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Hanging with Los Sotelos

Author: Edgar “Shoboy” and Janet Sotelo

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Welcome to our Feel Good Listening Experience. Hola familia, we are Edgar “Shoboy” and Janet Sotelo, a Mexican American married couple, with two wonderful young daughters. We hope you’re ready for us to fully expose our life, discuss relationship drama (Yours & Ours) and current events in an uplifting, thought provoking way that will hopefully fill you with Laughter, Faith and Encouragement. We look forward to hanging out with you and becoming part of your familia. 

We have been married for 9 years and due to Edgar “Shoboy”'s Radio Hosting Career, we have been Blessed with amazing friends and adventures in San Francisco, Dallas, New York City and our current home Los Angeles. Our life and marriage for the past 2 years has been challenged like never before and we will share with you how Faith, Gratitude and Humor has helped us navigate through our toughest times while still enjoying life.

So get ready for the Good, the bad and The Funny as we navigate this beautiful thing called life, together with you. "Hanging With Los Sotelos"

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As we continue celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month, we hope you’ll be inspired by Edgar's (Shoboy) Family’s Immigrant Story. We want to encourage you to find your Why (Your Why is The unconditional reason why you choose to swim and not sink no matter what you’re going through), and also how can you break out of your victim mentality that we all sometimes can fall into.  We hope you realize that you represent so much more than just yourself, you represent your last name, your familia and your culture as you’re building your family’s legacy and your herencia for Generations to come.   Edgar: You’ll hear how my family’s biggest challenges y problemas that have shaped me to be the person I am today…From My Dad having to drop out of school in 6th grade to start working, to Alcoholism almost destroying our family, to my mom never giving up on us, and the painful & Scary moment where One of my brother’s was about to get deported! All of these Challenges have made us the family that we are today and we are grateful for the good and the bad. Thank you for hanging out with us, Blessings!  Till Next Wednesday.   Check out Edgar Shoboy's New Radio Show Live Mon-Friday  6-10am PST on @ShoboyShow    Register To Vote: Let’s connect Via: #LosSotelos  @edgariSotelo @discoveringagape  Email:  Learn more about your ad-choices at
Since 1993, thousands of women have been murdered or disappeared along the border in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. Follow investigative journalist Lydia Cacho on a journey to uncover the powerful forces behind these shocking crimes – and the investigators and activists fighting to stop them. Go to Apple Podcasts or wherever you listen to podcasts to subscribe and download The Red Note now.. Learn more about your ad-choices at
On today’s episode we want to celebrate the beginning of Hispanic Heritage Month by encouraging you to share how your family immigrated to the US…with your kids, friends and loved ones… The idea is that by remembering the struggles and sacrifices that others and you have made to be where you are today, it will fill you with gratitude, pride and hope that there are even bigger Blessings to come in your life!  Janet shares her parent’s story of how they immigrated from Mexico to the US. It’s a beautiful and at times painful Love Story… From her mom being prohibited to marry her father in Mexico, to being disowned by her own dad, to her parents picking strawberries for 20 years here in California to them eventually becoming entrepreneurs… all of this has made Janet who she is today. Janet’s Parent’s Love conquered all…even la Migra…it’s a legit Telenovela of a Love Story that was rewarded with the American Dream.   Thank you for hanging out with us, Blessings! Til Next Wednesday.   Check out Edgar Shoboy's New Radio Show Live Mon-Friday  6-10am PST on @ShoboyShow    Register To Vote: Let’s connect Via: #LosSotelos  @edgariSotelo @discoveringagape  Email:  Learn more about your ad-choices at
Today's Episode is the last chapter of our story so far…our Move from NYC back home to Cali. It seemed that our move back home was going to be the beginning of the best part of the rest of our life…we had no idea we would be faced with the toughest two years of our marriage. You’ll find out how after the radio station that Edgar worked at in NYC was sold and we were left in limbo. God Blessed us with a new Job in LA one week before we had to move out of our NYC apartment due to our lease being up. Up until that moment, we didn’t know where we were going to live next.  It was definitely God’s will for us to be back in Los Angeles for many reasons which you will find out about and one of them was to test and strengthen our marriage, especially during the third trimester of our second baby’s difficult pregnancy where Janet felt like a single mother due to all the challenges we were facing.  But here we are stronger than ever, with more faith than ever and ready to continue sharing this journey with you!   Thank you for hanging out with us, Blessings! Til Next Wednesday.   Check out Edgar "Shoboy's" New Radio Show Live Mon-Friday  6-10am PST on @ShoboyShow    Let’s connect Via: #LosSotelos  @edgariSotelo @discoveringagape  Email:  This episode brought to you by Ring - Get a special offer on the Ring Welcome Kit when you go to Learn more about your ad-choices at
