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Howdy folks! Your friendly neighborhood music guy here back with another legendary episode! This time we will focus on a ton of the songs or the bands and artists that got me to where I am today in the industry!STEVIE NICKS (Stand Back) was officially released just last week by the PAPER JACKETS after remaining a sole exclusive on my show for 4 years- which still is--READ ON..... (its a new version featuring their new female singer) so the only one you will ever get hear on my show is the ORIGINAL (co produced version with Stevie Nicks) feels more like a Gen X version for all you old school music lovers!!CAVO and DURAN DURAN have a new side collab (COME UNDONE)...get it on the HALSHACK!FRANKIE MUNIZ (Fox tv and movie star) was a drummer in a band KINGSFOILMAGIC GIANT got popped by ROLLING STONE MAG in 2017...(earned my first real credit in the industry)SAM TINNESZ- is tearing up television and TIK TOK videos with his songs) 4 million followers, Hes been on my team for 3 years now!!Many many more great acts who gave me a helping hand to find my way in the industry!I'm very thankful for all their support and grateful for all my fans now in 400 markets and 100 countries! When we started we had ZERO!! Now we're headed somewhere relevant in the music industry 8 years later!Catch up on all things Halshack at my website or find my shows on Iheart, Itunes, Amazon Music and many more!!
DADS ROCK 2 feat. CAVO (new song) Its June, Its FATHER'S DAY month and DADS love rock in all its forms plus DADS just plain rock at life (most of us In this episode you will hear from major rock band CAVO (former WB), BELOW 7 (Sony), MARQUIS of VAUDEVILLE (Dexter and Charmed) JR RICHARDS (former lead hit song Counting Blue Cars--DISHWALLA) plus Baltimore's #1 rock band CRASHING ATLAS (new Evanessence type band) also many other great bands!HAPPY FATHERS DAY!!!Time for a story bio......... (I usually make these story bios off the cuff..lets see if I can work some magic Dads and as all people in general we sometimes find ourselves battling our own demons to be set free. Sometimes those battles can be lengthy and hard fought nights of depression and decay to the body spent enduring "100 Weeks in the Dark". In order to find your way to the light you may have to thrown down some "Kerosene" to fire up your path forward to a new life and possibly a new found love and support with feelings of bliss as you tread forward to that lovely emotional state of "Bliss Chemical". Be careful to not allow the negativity back in your life. As soon as things get better the "Wolves" come to tear apart everything that you love. Our younger "Millennial" friends, cousins, brothers and sisters,  have had a tougher time at life than we Xers have in some respects but hats off to them for managing to survive this cold yet web connected world. They still remember a time when we didn't type out our hand written "Letters to Penelope". We never know what the future may hold. "Where We're Standing Now" may not necessarily be the place you're supposed to be. You may have to get "a Little High and a Little Low" before you find where to plant your roots as have I and many of us have from all walks of life. Many of us have found a "White Light" at the end of the tunnel in love and relationships whether it be lovers, friends, or family but sometimes those lights come in the form of powder burns when their words sting like "Bullets". It may make you feel like you are not being validated and going "Unnoticed" for your contribution. Take a second to think about how you respond or what your next move is. The world can be a huge scary place when facing it alone with your "Lonely Bones".This world is demanding, life is demanding, jobs are demanding, it can feel like its a bit too much and leaving us looking for some "Sanity in Madness" that is the state of today. In the end, life is what you make it. Go out there and conquer the world as I have so you can say look at "What I've Become" rather than "Falling" on your face so you will "Never Look Back" to your old life of negative mind state and hard times. This is a new world folks! I don't know what it means for us Xers and how we fit in but lets hear some great music and great bands while we bring you some "New Blood" to conquer the music industry!Thanks for tuning in and rocking out! Find our show on all major music services including IHEART radio, ITUNES, APPLE podcasts, DEEZER, AMAZON MUSIC and many more!Thanks for becoming a fan! 400 cities and 100 countries just love what we do over the course of the last 8 years!!
