanaugh hearings and the path forward for her Presidential candidacy. We wrap up with a supersized mailbag with listener questions about the races for the Senate, Biden and the black vote, Mike’s post-Trump journey, and more.
Houston, We Have a Preview

Houston, We Have a Preview


The Hacks are back in the run-up to Thursday’s debate. And the stage in Houston will be packed with TEN candidates—so what does each need to do in order to stand out? In order to keep the cash flowing? In order to maintain top-tier status? In order to avoid getting swallowed-up? Murph and Axe belly-up to the bar and sort through what each campaign’s hacks must be thinking right about now.
In this week’s episode, Biden flubs the details, but will it ever cross the line with voters? Axe and Murphy also take stock of the rest of the field ahead of the next Democratic debate, what's next for the candidates who didn't make the stage, and Trump's half-hearted hurricane watch. Guest hack Mark McKinnon joins the show to talk about Warren's worries with white working-class and black voters, his affinity for Mayor Pete, and redemption for Beto in Texas. Plus, the hacks hand out a bit of political travel advice for political junkies.
Axe is back from his stint in the cornfields of Iowa armed with new intel to break down with Murphy. But first – the hacks talk Trump’s erratic behavior at the G7 summit, size up Trump’s new primary challenge from former U.S. Rep. Joe Walsh, pose a theory as to why the governors in the Democratic race have yet to break through, and unpack Axe’s Iowa interviews with the leading presidential candidates. The hacks later dive into the mailbag and answer listener questions on Democratic strategy, to what extent early national polls really matter, and which brews the hacks themselves take on tap.
Mooch Ado About Something

Mooch Ado About Something


Axe has returned from his secret mission and is reunited with Murphy as they hash through Trump’s latest poll numbers and his frustration with Fox News. The first Biden TV ad has dropped in Iowa, but does he have what it takes to go the distance? And Anthony Scaramucci joins the Hacks—he’s back in the President’s crosshairs after voicing his opposition to him, and fills us in on his plan to “beat the bully.” He even makes a bit of news on his next steps. Finally the hacks field questions from the mailbag on Iowa’s status as “first in the nation,” and the search for some new and novel ways to campaign against Trump.
In this week’s episode, Democratic strategist and guest host Paul Begala joins Murphy on the mic to take stock of this week’s news. The hacks talk Jeffrey Epstein’s sudden death and the rise of conspiracy theories in politics, how Biden could benefit from leaning into his gaffes, and assess the Democratic candidates’ standings in the race. Guest hack and former White House Communications Director Jennifer Palmieri joins the show to share who she thinks has broken through in the Democratic field and her biggest fear for the Democratic Party in 2020. Lastly, the hacks dive into the mailbag and answer listeners’ questions on whether or not Barack Obama could beat Trump, Joaquin Castro taking heat for tweeting names of Trump donors, and the best lane for Mayor Pete in the Democratic race.
Comments (10)

Darcie Harris

This was wonderful. As an ardent Democrat, your collegiality with Rove was good modeling for all of us, in how to disagree without condemnation.

Oct 3rd

Maggie Paynich

thanks for taking my mailbag question!!! (maggie)

Aug 28th
Reply (1)

Maggie Paynich

love the podcast! very balanced and fun to listen to! go pete buttigieg!!!

Aug 21st
Reply (1)

Otto Bruun IV

Great podcast.

Aug 12th
Reply (1)

Paul Sorensen

I've been listening since the beginning and have enjoyed every show. Axelrod and Murphy are longtime buddies, who though they don't usually reside on the same side of the fence have great respect for each other's opinion, and seem to suffer from equally big doses of humility. Very refreshing and enlightening.

Jul 26th

Vin Rico

I make no apologies for being right wing conservative - libertarian, that being said and my love of Trump, these guys are excellent, the Axe tells it like it is, hes a political genius, obviously its not down the middle but it's very interesting and intelligent and refreshing to hear the other side presented properly not all the crazy talk, coherent well thought out arguements. I wish you guys well and good luck!

Jul 24th

Danny Monahan

Great show. No shouting and you hear from both sides who have actually ran campaigns.

Jul 3rd
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