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Kind of a pivot, but not really.Refine:
New year, new energy

New year, new energy


We're off to a good start for 2023.Refine:
Colleen and Aaron recap 2022 and look forward to 2023.Refine:
We're back baby!

We're back baby!


Colleen and Aaron are back from a hiatus.Refine:
Use Cases

Use Cases


Colleen and Aaron talk through use cases for Refine that may actually get people excited.Refine: https://torchlight.devAaron:
Back from Vacation

Back from Vacation


Aaron and Colleen are both back from vacation with a lot of updates to share.Refine: https://torchlight.devAaron:
Aaron got stranded in Dallas thanks to two cancelled AA flights. We're sending outreach emails and doing a bunch of ancillary product work.Refine: https://torchlight.devAaron:
We're starting to have calls with customers!Refine: https://torchlight.devAaron:
Glimmers of Hope

Glimmers of Hope


Things are starting to look up!Refine: https://torchlight.devAaron:
We sent the Nova email! And it didn't go quite as planned.Refine: Nova: https://torchlight.devAaron:
It's Time to Business

It's Time to Business


Tech time is over, it's time to business.Refine: Nova: https://torchlight.devAaron:
The Nova landing page (with a buy now button!) is live.Refine: Nova: https://torchlight.devAaron:
Some Big Changes

Some Big Changes


Some big changes happening at Hammerstone. Refine: Refine Nova: Torchlight: Aaron: Colleen:
Aaron got a new job! We're trying to figure out how to balance client work and product work. Refine: Refine Nova: Torchlight: Aaron: Colleen: Sean: Tuple:
We talk about the future of Rails and how it differs from Laravel. Aaron has been experimenting with Cloudflare, Edge Workers, and Refine: Refine Nova: Torchlight: Aaron: Colleen: Sean:
Laracon is over, Colleen is speaking at a conference in March. We got paid! Refine: Refine Nova: Torchlight: Aaron: Colleen: Sean:
In a long bonus episode, Matt Swanson ( joins Aaron to talk about Twitter. Aaron: Matt: Boring Rails: ShowCode:
Aaron is practicing for Laracon, a lot. Laracon: Refine: Refine Nova: Torchlight: Aaron: Colleen: Sean:
Our first Nova user has it installed and is trying it out. Aaron is prepping for Laracon and running out of steam. Refine: Refine Nova: Torchlight: Aaron: Colleen: Sean:
We're wrangling multiple frontends all at once, trying to onboard Nova users, and Aaron did some fun MySQL stuff.
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