WAMPUS CAT has been POSTPONED till Fall due to rain coming all week and the weekend! We are very sorry to announce this unfortunate news. We hope to see you there at a later date. The concert WILL happen! This legendary CAT will be seen one day in Lee County!!We got a new date!! AUG 5-7th!! Be there!! Almost time for the WAMPUS CAT MUSIC FESTIVAL (5/13-5/15)  Thought I'd squeeze out the last REVERBNATION CAMPAIGN #3 show before we head to the fest!! Campaign #4 is on the way!! Starting very soon! In this show you will hear some diff styles and genres I don't normally touch on but every so often. Lots of cool blues and reggae in this one. Some of the best horn work Ive heard in my life is in ANOTHER NIGHT by Alexandrina. More new tracks from Eddie and Cassy London from the last episode.  This show has Nic Collins (Phil Collins son) as a drummer in a new band BETTER STRANGERS. Lots to hear and LOVE! Ill be on stage at the WAMPUS CAT in Sanford, NC!! See you there!Catch everything Halshack at www.halshack.com24 hour radio the show on IHEART, ITUNES, AMAZON MUSIC and many more!!
 BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!! Event has been CANCELLED due to bad weather! I am heartbroken Sanford and Lee County!! I have ZERO affiliation with the events company who was sponsoring the festival. I was merely volunteering my services because 4 of my bands were on the ticket. I grew up in Sanford so I wanted to help ensure they had a great event. Its very unfortunate that the events company took a major financial blow and had to shutter their doors. I had ZERO involvement in any of that. Just a radio station like the local Iheart radio sponsors trying to help!LISTEN UP..... AMAZON MUSIC and IHEART RADIO and ITUNES and all HALSHACK channels!! WE GOT A HUGE FESTIVAL EVENT COMING!! Well Its Season 4 Ep 26 being released on April 26th (4-26) Hows that for the BEST unplanned timing!! I also fell into a HUGE festival event! Its the WAMPUS CAT MUSIC FEST coming to North Carolina! Many Halshack acts made the ticket including Seth and Sara, the City limit, Crashing Atlas, and Below 7. Catch them all plus 70 other acts including headliners LIT, EVERCLEAR and SISTER HAZEL! In this episode you will hear new acts from the latest Reverbnation Campaign #3 and the Halshack acts from the Wampus Cat that will be playing as well as 3 new acts I found that will be at the upcoming festival to include on my quality team. JR RICHARDS (from DISHWALLA) will be at the fest and hes in my show!! I'm stoked!!Iheart Radio will be there, Several radio stations will be there, I will be there presenting some of the bands on stage! Gonna be the biggest party NC has seen in years!!Get you half price tickets now (only 65 bucks parking included to go all weekend) Tix on sale through May 1st then back to full price after! 2 for the price of 1 tickets (GET THEM NOW)!! Tent and RV packages available as well! www.wampuscatmusicfestival.comStarts Fri May 13th, 2022 at 11am and ends Sun May 15th at 9pm! Gross Farms3345 Rosser Pittman RdBroadway, NC (just south of Sanford)SEE You there!! webwww.halshack.com24 hour radio
Its Reverb campaign number 3 and these raps are beast that most would agree! Almost 2000 submissions and these select few were chosen. Only the best beats and raps for the Halshack!All new artists with new tunes to the show. New styles this time around too. We got some jazz and alt pop infused hip hop!! Cutting edge music and genres are what my show has become famous for. We got a new Spotify playlist series coming called the FIRE SHACK featuring the best of the RAP SHACK series! Brand new ep 26 Shacknation vol 6 and 7 will be coming next!Be sure to catch me out "live" at the Wampus Cat Music Festival next month May 13-15th in Sanford NC! Over 70 acts!! All weekend festival. Tent and RV packages available!Ill be there on stage presenting 4 quality Halshack acts including Below 7 and Crashing Atlas!!Thanks for becoming a fan! Catch Halshack all over the web!!
