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Potential chaos in the California Senate race. Nitwit Nero back in Court. 
Rough day. I'll leave it at that. 
Pray, Xtians, PRAY! Moscow Mitch gives way to MAGATs. Counsel for the Parking Garage, Alina Habba dines on her own words. Justice delayed . . . (and the rest of the quote),
It was a diverse gathering of icebergs, but wow. American historical revisionism. Fetus fetishist on the Texas Supreme Court. Nictotine pouches are "mascuzyn."Real men don't eat soup . . . in public."  Nitwit Nero: "He ain't gonna make it." 
CPAC's over, but while it's getting smaller like a ShrinkyDink, it's also getting smaller meaner and even more MAGATy (if that's even possible) and now with extra Nazis! PsychoBibi is itching to finish the job in Raffah. U.S. reaffirms that Israeli settlements in Occupied Palestine are illegal. Oklahomastan senator calls LGBTQ+ people filth while discussing the lynching of Nex Benedict. Fappy Thomas hires a racist to clerk for him. Nitwit Nero sweats his bond.
Tommy the Tuber doubles down on dum-dum. The monster who's the Oklahoma Superintendent of Education celebrated tormenting a school principal out of his job at the insistence of Chaya RatChick. He did that contemporaneously with the lynching of Nex Benedict. Dems plan Discharge Petition to fund Ukraine and save democracy. Zaniness obtains at CPAC.
TW (again). Updates to the lynching of Nex Benedict, as well as the Grits for Brains Talabama Supreme Court. The theocracy is strong with those ones. 
Bigotry all too often hides behind the lace skirts of religion. Behind those skirts lives hatred, discrimination, oppression, and yes, murder. 
Mrs. Governor Ambassador Speaker-of-the-House Haley is pushing back against Nitwit Nero, just days away from getting pasted by him in his home state. But she's a weathervane and hedged her bets by saying she'd pardon him. Counsel for the parking garage is still proving she got her wish when she said she'd rather be pretty than smart. Update to the Talabama frozen embryo story. It just keeps getting more stupid. MAGATs gonna MAGAT. Joe Scarborough uses the brown word live on-air.
Some Mondays . . . (with apologies to J. Buffett PBUH).
Happy Judgment Day! There's probably a biblical deluge of ketchup on Nitwit Nero's walls! $355 Million and climbing! And Letitia James didn't shrink from taking a victory lap. RIP Alexei Navalny. Pooty kills again. We break down a current Secession map. The results might be surprising.
"Lawyers In Lovel"
In which Kansas City history now includes its own Valentine's Day Massacre . . . because FEEEEDUMMMMM!
Pooty threatens Baltic states over Soviet WW II statues. Kentucky MAGAT tells NAACP she was born the daughter of a "slave." House passes "non-binding" impeachment of Secretary Mayorkas. "The Economist" predicts "hell on earth" if PsychoBibi attacks Rafah. Talabama and West Virginiastan look to jail librarians. MAGATS declare a civil war might be OK. Another wants to invade Mexico.
Merrick Garland comes in for some much deserved criticism for how he handled (or didn't, actually) Hur. Hawaii pushes back forcefully against SCOTUS and their nutty gun theory. Utah MAGAT refuses to either step down after terrorizing a high school student by accusing her of being trans. Missouri MAGAT (a man, natch) says forcing a rape victim to carry her rapist's baby to term is "healing."
Ohhhhh . . . Constitution! O, tempores, O, mores! Ohhhhh, boy.
Two hours is better than none, and these two hours have a whole lot of something (it's been a rough couple of days for the MAGATS).
No immunity for Nitwit Nero!
And so our 21st year of non-commercial, progressive broadcasting begins. It begins with the Moran commonly known as "Nicki" and another one known as Jaydee, the counterfeit hillbilly. Nicki displayed her moranity when she decided to MAGATsplain abortion and why she's "pro liiiiiiife." Dumber than a bag of hair, that one is.
This is one for the ages. Not because of content. Not because of the times. This one is special because it's the 20th anniversary of the Little Progressive Program that COULD . . . and DID . . . and DOES create an idea of progressive radio never before heard.  There's only one reason for this program to exist: Y'All!
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Michael Hamilton

Very, very good!

Feb 23rd

Michael Hamilton

great show!

Jun 3rd
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