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Harvey Brownstone conducts an in-depth interview with Bobby Moresco, Academy Award Winning Writer / Director / Producer   About Harvey's guest: Today’s special guest, Bobby Moresco, is a highly respected, Academy award winning writer, director and producer whose body of work includes some of the greatest films in recent times.    After studying acting in New York, he created the Actor’s Gym, which operates in New York and Los Angeles,  and provides a forum for developing new works for stage, film and television.  He’s written and directed over 30 plays, and in 1998 he directed Colin Quinn in “An Irish Wake” on Broadway.   He's created, written and produced many highly acclaimed, award-winning TV series including “Millenium”, “EZ Streets”, “Falconey”, “The Black Donnelly’s” and “100 Code”.   On the big screen, he co-wrote and produced the blockbuster movie “Crash”, which earned him and co-writer and director Paul Haggis an Oscar for Best Original Screenplay.  He also executive produced the 2008 TV series “Crash”, inspired by the movie.   In 2004, he co-produced the Academy award winning movie, “Million Dollar Baby”, followed by writing and directing “10th and Wolf”, and another one of my favourites, “Bent”.   He wrote and has just completed directing his brand new film, “Lamborghini”, starring Frank Grillo, Mira Sorvino and Gabriel Byrne, which tells the story of legendary Italian automobile designer, Ferrucio Lamborghini.    In addition to his Academy award, he’s won 19 other awards for his work, including a BAFTA award, a London Critics Circle Film Award, a Film Independent Spirit Award, a Broadcast Film Critics Association award, a Writers Guild of America award, and the Pioneer in Screenwriting Award at the Burbank International Film Festival.   For more interviews and podcasts go to: #BobbyMoresco   #harveybrownstoneinterviews
Harvey Brownstone conducts an in-depth interview with Tony Moore, Author of “One of a Kind: Making Things Happen”   About Harvey's guest: Today’s special guest, Tony Moore, is a self-made man, whose remarkable journey from his humble beginnings and turbulent childhood in England, to a highly successful international business career, is the subject of his inspiring new book, entitled, “One of a Kind: Making Things Happen.”  Our guest never knew his father, and lost his mother at the age of 5, having met her only 3 times in his life.  At the age of 8, he was ripped away from the only loving caregiver he’d ever had, his beloved foster mother whom he called “Auntie”.  He was forced to live with his abusive step-father, only to be sent to an orphanage the next year.  When he was finally placed in a loving home, his adoptive parents passed away, leaving him orphaned for a second time.   He ended up in a boarding school, and then completed a 5-year engineering apprenticeship, ultimately leading to a hugely successful career at Alfa Laval and Tetra Pak, as head of global customer service operations.  His work took him all over the world.  His experience in business and in life, is diverse and impressive.  He was a professional singer.  He owned and operated a wine bar in West London.  He ran a perfume company, then developed a computer program that was used in the field of optometry, and then he ran the biggest glove production company in America, and was instrumental in improving uniform apparel and gloves for the US military.   And now, he’s a co-founder of Briton Publishing, and a successful author of numerous books including “Sabato: The Untold Story”, co-authored with Antonio Sabato Jr., and “Liberty vs Tyranny”, co-authored with retired Colonel Andrew P. O’Meara Jr., and “He’s a Funny Cat, Ms. High:  My 32 Years Singing with James Brown”, co-authored with Martha High. For more interviews and podcasts go to: # tonymoore  #Y&R  #harveybrownstoneinterviews
