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The #1 rated indie music podcast on the planet!! Halshack is up to over 80k subscribers now and can be heard on most major music platforms. We are broadcasted, played, streamed, downloaded, or aired in over 70 major US markets and over 70 countries around the world!! I work with top stars music projects (Stevie Nicks, Frankie Muniz, and Kesha) and have exclusive music and bands that only run under the Halshack promotional label and radio show. I am honored to have been bestowed with such gifted musicians and music and to be revered with such respect among my peers.
Thanks so much for your love and support as we continue to rise to the top of the music industry. I am currently fielding investors and/or partners to make HALSHACK RECORDS a reality. Do you important big wigs in the industry want countless new hit songs to feed the masses. Well I only got about 400 across my shows that you know nothing about from top quality artists, as good as, or better, than today’s FM radio stars!!
119 Episodes
HAPPY FATHERS DAY DADS!! Congratulations!! If you're reading this then we made it to 2021 and hopefully past all the bullcrap and the nonsense that had us all down the last 2 years!! Well lets "cut the crap" as us Dads like to say and show off only the finest in unknown rock this 3rd time around for another jaunt into my library and my headspace of vast musical knowledge of nuances and rock flair. (See Rock Ages 1 and 2) for more pure rock goodness!! Rock is not meant to be nice nor are its fans forgiving when it comes to skills of the axe laden guitar string. Music is about showing off all your skills and musical weapons one possesses in their arsenal of experience and expertise. I am Generation X. We learned to earn our keep and we perfected what modern music is today. Gen X is the best at music. We don't hand out participation trophies because we know the quality of talent that is out there. Once you've heard that then it makes no sense to settle for second best. It existed once at the top tier for many decades but that seemed to have been replaced with sub- standard expectations today. You want on the Halshack?? You got to earn it! You earn it by creating something that catches my valuable well respected discerning ear! Millions of fans DOES NOT impress me, what you create does even if you only have a 100! I can spot quality years ahead! I hope you enjoy my day of music for DAD to ROCK!! Find everything Halshack at my website 24 hour radio station Show is also on just about every major music platform! Go find all the back episodes. There's only about 80 different episodes to jam!! Even some country and rap!! Thanks for becoming a fan!!
Warning!!!! ADULT CONTENT 18+ Well if you're in the mood for thumpin' down the highway or you just want to thump your bedroom with your love then look no further! I put together this special show off a cue from a new friend who has a very sexually based podcast. It's something I've often thought about doing but waiting to get the right music together for it. So here you go. Have a little fun on the house or in the whatever you do, be sure to make it special!! Be sure to keep up with all things Halshack at my website!! 24 hour radio station Find all my shows on most major music platforms!! Iheart, Itunes, Google, Deezer, Amazon Music plus many more and of course the show home here at PODOMATIC!! Thanks for becoming a loyal fan! It really means alot to me and the indie musicians!! We cant turn the tide of music without your support! Please share!!
Hear ye! Hear ye! POPIFY 6 is NOW on the list! It sure is bliss and one show you will NOT want to miss! (I just had to, that was too easy) Its been out now for almost a year on TAMBR, its time now it can go to the feed so I hope you folks enjoy this romp through pop rock, alt rock, indie pop, dance pop etc.... like none other you will find anywhere on the planet!!! ONLY THE BEST WILL DO!! Well I went through my episode counts and noticed I have produced 87 episodes over my 6 years with 67 of those put out in the last 2 years respectively. There are about 10 shows not released to the podcast feed and this was one that has been exclusive for a private network! Enjoy this great show as you wait for new sounds and bands to tempt your ears and seduce you into musical heaven! Thanks for supporting the Halshack! You can find my popular show about anywhere on the web! Website---15 pages of content 24 hour radio station Find my show on most major music platforms like Itunes, Iheart, Deezer, Google Play, Amazon Music, Podomatic and many many more!