Hola familia, on this episode we will continue sharing our story with you. So far you’ve heard about how we met in San Francisco, how we got married in Dallas and today we will share the shocking way that Edgar and I ended up moving to NEW YORK CITY… It was definitely a HUGE Leap of Faith. We will also open up about our years of infertility challenges and how difficult that was for both of us, especially Janet as you can imagine, but God eventually Blessed us with our first daughter Ariela in NYC. Her birth story will crack you up. Our NYC Chapter is full of fun adventures, amazing friends that we now consider family. Last but not least you will hear one of the coolest experiences that we had with my dad (En Paz Descanse, R.I.P) at Madison Square Garden, all thanks to Gabriel Iglesias AKA Fluffy.    Thank you for hanging out with us, Blessings! Til Next Wednesday.   Check out Edgar Shoboy's New Radio Show Live Mon-Friday  6-10am PST on @ShoboyShow    Let’s connect Via: #LosSotelos  @edgariSotelo @discoveringagape  Email:  Learn more about your ad-choices at
Familia, We are excited to finally reveal our life changing announcement on today’s episode. This Episode is especially dedicated to those of you that have lost your job during this Pandemic and may be feeling hopeless, frustrated, angry, and even feel like you’ve lost your identity… We feel you…we’ve been through it and our hope is that we can encourage you to feel hopeful, Peaceful and Joyful because we believe that Your Transition Will Lead To Your Transformation If you’re willing to not give up on yourself…The Best Is Yet To Come because your Set Back is just a Set Up For your Better Things To Come.   Thank you for hanging out with us, Blessings! Til Next Wednesday.   Check out Edgar Shoboy's New Radio Show Live Mon-Friday  6-10am PST on @ShoboyShow    Let’s connect Via: #LosSotelos  @edgariSotelo @discoveringagape  Email:  --  Learn more about your ad-choices at
Familia we are one episode away from our big life changing announcement … but on today’s episode we will be talking about the second part of our story as a couple. The Ultimatum and the “I Do”. We were Dating for 2 years in San Francisco when Edgar moved to Dallas for a better job opportunity in Radio…that meant it was time for a Long Distance Relationship… You know how fun those are right? Do you think it caused Major Drama between us?  Of Course, there eventually came a time where the long distance relationship was difficult and then CAME THE ULTIMATUM. Do you believe Ultimatums work? Should they even be used in a relationship? We will also dive into our wedding day and you’ll find out why Edgar end up in tears y todo mocoso on our first honeymoon night! Enjoy.  Thank you for hanging out with us, Blessings! Til Next Wednesday. Let’s connect Via: #LosSotelos  @edgariSotelo @discoveringagape  Email: Learn more about your ad-choices at
Do you remember the day you fell in love with the one? On this Episode We are going to share the first part of our love story…how we met, how Edgar Needed to Grow Up and How we finally became a couple. It was complicated, thanks to Edgar Of Course, LOL! We hope our mistakes and lessons as a young couple can encourage many of you that are still single or just starting to date.  What’s crazy about our Love story is that Janet and I were connected and meant to be even before we were born…Our families were already a part of each other’s lives without us or them even knowing.  We will be hearing some of your (Podcast Listeners’) unique love stories as well!  Last thing…I Finally discovered The Real Reason Why Janet has such a huge Crush on Mathew McConaughey…It’s SO good!  Thank you for hanging out with us, Blessings! Til Next Wednesday.     Let’s connect Via: #LosSotelos  @edgariSotelo @discoveringagape  Email:  --  Learn more about your ad-choices at
I’m sure you’ve heard people, if not yourself say… we just fell out of love and that’s why our marriage ended. Can you fall back in love? @Heather_The_Therapist joined us on this Episode to find out the reasons why we fall out of love, how can you fall back in love and most importantly how can we prevent from falling out of love. This episode is inspired by a DM we got from one of our listeners who fell out of love with her husband, it’s been years since she fell out but wants to stay together for the kids. What’s interesting is that when we got the DM Edgar asked Janet if she had ever fallen out of love with him…she paused…then Edgar said don’t respond until we do this episode…so YOU will find out at the same time Edgar will.   Also you’re going to be shocked and LOL once you hear about the most insulting but hilarious text ever, that Edgar received this week.    Thank you for hanging out with us, Blessings! Til Next Wednesday.   A Special Thanks to @Heather_The_Therapist ! Make sure you check out her IG TV Series “Sunday Clarity”    Let’s connect Via: #LosSotelos  @edgariSotelo @discoveringagape  Email:  --  Learn more about your ad-choices at
