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A Conservative Drag Queen? Yup! Lady Maga USA is tired of the radical left. Get happy today and explore politics from a unique and fun perspective. Lighten up, laugh, and above all: STRENGTHEN YOUR PATRIOTISM. New episodes every Friday. Follow Lady Maga USA across social media by searching "Lady Maga USA"
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This is an unpolished, unedited, sincere episode from an exhausted, discouraged, and very sick man. I've caught something awful! Chills, aches, cough...But there's hope at the end.Be kind to the unseen people.Love ya'll.--Ryan email to stay in touch when this podcast is cancelled by the communists. 
Why would a gay to man and a butch lesbian fall in love? Because we love America! Okay, we're not really in love, but after watching this video you won't be able to deny the power of Kyla! This is probably the most hilarious and entertaining podcast of the year. We are all Americans and we must unite.If you enjoyed this episode, please share it. For more podcasts, visit where you can also donate to my work.God Bless America! 
Is the Mormon Church bad? As many of you know, I grew up Mormon. I'm still culturally Mormon in most ways, but like many others, I left the church. What surprises me is that most people who leave the church are bitter and feel a need to attack Mormons. My guest in this episode, Jacob Lloyd, is an outspoken,  devout Mormon who receives constant ridicule.Jacob is a thoughtful man who tackles tough questions in an honest, fact-based way. He says, "It boils down to this. I understand people who don't believe the church is true. But the real question, is: Is it good?" Backed with statistics and no-nonsense facts, Jacob obliterates the lies about Mormons.Of course, leftist rags, ex-Mormons  and LGBTQIA+ radicals constantly ridicule and insult the church as fundamentally BAD. Are they right? Is the Mormon church harmful? Find out in this fascinating episode.To learn more about Jacob's work, visit and www.TheSouthPawBlog.comTo support this podcast and Lady Maga USA's activism, donate at www.LadyMagaUSA.comIf you enjoyed this episode, share it! 
Eric Moutsos lost his job as a police officer for alleged "homophobia," because he wouldn't participate in the LGBTQIA+ "pride parade" in Utah. After being fired, he was slandered across the country. But Lady Maga USA, a drag artist, and Eric are very good friends. How is this possible? I've interviewed Eric in another podcast, but that was before America really went down the tubes.Join us as we talk about staying strong, dealing with haters, and what's up in America. Share this episode if you appreciate the content! Visit and donate to support my work. Visit www. to learn more about Eric's work! 
Did you know that a French school teacher was beheaded by an Islamist for sharing a cartoon drawing in her classroom?Do you think you would know if a white French man beheaded a woman in a hijab?Did you know that an arson burned multiple Mormon churches in Utah? Do you think you would know if an arson burned Muslim mosques?Crimes that do not fit the leftist narrative (i.e. any crime not committed by a white person) go overlooked and under reported.Why isn't the ethnicity of a criminal shared (on amber alerts) when a kidnapper is on the loose? Why is ethnicity only important when a crime is committed by a white person? It's important to understand and expose the hypocrisy of the left, especially in the media. Not only is it unfair, it can be dangerous.If you enjoy this podcast, support my work by visiting and making a monthly donation through PayPal.God Bless and be Happy Today! 