MAY the fourth BE WITH YOU!! Official release of the exclusive radio show (Double Trouble). Its Star Wars day and of course my show has something to do with Star Wars (huge and the song titles and it just so happens to be time to release this to the world! "I can't explain my life folks! I just live it" Well, in light of Star Wars Day, its time to shed the sabers light on this very cool show (released last year to radio only!!) full of broken men and echoes of the past when music meant more than background noise! Just like Anakin, I too was a "Broken Man" when I started my journey into the music business many many years ago! That's when the music started to change for the worse at the top tier level. People who know better never forgot the "Echoes" of the past greats of music while this new (bad batch) of songs infiltrated the airwaves. Some thought it was great while others had "Faith" we wouldn't completely "Ghost" the soul of music for all the fancy "Lights" and glory of a new electronic sound while real bands and musicians were left feeling like "Monsters" and outsiders to the music industry. Here we are 9 years later since that fateful day in 2012 when I decided it was time to be the change that we so desired before the industry loses all credibility. I made a point to "Never Give Up" on you the listener just hoping for the day that folks would "Remember Me" when they tune into the radio when looking for music that is NOT being boxed in by "Walls". "No Walls" around music means diversity can grow and be encouraged. Well I hope you enjoy my little story as much as my show! Go find your fave episode now and remember "the force of excellent music will always be with you on my show" You can always stream or download the shows here at PODOMATIC or just about anywhere on the web from ITUNES to IHEART, to DEEZER, to AMAZON MUSIC plus many many more!! Find everthing Halshack at my website 24 hour radio station
(*****WARNING!! EXPLICIT CONTENT*****) Hey folks! One more round from the REVERBNATION SUBMISSION CAMPAIGN of rap and R&B artists for your ears to soak up and enjoy! More singing this time and less rap doesn't make it any less of a great show! There wasn't as much rap material for "radio" left to work with in the mix but what I did discover is some of the finest R&B talent I've heard in many many years!! Its a mix of rap and singing like no one else can make but yours truly!! We had almost 4000 entries and a total of 65 made the cut across all genres!! Well done!! Its a blast only my ears and knowledge can craft and conjure up for you to enjoy curated by me into a special flow that makes my trademark sound soooo special!! 350 markets around the world are figuring out how cool we are!! Come enjoy great sounds and bands from all over the world you have never heard of until now! If its on my show its worthy of notoriety! Find everything HALSHACK at my website or on several music services like ITUNES, IHEART, DEEZER, AMAZON MUSIC, etc.... 24 hour radio station at ZENO FM!!
Hey folks! One more round from the REVERBNATION SUBMISSION CAMPAIGN of mainstream artists for your rock alt pop and even a little country thrown in there in the middle! We had almost 4000 entries and a total of 65 made the cut across all genres!! Well done!! Its a blast only my ears and knowledge can craft and conjure up for you to enjoy curated by me into a special flow that makes my trademark sound soooo special!! 350 markets around the world are figuring out how cool we are!! Come enjoy great sounds and bands from all over the world you have never heard of until now! If its on my show its worthy of notoriety! Find everything HALSHACK at my website or on several music services like ITUNES, IHEART, DEEZER, AMAZON MUSIC, etc.... 24 hour radio station at ZENO FM!!
<<<<<<>>>>>> Brand new!! SHACKNATION vol 2 Mar 2021 2-hour extravaganza!!!!! Full talk and music episode!! Well you have been waiting for this for the last 2 months!! Its finally here!! The best of the best! Its the official REVERBNATION submission campaign show!! Over 3500 submissions! I pulled out 17 (the flyers state 16) but there's a BONUS SECRET SURPRISE band at the END you will NOT want to miss!! This show is JUST fantastic!!!! My usual flare!! All I work with is top-notch every show and this one is no different!! Pop Stop to start the show then an "aquatic" Alt, then first of 2 Mystery Spotlights, then Retro Rock Block then a British Invasion, then a new Rock Block then a second Mystery Spotlight!! It's gonna be a blast!! We have a special young lady who survived cancer and is now growing in the industry!! She was just on the "Kelly Clarkson Show" and she has a charity to help cancer research RALLY FOUNDATION for CHILDHOOD CANCER RESEARCH!! Please donate if you can!! Thanks so much to REVERBNATION for finding me for this campaign!! Glad I could help so many great artists!! More to come folks!! Ive got at least another 20 more held back and some for new video shows for my popular SHACKVIDS series coming as well!! Stay Tuned for more FUN from the Halshack!! find everything at my website zeno fm radio station Find most all shows posted on Amazon Music, Itunes, Iheart, Deezer, Google, plus many more!!