Harvey Brownstone conducts an in-depth interview with Eric Braeden, Legendary Star of “The Young and the Restless”, Author, “I’ll Be Damned: How My Young and Restless Life Led me to America’s #1 Daytime Drama” About Harvey's guest: Today’s special guest, Eric Braeden, is a legendary actor, athlete and humanitarian who’s best known for playing the invincible Victor Newman for 42 years on the #1 daytime drama series of all time, “The Young & The Restless”.   He first came to our attention as Captain Hans Dietrich in “The Rat Patrol”, and as Dr. Charles Forbin in “Colossus: The Forbin Project”.  And who can ever forget him as John Jacob Astor in “Titanic”, or my favourite, Reese Paxton in “The Man Who Came Back”.    In 2017 he published a highly compelling book entitled, “I’ll Be Damned:  How My Young and Restless Life Led me to America’s #1 Daytime Drama.”   The book chronicles his amazing journey as a youngster in postwar Germany, to his struggles as a young actor in Hollywood, constantly being typecast in one-dimensional roles playing Nazi officers and bad guys and coming to terms with the realization of the devastating crimes against humanity committed by the Nazi regime.   This inspirational man has dedicated himself to atoning on behalf of Germany, and to finding meaningful ways to advance the relationship between Americans, Germans and the Jewish Community.   He’s won 3 Soap Opera Digest Awards, a Daytime Emmy Award, a People’s Choice Award, and he has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.  He’s been honoured in Monte Carlo, Italy, France, Germany, and he received a humanitarian award by the government of Israel. For more interviews and podcasts go to: #EricBraeden  #Y&R  #harveybrownstoneinterviews
Harvey Brownstone conducts an in-depth interview with Richard Hester, Broadway Stage Manager and Production Supervisor & Author, “HOLD PLEASE: Stage Managing a Pandemic” About Harvey's guest: Today’s guest, Richard Hester, is a highly respected stage manager and production supervisor for Broadway shows and touring productions throughout the world.   He’s worked on many shows including “Wicked”, “Cabaret”, “Phantom of the Opera”, “Annie Get Your Gun”, “Gypsy”, “West Side Story”, and many more.  For MANY years he’s been the international production supervisor for “Jersey Boys”.  He travels on the road with Patti LuPone and Mandy Patinkin on their concert tours.  And for over 20 years, he’s been one of the lead producers of the “Broadway Barks” animal shelter adoption event with Bernadette Peters, that’s held every summer in New York City.   When the pandemic hit in March 2020, the entire entertainment industry abruptly and indefinitely came to a crashing halt.  Our guest decided to start writing a blog on social media, which, over time, was read and enjoyed by thousands of people.  His thought-provoking and insightful essays were not just about covid.  He wrote about EVERYTHING:  from his love of New York City and the world of theatre, to the Black Lives Matter movement and the chaotic, profoundly troubling events in American politics, leading up to and following the presidential election.   His daily columns have been compiled into a brand new book entitled, “Hold, Please: Stage Managing a Pandemic”.  And those essays, written from March 12, 2020 to June 10, 2021, collectively continue to give us insights, food for thought and guidance in multiple ways. For more interviews and podcasts go to: #RichardHester  #harveybrownstoneinterviews
Harvey Brownstone conducts an in-depth interview with Donna McKechnie, Legendary Broadway Star & Author of “Time Steps: My Musical Comedy Life” About Harvey's guest: Today’s special guest, Donna McKechnie, is a legendary star who exemplifies the meaning of the phrase “triple threat”, because she dances, acts and sings with equal perfection.   She is regarded internationally as one of Broadway’s foremost singing and dancing leading ladies, who will forever be remembered and adored for creating the iconic role of “Cassie” in “A Chorus Line”, earning her a Tony Award for Best Actress in a Musical, as well as a Drama Desk Award and a Theatre World Special Award.   She’s also starred on Broadway in “How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying”, “The Education of Hyman Kaplan”, “On the Town”, “Promises, Promises”, “Company”, “The Visit”, “State Fair”, for which she won the Fred Astaire Award for Best Female Dancer, and a Drama Desk Award nomination, and “Sondheim: A Musical Tribute”, which she also choreographed.   She’s starred in numerous musical productions throughout the country and in London’s West End, including “Follies”, “Annie Get Your Gun”, Mack and Mabel”, “Gypsy”, “Can-Can”, “Pajama Game” and many more.  She’s appeared in many TV shows including HBO Specials, the Tonight Show, “Fame”, “Cheers”, “Family Ties”, and who can ever forget her as “Amanda Harris” in “Dark Shadows”.  And when she’s not busy choreographing a production, she frequently performs in concert with symphony orchestras, and on cabaret stages all over the country.   She was one of the stars in “FOUR GIRLS FOUR”, a wonderful concert series with Andrea McArdle, Faith Prince and Maureen McGovern    And if that weren’t enough, she wrote a poignant, intensely personal and compelling memoir, entitled, “Time Steps: My Musical Comedy Life”For more interviews and podcasts go to: #DonnaMcKechnie  #harveybrownstoneinterviews
