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Two skeptical dorks examine cases of the strange and unusual and try to find out what's really going on. Is the Loveland Frogman just a deformed iguana? Is the Black Monk of Pontefract a trick of the eye? What about Will o' the Wisp? Poltergeists? Leprechauns? Gateways to Hell? We examine them all and discuss if it's real, or if it's Hardly Paranormal.
19 Episodes
This week we review the paranormal reality show, The Dead Files starring Amy Allan, Steve DiSchiavi, and Matt Anderson. Steve is a retired NYC homicide detective, Amy is a physical medium, and Matt has a camcorder. Join us as we give our take on this spooky show!
This week we talk about celebrity cryptid, The Mothman! Is he an ominous harbinger whose appearance portends doom, or is he simply a menace to your outdoor laundry? Is he a crane? An alien? A secret government experiment gone wrong? Or a tourist attraction? We dive in to find out; just who is the Mothman?
This week we take a brief look at some of the weirder ghosts of Japanese folklore. Some have no legs and some are dedicated mothers but they are all spooky and strange and right up our alley!
Ep. 15- Crock of Gold

Ep. 15- Crock of Gold


This week we finally take a look at the Leprechaun! Is it a cryptid? A myth? Or a marketing tool? We talk about the weird history of this American icon. Also we have a special promo from the amazing Superduperstitious Podcast! And, also, additionally be sure to check out:
Did you know there really was an old MacDonald who had a farm? Did you also know that it was haunted by a poltergeist who harassed the animals and started fires? In this episode we take a look at the case of the Caledonia Mills Fire Spook!
We take a look at some of America's weirder cryptids, from an axe-wielding goat monster to a giant earthworm in part one of our series about everything red, white, and spooky!
We talk about the Black Monk of Pontefract! Renown for being the "most violent poltergeist in the world" this 1966 haunting of a Yorkshire family raises a lot of questions about how spooky evidence should be viewed and the nature of paranormal phenomenons.
Ep. 11- Jinn Not Gin

Ep. 11- Jinn Not Gin


We take a closer look at the mystical and mysterious Jinn of Islamic folklore! While most people Jinn as genies and associate them with Robin Williams and wishes, I can assure you, you ain't never had a friend like these!
In this very special tenth episode we pay tribute to those who helped us get to where we are by examining the creepy story of a dream that may have been more than a dream, and a few spooky locales that host some ghostly children.
This episode we talk about the wild and strange tale of Gef the Talking Mongoose. Is he a friend? Does he come in peace? Or is he a hand and feet having holy ghost from the 5th dimension? You decide while we digest this insane story.
This episode we tell the tragic story of the Iroquois Theater fire of 1903 and it's role in the origins of Death Alley, the supposedly haunted, historic alleyway in Chicago.
In this episode we take a tour around some of the creepiest and allegedly most haunted places you can visit. From a haunted floating museum to the literal opposite of an island paradise, you'll soon realize that there's no place like home.
We talk about some famous haunted and cursed items, including a vengeful vase, a box for spirits, and a treacherous chair! We also take a look at some shady eBay listings from weight loss jewelry to possessed dolls.
In this episode we read some eyewitness encounters with the legendary Michigan Dogman. From crashing a barbecue to staring in windows we uncover whether this dogman's bark is worse than his bite!
Want to know your future? When you'll get married? Who is trying to contact you from the beyond? Keep looking. This episode we take a look at psychic phenomena and the shady people who peddle it.
In this episode we examine the case of a fourteen year old boy known by the pseudonym "Roland Doe" who in 1949 began to exhibit some strange behavior that lead to his family eventually contacting an exorcist. His story would go on to inspire books and films, but was there any truth to it?
This episode we talk about the history and mystery of New Jersey's very own home-grown legend, the Jersey Devil. From befriending a ghost pirate to cavorting with Napoleon's brother, the Devil is the strangest thing to come out of Garden State since fist-pumping.
First episode ever! We take a look at the case of the Perron Family of Rhode Island which was adapted into the film The Conjuring.
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