Halshack is Playin' with FIRE!! Double Sam action with the fiery sounds of SAM TINNESZ along with SAM and SOUNDS floating on Cloud 9 in the UK! Both Sams have been part of my quality team for some time now. Sam Tinnesz has been "blowing out" his hot "hits" all over my show for the last 3 years!!Music is life and life is music for many! Space and the cosmos hold the building blocks for life as we know it here on planet Earth. The elements are varied and mixed from water to fire to earth to the very air we breathe. These musicians work hard to breathe these elements into their craft to bring to you here on the HALSHACK.The elements bring passion to our music and our lives to create rich stories and vibrant lyrics with soaring melodies in some tunes or just "badass" vibes in others!!...lolWe owe everything to space and the planet Earth and all the chemistry it gives us in life, love, and pure enjoyment of all things elemental!!Rock on or play with fire or just chill in the sunshine! However you do life, do it with the Halshack!!EP 26 coming soon!! All new music from the 3rd Reverbnation campaign! We picked up another star!! BELINDA CARLISLE of "the GO GOs" is back in a duo act with Gabe Lopez!! We got new station ID tags coming from my partner Greg Goodell,. We also got a former American Idol from Season 13 returning to the scene on my show AANNNDDDD we got a brand new "exclusive series" coming to SPOTIFY soon. Its being sponsored by my partner MIKE HOFFMAN at MLM ENTERTAINMENT! First up will be the FIRE SHACK (best of Rap Shack series) There will be a slew of genre specific shows all with their own name and special series of music!Also be sure to catch 2 Halshack acts passing through NC on the weekend of May 13-15thCRASHING ATLAS and The CITY LIMIT will both be on the indie stage at the Wampus Cat Music Festival in Broadway NC just outside of Sanford! (my old stomping grounds where I grew up)Always more news to come!! The indie grassroots movement that is the Halshack will never stop!!Find my show all over the web including ITUNES, IHEART, and AMAZON MUSIC (many more...) as well as the show home PODOMATIC!www.halshack.com24 hour radio me on social media...say hi!If you got music and you want on my show then find me anywhere or email me! Im not hard to locate or to talk too either! I dont make any promises Ill accept your music. It all depends on what you create!Have fun! Be safe this spring!! The elements can be nasty this time of year!!
If most of you don't already know Im Generation X! We are the smallest Generation in the world in existence but yet we had the largest impact on culture from music to tv and movies to the very smartphone you hold in your hand! My generational brothers and sisters are lost in this new world. We imagined a world where we could strive forward and make the necessary changes that our parents and grand parents neglected to see or admit. We were told to sit down and shut up and eat our brussel Kids have no say!! Therefore we are lost (most of us not all), the forgotten ones, left to fend for ourselves to try to grow a career out of a life of disappointment and most of the time utter chaos. We found solitude in each other and our music for it was all we had! We were the kids daring enough to do bike stunts in the backyard and play "war" around the neighborhood till the lights came on! We were partying in the woods and having bonfires before it was even cool and we were the first to play video games at home and all you had to do find where all your friends were was look for the most bikes in the front yard! Those were the days! Now our generation is left to pick up the pieces of our aging parents, crushing debt, and Gen Z children who want a better life than what most of us can give or offer. We were branded the first and most "color blind" generation. We want nothing but peace and love for all humanity and coexistence was our forte. We were groomed by our parents to get the great job and the white picket fence with 2.7 kids and a pension to fall back on but sadly the world that was created by them has been destroyed by them as well and we as always are overlooked for our opinions and knowledge and experience. It seems that the current social climate culture is trying to suppress every thing we knew as kids from our music to movies. The major labels used to "care" about you the listener, now all they care about is the mighty dollar and "streamagers" They are the ones who have time to pass around