Harvey Brownstone conducts an in-depth interview with Charles Rosenay, Author of “The Book of Top 10 Horror Lists” About Harvey's guest: If you like scary movies, then today’s show will be right up your alley.  Our guest, Charles Rosenay, is widely considered to be THE expert in horror movies. From a young age, he became obsessed with monster movies, and he’s spent most of his career enjoying, celebrating, and appearing in them.  He’s a frequent guest at horror conventions and conducts the hugely popular annual “Dracula Tours to Transylvania” as well as Ghost Tours to notoriously haunted locations throughout the world.   He’s been featured on the Travel Channel, the Discovery Channel and the BBC.  And, as an actor, he’s appeared in many horror movies including “Pink Eye”, “The Sadist”, “Dead Survivors”, “The Confessional”, “The Zombie Chronicles” and many more.  Last year, he released a delightful book entitled, “The Book of Top Ten Horror Lists”, in which 100 celebrities, including Ed Asner, William Shatner, Corbin Bernson, Dave Winfield, Karen Black and dozens more, reveal their Top 10 favorite horror movies of all time. For more interviews and podcasts go to: #CharlesRosenay      #harveybrownstoneinterviews
Harvey Brownstone conducts an in-depth interview with Steve Chain, Author of , “Fly By Night: The Secret Story of Steven Spielberg, Warner Brothers and the Twilight Zone Deaths” About Harvey's guest: Today’s guest, Steve Chain, has written a fascinating and compelling book about an event that is widely considered to be the greatest tragedy to have ever occurred on the set of a Hollywood movie.   On July 23, 1982, during the filming of a key final scene in “Twilight Zone: The Movie”, veteran actor Vic Morrow and 2 young children were instantly killed, when a helicopter hovering above them crashed as a result of pyrotechnic special effect explosions.  It was the first time in Hollywood history that actors were killed on a movie set.   Our guest’s book is entitled, “Fly By Night: The Secret Story of Steven Spielberg, Warner Brothers and the Twilight Zone Deaths”, and it reads like a mystery detective novel, where, piece by piece, the puzzle of what actually happened is put together, revealing a poorly planned, highly negligent and dangerous act, followed by a severely flawed investigation, leading to a well-organized cover-up by some of the most powerful people in Hollywood and their lawyers – and culminating in a highly publicized and dramatic 10 month trial, in which director John Landis and 4 other crucial players were ultimately acquitted of involuntary manslaughter charges.    Given the recent tragedy involving Alec Baldwin that occurred on the set of “Rust”, the events that took place during the making of “The Twilight Zone Movie” have taken on new relevance on the issue of safety on a movie set. For more interviews and podcasts go to: #SteveChain      #harveybrownstoneinterviews
Harvey Brownstone conducts an in-depth interview with Rich Little, Legendary Impressionist, “The Man of a Thousand Voices” About Harvey's guest: Today’s special guest, Rich Little, is an iconic star who’s been entertaining us for over 60 years with his incredibly accurate impersonations of celebrities and politicians.   He’s dazzled us with his uncanny ability to channel everyone from Jimmy Stewart and John Wayne to Cary Grant, Jack Nicholson, Truman Capote, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Clint Eastwood, and dozens more - even Dr. Ruth, Carol Channing, Julia Child and Kermit the Frog.   He’s perfected the voices of every US president since President Kennedy, and last year, he got rave reviews for his astounding portrayal on the New York stage of Richard Nixon, in George Bugatti’s brilliant play, “Trial on the Potomac — The Impeachment of Richard Nixon”.    Our guest has appeared on hundreds of TV shows including Jackie Gleason, Dean Martin, Carol Burnett, Laugh-in, The Lucy Show, The Tonight Show, Hollywood Squares, and dozens more.   He’s recorded 9 comedy albums.  He had his own TV variety show, and was the star of “KopyKats”, AND he’s starred in 3 HBO specials.   