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Amy Bruni, star of the hit TV shows Kindred Spirits and Ghost Hunters, takes listeners on a guided tour of America's most haunted locations, with the help of expert paranormal investigators who have actually been there.

12 Episodes
Haunted as much by legends as it is by ghosts, it's hard to separate fact from fiction at the Myrtles Plantation in St Francisville, Louisiana. Regardless, it lives up to its reputation as one of America's most haunted houses. Special Guest: Hester Eby   Learn more about your ad-choices at
It's hard to believe any place in sunny San Diego could be cursed, but the story of the Whaley House, with all of its business failings and tragedy, may convince you otherwise. These constant dark points in its history has culminated in a haunting that could be one of the most compelling on the west coast. Special guest: Chudi Mahadevan  Learn more about your ad-choices at
The Mark Twain House and Museum in Hartford, CT was a home intensely important to Samuel Clemens and his family. They spent what they considered to be the best of their days there, but tragedy struck and they never returned. For decades, the museum has been plagued by paranormal happenings. Special Guest: Mallory Howard Learn more about your ad-choices at
Real Snake Pit Stuff

Real Snake Pit Stuff


The USS Salem, now part of the United States Shipbuilding Museum in Quincy, MA, never fired a shot in anger, but that doesn’t mean she didn’t see her fair share of deaths and casualties. Today, she is rumored to be haunted by victims of an earthquake in Greece, Navy sailors, and strangely - crying babies. Special Guest: Don Decristofaro Learn more about your ad-choices at
Preston School of Industry or “Preston Castle” as it’s been known, was built between 1890 and 1894 in Ione, California. A reform school for young male offenders; the hope was to rehabilitate, not just incarcerate. But, the castle soon became known for abuse, attempted escapes, murder, and now - one of the most notorious hauntings in the foothills of California. Special Guest: Connie Brenner. Learn more about your ad-choices at
One of the most famous boomtowns of the American frontier, the ghost town of Tombstone, Arizona is also one of the most haunted. With its rich and violent past, the few residents remaining there today have quite a few paranormal encounters to share. With special guest: Dwight Hull. Learn more about your ad-choices at
Known as one of the most infamous haunts in America, this unassuming farmhouse in Burrilville, Rhode Island is most often referred to as "The Conjuring House." This in depth episode dispels a lot of the lore surrounding the home, but raises even more questions about who could possibly be haunting it and whether or not it's safe. Special guests: Jen and Cory Heinzen. Learn more about your ad-choices at
Only once in the history of America, has the testimony of a ghost resulted in the conviction and execution of a supposed murderer. The site of that occurrence, now the Valley Inn and Restaurant in Portsmouth, Rhode Island, is said to be extremely haunted. They also serve a really mean pizza. Learn more about your ad-choices at
With thousands of deaths recorded at the Odd Fellows complex in Liberty, Missouri - the former orphanage, hospital, nursing home, morgue and cemetery are well known to be haunted. However, we're not sure the Odd Fellows banked on their buildings becoming a winery and inn, and expectedly - the paranormal happenings have very much increased. Learn more about your ad-choices at
When My Fire Burns Low

When My Fire Burns Low


When Lizzie Borden was acquitted of killing her father and stepmother, she promptly used her inheritance to buy one of the grandest mansions in Fall River. She remained there until her death, a full 34 years. Yet, many believe, death wasn’t enough to make her leave her beloved home. A home she called, Maplecroft. Learn more about your ad-choices at
Slay Utterly

Slay Utterly


In 1912 in Villisca, IA - a family of six, plus two guests, were brutally slaughtered by an axe murderer. The case remains unsolved, and the house where the crime took place remains a hotbed of potentially dangerous paranormal activity.  Learn more about your ad-choices at
Amy Bruni, the star of television's hit paranormal shows Kindred Spirits and Ghost Hunters, takes listeners on a guided tour of America's most haunted locations, with the help of expert paranormal investigators who have actually been there. Learn more about your ad-choices at
Comments (5)

Kirsten Scoone

I downloaded this app just to listen to this podcast. I didn’t jump on the podcast bandwagon like most people, but when I saw Amy post about it on her Instagram I had to check it out. This is the only podcast I listen to, but I listen to it every Wednesday and I LOVE it! Even with Mickey playing in the background, I think Amy has the best podcast/radio voice and actually makes me want to listen. The stories are all interesting, I love being able to think back to shows I’ve seen with the haunted locations and even learning about new places. The background history is one of the best parts, not only do you get the ghost story but you get to find out how it came to be. I love this podcast, everyone’s personal stories, the history and only wish there was more to binge listen to, cause after one you will want to listen to more!

Sep 19th

Katie the Book and Yarn Dragon

I appreciate her approach to things is grounded in a commitment to accurately researching the history and a sense of respect towards both the current(living) residents and the memories of the dead.

Aug 23rd

Lynn Flynn

I thought I knew everything about Lizzy Borden, but felt I heard new information on her life. If you're looking for the answer to whether she murdered her parents, you won't find it here. I suspect she did commit the crime, but had been subjected to abuse and therefore it was justified. Sort of a sad life...

Jul 21st


A story that's been told a million times...yawn. I have high hopes for this podcast. Hoping that some of the future content is a bit less over played and more interesting.

Jul 14th

Patricia Galvin

I am so excited. I have missed Kindered Sprits. I have watched the reruns over and over again. It will be nice to listen to something new. Kindred spirits and Ghost Nation are my Favorite along with Classic Ghost Hunter - any other show I feel is fake

Jul 7th
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