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As he eulogized John Lewis, President Obama declared that we hall have the power to be good people. Naturally, there is proof to the contrary. Naturally, it's a gospel sharp. Naturally, he's in the Confederacy. A new short feature from the Lincoln Project paints a downright photorealistic picture of a MAGAT family. We discuss mail-in ballots and how the Corona Caligula regime will move to stop them. Have you gotten any mysterious seeds from China? Don't open 'em. Don't plant 'em. Turn 'em over to your state Department of Agriculture. QAnon covidiots throw a super-spreader hissy in Hollywood. A thought experiment: What will this nation be by January 20, 2021?
"For the wages of Covidiocy is death." Thus sayeth the Virus. Maskhole Herm Cain, having attended a MAGAT Coronapalooza Klan Rally in Tulsa, succumbs to his own ignorance. RIP, John Lewis. Why "Progressives" can't have nice things, Part the 1469289744156: dumping on John Lewis on the day he was buried edition. To paraphrase Lady Brett in "The Sun Also Rises," "Not being an asshole is what we have instead of god." Many members of the Purity Patrol apparently don't even have that. Nitwit Nero ponders a November without an election. "Quo usque tandem, Trumpo . . . " wonders the decent part of the population of the planet. Mike Pompeo recounts the heady days of his part in the Great German War of 1987.   
More maskhole covidiocy from GymShorts Jordan today in the House . . . with the news that his pal Louie Asparagus Gohmert has the 'Rona. Naturally, being an idiot, Gohmert blamed wearing a mask for his infection. His staff, though, are less certain. Jeff Bezos got called out for his predatory practices at Amazon. Nitwit Nero praises anti-mask doctor who holds some, ahem, interesting beliefs. 1400 more COVID deaths today, the most since mid-May. Anti-mask attacks in North Carolina and New York. Anti-vaxxer QAnon goon says masks hide you from gawd. My local school board decides to hold a super-spreader event. 
Racist AG Bill "Pepe the Frog" Barr got a richly deserved grilling today in the House Judiciary Committee. From vote-by-mail, to the makeup of his DoJ, to his little green goons, to his plans for an October Surprise, he danced his amphibian dance like a drop of water on a hot griddle. Also: another MAGAT affected by COVID-19 sees the light. The Road to Damascus is getting mighty crowded with MAGATS.
In an abbreviated broadcast, Dr Bill deconstructs Mike Pompeo's wholesale misstatement of what "the pursuit of happiness" means. No one has the expertise to do that like Dr. Bill has.
Corinth, Mississippi sends its children to face death in the classroom. Colorado faith healer suddenly realizes HE could get the 'Rona. Tom Cotton: racist, despiser of history, declares slavery was "a necessary evil." No, really. Lester Maddox and George Wallace are giggling in Hell. Nazi MAGATS in Wal-Mart. The new baseball season goes "viral." Would you trust COVID Caligula to deliver a vaccine? Would you trust him to deliver a head of cabbage?
We not only talk about history, we're living it. From the lying in state of Congressman John Lewis, to the upheavals taking place in Portland, we're experiencing a turbulent and dangerous time in our nation while elections are just one hundred days away.  Please join us for more in-depth discussions on where we as a nation stand, as well as where we need to go in order to provide a more perfect union. 
Georgia parents demand school board allow them to kill their children, er, re-open schools. Little Green Goons arrive in Seattle. Rumors of the goons in Portland being allowed to use live ammo. How can these fascist bully boys be stopped? What's become of our legal system? COVIDiot Maskholes in Idaho throw tizzy. Kayleigh MAGAninny gets pwnd by cartoon dogs.  
A compendium of Maskhole Covidiot Karens all across America. In Oklahoma, the MAGAT Martin Niemoller arises . . . not really. She just now figured out that her Trump vote can hurt her, and not just nameless, faceless people she hated anyway. White House argues over the cause of Stephen Miller's grandmother's death, going so far as to dispute the actual death certificate. Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton self-pwns.
Behold the love that passeth all understanding! With a nation bidding farewell to a genuine American hero, EVILgelical christians want to have a word about John Lewis. CAUTION: Do NOT do 'shrooms with Jesus. Bad things, man. The Shitshow 2.0 is back. Hard to believe but it's even worse than Season 1. Nitwit Nero says having children die because he wants schools open is a risk he's willing to accept. Also: Chicago is still Obama's fault. An on-the-ground report from Jude, who's been attending the protests in Portland.