garbage and call it music because once you've heard GREAT, you cant go back or be subjected to tolerating less than talent. Its like trading down for a crappier car than the one you have. Why would you???...lolSo why tolerate the BS they are handing out and why keep listening to 30 year old music you've heard 5000 times!! (yes its great and you LOVE it) but there's always room to LOVE something else too!Apparently we Gen Xers who created music what it is today doesn't have time to make sure we influence music in the right direction. A "LIKE" does nothing for a band on social media but hitting the "SHARE" button is the ultimate goal. That's what gets the message out to social media feeds around the globe!!We have to stop and ask ourselves "Are we part of the problem that music has headed the way it has" That's a resounding YES because no one wants to lift a finger to retweet or share their fave indie band or a new act they found to their buddies (Some of you will, but most wont) and that's very unfortunate that the GEN that calls themselves the most critical thinking most problem solving most active GEN in history cant "hit a button". ...lolWe can all do better!! So next time hit the share button for a band you like or my show. They cant do it on their own and neither can we. This is going to take a grassroots movement from all of us. Its how my show and reputation have gotten to where it is today because of good people like you and great fans all over the world in 100 countries!!Find my show on all major music services (Itunes, Iheart Radio, Amazon Music, Deezer etc..) across the globe (except for Spotify) Check out my website!! All shows posted here and all Halshack news 15 pages worth!!www.halshack.com24 hour radio station spinning random shows and commercial ads for other podcasters shows! for becoming a fan!! PS...... CHECK OUT my reboot of MTV on my website (SHACKVIDS) will be coming to network television one day....cant wait to get music videos back on TV!!!!
Reverb Campaign #3 is here and we all agree that you cant go wrong with these rappers of this degree! Skills is the game we play and song writing is how we plan to stay! Sticky...sticky..sticky goodness is what we're all about here at the "shack"! Radio used to mean catchy, radio used to mean solid hooks and tracks you can sing along or rap too because you can understand the lyrics and its written in a way that makes sense to your mind that anyone can relate. Its the reason "hit songs" became hit songs. Those songs back in the day spoke to a wide range of people from all walks of life from all backgrounds to all races. That's what good mainstream hits do. They bridge the gap and bring people together under one common love and that's the love of music. If your song has the ability to grab multiple generations attention from multiple cultures across the world then you're on to something BIG!Halshack dives deep into the indie market to pull out and showcase what could be "hits" in their respective rights to their genres or styles. These rappers and creators are out here working their butts off grinding daily through life and work to try to spark some life back into the rap scene we all used to know and love and cherish! Gen X owns all popular music types. We expanded what was a bland market of soft rock disco and pop and turned the world on its head with stars like Dre, Snoop Dog, Madonna, Metallica and Guns and Roses etc..... There is no one better at music and its time to recapture that magic before all hope is lost to the major labels and their agenda to "dumb down" the industry! Well we're not having it here on the Halshack! In the words of the great TWISTED SISTER "NO! We're not gonna take it anymoroorrreeee"...lolBe sure to catch MIGS718 "live" at SXSW 2022 in Texas March 19!  Im sure it will be a great showcase! Over 500 artists on display! We have one more from the Halshack! Portland rockers "40 Feet Tall" will also be out live in Texas! The show is growing all over the world folks and especially out in Kansas! MIDWEST SALOON is from KANSAS CITY and KC has quickly become one of my top cities in the world out of 400 locations is up on deck with a couple songs to show you their cool classic styles and vibe that only they can create!400 Metro Markets100 Countries110+ episodesGo find everything Halshack at my website! www.Halshack.com24 hour radio us all over the web at Itunes, Iheart, Podomatic, PlayerFM, Amazon Music, Deezer, plus many many many more........
