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Those "support the troops" Republicans aren't as good at it as they used to be. As they desperately sought help for Nitwit Nero's bribery problem, MAGATS like Deven Nunes, GymShorts Jordan, John RATcliffe, and their pet pettyfogger, Stephen Castor, decided the best way to do it was to slime all over a decorated Army officer. Spoiler Alert: it didn't end well. Also: Ohio pushes for The Jesus Defense to students' wrong answers on tests. Good news! California Governor Gavin Newsome steps up and announces a moratorium on new fracking leases and permits. It's a start. He must think more of Californians than WV's politicians think of West Virginians.  
I can't be away from the mic for even a couple of days without the MAGATS running hog-wild. Speaking of hogs, did you catch Elise Stepanik's performance piece during Marie Yovanovich's testimony? A certain orange-colored presidenty-thing seems to have the hots for her. Does Melanoma know? Also: we engage in rank, wild speculation as to what sent Julius Geezer to the hospital on Saturday. And Grampa Joe shows why he isn't the guy to lead America into the third decade of the 21st century. "Gateway drug?" Really, Grampa Joe? Oh, well! You know how it is with almost-octogenarians: sot in their ways. 
Merry Impeachmus, Day One! WARNING: more than the usual cascade of F-bombs in this episode. It was cathartic. On the other hand, GymShorts Jordan (R-LookTheOtherWay) had a very bad day. He was laughed at, politely called a liar, mocked, and taken to school by Ambassador Taylor. RATcliffe didn't fare any better.  Nunes was a numbnuts. Meanwhile Nitwit Nero stewed in his own juices and rage re-tweeted. All-in-all, a pretty good day! 
Medicare For All: why it's an absolute necessity. We can have it, or we can watch the health insurance scam collapse and take millions of precious human lives with it. A real world example of what's  really available in the "Marketplace." 
The dimes are dropping like rain on Nitwit Nero. Desperate for attention, he ruins NYC's hundred-year-old Veteran's Day observances, having already jinxed the Alabama Crimson Tide over the weekend. So much losing! Changing the language we use about Impeachment. Also: A Tale of Three Boobs (as in idiots). Hey! I found a Biden supporter! Best of wishes going forward to President Jimmy Carter as he undergoes surgery and, even while unconscious, is orders of magnitude more intelligent that the current squatter in the Oval Office. This little independent, non-Capitalist effort at broadcasting is into its 16th year. With $1010 needing to be raised in the next two days, we decidedly need your support.
When you've been doing progressive talk for more than a decade and a half, getting a telemarketing pitch to subscribe to Sirius XM can be downright amusing. Nitwit Nero emphasizes the "Nitwit" part by threatening to sue the whistleblower (and his lawyer) for "treason." Jeffuhsun Davis Beauregard Sessions the Turd wets himself begging Chlamydia Claudius to like him again. How embarrassing! Julius Geezer prays they don't boo him tomorrow in Alabama. And: let's refer to Bloomberg as "AOB": "Another Old Billionaire."The HORN is a listener-supported effort at non-capitalist radio. We finished the week behind by $70. It would be great if some of our podcast friends would help wipe that out. If you want to help, please go here and maybe even think about becoming a monthly subscriber. We sure need 'em!
The bad days just keep coming for Nitwit Nero. Today, he got fully and finally busted for his family charity scam. How do we know? Because he bleated his victimhood on Twitter. His spawn even had to go to don't-commit-fraud school over it. Mike Pence has reportedly thought about what it would be like to be Jeebuss' very own Preznit. How do we know? Because he didn't deny it when he was asked. Meanwhile, a shred of Republican pseudo-decency may yet remain in Kentuckystan. 
The Deacons had to get back to work after two weeks off, and they're footsore and jet-propelled. E-Dub Jackson prophesies that Virginia will become California with a Democrat take-over. Matt Bevins and the Kentuckystan GOP plot a coup to overturn the gubernatorial election in which voters threw Bevins out of office. Mike Pence-ilneck Geek arm-twists USAID to give money to Christian groups. DHHS wants to keep Teh Gay from adopting. MAGATs getting nervous about losing al Qaeda ("al Qaeda" is nothing more than Arabic for "the base"). A warning to Tide fans. A MAGAT sees the light. 
Dr Kevin Shanley joins Dr Bill for an in-depth analysis of North Korea unlike any you're likely to have heard from the ForProfit Media. This is waaaaaaay too deep for the millionaires on the TV box. 
Ouch! The thorns, they fester. Nitwit Nero has another bad day. Native Americans get dissed by Orange Man with forked tongue. Gordo Sondland gets a recollection refresher. Precious Lindsey refuses to do his job. Who knew Senators could actually go on strike? A black cat in the Meadowlands. No Krispy Kremes for Minnesota. Rand Paul doesn't consatooshun too gude.
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