Welcome to the first ever Shack Country!! Official campaign with top indie music company Reverbnation has brought us some fresh talent to work with and expose. I already had half the artists in this show on my roster so I found just enough ACE quality acts that could hold their own to make my quality cut!! Country is alive and kickin' here on the HALSHACK! I find the best acts from all over the world and bring them to your ears in the mainstream side of my show! This is no different! I start you off with the newer styles then work your way through some bluegrass and rock/pop country to americana! Acts from Texas to Tenn to Canada to Germany!! You wont believe Rob Georg the German Cowboy tearing up the scene! "This Ain't My First Rodeo" tore up the contemporary charts when it was released! I heard folks in Nashville just loved it!! So have fun! Enjoy! Find all my great shows at my website or Zeno Fm radio station or most music services (except Spotify) Thanks for your support and support these bands and indie music!!
WORLD PREMIERE!!!!! Welcome to the all-new first ever RAP SHACK! Bet you thought I didn't know HIP HOP! Ha! (I can't help I'm the music With the help of the official REVERBNATION SUBMISSION CAMPAIGN for FEB/MAR 2021, I was able to put this all together for this HUGE first ever event! Thanks for all the support! HALSHACK has been granted another rare opportunity to "break out" a star! LIL' FYE is a newcomer singing (awesome) the hook and working out his rap skills that will surely grow over time with support of LIL' ZANE with the LEGION on the beats in an all new remix of MR. TIK TOK! It's sure to be a HIT!!! I'm so proud and honored I get to bring this out on a WORLD PREMIERE!! Every great show has to find room for expansion into unknown territory! It's time to "tread the streets" of the urban market!! I play to win! I didn't come here to lose! Neither did G845 and his crew! (Laughatproblems, C.O.I.N, and Wunda845) This show is meant to take the listener on a journey through rap from modern day and work your way back through the 2000s and the 90s and back to 2000s to modern day jams with some of the finest examples of the art that have ever graced my golden laid ears! Its a 30 year trip through HIP HOP that's NEVER BEEN DONE BEFORE!!! I'm proud I get to do this and help bring RAP the proper respect so deserves. Just like my mainstream (rock, alt, pop) show, I try to look for those radio "hits" that are catchy and memorable. Important social and personal messages buried all throughout the lyrics. Hip hop used to be about more than shaking that booty or street violence! I'm going to try my best to steer clear of the "noise" to bring you only the BEST I can find! That's my promise to you!! Now go enjoy the show! Let me know what you think! Please share and tweet! Find everything Halshack at 24 hour radio station spinning shows at random (You can usually find the premieres playing heavily on the station on premiere day) you can find my show anywhere but the main podcast host feed is at PODOMATIC! you can stream or download any show! You can always find the the show here too IHEART, ITUNES, DEEZER, AMAZON MUSIC, GOOGLE PLAY, STITCHER, PODOMATIC, TUNE IN, PLAYER FM, LUMINARY, plus many more!! DISCLAIMER---- NO I'm not converting my show to RAP. This will be an occasional event that will happen at random as I locate more quality material to support! This is a rap/hip hop only show so you know what you are playing this show for. If you dont want to listen to it then don't push play! This show has "adult" themes and language and you have been WARNED!!!! Enjoy!!! Thanks for supporting the RAP SHACK!! NEW Ep 22 coming soon! Talk show introducing all the new (mainstream) acts found in the REVERBNATION campaign!!