And who can ever forget the Emmy-award winning special, “Rich Little’s Christmas Carol”, which was a tour-de-force one-man show, with our guest portraying W.C. Fields as Scrooge, Humphrey Bogart as one of the ghosts, and Paul Lynde as Bob Cratchit.   This year he released a newly updated version of his fabulous book, entitled, “Rich Little:  People I’ve Known and Been”, with all proceeds going to benefit veterans, through the Gary Sinise Foundation.   He’s won too many awards to mention, and he’s the only celebrity to have a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, the Palm Springs Walk of Fame, the Las Vegas Walk of Fame, and the Canadian Walk of Fame in Toronto.    For more interviews and podcasts go to: #RichLittle   #TheRichLittle   #harveybrownstoneinterviews
Harvey Brownstone conducts an in-depth interview with Patricia Grayhall, Author, “Making the Rounds: Defying Norms in Love and Medicine” About Harvey's guest: Today’s guest is Patricia Grayhall, who has written a poignant, insightful and sometimes heart wrenching  memoir, chronicling her journey in the 60’s and 70’s, studying and training to be a doctor, and coming out as a lesbian, at a time when society disapproved of both for a woman.   Her book is entitled, “Making the Rounds: Defying Norms in Love and Medicine”, and it’s a frank and very personal coming of age story, of her battle against rampant sexism in a male-dominated profession, while at the same time, striving to find an enduring, loving relationship during the free-wheeling sexual revolution and feminism of the 1970’s.    Our guest graduated in 1975 from the University of Utah medical school.  She got the highest score in her class in the medical licensing exam.  She was the only female intern at the Boston University Hospital.  She then completed 2 residencies and earned 2 Master’s Degrees – in Public Health and Physiology -  from the Harvard School of Public Health.  In fact, she was the first resident in occupational and environmental medicine at Harvard.  She then completed her residency in internal medicine and went on to have a 40-year career as a specialist in Seattle, Washington, and ran her own medical consulting company.    After retiring, she decided to write her memoir, which has just been released.   For more interviews and podcasts go to: #PatriciaGrayhall   #harveybrownstoneinterviews
Harvey Brownstone conducts an in-depth interview with Loretta Swit, Legendary Actress, Artist and Animal Welfare Activist About Harvey's guest: Today’s special guest is Loretta Swit, legendary actress, artist, humanitarian and animal welfare activist who rose to international acclaim for her iconic portrayal of quick-witted, sensuous, and yet sensitive Major Margaret “Hotlips” Houlihan for 11 seasons on the most honoured television series of all time, MASH, for which she won 2 Emmy awards.   She’s also known for her performances on stage in “The Odd Couple”, “Same Time Next Year”, “Mame”, “Shirley Valentine”, “The Vagina Monologues” and many more.   She starred in many TV movies including “Hell Hath No Fury”, “The Hostage Heart”, “Mirror Mirror”, “A Killer Among Friends”, THREE Christmas movies, and my all-time favourite, “The Execution”.   Her wildlife series, “Those Incredible Animals”, was shown twice weekly on the Discovery Channel for an amazing 5-year run, and aired in over 30 countries.  She’s worked with everyone from Susan Hayward to Julie Andrews, Cliff Robertson, Patty Duke, James Caan, Alan Arkin and of course, the beloved cast of MASH.  Her list of accolades is staggering.   She’s received a People’s Choice Award, The Genie Award, The Silver Satellite Award, The Sarah Siddons Award, The Jean Golden Halo Award, the Pacific Broadcasters Award, 10 Emmy nominations and 2 Emmy awards, 4 Golden Globe nominations, AND she most recently received her THIRD Lifetime Achievement Award.  And for her animal activism, she’s been named Woman of the Year by both the Animal Protection Institute and the International Fund For Animal Welfare.   She’s received the Advocate for Farm Animals Award, the Compassion in Action Award, the Westminster Animal Welfare & Leadership Award; the International Red Cross Humanitarian Award, the Global Wildlife Conservation Champion Award, and The Betty White Award from Actors and Others for Animals.  And if that weren’t enough, she’s an extremely gifted artist, and most recently, she’s released a book entitled, “SwitHeart: The Watercolour Artistry & Animal Activism of Loretta Swit”, chronicling her work as an artist and activist.  AND, she’s released her wonderful new fragrance called “Swit-heart”.  Proceeds from the sale of her book go to her non-profit foundation, the “Swit-heart Animal Alliance.”  And the perfume is ONLY available to people who donate to the Foundation, with all proceeds going to the all-important cause of ending animal neglect, suffering and cruelty. For more interviews and podcasts go to: #LorettaSwit   #switheart   #harveybrownstoneinterviews
