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Smile! The Demons are back and…with the same team intact! We got your horror needs covered from Smile (2022), to an Alaskan Coastal Sasquatch in London – with a special guest phone call!, to The Stuff with Chocolate Chip Charlie! All this and more on the next Streamin’ Demons!
The top holiday horror comes slappin’ at you! I’m not sure what that meant, but my 13 year old cousin assures me it is actually a phrase people use. We’ve got a lot of listing going on for this final Streamin’ Demons of 2022! Join us with special guests Xander and TT as they wonder […]
Wednesday the new Netflix sensation goes against The Thing (not that one!) and Deadstream on the next Streamin’ Demons with special guest TT Hallows!
The Last Drive In with Joe Bob Briggs is the focus for the night. Will the other demons agree with Jim that TLDI is the best thing on Shudder? Plus, Brannyk goes deep into hyphenation land with Terror-Creatures from the Grave, whilst Xander from the Buffy the Vampire Slayer podcast drops by to pitch Sleepaway […]
Happy Halloweeeeeen, Demons! We tackle two Italian films (Shadows and Guest Room) and the ultimate horror comedy of Young Frankenstein! WARNING – During the Young Frankenstein (around the 50 minute mark) we discuss Gene Wilder’s sexual assault as a kid. If you are a fan of Italian horror or Young Frankenstein this is a must […]
Halloween Ends — but does it really? As the Demons dive deep into this movie, we can’t help but wonder just how a promising thing from the ’70s crashes and burns in the final act? Plus, JM Brannyk jumps in with All Hallows Eve aka clownface. Then the Demons put away their differences and decide […]
On this very special Streamin’ Demons, we have ‘the Horror Virgin’ Aidan stepping in the role of JM Brannyk as we discuss the OG Texas Chainsaw Massacre, IT, and Ghostbusters Afterlife. Will Aidan survive their viewing of Texas Chainsaw aka ‘Nothing can be scarier than IT!’? Will Brannyk get deported from the Cave?! Will Jim […]
We celebrate JM Brannyk’s birthday with T+E’s Haunted Hospital S4! Come join us as Jim’s mind collapses in real time trying to figure out the ‘non-binary term for….person’ (Spoiler Alert: It’s ‘person’). Giggle along with Baby Yoda when Brannyk admits to not believing in World Peace (Metta World, that is!). All this and more (aka […]
The Demons are back and this time they take on some Drag-ons with the House of the Dragon as Jim’s pick (note: Rape is not our sponsor!!); whilst Brannyk goes into the blue with Twisted F’in Sister Land, and the demons agree to disagree with Santa Sangria. All this and more on the next Streamin’ […]
Day Shift with Jamie Foxx and Snoop Dog head our list of movies. Will Box admit Death Tunnel is really just Ouija House rebooted? Will Jim remember how to get the echo button off? Will Box give Yoga Hosiers a higher score than ‘the worst edited movie ever?’ All this and more on the next […]
Ever record a holiday episode then forget where you saved it and then by the time another holiday comes along you find it? Yeah, us too! Join JM Brannyk and Jim Phoenix as bring the heat for our Labor Day special that’s definitely not the Memorial Day special! (cough)
Can the Netflix Sandman stand up to its graphic novel and most excellent audible book version? The Demons hit this question and more with their specially guest Amelie as they take on Sandman, Sharknado, Les yeux sans visage, and Sharkside of the Moon! Where to buy the movies (sponsor links earn us $$) Transcripts (Sandman […]
Black Phone gets reviewed by Jim as he goes deep into why Ethan Hawke is perfect for the role, the human nature of horror, and why you don’t need high gore to tell a horror story. Meanwhile, Brannyk dips their toes into My Soul to Take (and the kookoo bananas set up it uses), whilst […]
The Demons dig into Resident Evil the TV show, Witchcraft, and the tag team of Ouija House. See Jim have a melt down as he ‘remembers watching Ouija House’. Come join Brannyk as they explain to Jim, like a child, what an AFAB is…(Spoiler: It isn’t Edina and Patsy). Be amazed as we seem to […]
The Demons fight against all odds as Jim rips Stranger Things Season 4 aka ‘exposition dog poop land’, JM Brannyk hits a homer with Hotel Hell, and they team up for a deep dive on the Ted Rami film, Intruder.
The demons are back. Sorta. Jim and Brannyk do a deep dive (no pun) on Cruel Jaws, whilst Jim tackles Blood Fest a movie he loves so much he definitely remembers watching it, and Brannyk takes on Terror–a movie so generic of title, we dare you to figure out of which movie with that name […]
The Demons are back from the dead with The Game (the old), Got Duked (the new) and the blue Ghostbusters Afterlife. Come witness Boxhuman wonder what Mick McGee is saying! Join along with Mick as he ponders why Thor was in a ghostbuster movie whilst Jim goes on a rant about what (not) to call […]
This one is a doozy as the Demons cover Sleepaway Camp, Black Friday, and Alien. We have Court Court coming in with the old (and the making Jimbo cry since he didn’t realize how OLD that movie really is…) and the New with..oh…Doctor Payne…with Black Friday and then then blue (it made Jim scared […]
The Doctor is…IN! That’s right Payne takes over Stream’ Demons as Jimbo goes on special assignment. Will Box’s friend Noir (aka PG-13) ever forgive them? Will Box discover that Mom’s Spaghetti is actually from a can?!? Will Payne ever find out that the show’s name is Moon Knight and not Moon Knightrider? All this and […]
The Demons are back and knee deep in a tech battle! Join us with special guest Zeth as we take on Let the Right One In (The old); Occupation: Rainfall (the borrowed); and If I can’t have Love, I’ll take Power for 1000, please Alex (the new). Where to get the movies (sponsor links)
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