Vol 8 is great and the last in the Halphabet Shack series running down a list of all the bands that have ever been featured on my show over my 6 years as a podcast! There are some new songs in this show and some long time favorites! The VEER UNION serving up 2 NEW tracks!! They are epic!! You will love it! Have fun on my "roll-a-dex" of bands! My fans sure have over the last half decade!! Check out the new Valentines episode (HEARTS DESIRE) and find everything Halshack at my website! Thanks for tuning in and supporting indie music! Be sure to find the bands pages and support them too on social media and your favorite media for music!! BIG NEWS!! I will be branching out into rap for genre specific shows only so as to not let it conflict with the mainstream show. I may throw in one here and there that has that ability to cross-over! New avenues require new expansions! I received a ton of awesome material in the submission campaign with REVERBNATION! Better not let it go to waste! They need to be known by the world!! The RAP SHACK is stellar (NO JOKE!!!! Real 100!!) and its on my watch so you know its going to be quality all the way! Stay tuned for more announcements!! ......did somebody say SHACK COUNTRY??? maybe....maybe you might have heard that
Happy Valentines Day to my lovely fanbase of cupids and Anyone who knows me, knows I have the biggest HEART full of love and compassion so I always do something special for Valentines Day. Why would this year be any different so we got some new tunes as usual with a very cool (instrumental) from the master of the sitar (Roger Jaeger). Well it's been 2 years since the love of my life became the love of my past. I'm on the right path to building my musical destiny but I'm lacking something crucial in my life and thats love. Who's the woman who has the key to unlock the door to my heart for our future? (lol...that was good, I just thought of I'm just me, a fun loving goof with a BIG heart and passion for life and romance and music! Big Little Lions said it well, there's a woman who will leave a mark in the best part of me, love to find her!! HAPPY VALENTINES DAY to all my family, friends, fans and bands! I wish you all much love and happy for this (hopefully better) year of 2021!! Follow the Halshack at my website or any of your favorite music sources! (except Spotify)
Well well here's a swell idea!! Lets have a fun little party with all the long standing HALSHACK artists that have been discovered on REVERBNATION by yours truly over the last 4 years!! Ive toiled and boiled over thousands and thousands of bands to find these ABSOLUTE STANDOUTS who are on the same level as or better than their professional counterpart!! NO JOKE!! I'VE SPENT THE LAST 4 YEARS OF MY LIFE CURATING BANDS OFF REVERBNATION PLUS MANY OTHER PLACES! THIS IS ABSOLUTE SOME OF THE TOP PICKINGS ON REVERBNATION! I HAVE LOST MUCH MUCH SLEEP AND HAVE BEEN STRETCHED OUT MONTHS SOMETIMES TO CURATE THE PERMISSION FROM JUST ONE SINGLE ACT!! THIS WAS NOT AN EASY FEAT TO DO TO GET TO THIS POINT AND GAIN THE OWNER and PRES of the COMPANIES ATTENTION! I HOPE IT WILL BE A BENEFICIAL VENTURE FOR BOTH AND ESPECIALLY FOR YOU THE BANDS! Enjoy this GREAT show as well as others at my website or your favorite music service or ZENO FM!!
NEW MUSIC ALERT! BRAND NEW SONGS!! Your ears are going to think you died and went to heaven over the new songs and sounds in episode 7! Its a fabulous mix of great tunes from the next group of my talented acts from A to Z! (S-U) is sure to give you a clue that if you haven't heard the Halshack before then you are in for quite a score!! Have fun getting to know our great bands and solo artists as you look forward to number 8! I'm sure it will be GREAT! Later folks, be sure to find all the great Halshack shows on your favorite music service or ZENO FM or my website
No 6 in the A to Z jamboree! Vol 6 is bliss as we blaze a trail through the canvas landscape of colorful bands and sounds! Its letters R through S as we make a mess of the playlist and your ears. Its not curated, its a noise factory eargasm of different styles and bands throughout the history of my popular show for the last 6 years! Have fun and lets look forward to a productive and busy 2021! Find everything HALSHACK at my website 24 hour streaming radio station
HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Well we made it!! DANG!! What a year its been! Lets try to start 2021 off with a bang!! Brand new show to ring out the last day of the year including all new songs and a special Christmas/New Years treat from one of our ace bands!! Keeping on with the "letter series" and these worldly bands of the world and the written word!! Its Vol. 5 of HALPHABET SHACK (P-R) (3 more to go after this) Enjoy this end of the year blow out party from yours truly! Have a happy and safe NEW YEAR from all of us here at the HALSHACK, wishing you well this upcoming 2021 as we look for steady growth and carving a path forward! After all, it is the year of the OX!!... (no joke) HAPPY NEW YEAR!! website Find the Halshack on most major music platforms plus 24 hour radio staion ZENO FM Check out SHACKVIDS (Battlevids shows out now including an audio version Ep 21)
Happy Holidays everyone! It's been a battle to get through this challenging year of 2020 so over the summer the bands battled it out in my new video series!! SHACKVIDS What is Shackvids you ask? Well you remember MTV right? Real MTV like it used to be? Videos all the time with credits on the vids and animations in between and music all the time! Well I've recreated that nostalgia with all my bands videos!! More to come to for 2021 when I kick up season 2! So for now enjoy the best videos and music anywhere currently in the world right here on my website at the SHACKVIDS channel. There were 6 episodes containing 8 videos in each and the fans as well as the staff gave us a fantastic show!! We narrowed the list to the "Sweet 16" and put it into 2 videos! Enjoy the series at the SHACKVIDS page on my website! ENJOY the new 24 hour radio station at ZENO.FM As always you can find us just about anywhere you listen to your podcasts or your favorite tunes!! Thanks a bunch!!
The first time around Indie Flavors was such a HIT! We had serve up some more delicious tempting sounds for your ears and your brain to absorb!! Try out a sample of just SOME of the diversity and fantastic talent you will find buried across 60 hours of content spinning on my brand new 24/7 radio station serving up new tunes for you all day long through my shows!! Professional sounding vocal tags with station identification running in between the shows! New content coming from new podcasts PRODUCER SERIES and a new audio review show CREWS VIEWS TWO!! Keep it here at the, we continue to just GROW GROW GROW!! Thanks fans and our new friends at AMAZON MUSIC!! 24/7 HALSHACK RADIO
From letters to all those spoken words being heard on the NEW 24-hour radio station, its the BRAND NEW ep in the Halphabet Series vol 4 (M-P)! New songs and old time recurring tunes round out this vocabulary ordered special series as we zip through our library of talented acts. Check out the new HALSHACK RADIO!! Its open 24/7 spinning 60 hours of content every 3 days! We will be adding more as we go along! You can catch all the "special" exclusive shows for Amazon music and Tambr on the station too if youre listening at the right time. It all plays in order the shows were released. Those shows were put out in the latest ep 20 block!! get the app or play through the web link go to ZENO.FM and search HALSHACK!!
Singing "ABC,123" is how you feel free at the Halshack! And free is what it will be when you download or stream Vol 3 of my bevy of songsters I decree! ("I was a poet and didn't....") I'm not going to finish that phrase, Its lame just like this Have fun with this amazing group of musicians and fine artists of the whimsical word as well as rhythms! There is always an upstanding and outstanding group of talent on display on my show. Not one bad song, not one bad band ever!! Thats the Halshack promise .....GUARANTEED!!!! Find your fave new song on my show today!! Find my show on MOST music services and always my website BRAND NEW!! AMAZON EXLCUSIVE series (SHACK TRACKS)......out now on AMAZON MUSIC! You can only hear at AMAZON! Go find it today!! Thanks for being just awesome fans!
Its that time again! Time for more lessons in our ABC's! Its vol 2 of my eclectic series where we focus on just about every act that has ever been on the Halshack! Vol. 2 (D-G) with one "C" to decree because I accidentally overlooked this cutie of a "Cooksey" with a sea of potential just oozing from her adorable smile and infectious personality. She just released a new song too about her recent breakup that evidently shes had an easy time with, she cant even remember his name or came down with a sudden case of "Whats his name" makes its worldwide debut here on the Halshack. See, everything works out for a reason and I'm living proof of There's some more new tunes in this show as well as tracks barely heard. As always its fun interesting and you never know what youll hear next song. Its a music journey that only I can offer. Remember these shows have no flow. Its alpha order so you might get your "earwaves" discombobulated but at least its fun while doing Find my shows all over the world on most every major music outlet! New AMAZON MUSIC exclusive series coming soon!
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