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Since 2011, I have made it my mission to watch and review a horror movie every day of every October. For the last 2 years, I got my wife to join in the fun.
And now, we're finally doing it as a podcast! Listen in as we vivisect our specimens for the month. WARNING: We employ a truly ghoulish number of **SPOILERS** for every movie.
Watch the movie first, then listen!
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To finish up 2020's Halloween, I spent all of Halloween day (sort of) watching movies nonstop. Join us, spoiler-FREE this time, for quick reviews of 11 movies, and a little bit of reminiscing about a month of joy in the midst of a year of terror.
To round out our year of movies, we like to hit a classic. So this year, it's "Candyman" (1992)! Candyman Candyman Candyman Candyman.
Riveting action just in the title alone! "A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night" (2014) is a black and white film, made in America, that is entirely Iranian. And that's the least confusing part.
"The Food of the Gods" (1976) is based on a portion of a novel by H.G. Wells! The portion with giant rats and chickens.
"Final Prayer" (2013) is about Vatican dudes checking out a miracle in a podunk town, via the miracle of found footage!
#2020-27: Uncle Sam

#2020-27: Uncle Sam


Just like it sounds, "Uncle Sam" (1996) is indeed the story of an undead Gulf War soldier who comes back to murder anybody who disrespects the USA, or just offends him mildly. And this guy's got a nephew. And is named Sam.
A multi-layered tale of the things we all cloak ourselves in, "The Skin I Live In" (2011) could also be about Tony The Tiger, Dr. Frankenstein, and Supergirl. It's in Spanish.
Our oldest movie ever reviewed, "The Bad Seed" (1956) is a question of nature or nurture: why is this kid a psychopath? And what is Mrs. Daigle drinking?
#2020-24: Host (2020)

#2020-24: Host (2020)


Look, it's 2020, and we've all done plenty of Zoom meetings. "Host" (2020) brings all the terror of a real zoom meeting to life, but smooths it over with a little demonic malevolence.
"Sweetheart" (2019) is not the romantic comedy the title suggests, but rather a story that asks 'what if Wilson the volleyball was trying to eat Tom Hanks?' The answer may surprise you.
The last in our four-part series, today's film is Adam Green's movie (advertised heavily in "Digging Up The Marrow"), "Hatchet" (2006). Does he redeem himself with this masterwork? Find out.
Part 3 of our series on the marrow, today we cover the obvious inspiration for the previous movie, "Nightbreed" (1990). It's a Romeo and Juliet tale of monsters and MAGA.
Today is another found footage mockumentary, "Digging Up The Marrow" (2014). And thus we enter our 4-part series (of which this is part 2) in which we dig up some marrow on this film.
Today we venture into the darkness of "The Tunnel" (2011), a free fan-funded fear film for found footage fiends from Fosters' frothy fount, Australia!
"Night of the Creeps" (1986) is really really 80's. It also has slugs, zombies, and naked alien babies.
Meh, this movie is "The Scarehouse" (2014). I guess we watched it.
Don't let the name fool you, "Devil's Gate" (2017) is actually an X-Files-esque alien thriller, not whatever you're thinking.
Take a break from the global pandemic with "Sea Fever" (2019), the story of people who refuse to quarantine for even 36 hours!
You better strap in because this experimental gem, "Witch-Hunt" (2017) is both horror(?) movie and learn-to-play tutorial for Werewolf! It's... unique.
Ironically one of our longest episodes, "Evil Little Things" (2020) is an anthology movie which oddly contains only 2 stories (plus a wrap-around). Watch with us, won't you?
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Jo Rider

he wasn't a Nazi, he was Swiss. it shows it in the scene where the girls are tied up when an emblem is revealed on his sleeve. also this isn't about christianity because the guy at the quick stop is reading a book on enlightenment....if anything it's more reincarnation. these subtleties were pretty important to this movie.

Nov 2nd
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