This episode is my conversation with Connor Dehlin, host of Millennial in the Middle Podcast. He asked me a lot of great questions and we had a very meaningful and personal discussion.My only complaint is that he identified me as a member of the "LGBTQIA+" community, which is not a label I choose to embrace.Here's his  description of this episode: We have had a lot of interesting guests on the show, but today’s guest may be our most entertaining and colorful yet. Ryan Woods is a gay man and as a drag queen (artist) travels the country as his character Lady Maga USA. Yes… Make America Great Again. If that doesn’t intrigue you, I’m not sure what will.Full Bio: Ryan Woods is a proud Eagle Scout, America-first Republican, Christian, and political activist. He’s an award-winning journalist with a background in mass communication and video production. He’s President of Log Cabin Republicans Utah and is working to save his state from a leftist takeover.He’s been performing and dancing since he was a tiny tot. Drag artistry is a composite outlet for all the things he loves, such as fashion, theater, costumes, makeup and imagination. “Being Lady Maga USA is about joy. When I see the smiles and happiness she brings to any event, my heart is full,” says Woods.Most LGBT Conservatives are afraid to publicly share their views.“I want to empower others to loudly and proudly declare their love of America and join the Conservative movement. I get so many messages from LGBT Conservatives who are afraid to speak out. I hope my example inspires them to have the courage to do so,” said Woods.To listen to more of Connor's podcasts, visit www.ConnorDehlin.comSupport this podcast by donating monthly, no matter how small an amount, at 
I had the honor of being interviewed on YouTube by the one and only Gothix! She's a free-thinking freedom fighter who smashes the left's racist narratives of intersectionality and "political correctness."She's very good at getting her guests to open up, and I ended up being very honest and vulnerable with her. No regrets! This episode is the audio of our interview. It's an in-depth conversation and with laughter, humor, and determination we cover a myriad of fascinating topics. Be sure to Google "Gothix" and find her content on YouTube and all social media platforms. To support her work, visit Gothix.tvIf you enjoyed this content, support my work by visiting and make a monthly contribution, no matter how small.We're in this to win this, friends! Be Happy Today!God bless :) 
Dr. Karlyn  Borysenko  spends her time educating Americans about the deceptive and harmful nature of "Critical Race Theory" and "Social Emotional Learning" in America's schools.Previously, she aligned herself with the left. But like so many others, when Trump ran for office she began to awaken to their hypocrisy. She skyrocketed to infamy when she wrote a now-viral article about a Trump rally. "Trump supporters were not the monsters I was supposed to hate," she says. She toured the country with the Walk Away Campaign and  endures constant ridicule and persecution for her beliefs. "I am not afraid to stand up. Free speech is paramount. If we lose free speech, we lose everything," she says.  "I still call myself a liberal because I stand for liberty, which is the actual definition of the word."Borysenko earned her MBA and PhD in organizational psychology and is an avid knitter. To learn more about her work, visit www.DrKarlyn.comIf you enjoyed this podcast, please share it and support my work by visiting You can also watch the video of this interview on my YouTube channel (Lady Maga USA)Be Happy Today! 
As Lady Maga USA, I have received countless messages from heartbroken parents who have lost their relationships with their LGBT children. I have spent hours on the phone with people who need a listening ear. They are in pain. They love their LGBT family and friends. Without exception, at any event I attend as Lady Maga USA, people approach me and spill their hearts about their beloved LGBT family members who are now strangers to them.These conversations are the reason I am Lady Maga USA. Why the heartbreak? Why the estrangement? Their children are being indoctrinated and manipulated into believing lies. They're being told that their parents hate them. Of course, this not the case.How do Conservative parents deal with this issue? In this episode, I give my best advice on how to communicate and handle your LGBT children. This episode is also helpful for anyone who has lost friendships or relationships with LGBT people who believe that Conservatives (especially Trump Supporters) hate them.It's not an easy road. But when it comes to minors--parents have a choice. Either YOU will be their "safe space" or they'll find it elsewhere with dire consequences.If you enjoy this episode or feel it can help someone you love, please share it. To support my work, please visit and make a monthly contribution, no matter how small. 