Time to kick up heels (or boots) and get to steppin'!! Country steppin' that The HALSHACK knows country cause I grew up in the country sticks and backwoods of North Carolina. Still live here now and let me tell you not much has changed in the past 50 years. NC has seen alot of growth and advancements in the world of tech and medicine but if you take a ride out of town about 10 to 20 minutes from any metro area, you would think you just stepped through a time machine and you know what?? Thats the way we like it here!!...lolLittle bit of old, little bit of new, little bit of something borrowed or blue!! That is the country way and we are here to show you that way in our music and our traditions. Many of these artists in this show hail from the southeast where the heart and values are as big as the region we call home. There's something to be loved and said about country, folk and bluegrass. Its roots are buried deep in passion, folk lore and story telling. Its probably the last (least tarnished) major genre in the industry that still holds true to its history and foundation. These 11 bands and artists on display are all new and have recently been discovered in the REVERBNATION submission campaign series. It took thousands of artists to find these gems of farm hands and rustic The Hackens Boys are sure to please with triple tracks for your pleasure as well as (newcomer Sarah Buss) has stories to tell about those that are UNINVITED. Highway 31 will tell you all about their "UNLIKE HEROES" located on the "NORTH TEXAS SIDE" and Melissa Lee Zenker fell in love a little too quick in "TOO FAR GONE" just to not listen to a word he's sayin' in "BLAH BLAH BLAH". Too many more potential hits to love! So have fun dustin' off your tires and your heels (or boots)!!...lolBe sure to check it all out at my websitewww.halshack.com24 hour radio us all over the web!! ITUNES, IHEART, DEEZER, AMAZON MUSIC, plus many more!Thanks for fanning the Halshack!! (we feel very cool
HAPPY VALENTINES DAY folks!! A spur of the moment decision or actually a forgetful memory inspired this show to I always do something special for this lovely day because I'm a lovely feelin' Libra who's feelin' lovely and always in love with love. I'm usually "lucky in love" but not lately. I have no significant woman in my life at the moment so I've been living a closed knit life building my show for the last 3 years since I last said "I love you" to anyone in-person that wasn't family...lolLove is a complicated web of thick emotions, happy memories or sometimes traumatic events that has a profound effect on our lives in both positive and negative ways. The healthiest relationships can even see problems but those usually make it ok. Others are not so lucky. We all have our own love stories to tell and can relate to each of these artists stories whether its happy in love or wishing life had been different with a past loved one or just reflecting on oneself and your values as a person, finding in you what it takes for one to be happy and complacent in life.This has been a famously popular series around Halshack lore with 3 under our belt as of press time so this will be the 4th in my long standing iconic series of love shows for the holiday! Go find 14.5 "Love Shack", 19.5 "Music is Love" and 21.5 "Hearts Desire". All are different and all are truly brilliant!Enjoy what could be iconic hits across several genres. A newcomer to the scene (Sarah Olivia Buss) just submitted to me under a brand new campaign from REVERBNATION! Campaign number 3 is under way and she is the first and only artist to be pulled for this round yet. We are pleased to add Sarah to our quality team as I feel she is a special starlet just waiting to happen! She certainly grabbed my attention as well as my label partner associates. Well done Sarah!! More to come in future episodes from this rising talented artist!Ok get busy loving on your partner or (tears for a past love) sorry about that! These songs are too good (I cant help that one or two might make you all my shows and everything Halshack at my websitewww.halshack.com24 hour radio the show on most major music services (Itunes, Iheart, Deezer, Amazon Music, etc.....)See you soon,HAPPY LOVN' HALSHACK