Harvey Brownstone conducts an in-depth interview with Alex Liu, Filmmaker, “A Sexplanation” About Harvey's guest: Today’s special guest is Alex Liu, a filmmaker who has written, produced, directed and starred in a refreshingly innovative documentary film entitled “A Sexplanation”.    At the age of 36, he decided to go on a quest to explore the hard truths behind America’s inadequate and antiquated approach to sex education, which leaves us uninformed, and which can often lead to emotional distress, and even feelings of shame.   This fascinating, insightful and humorous film takes us on a unique journey, and features provocative conversations with psychologists, sex researchers, educators —and yes, even a priest.   This film is not only about one man’s evolution from a shame-filled past to a happier, healthier, and sexier future.  It’s ultimately about the universal search for love, connection, and family acceptance.   This terrific movie has won 9 film festival awards.  And it’s now available for viewing on all major digital platforms.   Our guest is a journalist focussing on health.  He’s produced video, radio and print content for numerous media outlets.  And he’s developed 2 YouTube channels focused on sex and drug education, totaling over five million views. For more interviews and podcasts go to: #AlexLiu   #harveybrownstoneinterviews
Several weeks ago, we featured multi-platinum singer songwriter Harriet Schock on our show.  If you’ve listened to any of Harriet’s songs, you know that she has an uncanny ability to touch the soul with her beautiful melodies and profoundly moving lyrics. Harriet learned of my personal struggles after coming out to my parents at the age of 19, then being ejected from my home, having to get myself through law school by doing odd jobs, and then working my way up to the top of my profession, being appointed Canada’s first openly gay judge, she decided to honour me by writing a song based on my life. As you’re about to hear, this is an intensely personal and emotional song, that speaks not only to my parents, but to the parents of any child who felt unloved, rejected or disapproved of. Its message is universal. I’m extremely honoured and proud to present the brilliant Harriet Schock, performing her brand new song, “I am Yours.” You can download this song on Harriet’s website by clicking on the link:
Harvey Brownstone conducts an in-depth interview with Alan Mercer, Photographer to the Stars About Harvey's guest: Today’s special guest is Alan Mercer, one of the most successful and high profile celebrity photographers in America.   He is regularly called upon by the biggest names in music, film and television, to photograph them for iconic  magazine, book and album covers, as well as movie posters, billboards, and TV documentaries.  He’s photographed everyone from Steven Spielberg and Rita Moreno to Carol Channing, Mamie Van Doren, Phyllis Diller, Smokey Robinson, Etta James, Greg Allman, George Jones, Ricky Martin, Jane Lynch and so many more.   And if you look at any of his celebrity portraits, you’ll immediately see the reason for his tremendous popularity.  He has an uncanny and rather astonishing ability to capture not only his subject’s charisma, but to actually penetrate their personalities and even their souls.   His photographs are PURE MAGIC.    And if that weren’t enough, he also writes an enormously popular blog, featuring over 400 photo sessions,  stories and interviews with many celebrities including Arturo Sandoval, Kitty Lester, Britt Eckland, Ronnie McDowell, Ruth Buzzi and many more.   I’m also very proud to say that he’s my dear friend.   For more interviews and podcasts go to: #AlanMercer  #harveybrownstoneinterviews