Why won't the mainstream media and medical "experts" talk about the importance of antibodies? How important is it to resist mask tyranny? How do we stay strong and mentally healthy during these troubling times?In this episode, I discuss the forbidden topic that is omitted from the modern C*vid-1984 narrative: ANTIBODIES. I talk about my sister in Las Vegas and her courage to stand up for her right to breathe the air freely, even when she's the ONLY one doing so in her church congregation.Finally, I share personal insight into what motivates me to stay strong, and how you can, too!This episode is taken from the Path Forward Utah Podcast, which I guest host every other Tuesday. If you enjoy this episode, please share it. To support my work, please consider donating any amount each month by visiting bless! Be Happy Today :) 
Seattle, Washington...Christine Cisneroz lived her live as a Democrat liberal once she came out of the closet at age 17. "I thought my only option was to be on the left. I thought Conservatives were the enemy." Gradually, she realized she had been deceived. Her awakening, although gradual, was dramatic. Today, she's a freedom-fighter and a patriot and unapologetically Conservative. She has been a radio host in Seattle for eleven years. But she walked away from her station because she refused to muzzle her voice (literally) with a mask. She lives in Seattle and doesn't know if she'll stay. "I'm originally from Texas, and now I may go back. Seattle has been destroyed by the left." If you enjoy Christine's inspiring story please share this podcast. To support my work, please visit and consider making a monthly contribution, no matter how small. God Bless America :) 
Natalie Cline has been labeled a bigot, a homophobe, and every other terrible name you can think of.  She got into hot water in Utah for her social media posts because she works on the Utah State Board of Education in an elected position. The leftist wolves went after her in the media.She stands against radical programs such as CRT and the 1619 project. She also wishes to defend innocent children from dangerous, life-altering transgender procedures. Whenever I hear of anyone who's being attacked and silenced for their views--my inner alarm goes off. I'm a free-speech absolutist, and that includes religious freedom for people who believe homosexuality is a sin. In this episode, we discuss the indoctrination being pushed on kids in schools and the hypocritical ways the left denies free speech to those with whom they disagree. Natalie does not speak for me, and I don't speak for her. We came together as patriots to have a meaningful conversation. Frankly, we just made Utah history together.More dialogue, less fighting. More conversations, less bitterness.More free speech, less censorship.
The "LGBTQIA+" movement has become radicalized and predatory.People like Buck Angel (a free-thinking Trans man) are being told they're no longer welcome in the very "community" that should embrace them. Tolerance and inclusion? SURE, JAN. Common-sense trans people are ex-communicated and persecuted within the modern "LGBTQIA+" movement. Irreversible hormone therapies, surgeries, and other procedures are being pushed on vulnerable children. Are these children capable of understanding what they're getting into? Share this video if you agree that Buck is a hero.If you're comfortable with adults-only content, be sure to visit or follow Buck Angel on social media.Please also visit to support free speech and my activism.
The hatred has to end.The bitterness has to end.The name-calling has to end.This episode is for my creative, beautiful, and creative LGBT friends who have cut me off because they think I'm a "racist, homophobic, nazzi"Can we talk?Can we come together?Why are we enemies?Please give this episode a listen. We're not as divided as you may think. I want all of us to come together to live in freedom, security, and prosperity.You know who you are--my precious friends who cut me off when I supported President Trump. We are not enemies.I am grateful for our memories and all the joy that you brought to my life. Love wins. To support this podcast, go to
Bryonna Jones is a courageous black woman who has been through the unimaginable. She has cerebral palsy. Her doctors told her to abort her baby (she didn't). She lost everything as a child and was abandoned, abused, and neglected. She became obsessed with the children of the holocaust because she knew what it was like to lose her family, her freedom and suffer horrific abuse because she was not wanted.She's done her research, and if you want to understand what's REALLY happening in America right now--this episode is for you. This episode is a tremendous insight into what's in store for Americans if we don't wake up NOW.Please share this episode.Support my activism and this podcast at and donate. God bless. Be happy today because BRYONNA shares the truth! 
