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Joe Manchin, Kyrsten Sinema, and six other Democratic senators screw working America.
MAGAT governors double-down on their covidiocy. Wanna know how bad people like Greg Abbott and Governor MeeMaw from Talabama are? This bad: Make West Virginia Great Big Ol' Governor Jim Justice looks like Dr. Schweitzer next to them. Marsha "Goodness!" Blackburn defends the Neanderthals. U.S. Catholic bishops tell the people who actually give a damn what they say not to get the Johnson & Johnson vaccine because fetuseseseseseseseses. Jailed treasonous MAGAT has hissy on federal judge. Bad move, Cletus! Want to help keep The HORN afloat? We're $935 behind for the beginning of March. If you can, pitch in. Another way to help is to assist me in getting the oral surgery I'm still waiting to book. We're very close. Here's the place to do it.
Glorey! Praise!
Good news, as the Biden Admin announces there will be enough vaccines for everyone in the nation by May. OTOH, by May, thanks to places like Texas and Mississippi, we'll likely be in another spike. Joe Manchin is fast becoming the de facto Chief of Staff to Joe Biden. Wingnuts have a hissy over the "cancellation" of Dr. Seuss.
Our program today has a special guest who takes us on a journey that leads directly to China. Dr. Kevin Shanley joins us for an in-depth discussion on the re-writing of history, global achievement, and the unrelenting desire of China to be a dominating world power. 
One of the worst renditions of the Star Spangled Banner led off the CPAC Nazi-themed klavern konvention. Sunday night, Nitwit Nero followed with some stochastic terrorism seeking to get his MAGATS to threaten and perchance even harm his GOP "enemies." Joe Biden lives up to his word and takes a pro-union stance. A school shooting in Arkanstan. Maskholes attack Trader Joes. 
The death of the Common Core poses a clear and present danger to education by removing the ability for critical thinking. Life itself isn't a multiple choice question and neither is education. No pun intended, but think about what that means for any one working in an industry that requires immediate problem solving skills? The implications are mind boggling. Please join us tomorrow for our special guest, Dr. Kevin Shanley and our continued discussion on how China and the U.S. continue rewriting history in order to suit their own narrative.   
The CPAC Circus is in town and the callope is playing off-key!
Back from my big debut, and what a Thursday it's been! Precious Lindsey doesn't understand why a major CEO wouldn't understand why Precious Lindsey wants the Poors to stay in poverty where they belong. Sen. Thune doesn't understand that the $6/hr he made as a kid would be $24/hr today. Joe Manchin doesn't understand why people would need $15/hr. After all, his daughter only made $9,150/hour! White-wing conserbatism finds its way to Japan. Oooo, we have a winner!  Marjorie Taylor Gangrene Q-ball proves (again) she's much more awful than we will ever be able to surmise. P.S. It comes as no surprise that Rand Paul, Libertarian Opfamolojiss, is a huge jerk. I'm happy to note that we're finished fundraising for February, which is amazing and wonderful. In the few remaining days of this month, if you're able, might you consider helping me reach the halfway mark on my oral surgery crowdfunding campaign? This thing's going to put me out of commission for a few days, at least, and it would be great to get it out of the way so I can start healing. If you can help, please go to my GoFundMe page. You have no idea how much Agnes and I appreciate it!
Nervous MAGAT senators (I'm looking at you, Rick "Skeletor" Scott & Josh Holy) try to hide from the realities of 6 January 2021. Bishop Willard declares he knows how much the Poors need to make. Joe Manchin is still a racist, misogynist, xenophobic bigot. Mars! 
Joe Manchin has apparently declater veto power over the entire Biden Administration. Yes, I know Neera Tanden is a horrible human being, but now that Manchin is muttering about another woman of color, can we maybe figure out his agenda? Sheesh! And in a surprise (not really) appearance, our little NutMeg brings the full-force moranity to our Monday!
What's a Wacko Bird? According to the Late Senator John McCain, it's Ted Cruz. That may sound a little mean, but in truth it let's you know exactly what's been leading the GOP for the last few years. It begs the question, why is this the face of our nation? Discordance rarely leads to unity until after the deeds have already been done, and the fact is we as a nation are in sever discordance. If the last four years and recent events are any indication as to our health and welfare as a nation, we're in a whole lot of trouble.  When we need each other in order to survive, and we do, why is it a politicians view is more important than everyone else's mere existence?  Come back tomorrow and explore these issues as well as many more with us here at the Virtual Center. We leave the stream on for you.
It's Friday and Phlush Phlegmball is still dead! Joe Manchin doesn't give a damn about "bipartisanship." He's just a bigot and a racist. That's all. Texas: Turn It Blue In '22 . . . and Do Some More In '24.
 We discussed the implications of how government isn't function properly when it's representatives ignore crisis situations, like natural disasters, and leave their constituents to fend for themselves while going on a vacation. I'm not mentioning names, and he isn't the only individual acting as if their care and comfort is more important than the people they were sent to represent. It seems Mayors have the same affliction in Texas, as well as other states, blaming people for situations that were made by design and not choice of the individuals. Now comes the question of why is this becoming a norm? We'll be exploring more of this question in our next program and hope you'll join in the conversation as well.
(Mariachi music in background) "Senor Senator Ted Cruz, white courtesy phone!" Drunk MAGAT challenges FBI. Lauren Bobble-head Boebert challenges gun rule in Congress. Equality Act re-intro'd in Congress, may pass as early as next week. Rush Limbaugh is still dead!
Welcome back! We apologize for our extended absence in doing a program and thank you for your continued support. While we try to maintain a schedule there are those moments that life throws in our paths and we have to detour for a bit, but we should be back to our normal schedule of Monday and Tuesday of this coming week. Today we talked about the passing of Rush, the emergence of former President Trump from his silence post the impeachment proceedings, and the unpreparedness of states to combat climate change that's putting millions at risk for life and limb in Texas. All in all we've discovered Pandora's Jar and we can't seem to get the stopper back in fast enough to keep hope preserved, but we try none the less.   
Documenting the wasted, miserable, misanthropic, hate-filled life of Phlush Phlegmball
Sometimes it amazes even me how our community manages to be ahead of current events, but I don't recall a back-to-back episodes manifestation. But here we are! What we talked about Monday came true on Tuesday. Also: why health care workers REALLY don't have masks. Forty percent of the blood from the Dondemic is directly on COVID Caligula's hands.  As has become all to common, we're falling behind in fundraising. No one ever gets charged for access to the program, but it sure would be good to not stay perpetually behind. We closed the program behind by $480 with a $50 dollar challenge on the table. If you're able, let's meet the challenge and at least fund Monday's program.
It's Presidents* Day. We find ourselves contemplating the perfidy of forty-three allegedly American senators . . .wondering what comes next . . . and searching for some way to impose consequences for Nitwit Nero's assault on our country, our Constitution. *does not include Donald J. Trump. The "J" stands for "just another example of the operation of a racist anachronism from our hideous slavery past.
Nitwit Nero's Second Impeachment Trial, Day 4. And suddenly, the dynamic changes.
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