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Last FOtFP of May. A grieving week comes to an end.
It only gets worse. While babies were being slaughtered, cops outside the school were pepper-spraying and handcuffing desperate parents. 
As details emerge about the Uvalde Massacre, one thing remains clear: it's going to happen again and again and again and again and again and . . .
And here we are: another death toll in another community of color, brought to you by the White Supremacist GQP.
A wonderful conversation with Helene Fisher, author of the newly released poetry collection, "Sterile Field." It's available at Then we trotted out the evening's curated selection of morans, with a curious religious fervor.
Churchy kinda night. Things I never thought I'd type, but shouldn't have: "Catholic Nazi Lacrosse Teen" Oof.
Previous upload failed.
Some days, it's harder to get behind the mic than others. This was one of those days.
Whoa.   Who else does anything like this?
Back to a less hectic broadcast schedule. Queen Joe of the Manchin Born takes a nasty political hit. Every first reference to convicted Child Porn user Josh Duggar should be "Former Family Research Council Staffer Josh Duggar." Students fight back against Don't Say Gay and win. A sampling of the filthy hate mail I receive.
That's a whole bunch of titanic "intellect" to cram into a single filirobster!
Bunny and Clod caught in Talibandiana. Jim "Jacket Off" Jordan his 401K. Nitwit Nero admits role in Insurrection. Talabama goes full "schoolhouse door."
Partial recording. Had a failure of the recording software. My apologies.
Another weird day in Murkka.
On your knees, sinners! That's where the EVILgelicals plan for you to stay!
Titanic Ladies on the Lido

Titanic Ladies on the Lido


Sit back and listen. No, really.
So many morans, so little time, even when there's three hours. 
Sorry for the delay. Technology tasks me. It TASKS me.
Nothing says "Titanic Right Wing Intellect" like Rand Paul!
It's a Monday, and it's a doozy. Hmmmm! We haven't heard from NutMegyn ("Of course Santa Claus is white") Kelly in while. Wonder what she's up to . . .
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