Brand new music alert with EXCLUSIVES!!The most prestigious HALSHACK series is back once again!INDIE FLAVORS 3 is here to tantalize your ear buds while we waist away in all this winter weather here on the east coast of the USA! Cool music from some of your fave show veterans to heat up this blizzard-like landscape we call home and newcomers to the scene from the recent Reverbnation Campaign #2 which it turns out number #3 is on its way. Set to start for Feb and March 2022!Past Indie Flavors shows have earned us accolades and awards from PLAYERFM (Podcast of the Day) and PODCHASER (Curated Oct list) plus others! So I'm sure this show will aim to please and reach new heights in Halshack lore!!MIGS718 (Rap Shack star talent) from cold and snowy NYC is makin' his way into the mainstream alt scene with his first ever premiere exclusive pre-release of "I DIDN'T MIND"!! Get it here!! ONLY on the HALSHACK!!So just sit back and enjoy these tasty treats we have "in-store" for you! You can only get them in "my store". Its a one of a kind souffle of musical ambience that only I can cook up and present through my vast cookbook of musical tastes and special access to secret sauces....lolHave fun in my musical "kitchen of dreams"! Find us everywhere you find great music! IHEART, ITUNES, GOOGLE, AMAZON MUSIC, STITCHER, DEEZER, PODOMATIC and many more!!or directly find everything Halshack at my websitewww.HALSHACK.COMor my 24 hour radio stationwww.ZENO.FM/HALSHACKThanks for being a true fan of music and helping to spread the word!! (I see you KANSAS CITY, WICHITA, and HUTCHINSON)!! You guys rock!!!!!THANK YOU FOR HELPING TO GROW MY SHOW....It means alot!! It truly does!! We need all the help we can get to get major music back on track!
BRAND NEW!! HOT NEW BANDS!All new Reverb campaign #2!!Shacknation vol 5Hear ye! Hear ye! 2022 is here and so is a whole new season 4 of the Halshack! We are blazing a trail through the unknown future of the year with the unknowns of the industry!I'm hoping this year will be better than the last 2 for all as we set course poised in a good position to look forward to a very aggressive year making my way through the music sphere! After all it is the Chinese zodiac "year of the tiger" which are years that are historically known for cunning and aggression through all facets of life from business to personalities. I know a few Tiger people and they are not to be trifled with or (there may be a reason Soylent Green was set in 2022) I think the whole world is feeling the tension and I fear its only going to get worse before we see the light. So lets try to turn those aggressive frustrated thoughts and feelings into a smile of positivity and love with a one hour show of fun upbeat tracks to brighten anyone's mood (at least at the section is a country of cool new hits and throw backs to classic styles from all the years of ramblin' musical roadhouse saloons so be sure to grab yourself a beer. The Hackens Boys have a story for you to sit down and think about over a brew with "I Need a Beer". So its ok if you get a little rowdy while listening to the Halshack. Just keep it good clean fun!!Thanks for everyone participating in the campaign with Reverbnation! 1800 submissions and 60 total were chosen across 4 new episodes. Shacknation 4 and 5 Rap Shack 4 and 5Find everything about the show on my website!www.halshack.com24 hour radio station (randomly plays recent shows) find us on IHEART, ITUNES, AMAZON MUSIC, GOOGLE, STITCHER and many more!!
BRAND NEW!! NEW MUSIC ALERT!!Reverb campaign #2 tons of new acts also including veterans of the Halshack!Looks like we wrapped up 2021 with a bang with 4 rap shows under our heels and stuck in our heads which left you and us wanting more good rap beats to get blasted out on repeat!! 2021 also left us Betty White's legacy of love, humor and a positive message for all even if her photo with famous rapper Easy E was photoshopped (which it was) we can all relate to the "mother" we see in Betty White! She was cool enough to hang with Easy and Dre! I'm sure they would have loved having her around for a party! SOOO speaking of parties! Lets kick off the new year with a hip-hop party like none other! ONLY the Halshack can bring you these special curated shows and exclusive music with this level of professionalism, experience and knowledge behind my years of history in the biz.1800 submissions and 60 total got picked across 4 shows! Well done to all those involved!We got BIG PLANS for the new year so let's show the world what were all about here at the HALSHACK!!Be sure to catch the rock/alt/pop/country episode SHACKNATION 5!Find my show at www.halshack.com24 hour radio us on IHEART, ITUNES, AMAZON MUSIC, GOOGLE, STITCHER, and many more!!
