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Steph Gaudreau from Stupid Easy Paleo interviews the best experts in fitness, nutrition, sleep, and mindset so you can apply their lessons to optimizing your own health and wellness. Discover how to improve your health using a multi-faceted, holistic approach so you can spend more time doing the things you enjoy in life instead of being a slave to diet and exercise. Steph weaves her science teaching experience with her holistic nutritionist training and years as a competitive athlete into a rich tapestry supplemented by the experiences of her expert guests to help you dial in your lifestyle.
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Understanding Autoimmune Diseases And How To Find Relief w/ Angie Alt
If you are sick, unsure of what is wrong, or struggling to make the changes you need to get your body back on track, autoimmune issues could be the culprit. After 18 years of dealing with a variety of health issues that left her questioning her own mental state, Angie found healing by getting to the root cause of her issues and never giving up. Now, Angie is an advocate for helping others understand their diseases and empower themselves through knowledge. About Angie Alt Angie is changing the game in the way we understand autoimmune diseases, creating a new diet for autoimmunity that is making waves in the medical community, and empowering others to listen to their body and stand up for your symptoms. She is telling us all about her SAD to AIP in 6 program, which foods you should increase or decrease depending on your autoimmunity, and why it is not all about subtraction when it comes to AIP. We are diving into everything from anti-inflammatory fats, to supporting your liver and when it is time to consult a professional. By mixing Western and natural medicine to find the perfect balance for you, you too can help your immune system function better by feeding it what it needs to help you heal. If you have a recent autoimmune diagnosis or have been dealing with autoimmunity for years, Angie is a wonderful resource for anyone looking to prioritize their health. How does your story relate to Angie’s? Let us know in the comments on the episode page! On Today's Episode Navigating the tricky waters of autoimmune diseases and protocols Lifestyle and nutrition factors to help you empower yourself with knowledge Understanding endometriosis, Hashimoto's, celiac disease, and more Ways to cope with integrating large dietary changes into your life Tapping into the positive energy of being your own personal health champion Quotes “I jumped right in and six months later it was like I had a new body, and a year later I changed everything about my life including my career to help other people with this” (17:41) “You can only do what you can do at the time with the information that you have, and when you know better you do better” (19:49) “Combining these two methods, [traditional medicine] and [natural medicine], if that’s what you need, is really worthwhile” (26:29) “The goal with autoimmune disease is your personal highest level of wellness, and using all the tools in the toolbox to get there is totally worth it” (31:41) “Your goal should be to arrive at an individual diet that is the least restrictive and the most nourishing for you. Whatever diet is giving you the greatest degree of health with the least restriction, that’s your ultimate goal” (41:08) Resources Mentioned In This Show  Auto Immune Wellness Website SAD to AIP in SIX Week Program The Autoimmune Wellness Podcast The Paleo Solution by Robb Wolf   Check out the full show notes here! Follow Steph on Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube | Pinterest I'd really love it if you would take 1 min and leave us a rating and review on iTunes!
Troubleshooting Female Hormones w/ Laurie Christine King
If you're a woman who's been struggling with hormone issues, specifically related to your menstrual cycle or hormonal birth control, this episode is for you. Laurie Christine King recognized that women need support in this area and has taken to social media to share educational information with her followers about how to live your best life. About Laurie Christine King By surrounding herself with supportive people, empowering her body to achieve its full potential and unlocking her passion for education and nutritional coaching, Laurie is taking the fitness world by storm as a positive and healthy role model. Finding someone to work with one on one with, creating an appropriate diet plan and getting your body back to where it needs to be is what Laurie specializes in, and she is sharing all she knows with us today. If you have ever been curious as to how hormonal birth control could be affecting your nutrition goals, why your high-intensity workout might not love you as much as you love it, and the impact stress can have on your menstrual follicles, this episode is for you. Laurie is a wealth of knowledge and a powerhouse advocate for getting your body working for you. Laurie is all about having conversations that need to be happening in order to empower women to understand their bodies better. By putting out diverse, scientifically based and accurate information, Laurie is helping change the nutrition game one client at a time. Are you ready to take your health seriously in 2019? Let us know your fitness goals in the comments section on the episode page! On Today's Episode How to use social media and blogs to learn more about your own health journey Understanding why your menstrual cycle is the best indicator of your overall health Risk factors and implications of hormonal birth control for your specific body Simple changes to incorporate into your daily routine to support your hormones Why you should probably be eating a little more food to regulate your caloric intake Quotes “Just having that conversation of helping females understand their bodies, their menstrual cycle, and just helping empower women to really feel good” (7:43) “Anybody who is in the space and really trying to help people understands that nothing in nutrition is black or white, nothing in health is black or white” (19:45) “Your body is just this amazing vehicle that is just having to put up with your shit. So if you treat it pretty well, then we get some pretty good return on investment” (45:50) “Just understanding our habits and how they may be affecting us then gives us some feedback and some things to toy with to try and make changes” (46:00) “Don't be afraid to invest in yourself, nutrition can be a scary thing. If you don’t know what you are doing…I want to teach you everything I know so that you can keep going on crushing life and being empowered by the information I left you ” (53:20) Resources Mentioned In This Show  Follow Laurie on Instagram Paragon Performance Training Laurie Christine King Website The Badass Nutrition Guide E-Book by Laurie Christine King Period Repair Manual by Lara Briden Healthy Gut Healthy You by Dr. Ruscio   Check out the full show notes here! Follow Steph on Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube | Pinterest I'd really love it if you would take 1 min and leave us a rating and review on iTunes!
