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We are located in Sumter, SC. Our desire as a church is to be Devoted to God, Connected to Others, and Reaching the World. Missed a Sunday and want to catch up on our sermon series but don’t have time to watch our Facebook live stream? Download and play our sermons!
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A small church in size and influence compared to those around them, Philadelphia was the first of two churches in Revelation to have no corrections from Jesus. Though they would have faced all the same temptations of culture and compromise, Jesus commended them for keeping His Word and not denying His name. Not only did they know the Word, they aligned their lives to it as they followed Christ, and Jesus told them to hold fast, persevere and finish well, for there would be benefits for them in the future for remaining faithful now.In this sermon we will be encouraged by the example of the Church of Brotherly Love, to know the Bible well and do what it says.
The church at Sardis had a history of faithfulness to the things of God, but in an effort to just get along with everyone and not offend anybody, they became careless over time. Rather than remaining vigilant and contending for the truth, they became a dead church as they lived off the security of the past and allowed for compromise in the present. In this sermon we’ll be challenged to continue to be faithful to the Lord and live distinct lives, spending time with Him daily so we can love the people around us while also holding fast to the truth of His Word.
The church of Thyatira was a church zealously committed to love and good deeds. They excelled at serving as the hands and feet of Jesus, extending compassion toward those in need. Yet in time, their love grew without discernment, and in the name of tolerance they began to love the very things Jesus hates. In this message we'll examine what it looks like to be a church that is all love with no truth, and learn how we can guard ourselves from the current cultural temptation of doctrinal and moral compromise.
Smyrna was a wealthy and beautiful city that was very faithful to Rome. While the city was rich, the church at Smyrna was poor, having experienced financial persecution being kicked out of the marketplace by the Roman government for their refusal to worship Caesar. Jesus wrote to commend them on their endurance, but also to encourage and comfort them in the midst of a greater persecution that was coming. They would be called to give up their lives for the sake of the gospel. In this message we will explore the depths of our love for Jesus, our understanding of His grace, and the value we give Him in our lives. Are we willing to pay a price to follow Jesus in light of the price He paid for us on the cross and the promise He gives of eternal life?
Pergamum was a city of excess. The church had good theology, but they had allowed immorality and the sexually charged nature of their culture to influence their lives. God’s message to them was clear: repent. May we listen to the warnings to Pergamum, and be a church that holds to theology while also reflecting the holiness of Christ by the way we live.
The church at Ephesus appeared to be excelling on all levels: they were committed to sound doctrine and guarding against false teaching, they sought to do good works in the community around them, they ferociously defended the glory of Christ's name above all other names, and they staunchly defended against moral compromise. On many fronts, they appeared to be the perfect church. Yet for all they were doing well, Jesus had one thing against them: they had left their first love, Jesus Himself. In this message we'll see just how close the church at Ephesus relates to our own hearts, and seek to follow Jesus' exhortations for how to keep our affections rightly placed on Him, so they might not drift away toward lesser things.
Christian Hope

Christian Hope


What do you mean when you use the word, "hope?" I think most of the time we think of hope in the same way we do luck? There's an element of uncertainty to it. "I hope this will happen, but I'm, not sure." As a matter of fact, what do we say about hope? "Don't get your hopes up!"Christian hope is su much better than that! In Christian hope, we not only want something good to happen, we expect it to happen. That's all because of what Easter represents--the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead. If it didn't happen the way the Scripture say, we would be hopeless. In this Easter sermon, we're talking about real, concrete hope from John 20 and what it can mean for you life. 
Lee Brown, a home church planter and former Pastor at  Harmony Church, presented an excellent question to the church yesterday? Is God pleased when we meet together on Sunday morning? 
Helping Hurting People

Helping Hurting People


1 Thessalonians 5:14-15There are all kind of hurting, struggling people out there. And just like different health issues require different forms of treatment, so do the issues that people deal with. In this final sermon of the series, we'll investigate how we can help those who are struggling.
1 Thessalonians 4:3-8Why talk about this topic in a sermon series about relationships? Because sexual immorality always hurts our relationships with others. Our relationships are to be defined by giving, sacrificial love. Sexual immorality is defined by taking and selfish lust. In this sermon we'll see what God says about this topic and how we can overcome immorality through the Gospel. Ultimately, we'll see the purity paves the way to intimacy with God and others. 
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