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Australian comedy duo Hamish Blake and Andy Lee continue to taunt each other and their button-pusher Jack with a weekly show that is more about their listeners than it is about themselves. Hamish & Andy question and test the smaller things in life, no pondering too small. Visit
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Hamish realises that if the show continues to call out confectionary related fails, then they should also celebrate all the chocolate heroes out there. Andy really struggles with giving advice to Bec, so gives Hamish & Jack a chance to prove their boyfriend capabilities. A local radio show is stealing segments from the podcast, Hamish has a car based game with his kids, and the listeners return to Upset Andy again.  1. Chocolate heroes 2. Boyfriend simulator 3. Upset Andy 4. Hamish’s Sandstorm blowhole game 5. Segment Sleuth - Jack rips off Song Sleuth 
Hamish has discovered what may be the best prank ever in a kids magazine he bought for Sonny, while Andy thinks Bec might be too empathetic after an incident at the F1. Bernard jumps on the show to demonstrate his Bluey expertise against Bluey creator Joe Brumm, and The Royal Perth Mint delivers some tough blows.  1. Royal Perth Mint 2. Bec has too much empathy 3. Kids magazine hat prank 4. Bernard’s Bluey brilliance - special skill 5. Malteasers April Fools 
Hamish brings a gripe to the table for the guys, talking about jokes he doesn't think his wife Zoe gives enough respect to. Tell Us Someone returns for 2024 and Andy's got a Keep It or Delete It that might be the worst thing ever brought to the show, plus some very powerful power moves!  1. Jokes your partner doesn’t respect 2. Power moves 3. Choccy news 4. Tell us someone we haven't thought of in a while 5. Keep it or Delete it - Only Farts 
The "I Will Never Mention Mr. Ralph" shirts have been released into the world, with various listeners sharing their pledges of silence around Mr. Ralph. The boys learn of a listener who shares Jim Chalmers' parkrun, and plan to catch him out with a parkrun sting. Hamish's favourite movie had a sequel in book form and there's a big, big sound that the Song Sleuth is investigating. 1. Mr. Ralph pledges 2. Upset Andy 3. Coin updates: Parkrun with Jim Chalmers 4. Hamish's book recommendation: Heat 2  5. Song Sleuth - GWS vs. Ke$ha 
The boys have a new initiative to ensure that Mr. Ralph is NEVER mentioned again on the show. Hamish has an incident with a spider and thinks they're getting more intelligent and Andy's back with a new round of "Who Did I See?" Plus, the guys listen to YOUR submissions to find out who will be the lucky winner of Hamish's two white tiger heads. 1. I will not mention Mr. Ralph 2. Spiders are getting ballsier 3. Who did I see? 4. Tiger head giveaway & song submissions 5. Andy’s apartment fiasco 
Hamish & Andy are joined by coin nerd (or expert) Joel Kandiah from The History of Money, who has a massive breakthrough on the quest to get a minted coin. The guys twist the stories in Salacious Headlines, and the chocolate scandals keep coming in, with a Toblerone injury and Ferrero Rocher debacle being shared. Plus, Hamish has a prize giveaway for a lucky listener... 1. Coinologist Joel 2. Salacious headlines 3. Ferrero Rochers and Toblerone injuries 4. Hamish's tiger heads up for grabs 
Andy has a huge idea for an adventure the show could go on involving the Royal Australian Mint and Jim Chalmers, but it could take over 2 years to come to fruition. Gustomer service checks are officially back, with Brisbane's Gusto da Gianni delivering an overwhelming level of gusto after a shaky start. Hamish has two new furry friends in his life and a special skill that seems beyond impossible.  1. H&A $1 coin 2. Gustomer Service Checks: Gusto da Gianni 3. Hamish’s Kittens 4. Impossibly quick clothes removal 
Hamish & Andy are back for 2024 and are wondering what the show stands for this year, and what might be better left in the past. Speaking of the past, Andy discovers Alicia Keys' SuperBowl blunder has been wiped from the internet, leaving the gang to discuss classic Hamish & Andy blunders they'd rather rewrite. Andy's fed up with taking on extra jobs around the house, and another batch of the most powerful power moves.  1. What do we stand for in 2024? 2. That's an Andy job 3. Power Moves 4. Rewriting history 
1. Extraordinary Discovery: Mr. Ralph meets Jack 2. Loose ends & fart emails 3. Kris Kringle - gifts we hate 4. Goodbye for 2023 & Remembering Project for summer 
1. Darcy under the microscope - robot vacuum 2. Upset Andy 3. Must be very nice merchandise infomercial 4. Best phone number 5. Sea-Monkeys dig in 
1. H&A bling fling - new Must Be Very Nice merch 2. Power Moves 3. Tales of Facebook Marketplace 4. Josh the nickname machine - Special skill 5. Henri as a housemate 
1. Croc wars - The journey so far 2. We finally get a hold of Tony 3. A Spectacular croc tour with Wes 4. Discussing the plaques 5. Peace talks with Tony and Wes  
1. Filling the gap candidates 2. Sea-Monkeys 3. Weatherman drops H&A references 4. Hamish’s supernatural quiz 5. Final croc wars business - gross allegations  
1. Andy’s flooded house 2. Tell Us Someone We Haven’t Thought Of In A While 3. Hamish’s board game idea 4. Croc war chaos - do we still go to Darwin? 
1. Mr. Ralph calls the show 2. Solid chocolate Kit-Kat mystery 3. Hamish’s ageing car beeps 4. The Croc Wars - a devastating update 
1. Fill a gap...with Andy's fake tooth 2. Hamish actually can't be a GP for a day 3. Note sniffer Josh - Special Skill 4. Chit Chat Campion: Father v daughter 
1. Hamish thinks he could be a doctor 2. Platform perfection - special skill 3. Power moves 4. Special Weasels Unit - Trestle tables 
1. Jack doesn’t want to talk about Mr Ralph 2. The deodorant sniffer - special skill 3. Croc wars - the secret tapes 4. Hamish's 'Do not review' 
1. Darcy under the microscope…again 2. Driveway is in use 24/7 & respecting the orange bollards 3. Bec in the bath - too rude for instagram 4. Power moves 5. Floor napping in domestic terminals 6. Mike's rat test 
1. A cheeky toilet excursion 2. Hamish’s face blindness trick 3. Andy the note sniffing canine 4. Croc myths 5. Mike’s apology song 
Comments (41)

