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Hay House presents Guided Meditations featuring your favorite authors guiding you through mediations designed to help you relax and rejuvenate. Each week we bring you a new mediation with a featured author taking you on a meditational journey ranging from numerous topics on health, healing, overcoming fears and blocks and much more. Please visit or to learn more.
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“You don’t need to suffer from anxiety.”  In today’s highly practical guided meditation, Dawson Church, Ph.D., teaches his simple but effective technique: EcoMeditation.  Learn to release all the emotional energy that is causing your anxiety.  Based on best practices from a variety of disciplines—including EFT Tapping, Mindfulness, Neurofeedback, Acupressure, and more—this powerful, ten-minute technique can reduce your anxiety by 25% after just a few days.  
What if you could emerge from trauma with a renewed resilience? What if a single meditation session could create a profound state of bliss and serenity? We’re joined by Dawson Church, Ph.D., an award-winning author, researcher, and founder of the National Institute for Integrative Healthcare. Together, we explore practical advice about how to meditate, the science behind our body’s physiological response to meditation, and EcoMeditation, a somatic approach to meditation that will transform your practice.
Starseed, come home. Join Rebecca Campbell for a rejuvenating meditation designed to connect you with your soul guide. From there, you will journey throughout the cosmos, to the place that feels like most like home. Shed the pain of being away from where you belong, and drink in the loving oneness of Source! Listen to Rebecca's Your Ancient Past Lives meditations FREE for 7 days in the Hay House Unlimited Audio app! Visit 
Your soul has secrets to share. Are you listening? Join Rebecca Campbell today as she brings us grace, intuition and infectious laughter on our journey to the Divine feminine. Discover your soul voice, and the healing feminine power rooted in the Great Mother. And, you can listen to Rebecca’s Your Ancient Past Lives meditations FREE for 7 days in the Hay House Unlimited Audio app! Visit
You already contain within you the essence, wisdom and virtues of each and every number. You can call on this wisdom and activate these energies anytime you choose, simply by setting the intention. Release all of your worries and cares and tap deep into a feeling of tranquility. As you focus your attention upon the virtues of each number in this meditation, you'll begin to activate them within yourself. Once you activate these energies, you’ll begin to experience balance, wellness and harmony in all aspects of your life.
Follow the distant voice of Anita Moorjani as you are led into a state of deep relaxation. Once you are deeply relaxed, you’ll receive healing messages and affirmations to feel centered, divinely guided and fully refreshed. This specially recorded meditation allows the self-acceptance affirmations to sink deep into the subconscious mind. This is a longer meditation perfect for early morning meditation.
Indulge in this full-body meditation as you are gently led through each chakra to uplift and inspire every part of your being. Dr. Weissman moves through each chakra using the transformative power of color, spiritually soothing music, and healing words to help you reach your highest level of love and gratitude. Release unwanted or harmful beliefs, make space for divine guidance and support, and feel a restoration of balance during this powerful meditation. This meditation is a wonderful way to discover what thoughts, beliefs or behaviors may be keeping you from truly connecting to the divine source of love within.
Join Joan Borysenko as she guides you through each breath in this soothing meditation to a place of ultimate relaxation. Feel your breath flow throughout your body starting at your head and down through your solar plexus. Journey through your inner self to find your center and feel who you really are. Feel your energy and strength as you sink deeper into each breath. Allow your confidence to shine through and discover the energy radiating from your heart as you open up to the passion of life and the compassion for others. Enjoy this time to bring light and love to yourself and to those all around you.
 In this enlightening meditation, learn to create a sanctuary for your soul to experience peace, happiness and love. Remember some of your happiest memories to help decorate your inner meditation space and find the grace and warmth in significant life events. Reflect on your soul's lessons and find peace on your spiritual journey.
Surrender to spirit within in this guided meditation by Denise Linn. Slip into bliss as you repeat the loving affirmations that will inspire and encourage you to relax and realize you are enough, you are remarkable and you are valued. Walk along this comforting pathway and begin your day in complete confidence and restored faith in your daily living.
This fast-paced, yet relaxing guided meditation is perfect for anyone with an active mind. You’ll be moved rapidly from quick thoughts to deep breathing calm with the help of Denise Linn. Clear the bustle in your mind and settle in to this healing meditation to release all worries, concerns and fears. Move negative energy out and invite positive energy in with the motion of each breath. You’ll feel relaxed, refreshed and rejuvenated for the rest of the day.
Give yourself this gift of restoring your love, joy, hope and optimism that is innate within you. Take some time for yourself for healing and listen to this guided meditation by Dr. Bernie Siegel. Ask for support and receive it while you become calmer and more at peace. Relax and let go of all of your tension and worries. Simply follow the healing voice of Dr. Siegel as you let the burdens of life roll off your shoulders. Love moves through your body, leaving behind resentment, hatred and disappointment. Peace fills your life and your body, offering a deeply relaxing state of being. This beautiful mediation is perfect if you are facing a health challenge or a stressful time in your life. Dr. Siegel’s wise words, the soothing music and this rewarding journey will open every cell in your body and fill them with love, joy, hope and optimism.
In this next meditation, Colette Baron-Reid helps you embrace the third chakra of your journey. You’ll experience colors of lemon yellow at the center of your being. Soothing sounds allow you to relax and hone in on this energy center. Absorb your inner power and individuality through each deep breath.
In today’s fast-paced, on-demand world—it can be hard to reserve time for reflection and growth...For asking those important questions about spirituality, health and wellness, self-empowerment, and all the other topics that affect how we experience our world. That’s why we created the “You Can Heal Your Life”podcast.Featuring world-renowned experts who are on the cutting-edge of new ideas and dynamic concepts—we’re working to give you an empowered perspective on your past, present, and future life. Elevate your morning coffee, afternoon walk, or evening commute into an inspirational, motivational, and transformational personal growth experience—with life-changing insights and real-world solutions.
Take the time to honor yourself by putting forth your energy in this free guided meditation by Joan Borysenko. Together, you can decrease stress by cultivating positive energy and increase happiness by heightening your courage and compassion. Calm your mind and you let go of the chaos of the day and allow for the present moment to transcend the spirit into the natural state of relaxation of your body. Enjoy letting go as you travel deeper into your subconscious in order to welcome ease and love into your heart. Nurture yourself and who you really are in order to cultivate courage and strength, building your confidence, and opening yourself up to compassion for yourself and for others. 
Spend this time meditating with Denise Linn for a free guided meditation in cellular healing. Find relaxation as your body breaths to let go of all the tension and stress of daily life and open your spirit to peace and love. You will take this time to heal yourself from the inside, out, by healing the cells within your body. Envision yourself as a tiny being, traveling inside your body, from your mouth to your digestive tract, as you continue to shrink into your blood vessels and you work to repair your DNA. Fill your body with light and allow your vessels to heal as you begin to grow and all things are transformed, healed and repaired for your greatest good. Envision your future in perfect health and feel the reality of this. As you feel it, so it shall be.
Take this moment to allow yourself to take a trip into the Hall of Reconnection in this free guided meditation narrated by Sylvia Browne. You are guided into this temple of radiance and godliness to reconnect with those spirits you wish to speak in privacy and peace. It is a place where you can feel comfortable to interact freely. Time has no limitations or boundaries in this space, thus you are able to work through your desires and reconnect with the minds that you seek to communicate with. Embrace the time to fulfill your desires to communicate so that nothing can be left unsaid or undone. Perform this meditation as many times as you would like in order to visit and communicate with the many souls that you have encountered.
Invigorate your spirit as you are guided through davidji’s free meditation to strengthen the chakra. The fire element generates our energy and intensity. Agne – our digestive fire that nourishes our present moments is called upon to feed our spiritual desires. This energized motivational mantra will directly awaken the spirit and encourage cellular movement, motivating the inner fires to react and answer to your calls. 
Fear is a form of stress. Science has demonstrated that it promotes survival but can become harmful when it exists as a frequent response to the environment surrounding you. Surrender Fear is Judith Orloff’s free guided meditation provided by Hay House to help you work through your fears and gain strength from releasing it. By taking this spiritual journey to free you from fear, your spirit will release itself from stress by surrendering fear and transitioning into faith and compassion. Sense and access the heart chakra to surrender the fear and negativity with ease as you refine your consciousness. 
What you care to manifest will be fulfilled as you practice Doreen Virtue’s free guide for manifestation, Manifesting with Angels, provided by Hay House. You deserve to receive, and through giving will this come to be. Manifesting with the angels will help you to give to the world as your earthly purpose guides your goals to fruition. Decide what you want and request guidance for progression to know what you need. These things will manifest and become your reality. Doreen will guide manifestation to help you to gain what you need to become successful in your endeavors. Proceed with confidence, gratitude, and faith. 
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Genevieve Riutort

