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Author: Marisa Sandlin

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A podcast about women and alcohol! Join Marisa as she explores the wide, wild, wonderful world of women in the alcohol industry — from craft beers to small-batch alcohol. It’s a booze-based podcast with a feminist bent, celebrating the accomplishments of women in an industry often dominated by testosterone.
23 Episodes
This week’s guest is the incredible and cool as hell Chloe Girouard-Martel of OEC Brewing. Chloe is notable for only being a rad person working in beer, but for also being a rad horticulturalist in beer. OEC Brewing sounds like an immediate roadtrip for me so hold on while I get some money together to … Continue reading "Episode 54 – Chloe Girouard-Martel of OEC Brewing"
This week’s guest is the lovely Karen Hertz of Holidaily Brewing Company out in Golden, CO. Karen’s brewery is one of the eight certified gluten-free breweries in the United States. Holidaily came from Karen wanting to still be able to drink amazing beer but without the wheat. If you take a look at their offerings, … Continue reading "Episode 53 – Karen Hertz of Holidaily Brewing Company"
Summer is here! Time to drink beer! (Hey, I made a rhyme!) Kicking off my summer episodes is an interview with Kristin Scott, one of the owners/founders of Odd13 Brewing in Lafayette,  Colorado. With a cool comic book feel and an incredibly impressive taplist (like, seriously, I am agog), Odd13 sounds the place to be … Continue reading "Episode 52 – Kristin Scott of Odd13 Brewing"
Sometimes you find a craft brewery that embodies things that are important to you (besides beer). Lady Justice Brewing is one such business. Their unique distribution method alongside their commitment to feminism and social justice creates an incredible trifecta of awesome. This week’s episode features a chat with one of their co-founders, Betsy Lay. It … Continue reading "Episode 51 – Lady Justice Brewing"
It’s a check-in, guys, as I have been busy with a J-O-B here in Kingston. But we’re back in the saddle next Friday with Lady Justice Brewing!
Oh man, today’s episode comes to you with a bit of backstory! I interviewed Laurie two weeks ago (!!) and learned afterwards that my recording program didn’t, uh, record it. And since Laurie has a lot on her plate these days, it took a while to reschedule and record. It happened and then I learned … Continue reading "Episode 50 – Laurie Porter of Smog City Brewing"
Let’s reverse the usual March axiom: In like a lion, out like a lamb. Today you get lamb-like (heh) me giving you some background about why there hasn’t been any episodes for two Fridays, as well as updating you on what is going on for the next two months. The lion part will be a month … Continue reading "Mini-episode for March 2nd: In like a lamb and out like a lion"
Today’s guest, Emily Bennett, traveled to over 300 craft breweries in 2017 in her home state of Michigan. That, my friends, defines Living the Dream. (Well, it does for me, I can’t speak for you.) I talk to Emily about how her plan came to fruition, as well as some of the best beers tasted … Continue reading "Episode 49 – Emily Bennett aka Mitten Beer Girl"
If, like me, you gravitate towards French and Belgian-style beers, this episode is for you. (Well, they’re all for you, regardless of your beer preference. But you know what I mean. I hope.) Cyrena Nouzille is the owner of Ladyface Ale Companie. Since 2009, they’ve been serving up casual yet classic French fare as well … Continue reading "Episode 48 – Cyrena Nouzille of Ladyface Ale Companie"
This week on Harpy Hour I talk with Regan Long of Local Brewing Company based in San Francisco. Regan has quite an impressive CV for a brewmaster–degrees in Oceanography and Physics!–but her passion for making the best beer for your pleasure won out over all the other cool stuff she knows. Go have a listen … Continue reading "Episode 47 – Regan Long of Local Brewing Company"
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