Today’s Episode will help you become more aware of the amazing generational and exponential impact that you’re making on people’s lives whether you’re being intentional about it or not…it’s happening… your actions matter… the question is… what are you using your for? What’s your legacy?  This episode is inspired by my dad’s Celebration of Life, a ceremony that we had this past weekend where we finally laid him to rest. As people spoke about my dad Antonio Sotelo, at his celebration of life, we discovered that my dad was the biggest influencer we had ever met that didn’t have a social media account!  This episode is also inspired by the amazing messages that hundreds of you have sent in, in regards to losing a loved one, grief and healing. Thank you for the wonderful messages that you have sent us in regards to episode 6. The Day My Dad Went To Heaven. Never has it been more clear that your actions don’t just affect you... they have an exponential generational impact on others whether you’re being intentional about it or not… your influence impacts and you matter. Thank you for hanging out with us, Blessings! Til Next Wednesday. #LosSotelos  @edgariSotelo @discoveringagape  Email:  Learn more about your ad-choices at
This episode will be an emotional and spiritual rollercoaster. It is raw, uncomfortable but yet inspiring. We promise you that through God’s Grace and Edgar’s testimony of being by his father’s side in his last moments, you will seek to live a more meaningful and intentional life. We will also be celebrating Edgar’s father, who a week ago went from being our hero on earth to becoming our guardian angel in heaven. We will discuss questions that many of us fear.  Are you at peace with death? Whether it’s your own or a loved ones?  What does it mean to have lived a successful life?  Edgar shares how his dad lived a fulfilling and peace filled life by being intentional about loving God, his Family, serving and celebrating others with a grateful heart.  We Hope this episode will inspire you to restore any broken relationships with people you love before it’s too late. Los amamos   Rest in peace Papá, te amo. 11/9/42-7/12/2020 Thank you for hanging out with us, Blessings!  Ep 6 The Day My Dad Went To Heaven Celebrating ... Til Next Wednesday. #LosSotelos  @edgariSotelo @discoveringagape  Email:  Learn more about your ad-choices at
On this Episode You Will Get a glimpse of the sometimes harsh reality of what it’s like to be a Woman in the US Military. We warn you, this episode contains a very Sensitive Subject Matter and it may be a trigger for some of you that have been victims and now survivors of Sexual Harassment or abuse. In honor of Army Specialist Vanessa Guillen who was allegedly sexually harassed and tragically murdered at Ft Hood Military Base, we dedicate this episode to her and her family, because her death will not be in vein.  In this episode you’ll hear from Lucinda Gonzalez, a brave Woman who was inspired to speak up by Vanessa Guillen’s case, who unfortunately was sexually harassed and was punished for not agreeing to do sexual acts with her superiors while serving in Our US military. Please send Lucinda your love and support to her Instagram @iamlucig . This episode in no way is meant to bash our military but instead to protect its most valuable asset, The Brave Men and Women Who Sacrifice it all to Serve In It. For that we thank Them! Our hope is that we can be the generation that creates real change as we strive to abolish these types of injustices and inequalities in our society. Help Women in the Military: #IAmVanessaGuillen #JusticeForVanessaGuillen Let’s keep saying her name, Vanessa Guillen. Let’s not allow her death to be in vein let’s fight and pray for her and her family Please Find The petition, GoFundMe Page and more information on bringing Justice For Vanessa Guillen by visiting their official Instagram and website.   @findVanessaGuillen    National Sexual Assault Helpline: 1-800-656-4673   Thank you for hanging out with us, Blessings!  Til Next Wednesday. #LosSotelos  @edgariSotelo @discoveringagape  Email:  Learn more about your ad-choices at
Today’s Episode is Raw and Super Vulnerable as Edgar confesses details about the time that he was Dumb Enough to almost cheat on Janet. The idea is to learn and grow from our mistakes which will make us better people and therefore establish healthier relationships. You’ll hear from @Heather_The_Therapist about Why people are tempted to cheat and how to avoid cheating on the people we say we love.  This Episode was inspired by one of our listeners who will share with you why she was tempted to cheat on her husband and the shocking thing that happened after she confessed it to him. The Goal is to learn how to better Love, respect and avoid hurting the people we most love!  We will also give you an update on whether we reached our goal of reaching $2,000 To Sponsor Dreamers’ DACA Renewal Immigration Fees. Please continue to support Dreamers through (Amazing Non-Profit)   Thank you for hanging out with us, Los Sotelos. Learn more about your ad-choices at
