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Let's try this again.
White wing has conniptions over . . . ponytails. MAGAT judges say jurors who hear voices are cool to serve . . . and Joe Manchin, Sub-genius of the Senate, declares "I don't know why they did that Jim Crow." Ouch.
From the odiousness of Elise Stefanik to the vileness of Liz Cheney, the thorns, they are many. COVIDiots in the ironically named Morin-i, Utah. Caitlin hates the sight of homeless people. God, she's awful.
Dr Bill is BACK! And he has Dr. Kevin Shanley with him.
Sheesh! "Woke" is a problem. "Critical Race Theory" is a problem. "Slavery was bad" is a problem. "The 3/5 Compromise was racist" is a problem. Um, white fragility is a problem. 
Meet West Virginia Great Big Ol' Governor Jim Justice, moran.
Dandelions? MAGA are having a go at DANDELIONS?
What a difference an election makes! Joe Biden is on the way to becoming the most consequential president since FDR, and he's capturing a lot of what made people so love him. Tim Scott? Meh.
A red dress?
Catching up with the morans who were ambitious enough to reach Titanic status. Rick "BroFroMix" Santorum, c'mon down! You, too, Cucky Tucky, you wild-eyed heterosexual, you! 
Morans! Joe Manchin owns the program. The only real question is whether he's genuinely as ignorant of history as he seems, or is it a cynical political act?
Thanks for all the kind wishes for Agnes' birthday! They really touched her and made her day even happier. Now, back to the regularly scheduled madness.
Accountability for Derek Chauvin. Justice for George Floyd, if only a little bit.
She's baaaaaaack! I take a couple of days off and of course, things go sideways.
A front porch conversation on the eve of my indeterminate absence due to my oral surgery.
Re-posting for yesterday's program that somehow never posted in the first place.
I guess we're gonna be awhile clearing the MAGATs from our national consciousness. Insurrectionist's lawyer complains his client is being held along with people charged with "inner city crimes." Been awhile since we heard from uber MAGAT and world class moran Uncle Ted Nuge. Not long enough. Another school shooting. God amighty. Another another shooting. Godamighty.
Amazon plays dirty to win a rigged election in Talabama. President Biden orders examination of SCOTUS reform. The Great Front Porch Butter Debate.    Reminder: I'll be away from the mic beginning Thursday, 15 April. We finished the week behind by $355. 
The Goddess of Irony tries to send messages to South Carolinastan and Texastan, to no avail. Joe Manchin. Ack. Joe Manchin. 
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