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The revelations continue to dribble out of Nitwit Nero's maladministration about the sleazy, crooked business with Ukraine. Chlaymydia Claudius rents the U.S. military to the barbarians in Saudi Arabia. Climate Strike brings out millions to demand a future for our species.
Naturally, everyone is talking about the more-and-more obvious fact that Nitwit Nero is a foreign asset; but there's another issue begging for attention that is being serially ignored: the UAW strike against GM. Gee! I wonder why that might be? Also: the curse upon humanity that is the Anti-vaxxer movement. 
The Cathedral sound system was on the fritz, but we got through without the usual hymn. A little real news and then off to the races with the Religion Industry goons. Everything from good, Christian child sexual abuse to "The Deplorable Choir," to a Deep State Conspiracy at the blood bank. Oh, and an Assembly of Gawd exorcism. 
The Lewandowski Circus came to the House Judiciary Committee. Hilarity did NOT ensue. "Plastics" was the memorable line from "The Graduate." It may also be our achilles heel. Well, that and carbon. Here, little unborn baby, let's start your life with plastic poison and carbon. 
"Head for the hills or you'll be up to your armpits in morans!"Ben Shapiro yearns to know what a penis looks like. China has a FART Telescope. Vicious Saudi Princess gets convicted in France.  Saudis attempt to get U.S. to do its military dirty work, just like it does with workers it brings in from other countries and enslaves. No one with a functioning brain believes Mike Pompeo (he graduated first in his class at West Point, you know). Nitwit Nero says he'll fight for the Saudis because they "pay cash." Oh, and Mother Russia had a virus storage facility blow up . . . where they kept smallpox and ebola. Too, also: Corn Pop!
We learned things in the latest Democratic Pageant we might well wish we hadn't. 
It's Pageant Night in Murca! Anyone tuning in to it who thinks it's substantive doesn't understand the transactional nature of the process. I can prove it.
Jerry Junior just can't shut up. Now he's entered the realm of slander and intimidation. Compared to Jesse Lee and E-Dub, though, he's downright mild. Somebody pass the snake!
Turning back to our domestic situation, Dr Bill examines the chaos surrounding the Bolton firing. In the second hour, a deep dive into Senator Bernie Sanders' proposals relative to Labor and Healthcare with a realpolitik comprehension of how they will be portrayed by the GOP. 
Exploding locomotive. School kids "joking" about guns in school. A sick man who wasn't kidding. A grift that masquerades as a school and it's head man who masquerades as a human being. And a Becki. And all before we really get into the day's ration of madness from King Don. Wow. BONUS: a mini-HORN-In breaks out in San Diego!
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