love this one! it's very calming.

May 3rd

Samantha Jayne

fantastic visualisation. felt very at peace coming out of this

Apr 28th

Gonzalo Paz


Apr 25th

Genevieve Riutort

This one has 2 lovely guided meditations with affirmations in between.

Apr 21st

Sundeep Chadha

Awesome. Thank YOu

Apr 2nd

Sundeep Chadha

Wonderful!!! Thank you very much

Mar 28th

Genevieve Riutort

such a great meditation for connecting with Source!

Mar 22nd


I thank you for rhis beautiful meditation!

Jan 16th

Kala Nidhi

My soul is thankful for this experience.

Jan 15th

SG Fitness

love how short and sweet these are 🌸

Jan 9th

Bambie Stoller

omg hilarious... the car needs fixed, the cats got the clap..

Jan 7th

Katie Lopez

what language he is speaking?

Dec 4th
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Sergioo Sierraa

excellent episode

Sep 17th

Sergioo Sierraa


Sep 15th

Sergioo Sierraa

Excellent episode!

Sep 14th

Nishant Hemrajani

Thank you, it was wonderful experience

Sep 13th


wow....really powerful meditation. thanks for sharing!!

Sep 6th

Krystal Cutrubus

Awesome meditations! I love having a yearly subscription to Hay House Radio,but this is always amazing to have all these meditations to go to. Thanks Hay House! 💖🙏💖

Aug 17th

Lenor Dolker

Amazing. Thank you. Bless you.

Aug 3rd

Bhavya Singh

Feedback: While you ask us to keep the breathing cycle to 7-8 counts in the beginning, the guidance speeds up the breathing cycle, rendering it useless. Eg.: when you ask to feel the relaxation in the muscles for one hold of breath, let us hold before you tell us what to do with the next inhale, and exhale without pausing. It's not feasible to pause the podcast in the middle so didn't work for me.

Jul 22nd
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