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Hammerstone - Bootstrapping a Software Company
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Hammerstone - Bootstrapping a Software Company

Author: Aaron Francis, Sean Fioritto

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Two bootstrappers talking weekly about building a software business together.
15 Episodes
Refine is getting more and more Rails-y, Aaron talks about Torchlight and the Hammerstone thesis, and we debate the merits of the "launch immediately" trope.
Updates, Updates, Updates

Updates, Updates, Updates


So many updates! Aaron has twins now, which is a lot of babies. Sean talks about his job changes. We talk about Sidecar, Torchlight, the Laravel ecosystem, and much more.
Sean pitches Aaron on using YNAB for our business. We're making good progress in Rails and people want the Laravel version already.
Sean and Aaron attempt a "Sales Safari" for It gets a little painful because there aren't many results, and Aaron kind of feels like giving up. 
Sean has had an extremely busy week with work, other work, and house stuff. Aaron has up and running and ready to start selling.
Aaron has a bunch of mystery pain, Sean has a fix that's kind of "out there". Aaron runs into the owner of in a Twitter thread. Launching
Colleen and Sean have the Rails integration working, and Aaron talks about Laravel admin panels as a potential marketing channel.
Aaron has moved into the shedquarters, Sean can't sleep. We talk Airdrop, Full Stack Panic, and Refine refinements.
Aaron gets pushed out of his house for a week thanks to the freak storm. Sean makes some great progress on Hotwire.
We talk about being old, and tired. And hotwire!
Andrew from stops by.
Too Many Open Loops

Too Many Open Loops


Making Progress

Making Progress


Getting Too Technical

Getting Too Technical


We talk (in great detail) about our product. Too much detail.
What's Your Name?

What's Your Name?


Figuring it out as we go
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