Harvey Brownstone conducts an in-depth interview with John Edward, Renowned Psychic Medium and Author  About Harvey's guest: Today’s special guest is John Edward, widely considered to be the foremost psychic medium in the world.   For 37 years, he’s brought insight, healing and peace of mind to thousands of people who were able to connect and communicate with departed loved ones, thanks to his unique and powerful psychic abilities.   He’s a best selling author of many books, including “One Last Time”, “After Life”, “Final Beginnings”, “Crossing Over: The Stories Behind the Stories”, “Infinite Quest”, “Practical Praying”, “Fallen Masters”, and of course, “What If God Were the Sun”, which was also made into a TV movie.   He hosted his own hugely successful, internationally syndicated TV shows: “Crossing Over with John Edward”, and “John Edward Cross Country”.  He’s also appeared on many TV shows including “Larry King Live”, “Oprah”, “20/20”, “The View”, “Dr. Phil”, “Dr. Oz”, “Anderson Cooper”, and dozens more, including the critically acclaimed HBO special, “Life After Life”.  He’s been featured in every major newspaper and magazine, and in 2002, he was named one of People Magazine’s “Most Intriguing People of the Year”.  His uncanny ability to predict future events, and his incredible accuracy and down-to-earth approach have earned him a vast and loyal following.   In fact, so far he’s sold over 2.4 million books worldwide.  In 2007, he launched a digital network to deliver real-time content internationally, culminating in the creation of the online community known as “Evolve.”  He also tours extensively around the world, making personal appearances, giving lectures, readings and spreading his message that grief, healing, and hope are eternally intertwined, because our loved ones never cease to love us, and they never really die.   He teaches us that we can all connect with our Spirit Guides, and identify the psychic energy around us on deeper levels.    For more interviews and podcasts go to: #JohnEdward  #harveybrownstoneinterviews
Harvey Brownstone conducts an in-depth interview with Billy Gilman, Award-Winning, Double Platinum Recording ArtistAbout Harvey's guest: Today’s special guest is Billy Gilman, award-winning singer and double-platinum recording artist, who’s been thrilling audiences with his strong, crystal clear, perfect pitch voice, since he first burst onto the music scene at the age of 11, with his massive debut hit song, “One Voice”.   He was the youngest artist to ever reach #1 on the Billboard Top Country Album charts.  And he was one of the youngest artists EVER to be nominated for a Grammy award, AND the youngest artist to win an American Music Award for Favourite Country New Artist.    Following the success of “One Voice”, he’s had numerous hit songs, including “Oklahoma”, “There’s a Hero”, “Wishing You Were Here”, “Soldier” and “Say You Will”.   In 2016, he once again ascended to international acclaim, when he competed in Season 11 of NBC’s blockbuster TV show “The Voice”.   After a stunning rendition of Adele’s hit song, “When We Were Young”, he got a 4-chair turn from the judges, making it all the way to the finale, and finishing as runner-up.  His performances had over 45 million views on YouTube in only 4 months, during his sensational run on the show.  And he scored 9 iTunes number one singles.   His album of songs that he performed on “The Voice”, is one of the best selling albums by ANY contestant in the HISTORY of that show.   In fact, so far our guest has sold over 10 million albums worldwide, including my all-time favourite Christmas album, “Classic Christmas”, which went gold.  In 2014 he was named the Artist Music Guild’s Heritage Mainstream Artist of the Year.  And if THAT weren’t enough, he’s been honored by the Senate and House of Representatives of his home state, Rhode Island, for representing his state so beautifully as an artist. For more interviews and podcasts go to: #BillyGilman  #TheVoice  #harveybrownstoneinterviews
Harvey Brownstone conducts an in-depth interview with Dan Wingate, Producer / Director, “Kaye Ballard – The Show Goes On…”About Harvey's guest:Today’s special guest is Dan Wingate, Producer and Director of the documentary, “Kaye Ballard: The Show Goes On…”Today’s show is all about the beloved and multi-talented actress, singer and comedienne, Kaye Ballard.  Most people remember her bombastic, vivacious personality from TV shows like “The Perry Como Show”, “The Doris Day Show”, “The Lucy Show”, “The Mothers in Law”, “Hollywood Squares”, and her hundreds of appearances on every talk show from Jack Paar to Johnny Carson, Merv Griffin and Mike Douglas.  But if you think you knew Kaye Ballard’s work, or the extent of her talent, think again.   Her  incredible versatility was nothing short of jaw-dropping.  In a career spanning EIGHT DECADES, Kaye Ballard LITERALLY did it all, from big bands to Broadway, radio to recordings, television to the big screen.  And FINALLY, the whole world is going to know it.  Our guest has devoted his career to film and television preservation, and the celebration of legendary performers.  He’s also a terrific filmmaker.  He produced and directed a FABULOUS feature-length documentary entitled, “Kaye Ballard:  The Show Goes On”.  The film is a joyful portrait and a surprising revelation.  This film was so entertaining, and it moved and touched me so deeply, that I just had to invite the man who created it, to come on our show.For more interviews and podcasts go to:  #KayeBallard  #harveybrownstoneinterviews