How To Adapt Your Strength Training To Your Menstrual Cycle w/ Craig Zielinski
Happy New Year and welcome to the first show of 2019! To celebrate the new year I am going to be joined by my husband, Craig Zielinski or ‘Z’, who is here to talk to us about women's strength training and hormones. Today we are recapping Craig’s discussion about women's strength and hormones at the recent Ancestral Health Society of New Zeland’s conference, as it is an incredibly important issue for so many women today. About Craig Zielinski We are diving into everything surrounding female strength training and understanding your basic menstrual cycle and how it affects how you may feel in the gym. Craig is bringing a rare male perspective into creating a training regime around your menstrual cycle and intuitive strength training for women. While you may not be able to go hard at the gym all month, Craig’s training program is designed to focus your training around those times of the month where you can go hard, and letting you rest when your body needs it most. Craig focuses around helping his clients feeling the best they can throughout the entire 28-day cycle. Get ready for a description of the 5 cycle training regime Craig has designed around the menstrual cycle, an explanation of the Prilepin chart, and why the lunar phases may be the key to better understanding the menstrual cycle, plus much more. If you are sick of feeling ignored or basing your training expectations of a spreadsheet instead of real life, Craig has a new and better way to adapt your training to be more intuitive to the fluctuations of our bodies. It is time to create a positive atmosphere around strength training by asking questions, thinking analytically and tapping into what your body is telling you. How has your menstrual cycle affected your workout regime? Let us know in the comments on the episode page! On Today's Episode Bringing in a male perspective on intuitive female strength training Dismantling the societal taboo around periods How to develop a training regime around your menstrual cycle Figuring out what volumes you should be lifting at different points during your cycle Why the lunar cycle can potentially be used as a heuristic for the menstrual cycle Quotes “Its incredibly important that women understand their own cycle, and it is incredibly important that coaches, male and female, but primarily from my perspective male, understand the female cycle” (14:10) “I’ve just objectively talked about a training cycle, but also about when a woman has their menstrual cycle, this is a good way of training around it. It's that straightforward.” (17:43) “The sort of primary underpinning construct of my entire talk was the lunar cycle and how the lunar cycle can potentially be used as a heuristic for the menstrual cycle” (23:30) “When you start getting used to a more intuitive way of programming, you carry around less weight on your shoulders of what you are supposed to be able to do (36:22) Resources Mentioned In This Show  HTK 100: Steph + Z HTK 077: Dr. Stacy Sims Working Out with your Menstrual Cycle by Steph Gaudreau Magic: The Gathering Pie Fights Check out the full show notes here! Follow Steph on Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube | Pinterest I'd really love it if you would take 1 min and leave us a rating and review on iTunes!