Well Its that time of year you see where we are all full of holiday glee. Welcome to the first ever holiday shack episode. I managed to find enough good material from my artists with a mix of original tunes and some very well known Christmas yule tide cheer. Have fun and enjoy your holidays while sipping eggnog by the fire or the BBQ if youre from the land down under. Not much of a bio here. Im in the middle of moving my entire life and history for the last decade to a new home where I can build more fond Christmas memories in the new HALSHACK!Have a safe and happy holidays from all of us here at the Halshack! As always catch more great shows at my website or 24 hour radio station on ZENO FM or just about any music service out there!!HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!
SHACKNATION vol 4 is all the lore as we dive into the digital sea of amazing talent that most agree! Here we are with another round from the Reverbnation campaign #2! we got lots to share and plenty of new tunes and good artists to boot!! Speaking of a boot, Santa's boot will be showing up at the end for 3 Christmas songs to get you in the season! The bonus this month will be the FIRST EVER Halshack CHRISTMAS/Holiday episode! I managed to find enough quality material and fun holiday songs from my artists! About half and half originals or classics to bring in the holiday cheer!So weve got special surprises and presents of great tunes abound for this special Vol 4 show. Its a little more indie this time around. We got some cool rock bands too and new pop/alt as well as a retro block!New soft sounds like Colbie Caillat from around New York that remind me of "bright sunshine" on  warm spring/summer afternoon! Also a special talented female rocker hidden away in Wasaga Beach Ontario Canada!So much more to tell! Halshack has been published in a book and its the number #1 new release on Amazon!! "WHY 75% of PODCASTS FAIL AND HOW YOU CAN AVOID IT" a book by Daniel LarsonI'm so honored for all the love!! Yall have fun listening to the great episode and Ill catch you peeps just in time for the Holidays with a bonus show! Find the Halshack anywhere including Itunes, Iheart, Stitcher, Amazon Music, Google, the list goes on....Websitewww.Halshack.com24 hour radio all  Podcasters, Im taking up free commercial ads to run on my radio station for you podcasters to help grow a community of hope and engagement! Please contact me about free promotion at or find me on my webite contact page or find me anywhere on social media!Thanks for all my fans!!HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!!
BRAND NEW MUSIC ALERT!! REVERBNATION CAMPAIGN #2 is underway! Over 1000 submissions so far and here we are with 15 plus new artists! Its Thanksgiving you see and we all have to agree that giving the gift of music is how we find some glee this dismal holiday season! We're still facing a pandemic thats plaguing the world as we head into 2022 so let's all take some time out of our busy hectic lives to share the love of music and mostly positive messages of strength and encouragement plus some damn good beats and hooks along the way. New school, old school, everybody's school!! My 30 years of rap knowledge and expert skills knows exactly what to sniff out of my extensive book of musical knowledge for melody and ambience plus diversity and flow of how a proper show should go and what material should be on display! SKILLS SKILLS SKILLS and what you produce for songs is what gets you on my show! ONLY THE BEST folks! Mainstream doesnt do it this good anymore but I DO, each and EVERY time!!Im proud to have stumbled upon a new collective group hailing from the good ole south. Mississippi has been hiding a gem in a little town south of Jackson. They are known as JOOV brought to us through ROCKPORT ENTERTAINMENT!There's also some of our Halshack rap veterans on deck with YOUNGIE and DON STAXKS (were both discovered during the first campaign with Reverbnation)  JAWNY BADLUCK and JAYBREEZY were picked up from collabs from the BSQUARED MGMT show! We also have more new tracks from newcomers via MLM ENTERTAINMENT and MIKE HOFFMAN with his son MIGS718 showing his "Blessings" in life and LADIBREE receiving blessings as a "BORN WINNER"!This show is FIRE!! that only I can bring exclusively to your ears through your car stereo!!...lolFind all RAP SHACK series and other Halshack shows at my website www.Halshack.com24 hour radio station (random rotation but will run heavily at initial release) all my shows also on AMAZON MUSIC, IHEART, ITUNES, PODOMATIC, STITCHER, XRP RADIO, GOOGLE MUSIC etc.........THANKS so MUCH to all who are involved!! We cant have indie music and a family without supporters to help achieve all our common goals as a team! 