Harvey Brownstone conducts an in-depth interview with Gary Lewis, Rock and Roll Legend, Founder and Lead Singer of “Gary Lewis and the Playboys” About Harvey's guest: Today’s special guest is the lead singer of one of the most popular and successful rock and roll bands in pop music history, “Gary Lewis and the Playboys”.  He’s the son of Jerry Lewis and singer Patti Palmer.  His mother, who was performing at the time with the Ted Fio Rito Orchestra, intended to name him after her favorite actor, Cary Grant, but her son became "Gary" as the result of a clerical error.He received a set of drums as a gift for his 15th birthday in 1960 and when he was 18, formed the band "Gary and the Playboys" with four friends.  Joking at the lateness of bandmates to practice, Lewis referred to them as "playboys", and the name stuck. Their many hit songs, including “This Diamond Ring”, “Count me In”, “Save Your Heart for Me”, “Everybody Loves a Clown”, “She’s Just my Style”, “Sure Gonna Miss Her” and “Green Grass”, are part of the soundtrack of our lives.  With 8 Gold Singles, 17 Top 40 Hits, 4 Gold Albums, and 45 Million records sold worldwide, our guest is the first and only artist during the 1960s to have his  first 7 releases reach Billboard magazine's Top 10 on the Hot 100 chart.   In 1965, he was named Cash Box magazine's "Male Vocalist of the Year", winning out over Elvis Presley and Frank Sinatra.   He and his band made numerous appearances on popular TV shows including American Bandstand, Hullabaloo, Shindig, and The Tonight Show.  AND he’s one of only a handful of artists who appeared FIVE TIMES WITHIN 2 YEARS on the Ed Sullivan Show.   With the re-emerging interest in oldies music, “Gary Lewis & The Playboys” continue to tour and entertain their millions of fans around the world.   For more interviews and podcasts go to: #GaryLewis  #GaryLewisandthePlayboys  #harveybrownstoneinterviews
Harvey Brownstone conducts an in-depth interview with Candy Spelling, Multi-Tony Award Winning Producer, Author and Philanthropist About Harvey's guest: Today’s special guest is a woman who truly exemplifies the terms self-motivation, self-reinvention, self-affirmation and ultimately, what it means to make a real difference in the world.   For 38 years she was simply known as the wife of the most prolific writer and producer in television history, Aaron Spelling, who ran Hollywood’s largest and most successful production company.  He brought us such iconic TV shows as “The Mod Squad”, “Starsky & Hutch”, “Charlie’s Angels”, “Fantasy Island”, “The Love Boat”, “Dynasty”, “Beverly Hills 90210”, and many more.  As the wife of one of Hollywood’s most powerful executives, our guest’s entire identity was wrapped up in being his collaborator, cheerleader, executive assistant, housekeeper, trophy wife, companion and support – not to mention, a very involved mother of 2 children.   After her husband died in 2006, she found herself at a profound crossroads, and over the course of the next few years, her transformation has been nothing short of astounding.   She’s written 2 best selling books, “Stories from Candyland”, and “Candy at Last”.  She executive produced and starred in 2 highly successful HGTV mini-series about selling her world famous Hollywood mansion, “Spelling Manor”, AND designing and furnishing the condo she moved into after she sold the Manor.   If that weren’t enough, she’s become an enormously successful, multi-Tony award winning producer of 14 Broadway shows including  “Promises Promises”, “How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying”, “The Colour Purple”, “Tina: The Tina Turner Musical”, “Moulin Rouge: The Musical”, and her latest smash hit multi Tony nominated shows, “Mr. Saturday Night” and  “MJ: The Musical”, which just won 4 Tony awards.   And she’s actively involved in numerous civic and charitable activities, as one of America’s most beloved philanthropists.  And of course, she spends as much time as she can with her 7 beautiful grandchildren, who affectionately call her “Candy Gram”.   For more interviews and podcasts go to: #CandySpelling   #MJTheMusical   #MrSaturdayNight  #harveybrownstoneinterviews
