DiscoverThe Hardcore Property Podcast, with Paul McFadden
The Hardcore Property Podcast, with Paul McFadden
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The Hardcore Property Podcast, with Paul McFadden

Author: Join Paul McFadden for the Hardcore Property Podcast. No Holds Barred.

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The ultimate, no-holds-barred roadmap to success in UK Property. No matter your current circumstances, and whether you're looking to get started, or accelerate an existing Property Business, Paul McFadden will deliver. Real, raw, relevant content.
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I'd like to invite you to join us at a special 2-Day Property Jumpstart Masterclass on July 20-21st. If you've ever considered getting into property but thought that lack of money, credit or knowledge would hold you back, we've got you covered. We want to show you the easiest path to success in Property, and we want you to understand what's truly possible...
Chuffed to announce that we'll be running our flagship event THE PROPERTY JUMPSTART 1-DAY INTENSIVE in Glasgow, on April 27th, and in London, on May the 11th, and I'd like to invite you to attend for free. This event has been designed to help you get started in Property, even if that means starting with no money, credit, experience, or prior knowledge. If you already have a Property business, we’ll show you how to accelerate. I'll be sharing the benefit of 10+ years of experience in Property, and I’ll be giving you the direct roadmap to generating serious cashflow and building wealth through Property inside the next 12 months. You'll have the opportunity to network with successful Property investors, with my team and I, and with other like-minded individuals, in the perfect environment for networking, learning, and growth. If that weren't enough, I'll also be giving you a copy of my Amazon #1 best seller, Your Property Jumpstart, when you arrive at the event. Numbers are always limited and we cannot guarantee a place, so let's get it booked. Go to to secure your place now.
Blood, sweat, tears, and 11 long years... YOUR PROPERTY JUMPSTART - the book - is now available. I've poured my heart and soul into this, with one goal; that this book would be the most comprehensive, packed, complete guide available on Property in the marketplace. I believe I've achieved that goal. Your Property Jumpstart is the ultimate, no-holds-barred roadmap to building a successful property business, no matter your circumstances, or where you're starting from. No money, experience, or credit required. * GET THE BOOK BEFORE 05/12 * and you can claim the bonuses I've thrown in, to make it an even more complete solution. Here's the link: Looking forward to your feedback.
“Paul,  how  do  I  get  involved  in  Property  in  the  UK  if  I'm  living  abroad?” On  today's  episode  of  Hardcore  Property  Podcast,  I  tackle  this  listener's  question  and explain  why  location  is  never  a  problem  if  you  know  the  right  strategies.
Negotiation  can  make  a  lot  of  people  feel  uncomfortable,  especially  when  sellers  are  in  a desperate  situation.  The  solution  is  simply  to  look  at  it  from  a  different  perspective. On  today's  episode  of  Hardcore  Property  Podcast,  we  discuss  why  negotiation  isn't  all about  the  numbers  and  what  needs  to  be  done  in  order  to  get  a  sale  fast.
Mistakes  and  failures  are  a  normal  part  of  any  business.  How  you  learn  from  them  is  what will  set  you  apart.  On  today's  episode,  I  talk  about  the  biggest  mistakes  I've  made  in  over  13  years  in business  and  how  you  can  avoid  them.
For most people, if we're left to our own devices, we won't push ourselves to perform better. If you're looking to challenge and bring yourself to a whole new level, get yourself an accountability partner. On today's episode of Hardcore Property Podcast, we discuss why being held accountable can be tough but how it is guaranteed to help you grow.
Celebrate Your Wins

Celebrate Your Wins


On today's very special episode of Hardcore Property Podcast, we discuss celebrating your wins, no matter how big or small. To celebrate hitting this milestone, we will be giving away access to one of our most powerful resources, normally only given to our Property Protege attendees, our PMW Calculator. Access it here We're also giving you the opportunity to win a VIP ticket to the 10X UK Business Bootcamp with Grant Cardone. Listen for full details on how to have a chance at winning this incredible opportunity.
A common question I'm asked is how to move from your full-time job to going full-time in your own Property business. It's all about mastering what you do with the time you have. On today's episode of Hardcore Property Podcast, we discuss why you need to treat Property as a business when it's not your full time job and creating a successful blueprint before making the leap.
Give Value First

Give Value First


Regardless of what business you are in, you should be giving away valuable content for free. You shouldn't expect to receive anything in return, but you'll often find that you will... On today's episode of Hardcore Property Podcast, we discuss why giving away value for free can be profitable for you in the long term, and how to get over the fear that what you're producing isn't good enough.
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Jonathan Smith


Jul 2nd

Wayne Crawford

Hi Paul, been listening to your podcasts for a while now and missed this one out for some reason. I cant access itunes to leave a review but would love the bonus podcast. What else could i do?

Jan 15th
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