Finding The Courage To Show Up Even When Scared w/ Jessica Honegger
Sometimes you need to pull back the curtain on success and reveal the winding road it took to get to where you are today. Today’s guest, Jessica Honegger, is doing exactly that, and showing us all what it’s like to get comfortable outside of your comfort zone. About Jessica Honeggar Jessica is the founder of Noonday Collection, a socially conscious fashion brand, a hilarious podcast host, author, and inspiring entrepreneur. She is an advocate for talking to yourself with self-compassion, trusting yourself more than the numbers on the scale, and owning your own voice. If you are looking for tips on being more intentional in your decisions, spending your willpower energy on saying no to vices, and becoming a solution to the problems you see, Jessica is your girl. By accepting that life is a journey, and knowing when to pull yourself back to center if you go off the rails, you can handle stress with grace and create your own definition of success. By finding the courage to show up even when you are scared you will realize that you have the power to create the kind of space you want for yourself. A shot of inspiration, Jessica is a steward of finding your own way of doing things while taking care of yourself and letting go of perfection. When did you last find courage even when you were scared? Let us know in the comments on the episode page! On Today's Episode Surrendering yourself to find an equilibrium How to deal with a crazy and inconsistent schedule Talking to yourself with a voice of compassion instead of punishment Why your success is not based on the number you see on the scale Stepping into your story and creating a compassionate space for yourself and others Quotes “I know what its like to battle anxiety and wonder what problems the next day is going to hold, and right now I feel a lot of spaciousness, and I am so grateful for that” (7:33) “I’m here, I’m moving my body, I’m being good to it. And I try to really notice the voice, the tone in which I am speaking to myself” (18:29) “I am going to be in this body and in this mind for the rest of my life, so I might as well really love the voice that I am speaking to myself in” (21:34) “We let perfectionism paralyze us, we let imposter syndrome hold us back, and we think that courage means that we have our shit together. And what courage means is that we are scared and we just go anyway” (35:12) “So much of life, I think to keep us from paralysis we have to embrace paradox. Because that really is what life is” (45:50) Resources Mentioned In This Show  Going Scared Podcast Going Scared Episode 43: Steph Gaudreau Imperfect Courage Book Follow Jessica on Instagram Noonday Collection Jessica’s Website Courage Quiz Check out the full show notes here! Follow Steph on Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube | Pinterest I'd really love it if you would take 1 min and leave us a rating and review on iTunes!
Stronger Than You Think w/ Sarai White
In a world of airbrushing and Instagram, today's guest Sarai White keeps it real and accessible. Sarai is helping people get comfortable with getting moving, and breaking down what we perceive as our flaws to love what we see in the mirror every day. About Sarai White Sarai views exercise as a means of mental therapy, a hobby, and a healthy activity, not as a way to change who you are. She gives women permission to not have to be perfect and uses strength training to show her clients that they are much stronger than they think they are. Learn about everything from Sarai’s philosophy around her social media channels, how to create workout experiences people can replicate, and how she is helping women get strong by lifting some serious weight while shedding the societal and cultural standards. Plus, Sarai is sharing her journey of giving yourself compassion, finding a new normal and prioritizing your health before and after breast cancer. An open an honest talk about getting back to the things you love by letting go of fear, Sarai is helping her clients get moving and start loving every part of yourself. What are your thoughts on Sarai’s story? Let us know in the comments on the episode page! On Today's Episode Changing the conversation around how women talk to themselves The benefits and challenges of lifting weights as a woman Forgetting about what other people are thinking and taking your workout outside Common mistakes that people make when structuring their training regime Getting back to what you love about your body Quotes “I want people to see that your fitness level isn't determined by necessarily any outward physical attributes. You know people can get out on the street and work out even if you don't look like your typical, whatever.” (5:59) “That fueled my passion to begin working with women exclusively. And having a place where we could work out hard, like lift heavy, work out hard and push ourselves, and feel really comfortable.” (22:46) “I always say I don't know how to do anything else, this is what I do. No matter what like any other thing I have thought about doing, it always comes back to this. This is what I am supposed to do so this is what I do.” (32:19) “Everybody's got a street curb. You know you can work out on the street curb, you can work out on the park bench. So no matter what, you can do something.” (41:25) “Just really coming back to the root of why I move, why I do what I can do, and being very grateful for my body to be able to do what it could do helped. And also wanting to be an example for other women” (53:15) Resources Mentioned In This Show  Get Fit With Sarai Follow Get Fit With Sarai on Instagram and Facebook  Check out the full show notes here! Follow Steph on Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube | Pinterest I'd really love it if you would take 1 min and leave us a rating and review on iTunes!
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