Harvey Brownstone conducts an in-depth interview with Melba Moore, Legendary Singer, Actress and Recording Artist About Harvey's guest: Today’s guest is Melba Moore, the iconic, award-winning music superstar who’s been dazzling audiences with her incredibly beautiful and soulful 5-octave voice since she burst on the scene in the late 60s in the original cast of the Broadway musical, “Hair”.    She then was one of the first Black women to win a Tony Award for Best Actress in a Musical, for her performance in “Purlie”.   She’s hosted 2 television variety shows and appeared in hit movies like “All Dogs Go to Heaven” and “The Fighting Temptations”.  She was the first African American woman to play “Fantine” on Broadway in “Les Miserables”.  But ultimately, it’s her FABULOUS voice that earned her THREE Grammy nominations and made her a music legend in songs like “Lean On Me," “This Is It," “You Stepped Into My Life," “Read My Lips”, "Love's Comin' At Ya," "Livin' For Your Love," "Falling", and "A Little Bit More" her #1 duet with Freddie Jackson.   She’s recorded 28 spectacular albums, including 2 sensational live albums, and a beautiful duet album entitled, “The Gift of Love”.   And NOW, she’s released her BRAND NEW album entitled, “Imagine”.  She’s received numerous awards including a Drama Desk Award, the Ellis Island Award, the Artist Guild Award, and the NAACP Spingarn Award.  She’s been inducted into the Official Rhythm & Blues Music Hall of Fame.  And her 5-decade career is being honoured with displays at the Grammy Museum, and the Smithsonian.   In August, she’ll be presented with the Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award by President Joe Biden.    “Music is what God allows me to do," declares Melba Moore. Born into a musical family, music chose Melba. “Music was a centerpiece in my family. My parents were musicians and so were many of my aunts and uncles." Melba’s father is the legendary big band leader Teddy Hill and her mother, Bonnie Davis, had a #1 hit on the R&B charts with the song “Don’t Stop Now." Melba Moore’s produced version of “Lift Every Voice and Sing" which was entered into the United States Congressional Record as the official Negro National Anthem in 1990, was just named an ‘American Aural Treasure,’ by the National Recording Registry of the Library of Congress for Ms. Moore’s co-produced recorded rendition of the anthem. For more interviews and podcasts go to: #MelbaMoore  #harveybrownstoneinterviews
Harvey Brownstone conducts an in-depth interview with Harriet Schock, Multi-Award Winning Singer / Songwriter About Harvey's guest: Today’s guest is Harriet Schock, a renowned, multi-award winning singer / songwriter and multi-platinum recording artist and performer, whose haunting melodies and introspective lyrics have delivered some of the most beloved songs in popular music.  Songs like “Hollywood Town”, which was recorded by Manfred Mann.  And “First Time on a Ferris Wheel”, the signature song for Carl Anderson.  And “Ain’t No Way to Treat a Lady”, which scored a top 10 hit AND a Grammy nomination for Helen Reddy.  And I can’t resist mentioning her first recorded composition, “That’s the Way It is With You”, the 1973 hit song recorded by The Partridge Family.    As a vocalist, singing her own emotionally moving ballads with her crystal clear voice, this brilliant artist has recorded 7 highly acclaimed albums, including “Hollywood Town”, “Rosebud”, “American Romance”, “Breakdown on Memory Lane”, and my favorite, her live album “From Fairfax to Pasadena”.  Her songs have been recorded by everyone from Nancy Wilson and Roberta Flack to Lee Greenwood, Johnny Mathis and Smokey Robinson.   Her music has been heard in movies like “The Last Dragon”, “Delta Force 2”, “Phantom of the Opera”, and “Lambada”, AND in TV shows including “Trophy Wife”, “The Secret Garden” and “Matters of the Heart”.   She was named by Cashbox magazine as the Best New Female Artist – not once but TWICE.   And NOW, she’s the subject of a brand new documentary currently in production, entitled “Hollywood Town: The Harriet Schock Story”.   For more interviews and podcasts go to: #HarrietSchock  #harveybrownstoneinterviews
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