I'll talk about everything that's TABOO because everyone else is too afraid. Afghanistan.Islamic Refugees.Mormons.What's the connection? Listen now.Then share. Support this podcast and my work at 
I recently attended a party with incredibly inspiring patriots and I recorded my podcast during the celebration. Meet mothers who are fighting for their children's right to live unmasked, gay patriots who love America, Conservative business owners who have faced persecution, and even an African immigrant!I hope this episode makes your heart happy and that you feel the energy and spirit of these wonderful Americans.Remember to get out there and find your fellow patriots so you can have your own patriot party! If you enjoyed this episode, please share it. Support my activism by visiting to make a contribution. God Bless! Be Happy Today! 
Jon Harvey was recently appointed Director of Blexit in the state of Utah.He's an unapologetic Conservative.Listen as he explains how the Democrat party seeks to keep black Americans impoverished and powerless.Jon's patriotism and no-nonsense attitude will give you a boost of motivation!You can find his podcast and other content online by searching "The Modern Conservative Podcast."If you enjoyed this episode, please share it. Support this podcast and Lady Maga USA's activism by visiting and making a contribution.God bless and remember to be happy today!
How many of you feel hopeless, depressed and discouraged as we watch the destruction of our great nation?Let's talk about it. Have you felt crushed by the covid 1984 tyranny? The "election" of 2020? How is your mental health? Does focusing on politics take a toll? How can you find a balance?For those of us who truly love our country, these are difficult times. For those of us who are in the public eye as activists, it's insane. And for those of us who dedicate the majority of our time fighting for freedom: It can be mentally exhausting and even harmful. As I approach my two-year anniversary of Lady Maga USA activism, I've really had to take a look at the impact it's had on my mental health. I know I'm not alone in struggling with depression, anxiety and fear in these tyrannical times. I lost my job in the airline industry  for standing up for truth. I know what loss and fear feels like. Yes, America is in big trouble. Yes, it's likely to get worse. So what do we do? Should we be miserable? In this episode I explore my journey with mental health and politics and I humbly offer advice and suggestions on how to get through the dark times. I'm not ashamed to share my struggles. I hope this episode inspires you and gives you hope. Please share this podcast and visit if you'd like to learn more about what I do or support my work. God bless! Be Happy Today. It's all we've got. 
The Gay Men's Chorus and their predatory declaration of "we will convert your children" is unacceptable and offensive.I left the  "LGBTQIA+ community" and do not identify with them because their leftist radicalism has become shameful and dangerous. I want nothing to do with it.I'm an American before I'm gay. I really don't care that I'm gay, it just is. But I do care about letting the world know that the awful people at the San Francisco "Gay Men's Chorus" DO NOT speak for dignified and respectable gay and lesbian Americans. In this episode I share content from another podcast I do each month for my friends at because I think they're great people.Be  sure to visit to support my work and learn more about what I do. God bless! Be Happy Today :) 
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Suzanne Sorenson Bertussi

this was wonderful. I've also graduated from the Mormon church and people seem annoyed when I will nor engage in "Mormon-bashing." I was so excited when you came to the post office in Kanab with some friends of mine and I got to meet you!

Jun 26th


Lady MAGA is a true Patriot and Constitutionalist and he fiercely loves our country. 🇺🇲 I've been listening to Ryan's podcast since Day 1 and I have yet to listen to an episode where I haven't walked away with some new knowledge, a new view or perspective on something I'd maybe never thought of before, or even something as simple as hope and/or a smile on my face. Ryan's humility, attitude, and patriotic spirit are incredibly infectious, inspiring, and motivating! ❤ Like Ryan, I do not see race, ethnicity, gender, or sexual preferences as something that defines someone - a person's character does that best. Before and above all, we are Americans first and our common goal is to preserve our constitutional rights and put America and her people FIRST. 🇺🇲 If you haven't yet, please give him a chance and give him listen... especially if you don't see how there's room for a drag queen in conservative politics. He's so much more than a "costume". I truly believe that you will walk away from this podcast with a much more open mind. 😊 Blessings to you all and God bless the USA! 🙏🏽🇺🇲

May 29th
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