Today's program focuses on the protests and inequlity. Please join us for a continued conversation to explore our options in really making our nation great rather than destroying it and it's people. We're looking forward to hearing your thoughts.
In the same week that saw the passing of Civil Rights giant Rep. John Lewis, the illegitimate Georgia Governor asks court to make the black lady shut up. Brian Kemp is Lester Maddox 2.0. Kanye West vies for title of Stupidest Man in America.  New Mexico county comissioner puts on a master class In Maskhole Covidiocy. Is anti-masking connected to racism? Let's ask Ranger Karen . . . or the Covidiot at the bus stop in Florida who called a black woman a "slave" for wearing a mask when boarding a bus. Somethings never change: rape allegations rock Fox News/TV/Radio Rwanda. Major League Baseball gets some exceedingly stupid new rules.
Living in a dangerous time is an understatment. We've seen these senerio before through out history and yet we continue to repeat the same mistakes. Pandemics, divisions among people, wars with multitudes of lives lost to combat disease and pestilance and all to what end? What will it take in order for us to combat the ills we face now? Are we willing to work together in order to get us back to some sense of normal? We hope that we can work together to rebuild what has been fought and bled for, our country, our future, and our world. Let's have a discussion and find the answers to those questions before it's too late.
The invasion of Portland is under way. Armed gangs of paramilitary thugs are roaming the streets in unmarked minivans, kidnapping and tormenting citizens exercising their First Amendment rights. Bioterrorist Georgia Governor Brian Kemp is trying to kill off the people most likely to vote against Trump and the rest of the MAGAT swine. The Front Porchers ponder the Stone commutation and consider Nitwit Nero's future in the court system of the State of New York.
Nitwit Nero takes dead aim at  . . . dishwashers and shower heads as he assaults the ability of Americans to breathe air and drink water. His MAGAT House spokestwit, White Privilege Barbie MAGAninny tells the nation we mustn't let science stand in the way of exposing children to the Trumpandemic. Dan Fisher joins me for another epic conversation between a couple of 50-something pale dudes. Pure radio magic!
Praise! Baptist church sued for not protecting a little girl against a good, god-fearing, upstanding, bible-believing staff member. Son-of-a-Hagee declares socialism "demonic." Baptist preacher in Dallas claims amending the Constitution was unthinkable to the Framers . . . who, y'know, amended it. The OxyMoron, Phlush Phlegmball, has a hero for our time. "Hey, Grampa! What's for supper?" "Grandma!" Covidiot maskholes continue to freak out, throw tantrums, and yes, pull pistols on other shoppers.
Dr. Kevin Shanley joins Dr Bill for an examination of the current state of relations between China, the U.S., India, and the wider world. This is a deep dive and you'll learn more about the issue here than very nearly anywhere else. Please feel free to share it to other people who would benefit from knowledge at this granular level. 
What a day! A new maskhole covidiot phenomenon emerges, and it's getting dangerous. Maskless men are threatening store employees with guns in order to intimidate the workers and not follow mask mandates and they're mostly getting away with it. Chinless Mitch McConnell issues ransom demands in exchange for not killing our kids and grandkids. Ruth Bader Ginsburg back in the hospital. Who might Corona Caligula like to replace her with? Let's just say he has "Pryors."
No one weaves together disparate issues like Dr. Bill. From James Madison to the Affordable Care Act to the ineptitude of Trumps response to the COVID-19 pandemic to China's lust for hegemonic power.
They're coming for our children. Corona Caligula wants to set up a roulette wheel of death in every school district in the United States and whatever they say about the death rate among children means some among our children and grandchildren WILL DIE. They're so desperate to start the killing, the MAGAT Maladministration spent the weekend sliming Dr. Fauci. Here in WV, we've got the highest infection "R" rate in the country and our new state motto is "Montani Semper Dumbass." Also: bad radio in New Hampshire. Well, not anymore at least. Hand-wringing, pearl-clutching kum-by-yah-ism rears its ugly, collaborationist head in the form of the "Harper's Letter."
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