Well well look what we have here! Look, up on stage! Its an actor, no its a dancer, no its the SUPERFINDS! These are all top 5 artists from the various BATTLE series shows. Some even made both top bands in the Batlleshack and Battlevids series! Well done!I try to pick songs, as usual, that have not had much rotation or are new to keep every show as fresh as possible! So in no particular order, other than mastered into my artistic "trademark" flow, I present to you the best of the best of our infamous contest series! Catch all new shows coming soon, every 2 weeks at the least you will get a show from me! Just recently I released SHACKTRACKS 5 onto Zeno FM and Amazon Music as well as my website!www.halshack.com24 hour radio the show all over the web on Iheart, Itunes, Amazon Music, Podomatic and many many more!Thanks for tuning in, if you are new then go back and find all 100 episodes covering over 200 artists, spanning 2000 songs across 10 popular genres over my last 7 years as a podcast!I play no games and make no jokes when I say this IS the next armada of real HIT artists just about left on the planet! Anything that resembles what we once knew on the radio in the 70s 80s 90s and 2000s has been taken in and given a home here at the Halshack! We are building a team here of next level artists and songs that encompass the universe of music that will define the HALSHACK in the years to come!Glad you're all along for the ride!Untill next time! .....REVERBNATION CAMPAIGN #2 is on the way!.Look for Rap Shack 4 to probably kick it off more than likely! 
HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! Its the 80's! Nothing screams Halloween and FUN like the 80's!! So lets have an 80's party HALSHACK style! This show includes my signature song from the PAPER JACKETS and STEVIE NICKS!!A 100% authorized personally endorsed created version of STAND BACK!! The band worked behind the scenes personally with miss Nicks for almost 2 years on this song and album that was handed to me as the sole exclusive promoter and podcaster on the planet to have rights to play! Im super super honored!!Cant go into details but the whole project was canned and tanked 1 month before release back in March 2018. The band ultimately went a different direction and signed with an indie label after a series of unfortunate events that I cant divulge because I was involved with this project long before it was ever announced or even known about, still no one really does except for long time fans of my show. Last time this song was played was about 1 year and half ago I believe, so its time to dust the cobwebs off the tune for Halloween and lets have a good ole 80s party with all the gang including BOMBARGO who "recreated" the iconic walk on Abbey Rd in London just to get some "OXYGEN"! (oh and probably so they could take this have a blast with yet another super high quality show from yours truly! Have a fun and happy safe HALLOWEEN 2021!!Find my show everywhere!! ITUNES IHEART, AMAZON MUSIC, PODOMATIC...etc......www.halshack.com24 hour radio PODCASTERS and anyone else with a service to offer! I'm taking FREE ads on my radio station at ZENO FM to help build us all a thriving community of hope and engagement!!Find me on social media or my website or heres my email. Just send me a 30 second ad or less to (if you dont have music I may be able to help you with that)
These are the bands and artists who at least got some votes in our Battleshack 3 competition! All these acts are just brilliant in every way! Best bonus in our 7 year existence! I will add more later to the bio! I needed to get these shows released!
100th episode spectacular!! Battleshack 3 is here! Best of the new artists over the last 2 years!!90 artists and this is your TOP 10 playlist built by fans and important people in the business!A full bio will be out soon! Just enjoy! Along with SHACKCREDIBLES 3 will be out soon!!
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