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Author: Hannah Francey

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A podcast created by the Creator of 'Hannah's Elsewhere' on YouTube! I am an aspiring Practical Astrologer with the intention of making Astrology grounded, simple, fun and entertaining! I also like to use Astrology as a tool for self-growth and awareness, so expect me to share my own stories and life events. I wanted to bring both my knowledge of astrology, and my opinions of life to an audio version, so I thought, why not start a podcast? So here we are, I hope you enjoy listening!
4 Episodes
Let's talk about Alter Egos and challenging Aspects in Astrology!
Astrology Influencer

Astrology Influencer


With so much talk about 'Influencers' today, I wanted to discuss how the study of Astrology can be used as a way to influence others, so let's dive into the topic in this episode of the podcast!
My take on Venus and Saturn and how they can connect! 
Never Stop Questioning

Never Stop Questioning


Some thoughts that have been whirling around in my brain for quite some time.
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