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Join the Hillbilly Liberal Elite squad with Bob Kincaid - Weekdays 6-9 PM Eastern
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A rousing roundtable in a 90 degree studio. We begin with demons . . . and I don't mean Trump.
We begin with a powerful meditation from Lady B, and move toward a contemplation of the hatefulness that the MAGATS and the MAGAT-in-Chief have unleashed on our nation. "Send Her Back" was no spontaneous ejaculation of racism by the MAGATS in North Carolina. It was scripted and it was a vision of our Nuremberg future. "Donor fatigue." It's real, and it affects our efforts to keep a small, independent broadcast operation going. We're behind by $755 in fundraising for what is already a shoestring operation. A lot more people listen than help keep the community going. If you are able, how about chipping in and becoming a subscriber?
Glory! A few public service announcements before the Religion Industry news. Meth Gators! Flesh-eating bacteria! At least there was no wasp spray-huffing this evening. (Dude!) Alabama government lawyer declares prayer useless. Alabama senate candidate wants to bring back "Bonanza" because homer-sectionals.  
Today's program involved a fantastic conversation with our listener, Horst! If you want to revisit history and find out why we are in the heat that's been evolving dramatically for the last two years, here's the conversation that you won't want to miss.
Debrief of the Philly Roadtrip, complete with strange facts about the physics of geography. Then . . . coffee break's over. Back on our heads: House MAGATs put yogis to shame contorting themselves to defend Nitwit Nero's racist tweetstorm. Know what would be cool? Having 400 $10/month subscribers! Know how we do that? By getting about 300 more . . . like you, if you aren't already a subscriber.
Today's program has some audio issues which we're working on, so please bear with us. We appreciate your patients! Today you'll get a glimpse of how we work as a team in solving issues in order to have better communication. We also explored Hamilton and Madison's differences in how they saw government and it's involvement with the People. 
Live from Philadelphia and NetRoots Nation 2019
Live from NetRoots Nation in Philly!
Road rage in Talibama. Native-born Alabamian Not-Really-Named Mitch McConnell goes all white-like-me-and-Obama. Barr-to-Prosecution wilts under the heat of a potential "disloyalty" attack from Nitwit Nero, who, in turn, thinks he just invented "forest management." Another old white man enters the Democratic primary field. 
Conversation is the key to understanding the world around us. We must look beyond our front door in order to grasp the fact that we're a symbiotic society, and this was a program that allowed us just that opportunity. Oceans may separate us, but our problems are just the same. We're all in this together.
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