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Author: Matthew Hansen

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A podcast for the website and blog of Matthew Hansen with audio versions of musings blog posts and other content from Matthew and his projects.
25 Episodes
Podcast picks returns as Matthew suggests two podcasts you should give a try during September. Links to the two podcasts can be found here:
In this post and podcast, based upon his experiences of presenting radio shows and podcasts, Matthew explains the importance of preparation. You can read the original post here:
In this short musings podcast, Matthew shares some of his thoughts ahead of The Feelgood Lounge going live for the first time this Thursday (23rd of July). Blog post:'ll-be-alright-on-the-night-(i-certainly-hope-so)/
In this blog post and podcast, Matthew explains how he was able to continue presenting during lockdown. Partly thanks to technology he possesses. You can read the blog post here:
Hansen's Corner returned yesterday and today Podcast Picks also returns. Listen to the podcast to find out which three podcasts Matthew recommends you give a try during July. Links to the podcasts can be found at:
Hansen's Corner returns with some important changes.
What a better to start listening to podcasts or finding new podcasts in 2020, than Matthew helping you with 3 recommendations to start off with. Links to the recommended podcasts and how to subscribe to the Hansen's Corner podcast:
A few words to start 2020 with, happy new year!
Matthew shares his Christmas message. Merry Christmas! You can read the original blog post here:
Matthew has developed a new feature in his life which provides a regular and brief antidote to his busy life. Read the original post here:
A new feature for Hansen's Corner. Each month, Matthew - who is an avid podcast listener - will give you some recommendations of which podcasts you could check out. Speaking from both listener and podcaster perspectives. Listen to the podcast and you can find the notes and links to the podcasts shared here:
"They say there's two outlooks on life..." Matthew discovers what those two outlooks are and why the obvious choice isn't as easy as you may think. You can read the original post here:
A quick announcement about Hansen's Corner returning and my new radio show. Listen for more details.
Today is Rain Day in the US but definitely not in the UK (for obvious reasons) as Matthew explains further on this curious discovery. You can read the original post here:!/
Formula 1 and Formula E are two top motorsports vying for the attention of petrolheads and casual viewers alike. Despite their rivalry, what can they learn from each other? Read the original post here:
Recent times have been interesting, emotional and of rediscovery. Especially in relation to serious hobbies. Getting back into something is a great feeling as Matthew explains in the latest blog post and podcast. You can read the original post here:
8th of July is International Town Crier's Day. Did you know that? Don't worry, Matthew didn't until he started preparing this week's blog and podcast. You can read the original post here:!-calling-the-world's-town-criers/
Monday 1st of July 2019 is second half of the year day (apparently). Now it's time to go over the hump and on the downward sprint. How are you getting on with your New Year resolutions you set months ago? Don't remember? Well, Matthew has a few words for you about this. You can read the original blog post here:
In this podcast Matthew shares how a homemade remedy was his saviour. You can read the original blog post here:
In the last few weeks the UK has had brilliant sunny weather; in this podcast/blog post Matthew shares one way to bask in the rare sunshine and it's attached perks. Especially during mental health awareness week in the UK. You can read the blog post here:!
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