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Hi, I'm a serpent. Kiss me! I'm Irish! :) Patrick failed! :) (But the Vikings didn't! Lindisfarne, anyone?) Oh, well! On to the hell of the day. I'm not the only one disillusioned by the lack of DoJ action against Geezer Disgustus. So, too, is Nicolle Wallace (but she'd squeal like a stuck pig if what she wants for Nitwit Nero were to be applied to her former boss . . . oops!) 
A rose among the thorns. In (of all places) North Dakotastan, their all-Republican Supreme Court declared that a woman has a constitutional right to abortion as a matter of life and happiness. MAGAT drag queen tries to re-brand himself. Still a drag queen, though. Monkey-Up and his pet legislature take dead aim at the First Amendment. 
Language is gay! Aiyeeeee! Minnesota MAGAT senator says he's never seen a hungry Minnesotan. MAGAT columnist freezes trying to define "woke." AntiFa in Sacramento! Aiyeee! Monkey-Up attacks the Miami Hyatt and gets a journalist fired. A look at what the arrest of Donald Trump might look like. 
Caesar got off easy!
Snowflake Money-up gets punky-punked. Rafaelito gets a haircut . . . from his publisher. Zelensky opens a new room in Pooty's head . . . where he lives rent-free. Alliance Defaming Freedom, that tax-exempt fascist grift, gets caught in an email dump. South Carolinastan MAGATS want to execute women for getting abortions. MAGATS blame "woke" for SVB collapse. Hey, y'all! Please like and subscribe and comment!
Damn, those cops in Louisville are dirty! MAGATS hold the U.S. (and the world) hostage. Union president teaches some manners to a MAGAT senator. California deals with another atmospheric river. Glen Youngkin flubs on his transphobia. 
Late upload. PC issues. Late to air because of the time it took to get home from Charleston and a rally for my right to exist. 
Joyful greetings to all my sisters on this day! Thank-you so for being in my life.  Now back to our regularly scheduled outrage. I can't help wondering if the outage that kept me off air Tuesday was really a fallen tree or, y'know, Nazis. Accelerationism. And in the meantime, reports indicate the Boogaloo Incel Tactical Command Headquarters Executive Staff is re-organizing. Great. 
Little Miss Three Names wants a war with Mexico. Corporate cowardice from Walgreens. Political courage from Gavin Newsome. Genocide rears its filthy head at CPAC. Nitwit Nero burbles about
Sorry for the late Start. 
Oh, dear! The CPAC circus is back in town. Get the hockey puck. Also: Florida wants to force bloggers to register with the state if they dare write about Monkey-up.
TTW Rafaelito Eduardo Cruz, the Annointed Booger-eatin' Future King of America showed the world why he's in the Senate instead of out there trying cases. He's the MTQ of Senate Republicans. Also: Fox hack gets called to yell in the House.  P.S. Homophobically slurring Pete Buttigieg probably plays more poorly than most MAGATS think.
Who knew?  They're proud  of stoopid.  Also: WV, where Republicans threaten people without  . . . consequences.
Who knew Dilbert was a Grand Kleagle? Scott Adams embarks on his self-crucifixion tour. Rupert Murdoch chucks Niwit Nero and his own stars under the bus. Frau Ingraham calls out MTQ for her "national divoroce" . . . for all the wrong reasons. Utah judge wants to send kids back to their abusive father. They respond by barricading themselves in their bedroom and pleading with the world on TikTok. Kagan, J. gives Kavanaugh, J. a judicial wedgie.
Thorns! And some are poking through the dainty, paper-thin skin of Ron "Monkey-Up" DeKlantis. Andrea Mitchell gave him a butthurt.  Ms Emily of the Grand Jury really needs to . . . do something besides making Fanni Willis' life harder. She's an absolute carillon of sirens.  Republicans move to destroy the tourism economy of Tennestan.  The H.O.R.N. F/C/C opines on Gabapentin and the opioid crisis.
The Evolution Of a Gingricher. Marje defends secession (which word she doesn't dare use). SCOTUS tries to punt internet terrorism issues. CodePink screws up. 
Upload issues. My apologies for the late posting.
We're gonna have to change the name of Mondays, at least for the time being. That awful . . . creature. That . . . Mesozoic-minded Lady MacBeth! "SECDEE," Marje!  Hard to believe she could even claim to come from the same state as a saint like Jimmy Carter.
Feral cows! Butthurt MAGATS! More fake resumes. And a really great front porch conversation!
Sometimes, even I'm amazed by how this all works out! Please Like, Subscribe, and Comment!
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