Emma Elizabeth Hancock

I sent a picture to you guys of a box of chocolates with correct spelling and maltesers about 3 months ago

Apr 12th
Reply (1)

Mr kibria


Jan 27th

Mike B

fido the fish segment is probably my fav one so far!! 🤣

Sep 7th

Electrons are negatively charged and neutrons are neutral!

Sep 1st

Brett Stephens

what happened to the virtual horse racing?

Aug 11th

Chad Ryan

65mmo iyfpo9 a weedq

Apr 7th
Reply (1)



Jul 21st

Kathryn Booth

love this episode so much

May 14th


when was the last time you were wrist deep in a dog? 🤣🤣 I'd love to sit back and have a few beers with you Hamish and listen to the unrestricted Hamish... pulling no punches! i love a swear word as a punch line when it's done right and I reckon you'd be the master of this, if you're this funny tame.... your friends and family are lucky to hear all the good stuff 🙂

May 6th

Matthew Connelly

why the hell am I subscribed to this?

Jan 30th

TheMan TheLedge

first comment, i win, do I get a 8 coin, coin?

Nov 16th

Adam Williams

Bring back old episodes

Nov 28th

Brad Samuels

where did the episodes go? 😫

Nov 16th
Reply (1)

Samuel Inameti

where did the podcast go?

Oct 3rd

Jarrod O'Connell

Umm there’s no podcasts here anymore

Sep 25th
Reply (4)

Jessy Rogers

has this podcast been deleted?

Sep 24th

jon herron

what happened to my subscription? it no longer loads

Sep 23rd

Claire Grant

come rn

Sep 8th

Steve Glenn

hahahaha ha

Jun 20th

Kori Glidden

Good one lads

Jun 12th
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