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The Southend Werewolf

The Southend Werewolf


Werewolves in England?! No one has made that claim in a long while. Take the tale of Bill Ramsey though. A simple man with an ordinary life who’s world gets turned upside down by a demonic wolf spirit who refuses to let go. Thankfully Demonologists Ed and Lorraine Warren hear of his dilemma and come to his aid. Hear this chilling, but true story and decide for yourself. Are werewolves real or was this just a touch of mental illness?
A decommissioned church for a long time has sat silent as the grave. It's history swept under the rug. Thanks to the efforts of it's new owner, Steve Pollett and a awesome paranormal investigation team: Spirit Guides Paranormal, life is being breathed back into Fleetwood Church as we know it. The land surrounding the church is rich in history and that history can be felt literally everywhere you walk. Residents of Brandy Station's past still linger and the church is a gathering place where some of them come to get away from the rest of the world. Who can blame them? This special interview with Donnie and Kristie Parker takes a look at the history, hauntings and restoration efforts of the beautiful Fleetwood Church and even lets you know how you can get in on all the fun if you feel so inclined. This was a really fun interview and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did recording it. When you're done listening please check out the links below and follow along our adventures: Historic Fleetwood Church LLC: Spirit Guides Paranormal: Hauntingly Yours: A Podcast for the Paranormal Shadow Walkers Paranormal (I started my own paranormal investigation team this year!) The Spirits of Brandy Station Event: And if you haven't already done so, please review and subscribe!!!
The Boyd House in Boyd, Minnesota appears to be a quaint little house with an interesting history behind it. Better yet, it’s haunted and the spirits don’t seem to mind the company. Get the inside scoop from the owner herself!
Shadowy figures, Burned Apparitions with Fiery Personalities, Strange Photographs, Hushed Footsteps and A Man who walks through walls- it’s not all part of the haunted attraction. Sloss Furnaces is a historic site and its’ former employees are aching to be remembered.
A mysterious gray entity with red eyes, ladies in white, ominous bells that toll from nowhere in particular, two magicians hunting a so-called vampire, mass chaos, fake news before it was a thing and more! The Highgate Vampire Panic was a very real thing whether the actual vampire was or not.
Ghost monks, a yellow eyed werewolf, a radiant empress who can determine your fate? Mortemer Abbey has all this and more. Hear of this ancient gem’s history, legends and ghostly lore for yourself.
In this episode we visit an exorcism that most people are unaware of. The tale of Thomas Wu is frightening and full of important themes. Every story deserves to be told.
Located in Northern Virginia in the United States lies Mt. Vernon. This is the former home of George Washington, the Father of Our Country and it’s ripe with stories.
Grab the kids and let’s go to Disneyland as we learn of tragic tales, urban legends and different things that have kept cast members on their toes throughout the years. It might be the happiest place on earth but it is most certainly haunted.
Hey there my spooky friends. Let’s get on our safari gear, grab some bug spray and head to South Africa. We will find ourselves at the Nottingham Road Hotel, which is home to several spirits.
Brace yourselves as we travel to the Czech Republic and learn of what’s considered to be the Gateway to Hell. There are many pages of folklore here but if we read between the lines we find much more.
Free your mind and tune your ears to the stories of haunted India. We will break down the walls of Bhangarh Fort and Mukesh Mills to see what exactly makes them so haunted. --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast.
Deep within the Canadian Rockies just on the outskirts of the village Banff lies the Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel. While locals say it is one of the most haunted buildings in the country; the staff there may not always agree.
Travel with us as we investigate the infamous Cooneen Ghost House in Northern Ireland and hear about its’ ghostly lore.
Journey with us to Australia as we walk the corridors of Beechworth Asylum and learn of the residents who still reside within its’ walls. The asylum is said to be the most haunted place on the continent and soon you will understand why.
Come with us as we travel into the past and look at the history of the iconic building known as the Alamo is located in San Antonio, Texas. It’s said to be one of the most haunted places around.
Come with us as we set our sights on the melancholic Moss Mansion and learn of its’ history and the inhabitants who refuse to never leave.
Take an in-depth look with us at the history and lore of the famed Winchester Mystery House. Perhaps we’ll bump into Sarah Winchester herself along the way.
We’ll be taking a trip down the roads of history as we travel to Bardstown, Kentucky and take a look at the historically haunted Talbott Tavern.
Episode two takes a look at the forgotten history and ghostly tales of Seawell’s Ordinary as we dredge it all up from the soils of the past.
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The 'a' in Banff is pronounced as in HAT.

Jan 22nd
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