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1. St Peter Out first designs 2. Power Moves 3. Song Sleuth 4. Health star rating for soda water 5. What were we up to in 2010? Hamish & Andy Unlimited 
1. Garage door prank - Who was really at fault? 2. Rudy’s Mr. Dinkles birthday cake 3. Chit Chat Champion 4. Another Shane Jacobson update 5. What were we up to in 2008? Hamish & Andy Unlimited 
1. Who did I see? 2. Power Moves 3. Poop Bros. 4. The Duping Game 5. What were we up to in 2006? Hamish & Andy Unlimited 
1. Showing Zoë a magic trick 2. Jack’s wedding invite 3. Sam the Fruit Ninja – special skill 4. Chomp Choir logistics 5. Body Drying update – 1 week later 
1. Lawyer chat - Can you trademark a smell? 2. The Belly Button Bandit – Amelia’s special skill 3. How do you dry your body? 4. Real-life fruit ninja 5. Spyra water pistols 
1. Andy by Hamish vs. Rexona Coconut 2. Horgs’ son best on ground 3. Alex the Snack Speculator – Special skill 4. The inside word on Industry Superfunds ads 5. Amelia – The belly button heat-seeker 
1. Jill Post’s Pancake Parlour gripe 2. Horgs’ thoughts on Lazy Susans 3. House cleansing witch 4. Tell Us Someone We Haven’t Thought Of In A While 5. St. Peter Out necklaces 
1. Zio Pino’s 40th birthday 2. Andy’s garage door repairman 3. Power Moves 4. 12 Pot Perfection – Nick’s beer carrying special skill 5. Chomp Chat – a chomptacular peter out? 
1. Chomp chums choir chat 2. Upset Andy 3. Hamish’s Bug-a-Salt laser review 4. Academy Awards winners – special skill 
1. Sensitive mouths super show / Nandos undercover experiment 2. Milk expiry – special skill 3. Andy visits the dentist 4. Spaghetti length – special skill 
1. Andy comes out guns blazing  2. Greg Internet vs Magic Mike 3. Dan Sugar’s teeth chomping presentation – Special Skill 4. Hamish’s first golf lesson 5. Minty lamb 
1. Heated jackets 2. Worst crime you've committed in the eyes of the in-laws 3. Power moves 4. Is honesty the best policy? 5. Dan Sugars, the melodic chomper 6. Remembering Project – Mike’s blooper 
1. Schweppes Follow Up 2. Instant jingles – Mick’s Special Skill 3. Dog Limousine 4. Chit Chat Champion 5. Industry Superfunds ad suspicions 
1. Upset Andy 2. Movie trailer voiceovers 3. Celebrating sensitive mouths with some potential special skills 4. Gustomer service check - Lifetime Trailers 5. The Remembering Project - Kevin Rudd 
1. Power Moves 2. Choir Chums – Mike’s exceptional gear change 3. Hamish is breaking up with his pots and pans 4. The Human Word Count – Joel’s special skill 5. Keep It or Delete It: Pubic hair 6. The Remembering Project is back! 
1. The Bug-A-Salt Review 2. Can you tell the Olsen Twins apart? Millie’s Special skill 3. Andy Airbnb'd a celebrity’s house 4. Hamish is open to golf sponsorships 
1. The Bug-A-Salt arrives 2. David & Goliath 3. Gustomer Service: Roof Carrier Systems 4. The King of the Claw – Nick's skill tester special skill 5. Food heroes and villains 
1. Another choir chum 2. Window Wow 3. Alcohol percentage – special skill 4. Tall Terrier mud bath 
1. Upset Andy 2. Baby beard presentation 3. Café Gusto gusto check 4. Bug-a-Salt 5. A suspicious Special Skill submission
1. Horgs’ devastating announcement 2. Power Moves 3. National Parks Special Skill 4. Dutch Deals hat 5. Song to Cram 
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Chad Ryan

65mmo iyfpo9 a weedq

Apr 7th



Jul 21st

Kathryn Booth

love this episode so much

May 14th


when was the last time you were wrist deep in a dog? 🤣🤣 I'd love to sit back and have a few beers with you Hamish and listen to the unrestricted Hamish... pulling no punches! i love a swear word as a punch line when it's done right and I reckon you'd be the master of this, if you're this funny tame.... your friends and family are lucky to hear all the good stuff 🙂

May 6th

Matthew Connelly

why the hell am I subscribed to this?

Jan 30th

TheMan TheLedge

first comment, i win, do I get a 8 coin, coin?

Nov 16th

Adam Williams

Bring back old episodes

Nov 28th

Brad Samuels

where did the episodes go? 😫

Nov 16th
Reply (1)

Samuel Inameti

where did the podcast go?

Oct 3rd

Jarrod O'Connell

Umm there’s no podcasts here anymore

Sep 25th
Reply (4)

Jessy Rogers

has this podcast been deleted?

Sep 24th

jon herron

what happened to my subscription? it no longer loads

Sep 23rd

Claire Grant

come rn

Sep 8th

Steve Glenn

hahahaha ha

Jun 20th

Kori Glidden

Good one lads

Jun 12th

Heath Mauger

happy birthday Andy

Jun 8th

Kori Glidden

Yea boys

May 31st

Jessy Rogers

The back pack dance is called "the floss"

May 8th

Caleb Smith

can i have a coin?

Apr 13th

Master Panda61

love it

Apr 4th
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