This episode is inspired by our interviewee, DREAMer Emiliana Gallardo, a young Mexican Immigrant who’s now a UCI College Student living in Compton. Her inspirational and emotional video has gone viral because she shared her story, her pain and her joy about the DACA program being saved by the Supreme Court. DACA protects her and nearly 800,000 other Dreamers from getting deported.  Emiliana, inspired us to launch the “We Are All Dreamers” Fundraising Campaign. We partnered with the Non-Profit Organization TODEC.ORG who sponsors Dreamer’s $495 Application Government Fee. Please visit TODEC.ORG. Click on Support Us, Donate and in the comments section write “We Are All Dreamers” so that the funds go towards our $2,000 Goal to sponsor Dreamer’s Application Fee.  Please connect with Emiliana Gallardo if you know of a job opportunity for her in Los Angeles that works with helping the community.  @EmilianaGallardo (Instagram)   Thank you familia for hanging out with us, Blessings! Til Next Wednesday. #LosSotelos  @edgariSotelo @discoveringagape  Email:  Learn more about your ad-choices at
If you want to help and celebrate Dreamers (Undocumented Immigrant Youth) you must listen to this. We did this Bonus episode In Celebration of the Historic Supreme Court Decision that ruled to block President Trump's attempt to shut down DACA (For Now), which allows nearly 800,000 Dreamers to avoid deportation and remain being a positive contributor to the US.  In this episode you will learn more about the DACA program and what it means for nearly 800,000 dreamers and their families. We interviewed Giovanni and Celia, two young "Dreamers" whom are married and opened up about their struggles, fears and victories as they pray and hope to continue living the American Dream. A special thanks to the TODEC (Pro Immigrant Non-Profit Organization) youth/Dreamers and their leader Luz Gallegos for all the work that they do in our community. Let's unite and use our voices, our vote and our platforms to support Dreamers!  For more information you may visit:  @VotLatino  @UnitedWeDream  Thank you for hanging out with us, Blessings! Til Next Wednesday. #LosSotelos  @EdgariSotelo @discoveringagape  Email:  Learn more about your ad-choices at
Find out Why did Edgar end up Naked and Afraid in the Garage? Laugh and cringe as Edgar and Janet share TWO of their most embarrassing but hilarious Quarantine Fails. You will hear some of our listener’s Voice Messages about the Good and Annoying things they’ve learned from the people they’ve Quarantined with. Also, if you’ve been feeling overwhelmed with everything going on in 2020 you’ll find hope in hearing ways to relieve that frustration and have a more positive outlook on life that could save your happiness, marriage and sanity.  A young father reached out to us for help due to the fact that he’s getting shamed for what he does with his kids, we tackle machismo and the mandilon life. Last but not least please help support the #FindVanessaGuillen @FindVanessaGuillen campaign. She’s a young Latina in the Military that went missing out of Ft. Hood Military Base in TX. She had shared with her mom that she was being Sexually Harassed by a Superior in the Military and then went missing. God Willing she will be found safe.   Please Follow and support Sam and his awesome Daughter’s Cooking IG Page @DishInTheKitch    Thank you for hanging out with us, Blessings! Til Next Wednesday. #LosSotelos  @EdgariSotelo @discoveringagape  Email:  Learn more about your ad-choices at
Our 3 year old daughter asked us a question about race that caught us off guard. Did we respond appropriately? We invited Heather Gibbs, a Licensed Marriage Family Therapist of Color to this episode that will inspire, educate and empower you to shape childrens' perception of Race and Diversity in a Positive Way. If you want the children in your life to be more empathetic, kind and accepting of diversity? This is the episode for you. At the end of the day Children are a reflection of who you are around them. This episode was inspired by the Racial Equality Movement of 2020 as we simply want to do our part in being the change towards equality that we all wish to see in our world. Enjoy and Thank you for Listening to "Hanging With Los Sotelos". Blessings and Animo. #LosSotelos  @edgariSotelo @discoveringagape  Email:  A Special Thank You to @Heather_The_Therapist on Instagram.  Learn more about your ad-choices at
We are excited to hang out with you as we fully expose our life, discuss relationship drama and current events through this uplifting, fun and interactive podcast that will hopefully fill you with Laughter, Faith and Encouragement. Blessings and Thank you Familia, Animo.  Follow #LosSotelos  @edgarisotelo @discoveringagape  Learn more about your ad-choices at
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